Date written: 24th – 29th Jan. 2012.

Warnings: yaoi (sooner or later.)

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters.

Pairings: Hidan _ Itachi...

Synopsis: Itachi gets sent into a race prison, races being other lycanthropes and all such lovely specimens. The only way to survive is to get a master...

Just his luck...

He was going to be ripped apart. Literally, painfully, for pleasure, Not his pleasure.

He was absolutely sure about that when he was pushed into the yard in his simple sweat pants and greyish vest exposing his delicate pale arms all too well for too many animalistic and beasty eyes.

Oh yes, in this place, he was a goner.

Really reasons to think the worst were so many he couldn't even comprehend them all.

Akatsuki was a race prison. Here resides the worst, the cruellest, the most vicious individuals of the races. Vampires, wares, all kind of lycanthropes starting from wolves ending with damn racoons, Mages, wizards and demonologists. And in this place they were all more or less let loose bound to kill each other and rip each other apart. Trapped behind inches and inches of solid stone metal and electricity with savages mostly twice his size...That was only one of the reasons.

The second reason made him tremble slightly as he stood there rooted to the ground feeling inspecting eyes on him. Obviously he was a male among males. Muscular, powerful, evil, sex deprived males while he...

While he was Itachi Uchiha, a feline and a noble, coming from the most respectable cat-ware clan. He was delicate in his form his black furry cat ears appearing on top of his head with his long black hair reaching to the middle of his back as if that wouldn't be a reason for the others to tear him apart the very tops of his ears were...white giving him unforgivably cute look, oh he knew this, it was the curse of his life. His long black eyelashes and big black eyes didn't help...

But luck really seemed to despise Itachi, because on top of all that there was a long black beautiful and shiny tail whooshing behind him in a nervous manner. His tail, something he couldn't control, no cat could. It would betray his emotions left and right, like right now when he was ready to simply drop dead because of fear, the tail was swinging, to end the reason there was this small fact that the very tip of the damn tail just like his ears was... white.

The reasons didn't end there, that would be too simple.

All his life he had fought with his teeth and claws against different lycanthropes especially dogs they were vicious, the thing was that all the races...all of them saw felines as something like a rare delicatessen and the cats really were rare, only few left, apart from his clan...

To put it simply felines were everyone's fetish.

Since Itachi was not a simpleton he was very well aware of his looks mostly because he had to fight beasts off of him every day and hey if he had to do that on the outside where life was normal... think about it...

So...excuse him if he was shaking and already sweating cold sweat unable to move steadily, he stalked for a corner tempted to grab his tail to stop it from moving in such a giveaway fashion, the tail was the problem he couldn't get what was so...alluring about his tail, yeah so it gave away all his feelings, excitement, even lies damn it. That could be controlled with years, ha! Shame he was only nineteen. That was just his luck.

He gulped hearing a low growl coming from a bulky man when he passed, he shuddered he really and truly hated dogs they were so brutal always trying to rip him apart always trying to bite his ears, he hated it. He hated his ears because all the population seemed to be aware that cats liked their ears touched.

He was ready to piss his pants and vomit at the same time when a pale man with yellow snake eyes stood right in front of his path, a long split tongue sneaking out of a big mouth licking the pale lips lewdly, no doubt a snake lycanthrope, instead of pissing his pants his tail went rigid and the fur on it stood up as he hissed like the cat he was, his hands covering his chest in an attack position with his claws ready to leave the snake man without eyes and his damn ears flattened on his skull in a shameful show of fear.

"Hey kitty! The names Orochimaru..." the snake hissed ignoring his body language completely.

Itachi Uchiha fucking hated to be called 'kitty' he maybe was a feline but really... he knew the intentions of the reptile. He had an excuse for being absolutely terrified.

It didn't take the brain of a genius which he had by the way to realise that he was fresh meat, young, feminine, attractive fresh meat.

All the tiny hairs on his body bristled when a hand wrapped around his wrist and pulled him to the side rashly, turning his head he saw a shock of blonde hair and relaxed slightly, he almost for a moment thought he is rescued by an angel. Until he saw that the said angel was just another prisoner and a male too. Shorter than him and a bit more fragile than him, he almost felt sorry for the guy, because dear god the blonde was even more feminine than him. As soon as he and the unknown blonde were in the corner of the yard he was spun around and faced with a wide grin.

"I bet you think it's bad for a cat like you to be in a place like this eh? Well imagine how it is for a dove with my looks in a place like this, un!"

