****Warning!: Mentions of underaged drinking!...oh and swear words.

New years

Never in her life has Kitty Pryde ever been this excruciatingly sick. It was like every head ache she had ever had in her life had suddenly come back to haunt her. There was a constant pounding noise coming from between her ears making her think someone was in her brain beating her with a hammer. Vaguely she recognized it as the blood pulsing through her brain, and then she wonders if it was normal for a person to feel the blood coursing through their brain.

Her stomach felt as if it had been shoved in a blender set on high then sowed back up inside her. She knew she was laying down somewhere, mentally she hoped it was her bed, but it felt as if she was out at sea during a storm. She could feel the room spinning as if she were on the tilt-to-Worrall ride. In the back of her mind she wondered if it was because she could suddenly feel the earth rotating. Suddenly her stomach rolled and Kitty had to fight the urge to throw up in her mouth.

If she had the strength she would call for someone to come put her out of her misery. But unfortunately she was in such an agonizing daze she could barely form a coherent thought, let alone call for mercy. Her head felt like it was filled with mud and her mouth tasted as if she had been savagely making out with a toilet seat.

A minute later Kitty realized how horribly thirsty she was. Her mouth was dry and had a lovely coating of plaque and only god knows what else on her teeth. Her tongue felt like sand paper and her throat burned every time she tried to swallow. She tried hard to fight the need to get up since she was sure she would blow chunks the second her feet touched the floor. Soon though, the need for water became so great Kitty couldn't fight it any longer.

Slowly, oh so slowly, she opened her eyes. Then quickly she snapped them shut, regretting the action instantly. Sun light was filtering into the room letting it glow in the early morning dawn. It felt like white hot pins had been shoved into her eyes sockets. She let out a pathetic grown while she fought back another bout of nausea. After a second the nausea was temporarily settled. She figured now would be a good time as any to attempt getting up.

After a lot of slow, careful moments Kitty managed to slowly get up to a standing position and set her feet firmly on the floor. It didn't feel like a steady floor since Kitty still felt like she was riding an evil merry- go- round from hell, she had to grab the banister to her bed and set her hand down on the mattress to keep from falling on her ass since the earth seemed to spinning five times the normal speed. Amazingly Kitty didn't spew chunks all over herself like she thought she would. She stood there a moment to regain some since of time and space. Vaguely Kitty noticed a raw ache resonating from the back of her left leg. She paid no mind to it, but concentrated standing up straight instead.

After a moment she managed to quirk an eye open just enough and look pass the blinding light that spilled in from the window to recognize her bed room. Right across from her was Rogue's occupied bed that held a fully clothed Rogue sprawled out over her blankets like a dead body. The voice of reason told Kitty to go make sure she was okay. But her thirst and the possibility of throwing up on herself told Kitty that Rogue could wait.

With careful, tender steps Kitty made her way to hers and Rogue's bathroom while leaning heavily on the wall to keep her from falling on her ass or on her face. The dull ache on her leg was still there, but Kitty was in such hell she didn't even notice.

Once she made it into the bathroom Kitty braced herself over the sink. She gave a glance into the mirror and did not recognize the person staring back at her. Whoever this person was had huge black bags under her eyes and her skin was taking on a sickly green color. Her hair was frazzled and messy. What was once nicely applied makeup was now totally smeared. Her once nice clothes were wrinkled and dirty in places. Kitty groaned and sneered a little when she realized it really was her in the mirror.

Slowly a few stray flashes of memories came to Kitty. Something about a new year's party with Wanda and the brotherhood boys who insisted that Rogue and Kitty come and celebrate with them. Somewhere along the way someone found a forgotten bottle of tequila and there is where Kitty's memories of last night gets foggy.

Whatever, Kitty didn't care. She leaned down to turn on the tap to the sink and proceeded to drink up as much water she could. But the water stirred up all the nastiness that had accumulated in Kitty's mouth over the course of the night and this time actually did make her throw up. Kitty made a mad dash to the toilet barely making it in time. She retched and retched for what felt like hours before her body finally called it quits.

Kitty thumbed for the flush handle while she sat there on her knees, head resting in the crook of her elbow which rested on the toilet seat. If her mouth tasted bad before, it was absolutely vile now. While the evidence of her apparent hang over washed away, she tried very hard to not think about vomit or anything of the sort. She let her mind wander to other things like the now pulsing raw ache on the back of her leg was getting worse by the second.

