Tuesday November 16th, 2018 Cont.

"I was wondering if you wanted to see a movie with me tonight." Kurt sipped from his latte.


"On what?"

"On the movie." Blaine nodded.

"I was thinking Hit By Static Electricity." Kurt jumped five feet into the air, his coffee sloshing out of the sides of the mug and straight onto his laptop.

"Shit!" he yelled, quickly grabbing a handful of napkins and pressing them into the spilled coffee. Blaine ran behind the counter and grabbed a damp washcloth. He handed it to Kurt.


"No, it's okay. It's fine. I just, Hit By Static Electricity?" Absolutely not. There was no way that Blaine was going to find out about him on their first date. Wait. Shut up Hummel, you don't know it's a date. He's probably just trying to be friendly.

"Yeah. Tonight is the last night in theaters. I don't know much about it, but Nick and Jeff saw it last week. Apparently, the lead actor is hot." Kurt's eyes widened.

"I heard that it sucked." This was mostly true. Rachel had hated it. "What about City of Bones?"

Blaine's smile grew like a Cheshire cat's.

"I love those books!" he squealed, eliciting a strange look from a lady sitting in the corner. "I just didn't want to drag you into a teen heart-throb movie."

"Are you kidding me?" Kurt asked. He checked to make sure his laptop was still alive. Yes! "Team Magnus all the way!" Blaine jumped up and did a little dance.

"YEAH! All my friends are Team Jace!" Kurt giggled. "What time should I pick you up?"

"Uhh… Find out the times and… Give me your phone." Blaine dug in his pocket and held it out. Kurt tapped in his number. "Text me when. I'll meet you outside of here." Blaine took his phone back.

"Sounds like a date."

Kurt grinned.


"Rachel, I swear to fucking god if you don't get my shirt out of the dryer and bring it to me I will creep up on you in your sleep and stab you multiple times in your voice box!"

"Calm down, Mr. McFussy pants. It still has a minute left."

"It's dry! Bring it to me! I have to leave in four minutes!" Kurt heard Rachel grumble something from the other room. "What did you say? Care to repeat it for all to hear?" He brushed his hair into a coif before smoothing it down again. Coifs were signature Kurt, and he did not want to be recognized on his date. Rachel opened the bathroom door, throwing the purple shirt at a, well, shirtless Kurt. "Thank you!" he yelled as Rachel retreated down the hallway to make herself dinner.

"You're welcome!" Kurt buttoned his shirt up and grabbed his bag, running out into the kitchen. "Love you, Rachel!" he said, smiling. She rolled her eyes.

"Could've fooled me when you threatened to take my life."

"Your voice, Rachel. I threatened to take your voice."

"Same difference!" She yelled, tapping Kurt with her spoon and pecking him on the cheek. "Have fun on your date."

"I most definitely will." He closed the apartment door on his way out and jogged down the hallway. He flew down the stairs and into the lobby, where he slammed straight into another person.

"Oh, god, I'm so sorry!" A voice said, along with a hand extended to help him up. Kurt accepted it, hoisting himself up and looking straight into a pair of awfully familiar hazel eyes. The other man laughed. "Kurt? I didn't know you lived here!"

"I didn't know you lived here, either."

"Are you okay? That was a pretty hard fall." Kurt nodded, glancing down to see that their hands still hadn't disconnected. Blaine followed his gaze and- oh. He dropped Kurt's hand.

"I'm fine. Shall we go?"

"Sure. I got us tickets for the 8:30 showing at the AMC, its right around the corner. I was thinking we could walk, unless you want to take a cab or something-"

"It's fine." Blaine walked out onto the sidewalk, but Kurt's eyes instinctively darted around to make sure no one was watching. After a moment, he walked up to Blaine's side. "Okay, so tell me more about the Warblers."

"Well. Most of us applied to NYU for college, and most of us got in." He shrugged. "Our dorm rooms were pretty close to each other, so we just got back together as the Warblers. Pretty simple. What about you?"


"Yeah. Where do you work?" Kurt looked down at the pavement as they walked, racking his brain for a decent answer. Acting? No. Writing? No. Designing? No.

"I work for Fox studios. Just office work and stuff like that." Okay, so he wasn't completely lying. Lights was a Fox show.

"I didn't know they had an office in New York." Neither did Kurt. He shrugged.

"Back to you. Where-" Blaine stopped in his tracks. "What's wrong?" Kurt asked. Blaine laughed and shook his head.

