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Just his luck...

He definitely wasn't scared of Hidan, it wasn't fear. He was excited and his tail was swatting against his legs but it went unnoticed by him... his heart was beating fiercely in his chest and his breathing wasn't entirely normal either, but it wasn't fear.

He was happy... excited and nervous.

His master was finally back, so close and reachable, they were touching, well Hidan was more like pulling him by his wrist, but they were touching. The familiar hand grasping his frail wrist and the low curses he heard coming from Hidan as they walked warmed his heart, it was unexplainable but Itachi believed that during Hidan's absence he had realised how strongly he felt for the man.

He was pulled into Hidan's old cell and he opened his mouth...to probably murmur that he had missed Hidan badly, he was interrupted by a growl though.


Since the violet eyes were on his neck he knew what was meant by the question.

"Listen...it wasn't-..."

"I don't want to hear it! I want to know who the fuck dared so I can kill the son of a bitch!"

He was happy that Hidan was obviously jealous and then there was shame, he wondered would it be smart to tell Hidan that he was the one running to Kisame...if he wouldn't say it, sooner or later Hidan would hear it from Kakuzu.

"No Hidan...wait...lets-..."

He grimaced when Hidan's face scrunched up in disbelief at his words, he saw something akin to realisation wash over the handsome features.

He shook his head in denial to chase away any bad thoughts Hidan was having about him at that moment but the violet eyes were getting darker by the second.


At the harsh order Itachi flinched, his jaw going slack from the surprise, his tail confusedly batted against the iron bars at the door and then went still. "Huh?"

Hidan's clenched jaw, the grey eyebrows knitted together and the nostrils flaring as the man breathed was never a good sign. It actually looked pretty scary.


"Am I still your master? If I am you strip right fucking now, Itachi!"

His pale, trembling fingers undid the zipper of his hoodie, the same he had gained from Hidan at his first night in this hell-hole. The black piece of clothe fell on the dirty floor, he swallowed hard training his eyes on the floor when he saw the purplish eyes of his master roam his marked body, lingering on the bite on his arm.

He pulled the vest off exposing his chest, by now his ears were flat against his head and his tail tried to find home between his legs, his lean body trembling and on top of it all he felt sweat bead at his forehead, if he wasn't scared before then now he surely was.

He paused hoping it was enough but the low growl of his name indicated that it wasn't. "Hidan...stop and listen to what I have to say!"

The distance between him and Hidan was a tiny one and Hidan crossed it in a heartbeat grabbing on his upper arms and slamming him in the wall, he yelped unable to read the emotions playing on the pale face before his.

"Told you I don't want to hear it!" Hidan's hot lips were on his ear as that was growled out, he didn't know what to think at that moment, what he did was close his eyes and inhale hungrily letting Hidan's scent dull his senses. A soft hiss escaped him as Hidan's large hand moved down his arm on the teeth ripped skin, he felt the hand heat up and he knew he was being healed.

"I want you to strip so I can erase it all Itachi... don't you have faith in me at all...?" Hidan's voice so low and barely audible was what made him throw his arms around the man's neck burying his face in the pale warm neck. "...don't you 'Tachi? It took me few hours without you to go against my beliefs...my god... I killed for you Itachi, not for my god or for bloodlust... I fucking killed for you, baby just to get back to you."

He was doing his best to swallow back the hot tears, he tried to concentrate on his masters hands sliding over his upper body healing and erasing every little scratch, every bite, lick, suck and touch. He was clinging to Hidan like a drowning man, still fighting his tears.

His body apparently knew what's good for it, he pressed himself closer, their chests were flush against each others, his lips caressed the man's neck feeling a light shiver rock the built body. "I thought... I... I'm so glad you're back..."

He knew they needed to talk, they needed to tell each other what happened while they were apart, but Hidan's hands and Hidan's scent made his knees weak and his mind numb, his libido was awakened since his black eyes fell on the man and since he got the first sniff of his master but being this close...there was nothing he could do but moan softly into Hidan's ear as he felt his cock harden.

It was just how Hidan worked on him and judging by the way his master was pressing against him and pressing their bodies close almost desperately Hidan felt it too, besides Itachi wasn't the only one with the awakened libido, he could feel Hidan's libido too, it was big and hard... digging into his hip.

"Ah Hidan...what are you doing?" it was meant to sound shocked and angry but it came out as a pathetic whimper, he was still very painful down there and that's exactly where his master was sticking the finger, he hadn't even noticed Hidan's hand sneak into his pants, he squirmed gasping for air, feeling the healing heat.


His blood rushed for his cheeks, embarrassed and mortified hearing Hidan's voice half teasing. "Y-you don't need to stick...it...in to heal, Hidan!"

"Healing and preparing then, that makes sense kitty?"

It did.

He guessed this meant they will talk later... he didn't mind.

Their mouths smashed together, tongues stroking and pushing.