Itachi almost smiled he realised that this little blonde probably had it worse than he would, but who knew. Doves where the picture of innocence, yet here the blonde was in the worst place for the most evil, same as he eh?

"You look pretty comfy, what's your secret?" he asked rubbing his wrist when the blonde let go, he needed this piece of information, he knew nothing about how to stay alive here.

The blonde smiled weirdly, not entirely pleasantly.

"My name's Deidara, been here for almost a year, your name?"

"Itachi..." he said not mentioning his last name, no one needed to know he's from Uchiha clan.

"Surprised you're not a weasel, un!"

"Funny!" he snorted with sarcasm...

"Anyway, un the answer to your question is simple, you need a master..."


"Yeah... you know all the stories you've heard about prisons like these, un? You know the ones about brutal beasts banging their bitches left and right and the bloody fights between the top dogs and the drug contraband and wars between gangs and 'don't drop the soap' and dicks forced down your throat? un!"

Itachi nodded swallowing dryly, yeah he had heard those stories.

The blonde nodded. "Yeah un they are all true, that's why you need a master if you don't crave to live the rest of your life being beaten and with a stinky cock down your ass and throat, un!"

His eyebrows were twitching, he couldn't recall when was the last time he felt so embarrassed and mortified.

"How do I get a master...?" he whispered.

The blonde grinned, he knew no good things will come out of that rude mouth belonging to a fucking dove, seriously dove?

"You need a strong alpha male guarding your little pretty ass, someone capable to fight the monsters off... for exchange of course... here we call those males masters."


"But hey it's better to be fucked only by one instead of all the inmates, don't you think, un? Besides that Orochimaru that you had the pleasure to meet, he will be the first to have a crack at your sweet ass believe me, he does that to anyone new here, un!"

He winced... he really and truly wished to die now... he couldn't do this. He physically couldn't just find a random guy and mate with that person.

"I'm a feline..." he groaned out weakly.

Deidara leaned closer and made a movement reaching out for his long black tail he jumped back hissing, but the blonde only grinned. "Everyone can see that Itachi, un! And everyone knows about cats, you're walking ecstasy, everybody knows, have no doubt, there's no better sex than with a cat, I know I tried!"

Itachi almost asked with who but kept back just blushed at the words.

"Want to hear about the strongest alpha males around here, un?"

"I guess..."

His black eyes followed the blondes arm mentioning for a tall guy with orange hair and piercings all over the face the guy was pretty handsome and looked strong but Itachi didn't see any animal signs, no tail no airs.

"That's Pein... he's one of the most powerful around here, he's a wizard and rather dangerous if you ask me, but he's off limits for your kitty ass! Un, he's mine! My master!"

Itachi nodded at the blonde, seemed only reasonable that a fragile blonde angel-looking blonde would find one of the strongest alphas around... probably the reason why no one was bothering their discussion even the snake man didn't dare to come at them now, that didn't mean they weren't watching, yeah Itachi felt the stares.

The blonde mentioned for a weird guy, half black half white. "That's Zetsu, no one really knows what or who he is but everyone knows best to stay out of his path, he's totally an alpha male too but he has never made a move on anyone, un... actually if I dare say so I think it's wise not to be around him... anyway,, see that big bluish man with the gills on the cheeks? Yea that one he has been staring at you since you got here, that's Kisame, un, one of the most vicious. He has a whole harem of bitches here and he always picks fights with the other masters trying to steal their bitches away..."

"Do you have to use the word bitch?" he grunted out with a tick in his eyebrow.

Deidara's blue eyes sparkled in amusement looking at him. "Get used to it, un. Seriously. Anyway, un see that big guy with loads of stitches? That's Kakuzu another rather fierce man but he's not cruel to his little bitches, actually he's one of the best masters he's like a sugar daddy for his babes giving them drugs and cigarettes, even sweets, rich fucker..."

Itachi listened intently though he was shaking all over, first he was cold, cats do like warm places and he was far from comfy and warm right now his tail was wrapping around his waist trying to warm him up but his black eyes kept scanning the area, kept scanning the hungry stares of the males.

Sweets, he was a damn sweet tooth, he loved sweets and he guessed that in this place he won't be getting any.

"Oh look there!" the blonde continued motioning with the slender arm for a different part of the yard where a bunch of what seemed teenagers just as young as he was sitting around lazily.