"We're here." Kurt's cheeks flushed.

"Right." They wandered into the movie theater. Blaine handed Kurt his ticket and wandered off to find the restroom. Kurt walked over to one of the movie-poster filled walls and leaned against it, watching the people walk by. He watched as a group of girls walked in and bought their tickets, laughing and talking to each other. He tuned in to the conversation.

"What movie are we going to see again?" A blonde girl asked.

"Shit Fry Attic Ella Trish Stacy."

"Oh… kay?"

"Hold on, let me find the show poster-" She looked around, scanning the wall that Kurt was standing on. Her eyes landed on the poster, and she cupped her hand over her mouth, squealed, and pointed.

"It's him!" She screamed. "Omigod!" Kurt glanced to his left, where the Hit By Static Electricity poster was hanging right beside his head. His eyes widened, and he sprinted down the hall. He threw himself into a men's restroom, running straight into someone.

"Oh, god, I'm so sorry!" Kurt straightened his shirt and looked up. Blaine laughed. "I'm starting to notice a pattern here."

"Sorry. I, uh, needed to brush my teeth." Blaine's eyebrows rose.

"Brush your teeth?" Kurt sighed and hung his head.

"No. Let's just watch the movie, hmm?" Blaine shook his head with laughter.

"All right, but you're explaining once we get out of here, got it?" Kurt bit his lip.

He wasn't explaining anything.


"Holy. Crap." Blaine stumbled out of the dark theater with Kurt close behind him.

"That was, wow. That was-"

"Amazing. When Alec came out shirtless, I swear I almost changed teams." Blaine nodded, tossing his soda into the trash. Kurt pulled his sunglasses out of his pocket and slid them on. Blaine chuckled and raised an eyebrow. "It's bright out here."

"Oh… kay? It's getting late, do you want me to call a cab, or?"

"I'm fine with walking if you're okay with it." Blaine smiled and cheesily held out an elbow. "Shall I escort you back to your apartment?"

"Aren't you the dapper one?" Kurt asked, hooking elbow's with Blaine.

"One of the perks of being a prep-school boy. That, and my impeccable hair gel talents."

"I don't know…" Kurt said, reaching a hand up and running it through Blaine's hair. "… I predict you'll be bald by 26."

They laughed and talked all the way back to the apartments. Blaine held the door open for Kurt, who hung his head shyly and walked through. When they got into the elevator, Blaine spoke up.

"Can I walk you to your door?" Kurt smiled softly.

"Sure. I'm on the sixth floor." Blaine pressed the button and leaned against the elevator wall, watching Kurt. The metal doors slid open, and the two walked up to Kurt's apartment.

"I had fun tonight." Blaine said. Kurt nodded silently, staring into the hazel eyes in front of him. Blaine took a step forward, his eyes glancing down at Kurt's lips and then back up into Kurt's eyes. Kurt sucked in a breath, stumbling back as he realized what he was doing.

"I should, I should get inside." Blaine blinked.

"Oh- okay. I'll, uh, see you soon, I guess."

"Bye." Kurt whispered, slinking into his apartment and closing the door. He let his head fall back, tears rolling down his cheeks as he slid down to sit on the floor.

Wednesday November 17th, 2012

"I thought I was specifically clear when I filled out on my card that I was vegan!" Kurt yelled, throwing his hands up into the air. Okay, he wasn't 100% vegan, but he was definitely vegetarian. And they had no vegetarian options today.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Hummel, I'll call the company-" Kurt groaned, stomping off to go get his stuff. He'd just eat when he got home.

"Kurt!" A gruff voice called. He turned to face his boss.

"Yes, Bryan?"

"What were you thinking?" He asked. Kurt raised an eyebrow.

"What are you talking about?"

"You know perfectly well what I'm talking about, Hummel. It's all over the internet right now. Need I remind you that Chris Colfer is gay? As the actor, you have a responsibility to preserve the image of that character. People are starting to criticize the show for not using a gay actor." Kurt scoffed.

"I don't get it."

"That picture of you and your girlfriend? It's everywhere. It's making Chris less believable as a character that people can connect with." Bryan stormed off, leaving Kurt stranded in the middle of the set.

"What the hell is he talking about?"

Jetta, one of the actresses, walked up and handed him a bottle of water. "You and your girlfriend? The picture is all over the internet." She took a swig from the water. "I didn't know you were straight."