His pants fell on the floor where he stepped out of them while ripping Hidan's vest off of the perfect body, his tail already freeing the man of the pants, he looked down between them spoiling his eyes with the sight of his masters cock hard and ready for him, leaking the shiny drops of pre-cum, grabbing on it he traced the thumb around the tip smearing the juices just to pull back and stick his finger in his mouth.

"Nnn!" he knew Hidan loved his sounds he long since stopped to keep them back, it would be futile anyway, another finger probed him, Hidan was going dry but he didn't feel the pain because of the healing being done, all he could feel was the amazing heat and the unmistakable fierce pleasure, Hidan knew exactly where to push and stroke to have him throwing his head against the wall and mewl.

"Oh Hidan...do it... just do it..."

It was rushed and fast but he didn't care he was so hungry for it, his hands were gripping random parts of his master trying to feel all of the man at the same time and Hidan was no better, grasping his ass, stroking his chest while the third finger was pushed into him stretching him apart.

Hidan growled lifting him up on the strong hips with his back against the wall safely, his slender legs wrapped around Hidan's waist his body shaking with need, he was painfully hard, his cock throbbing.

Hidan licked the fingers leading them back down spreading the liquid on his already stretched pucker he didn't waste time either he licked his own fingers smearing his drool on the large erection feeling it twitch in his hand.

"I hope you're ready, kitty."

Hands parted his ass cheeks pulling them to the sides roughly, Hidan was hungry for him as well.

His long fingers were entangled in the platinum locks pulling on them hard, crushing their lips together as Hidan was breaching him, pushing into him hard and steadily till he was full and moaning in his master mouth he parted from the kiss his head falling back, he was glad to be reminded how his master's touch felt... he maybe had enjoyed Kisame's rough touch but Hidan touches he loved all through.

"Fuck Itachi... fuck..." Hidan cursed into his ear and he knew it meant that the control was slipping and sure enough the next moment Hidan was moving, driving into him with force the hips snapping forward and upwards into his tight heat reaching his deepest and most pleasurable parts easily.

Itachi was loud and he knew it, he was sure even those in the yard could hear their almost desperate mating. And it was desperate he felt like he would die if Hidan would suddenly stop, he was trying to move as well pushing himself down on the man digging his nails in the pale skin on Hidan's ripped chest and the strong arms.

"Hidan...so good...harder, fuck me as hard as you can..."

Hidan was his master but what Itachi asked he received... Hidan growled and slammed him in the wall holding his ass parted for better access, Itachi was reduced to a screaming drooling mess in seconds.

His head trashed to the sides, he could not take it anymore, he felt Hidan biting his neck with a feral growl and he knew Hidan was on the edge as well, landing a mark on him, claiming him back... at that though Itachi came, his neglected cock twitched and hot ribbons of cum splashed between their sweaty bodies, his toes curled feeling the hotness that filled him the next moment.


"I know 'Tachi... I do too."


It took them ten minutes to clean up and get dressed back in their clothes, and it took Itachi at least fifteen minutes to stutter out what had happened after Hidan left, it seemed though that Hidan really didn't want to hear it, he earned a grumbled apology and he mumbled out his own, but in the end they were busier kissing each other.

"I told you they'll finish quickly after being apart for so long, un!"

Itachi smirked at the blonde interruption, watching Pein and Deidara march into the small space followed by a flustered looking Sasori who patted Hidan's shoulder in a greeting before plopping down on the small bed, it creaked terribly at the weight of them all.

"It stinks like a brothel in here, no question as to what they were just doing!" Pein added with a smirk eyeing Itachi up and down. "The kitty's still flushed."

"Shut up shit-face this kitty is mine!"

"Sharing is caring, un!"

Hidan offered the blonde the middle finger with a grin that faded as the man turned to Pein. "So...first things first... what's the situation with Kisame?"

Itachi froze under Hidan's arm, he really didn't want this to turn out messy now when he was back to being happy surrounded by the few people he liked in this place.

Pein slid a hand through the orange hair offhandedly grinning from ear to ear, Itachi suspected that even though Pein didn't say anything the man was really glad his friend was back.

"There is no situation, he's not interested...funny how those great masters turn into pussies when they get a good bitch..." Pein was teasing and Itachi chuckled at Hidan's growl.

"Yeah says the master who is jumping at every whim of his two bitches!"

Itachi's grin was growing wider with each word, he watched Deidara smirk smugly at the words and slide the fragile hand over Pein's arm, Sasori was busier watching Hidan with the big eyes a small smile tugging at the luscious lips.

"So he won't try anything." he asked since everybody else apparently had dismissed the matter already. To his question Pein shook the head in denial still grinning at Hidan.

"No, he won't...Zetsu threatened to leave if he would and that was enough to settle the big guy."

Deidara clapped hands so suddenly that he and Sasori flinched, the redhead gave an annoyed look to the blonde, but it went unnoticed.

"So Hidan..." the dove was stretching the words in a teasing manner. "I heard that you've been paying Kakuzu not only for Itachi but me and Sasori too, unn!"

"Don't know what the fuck you're talking about..."

Deidara giggled. "I think Hidan caaaaares!"

"Shut up, I do not!"

The end.


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