"The guy with the silky blue hair that's Suigetsu, he is rather unique. He is not an alpha male and he doesn't have a master, doesn't need one, un. No one can touch him, his body does that water shit he liquefies himself or something, anyway no forceful way with that guy works, and for your information I would steer clear of him too, little water demon he is."

He just nodded thanking his genius brain for fixing the information. The blonde turned at him suddenly with the blue eyes narrowed. "By the way Itachi, if you ever get into any kind of pickle, even if you think that you will never get out alive, even if you're pressed against the wall with sure dead at your asshole, never call for guards!"

His black neat eyebrows pulled up in confusion, weren't the guards supposed to be angels?

"They will be the first to rip you apart and not by their hands if you know what I mean...un!"

Cocks...he knew what the blond meant, thank you very much, he maybe looked it but he wasn't really naïve.

"I'm gonna die here!" he stated bluntly. "I can't have anyone as a master, cats can't mate with just doesn't work that way!" he growled out rather desperate but not desperate enough not to notice Deidara's blue eyes sparkle oddly, there was something off with the angelic dove.

"Un yeah I've heard about kitty's being smug picky bitches."

He rolled his eyes, so what if he was picky about his partners, he thought it was a good thing anyway. But he realised that keeping his head in his ass won't help him in this place... he needed the damn protection. But none of the alphas Deidara showed him got his interest, not even remotely, all big bulky man except the Pein guy and that one was taken.

Luck despised him!

"On with the introductions... look over there, the guy sitting on the edge of the damn fence, un!"

Itachi's eyes darted in the direction, he almost...almost chuckled seeing a guy sitting on the fence dangling legs and laughing rather insanely down at the guards shouting and trying to get the man off of there probably afraid the man would jump at the other side and take off.

Oh and...yeah, his interest just sparkled, his cat ears twitched slightly and his tail unwrapped from his waist wrapping around his leg as he shivered. The guy didn't have any animalistic signs. Silver almost platinum shoulder length hair were brushed neatly back with stray bangs hovering over a pale handsome face, the man seemed young like him and the guy had a built of a god. Not bulky like Kisame or Kakuzu but just manly and right, not too much or too less, simply...fuck... Itachi gulped. The guy also had incredible eyes, purple and...simply natural bedroom eyes with a hint of sadness and...fuck knows what. The thin grey eyebrows were quirked in amusement looking down at the guards and the white teeth were all showing as the guy sneered down calling the guards useless bitches.

Itachi's heart was racing..."That's Hidan... uhh, definitely an alpha, but... ehh, he has never been anyone's master, not the type I guess. I bet you're wondering how comes he's being a bitch to those guards and doesn't have a single bruise on him..."

Itachi nodded, he did wonder, he wondered why the fate hated him so and the only male he admitted was hot as fucking hell itself wasn't available as a protector.

"He's immortal, impossible to kill or harm and aside from that he is one strong fucker, un... heard about demonologists, yeah he's one of them with a deity called Jashin... zealous motherfucker. But he's okay he's friends with me and Pein and Pein always talks good about him even though they bicker like married coupe sometimes, un!"

He kept staring at the platinum haired demonologist, he heard of them, there were only few of them just like with the cats and there was always some mystery involved with these religious heretics... he had heard that demonologists are able to control people, some sort of woo doo shit, he didn't quite believe it. apparently he was staring a bit too intently when Hidan jumped off the fence easily ignoring the guards and walking towards him and the blonde, he shivered looking away hoping that the guy isn't coming to talk or anything and damn his tail for acting like a crazed snake.

"You can make friends with him but remember that he's not as innocent as he looks, his looks are the most deceitful in this place, I too thought he's cute when I first saw him, un! That thought flew through the bars when I saw him gut a guard, with bare hands too..."

Itachi gulped... luck despised him... seriously...

"Yo, Blondie, briefing the new guy are ya?"

Itachi's tail shot up and started to swing from side to side in an excited dance... that went through his spine and all his blood stream including the little blood cells, it went through his brain cells and all his nerve endings as such... it was the voice of pure sex. Liquid, low, seducing...unique!

If alpha had a voice that would be it! It forced him to imagine dirty whispers in his ears... uhh!

The blonde nodded and he remained frozen as Hidan walked past him and pressed himself on the wall beside the blonde looking at him with those bedroom eyes, from close up the eyes burned with a live flame there was a strange aura of power and sheer insanity around the male.