"Jetta, I'm about as straight as a rainbow." She shrugged, walking off.

"Google it." Kurt groaned, taking out his iPhone and pulling up the internet. He opened a search engine and typed in 'Kurt Hummel Girlfriend'.

2,035,000 results for 'Kurt Hummel Girlfriend'

Kurt's eyes flew open at the pictures that popped up.

It was Rachel.

They thought Rachel was his girlfriend.

The first picture was of the two holding hands and shopping. The second was them at the ice cream shop, sharing a bowl of ice cream and Rachel's head resting on his shoulder. The third was the two walking back into their apartment building.

He scrolled through the rest of the pictures, his eyebrows furrowing. He stormed to get his stuff and left the set with a huff, hailing a cab outside the building.

"Jimmy's Dance Studio." He muttered, reading the articles that had been written about the two. Apparently, they had been dating for about three months now and had kept it under wraps the whole time. The two were living together in the Richmond Apartment Complex.

When he got to the studio, he paid the driver and stormed into the building. He climbed up the stairs, flying into the top floor rehearsal area.

"History is made at-" Everyone stopped, turning to stare as holy flipping god Kurt Hummel grabbed Rachel's elbows and pulled her towards the door.

"What the bloody hell-!" a man yelled. Kurt snapped his head to the side, glaring at the British guy.

"I need to borrow Rachel for a minute." He grumbled, dragging her out of the room and into a supply closet.

"What the hell, Kurt!" She hissed.

"Did you know about this?" He held his phone up.

"The screen is black." Kurt tapped it with his thumb, and it lit up. Rachel's eyes widened.

"What the-"


"Kurt, I'm so sorry-" Kurt looked up from the couch as Rachel walked through the door.

"What happened?" Rachel groaned, throwing her bag down and collapsing next to Kurt.

"Apparently, Jessica and Bobby told Ivy what happened. She told Derek, and Tom overheard, and Tom told Julia while Ellis was there."

"I'm so confused."

"You'd have to work with them for a few months to understand. Ellis is like a little gossip. He got my address from the files and stalked us. Got pictures. Put them online. Simple enough?" Kurt rolled over onto his back.

"My life sucks."

"Aw, come on. You went on a date yesterday. That's good, right?" Kurt shook his head. "What! What happened?"

"The date was amazing."

"And then…"

"He almost kissed me." Rachel squealed.

"Really? Wait, what? Almost?"

"I went inside." Rachel gaped.

"Why would you do that?" Kurt groaned and sat up.

"For this exact reason. The media would be all over us in seconds. And then he'll suddenly be famous and getting stalked and then he'll know who I really am."

"And what's wrong with that?" Kurt sighed.

"Maybe I don't want him to like me just because I'm famous."

"Wait, doesn't he already like you? I mean, come on, he tried to kiss you." Kurt ran his fingers through his hair.

"Drake." He whispered.


"Drake. Okay? The real reason is Drake." Rachel frowned, pulling a teary-eyed Kurt into a hug. He stared down at his right hand, twisting the ring on his middle finger. He had moved it from his left hand after...

"Kurt, what did he tell you that day?"

"Rachel, no-"

"He told you that you could find someone else."

"I can't." Rachel ran her thumb over Kurt's cheek, wiping away a tear.

"I think you already have."


Kurt tapped his eraser pencil on the paper, trying to figure out what style skirt would look best on this dress. He chewed the inside of his lip and started sketching. He rolled over onto his back and closed his eyes. A shrill ring from his butt snapped him out of his creative mode. Kurt grumbled, pulling out his cellphone and picking up.


"Doph, you're not going to like this." Kurt groaned.

"If you're talking about me and Rachel, I already know."

"Not exactly. You're scheduled to be on Good Morning America next Friday."

"Brittany!" He screamed, shooting up.

"Bryan. Bryan booked it. He called to tell me this morning, told me to relay the message."

"Fuck…" Kurt said, pounding his head back on the wall. "Britt, I'll call you in the morning. Thanks for letting me know."

"Wait-" Kurt hung up and tossed the phone aside, letting his head hit the pillow and sleep wash over him.

Saturday November 20th, 2012

Kurt slid into the coffee shop, pulling off his sunglasses and collapsing into his usual seat. He sat back and watched behind the counter. Blaine was the only one working today, and he hadn't heard him come in. They really should put some sort of bell over the door.

