3 metal pipes layed scattered on the grimy, dirt incrusted ground of one alleyway located on 8th street of down town Bayville, only three blocks from Bayville high school. The owners of the stanless steel, 2 and a half feet pipes had run away in fear just a few minutes earlyer dropping the weapons in the prosess.

Rogue walked up to one pipe cloeses to her. She kicked it a bit with the toe of her boot causing it to roll a few inches forward.

''Like, what now?'' said Kitty. She stood a few feet to Rogue's right leaning on the alleyway wall for support. Her hand cradled her right side protectively.

Rogue took in Kittys posture, slightly dirty clothes, a small trail of blood running down her face from her hair line and heavy, gasping pants. Rogue realized real fast that her friend reseved more damage than she her self did. Thier would be attackers had managed to corner Kitty while she waited for her friend to catch up to her after school. Luckily Rogue wasn't to far behind and managed to help fend them off before they could eget any further in thier assault plans.

''Go home. Have Hank look at you.''

Kitty tryed to breath a sigh of relife but soon realized how bad of an idea that was, considering her hurting side.

''Ya, thats a good idea."

Rogue nodded and stepped toward her friend, helping her walk out of the alleyway, leaving the would be weapons behind with out a second thought.