"What the hell?" She croaked out with a gravely snarl. She soon realized the pain wasn't coming from her leg but from her butt! More specifically her left butt cheek!

She risked getting up and made her way back to the mirror while undoing her pants. She pointed her back to the mirror and pulled her pants down enough to see the pain filled area.

"OH MY GOD!" Kitty screamed. She stared with wide-eyed and shocked at her exposed butt. Right on her left cheek written in black ink with curvy lettering was the name 'Anna Marie'.


Kitty did not wait for an answer. All sickness was forgotten as she stomped her way back into the bed room. She grabbed a nearby pillow off of Rogues bed and proceeded to beat a still unconscious Rogue with it.

"Ahh! What the hell women!" Sputtered Rogue as she came back to wakefulness. Kitty didn't give her a chance to recover. She just kept hitting her with the pillow. With every word she brought the pillow down on a cowering and confused Rogue.

"WHY! (hit) IS! (hit) YOUR! (hit) NAME(hit)! TATtOOED! (hit) ON! (hit) MY! (hit) ASS?! (hit)"

"What the hell are you talking about!" said Rogue as she somehow managed to grab the pillow from Kitty's grip. But suddenly Rogue's complexion took on a green tone as nausea set in. She groaned and had to catch herself from falling off the bed since the room suddenly started spinning.

"What the hell?" Kitty once again armed herself with another pillow and hit Rogue one more time.

"It's called a hangover!" Rogue winced and covered her ears.

"Oh god! Stop yelling!" Kitty wanted to yell even more, but with all the moving around her head started pounding.

"Why does my ass hurt?" Rogue mumbled while she rolled on her side, off her butt. Kitty casted a look on her friend while a thought came to her.

"Take off your pants."

Even though Rogue had a hangover so bad, Logan would be crying, Rogue was still able to process her friends demand with a raised brow.

"You gotta tell me you love me first." A second later as an afterthought Rogue added "And buy me dinner."

Normally Kitty would find this comment hilarious, but she just discovered a tattoo on her person that hadn't been there 24 hours ago. So naturally she wasn't in a joking mood.

"Just take off your pants!"


Without another word Kitty turned her back to her friend and proceeded to pull her pants down to show her the offending tattoo.

"What the hell Kitty? Is this your weird way of saying you like me?! "

"Will you just shut up and look!" Kitty half screamed half screeched.

"Umm, Kitty that's my name."

"No shit Sherlock! Now take off your pants!" This time Rogue got up on shaky legs and made her way to the bathroom mirror. She was in much the same state Kitty was in. Smeared makeup, wrinkled clothes, bags under the eyes, etc…

Rogue did much the same thing Kitty did earlier. She pointed her back at the mirror, undid her pants and dropped them down enough to see what was causing the raw pain. Kitty stood behind her knowing what to expect.

And Kitty was right. On the right side of Rogue's butt written in black ink with curvy lettering was the name 'Katherine'

"Oh .my. God." Was all Rogue could bring herself to say.

"Yep." Was Kitty's reply while she leaned on the wall next to her. Her stomach was not appreciative of all the moving around she had been doing.

"What did we do?" Rogue asked with disbelief while she tenderly poked at the still healing tattoo which only caused her to whence at the sharp pain.

"I don't know, but I'm sure it was your idea." Said Kitty while she slowly seated herself on the floor careful of her new, still tender tattoo and put her head between her knees. The nausea was back with vengeance.

Rogue sighed "Yaa you're probably right." Rogue looked down to see her friend steadily getting greener and greener. "You okay?" right after she said that Kitty bolted to the toilet and started to violently retch. The noises alone made Rogue want to vomit to, and don't even get her started on the smell. She did her best to fight the urge to throw up on Kitty while she held Kitty's hair back with one hand and rubbed soothing circles on her back with the other.

Once Kitty finished she bellowed pathetically, her voice echoing from her face still buried in the toilet "I wanna die."

"Me too." Rogue replied back just as pathetically.

"Happy new year's Katherine ."

"Happy new year's Anna Marie."

I might end up making this into a small story, one that shows what happened at the party! tell me what you think. Please review!

Also, Happy new years everyone!