Blaine grabbed a coffee mug off of the counter, dumping the leftover contents into one sink and then swirling it around in another one filled with soapy water. Kurt stood and slowly walked behind the counter, leaning against the wall opposite of Blaine's back.

"Hey." Blaine jumped, quickly turning to face the voice.

"What are you doing back here?" Blaine asked, going back to the dishes.

"I wanted to talk to you."

"About what?" Kurt took a deep breath.

"I really like you." He whispered. Blaine set down his washcloth and dried off his hands. He gestured to one of the tables.

"Should we sit?" Kurt nodded. When the two were in their seats, Blaine spoke up. "What happened on Wednesday?" Kurt chuckled.

"My understanding is that we went on a date." Blaine smiled softly and rolled his eyes.

"I mean, after."

"I'm not ready to jump into anything right now." Blaine nodded.

"Can I ask why?" Kurt hesitated "I mean, you don't have to tell me, I'm just curious."

"Just something from the past." He muttered before picking up his coffee.



"Okay. We don't have to jump into anything if you don't want to." Kurt smiled and sighed with relief, leaning back and wracking his head for a new topic.


Kurt Hummel had been pretty successful. He had pushed through his high school years, managing to grab the lead in his senior musical 'West Side Story' along with Rachel. Any doubts that they were best friends (and any doubts that Kurt was gay) disappeared during those few months. When you have to kiss your best friend, and you're psychologically unable to develop a crush on her, those types of things happen.

They had both applied to NYADA, flew out to New York together when they made it to finals, jumped around and screamed when they both made it, had both worked their tails off during their summer before college to make enough money to go, and had taken the same classes. For their last two years, Kurt and Rachel split the rent of an apartment. After graduating they both got jobs at the same restaurant, and started searching for talent agents.

That was the hard part. For Kurt, at least. Rachel found the perfect agent the first try, in only two months. For Kurt, it took six failed agents and almost a year before he literally ran into Brittany.

"Oh, I'm sorry- I didn't see you coming." Kurt bent down, offering a hand to help the blonde woman up. He pulled her onto her feet, and the girl gasped.

"Dolphin!" she screamed, flinging her arms around Kurt. His eyes widened, and he stumbled back a few steps at the force.

"Whoa! Uh, hello to you too?" She stepped back, taking off her sunglasses.

"It's me, Brittany! You know, we went to high school together, we were in the same glee club, we dated for a week, I was dumb as a rock…" Kurt laughed, pulling her in a hug again.

"Brittany! How are you? Are you and Santana still together?" She smiled and nodded, showing him her ring finger.

"And engaged."

"That's amazing! What brings you out to New York?"

"I got out of college a few months ago."

"Really? Where did you go?"

"I majored in Sales and Marketing, minored in Economics and Accounting at NYU." Kurt's eyebrows raised.

"Wow. That's-"

"I know. I smartened up in my first year, believe it or not. 'Tana says I'm still a little-" she twirled her finger next to her head. Crazy. "-But I'm a lot better than I was in high school, trust me." They both laughed.

"So where do you work?"

"Oh, I work for myself. I'm a Talent Agent." Kurt's eyes widened.


Brittany didn't need Kurt to audition or to see his resume to know his levels of talent, and before you knew it, they were working together. Within a month, Kurt had already landed a chorus job in Wicked, and three months later, Brittany had him at another audition, this time for TV. It was a huge success, and he got the call the next day saying that he'd be playing Chris Colfer on "Lights!", a show about a group of struggling Broadway actors and actresses.

It wasn't exactly what he had wanted to do. One of the reasons he had originally chosen Broadway was because of the lack of fame. You could still be fawned over and interviewed on review sites, but you weren't easily recognized on the street. And if you were recognized, you knew the person had to actually be a fan compared to just another normal person recognizing a face from Hollywood.

But you know? Fame comes with some perks. You get an escort at DisneyWorld. Lines seem to disappear at stores. It isn't unusual to go to pay for your coffee at Starbucks only to find someone has already paid for it, just to be able to tell their friends "I bought so-and-so coffee!"

It came with even more drawbacks. Lack of privacy. Constant yelling. Constant rumors.

The worse had to be that you couldn't find any normal people to love. If they recognized you, then any chance at friendship was normally ruined because of the constant 'Wow, I can't believe I'm your friend!"

Kurt had a wonderful opportunity, with Blaine. He liked Blaine. Blaine liked him. Blaine had no fucking idea who Kurt was.

Kurt just wasn't ready.

Not yet.

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