"Trying to decide who's bitch you wanna be?" the guy asked and Itachi felt his fur on his tail stand up his lips twitched forming a sneer, he hissed. How mature of him...

He remembered that he shouldn't show his anger so easily but the word 'bitch' just pissed him off and frankly he didn't want to be anyone's property in this damn hell hole.

"I'll be no one's bitch, ill manage without! I'm a feline, I have claws you know, it wouldn't be the first time I leave someone without eyeballs!" he snarled leaning closer to Hidan. He had no idea where this sudden stubbornness came from. He almost expected that the man will leash out at him instead the handsome face twitched and Hidan grinned in his face.

"Ever heard about low fucking profile? Well kitty, you fail at that! You'll be begging for a master when you find yourself in a tiny space with bunch of cocks trying to get inside of you at the same fucking time..."

First he blushed, then he snorted about the fact how 'kitty' sounded whole lot different when said by this man and the damn voice... then he blushed harder and grabbed his tail in his hand when the betraying body part tried to find place between his legs showing his fear of the words. He had a suspicion the man's eyes fixed everything, there was an evil smirk on the handsome face.

Thankfully the guy turned to the blonde dove.

"You know Dei Pein's been staring at this little kitty the whole time, you both most probably will end up at Pein's feet screwing each other stupid!" the blonde snarled and punched Hidan's chest angrily ready to go for the throat, Hidan merely held the blonde away by the thin shoulders chuckling darkly. "Hey calm the fuck down, birdie! Whoa I think someone is truly in love with his fucking master, hilarious, you all make me fucking sick..."

Itachi's eyes narrowed watching the blonde calm down and then walk away straight for Pein, his eyes followed and his heart did a weird flinch when the blonde all but straddled the orange haired man whispering something in the pierced ear, he hoped it wasn't an order to kill him, he turned back for Hidan glaring.

Apparently his luck loathed him further and the man before him was a nasty motherfucker, he always had it for the wrong people.

"You just chased away my hope for survival here, Happy?" he growled out shivering and trying to shrink somehow. He hadn't been here for more than few hours and this wasn't going very well.

"The blonde is not angry with you kitty, no worries. Don't be surprised when you find the same blonde trying to get...under your tail..."

Itachi stared as the man chuckled about his own words...

"Ha, ha... hilarious! I've got a tail... you're what a toddler?" Itachi liked the man but he was so annoying. but then there was a fact...a pure fact that he with Hidan it didn't seem that this man was interested in his ass.

Yet there was something about that devilish shine in those purple eyes.

"Interested in me and my age, eh kitty? Nah, I'm probably a bit older than you..."

Itachi almost groaned when he accidentally squeezed his tail a bit too hard in his fist, he released his tail letting it wrap around his waist giving him some warmth as he pierced the purple eyes with his deep black ones.

So this guy was immortal, strong as fuck, invincible, nasty, rude, evil, looking like a god, alpha, and totally uninterested in him it seemed...

"Not interested in you!" he grumbled shivering and looking down at his feet. He almost felt like pouting, surely someone would see that and take care of his little poor ass... meaning wouldn't take his ass...argh!

"Want an advice?"

He lifted his head inspecting Hidan's features trying to catch a sign of mischief, there was none. "Yes."

"Deidara probably didn't mention this for his own reasons but you should stick close to Pein if you don't have a master... Pein will stop anyone trying to rape you just because somewhere at the depths he is a good guy... he would probably ask something for the trouble though...but you should of realised that one master can have as many bitches as he wants and Pein is your best option." the man chuckled and Itachi simply stared, was Hidan basically saying that Itachi should take Pein as his master? Why was everything here so confusing. Why wasn't Hidan offering to be his master, as usual the one he liked didn't like him.

"Monogamy isn't really a prison thing you know kitty. And Akatsuki surely isn't the place for innocents like you!"

Itachi froze, his tail straightened instantly and his ears twitched terribly. No one knew he was innocent in the field of crime but him, what the fuck?

The purple eyes bored into his skull.

"You're damn well radiating it..." the man simply said shrugging.

If he was radiating innocence he really was screwed. Literally, of course.

A strong hand laid on his shoulder making his tail twitch and brush over it, he grabbed his misbehaving tail, Hidan smirked at him amusedly the violet eyes lingering on the very tip of his tail, the white part, the cute part.

"Don't drop your soap, kitty!" and with that said the man was leaving him alone... among predators.

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