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It was the three days before the reopening of Yokai academy, with no one inside except the school staff preparing for the coming school year, as it were they needed to arrange many new files and fix one of the buildings due to the school riot that occurred last year.

The engine of an approaching school bus broke the silence of the half empty school. It stood out all the more as there were no students that were supposed to come to school at this point in time. The bus pulled over to a stop with a loud groan and a young girl with orange hair and a rugged pair of horns stepped out.

"Well, here we are girls~!"

Tsukune Aono was on the bus on his way back from the human world to Yokai academy. The boy was happily reading a note from Moka and was excited to meet her and the rest of his friends back at the Academy.

"A letter from a friend huh? How delightful, huh, boya?" came the rumble of the bus drivers voice. The man was a mainstay at the Academy and was the one who had driven Tsukune to and from the Academy during his first tenure there. He was . . . nice in a way, but he always managed to creep Tsukune out. "But you should be careful this time around. Those little mistakes you keep making in life will pile up and bring you down."

The bus slowed to a stop and the driver turned to face Tsukune once more with his trademark creepy smile and cigarette in mouth. "At any rate, terrible things are going to happen at Yokai Academy."

Tsukune was shaken by this news as well as slightly confused. What did he mean 'terrible things'?

Tsukune reasoned with himself that it was probably just another way for the bus driver to get into his head, or perhaps it was simply his way of trying to warn of Tsukune from the Academy one more time.

"It's okay; I know full well that this is my last chance to turn back from trouble," he said to the bus driver while exciting the vehicle "but if it's for the sake of seeing my friends again . . ."

Tsukune trailed off at the end. It didn't really need finishing.

"Soon . . . I'll meet Moka-san and everyone else!" he thought enthusiastically.

The morning was filled with students making their way to the Academy. Others had just arrived, while some had arrived at the Academy a day or so prior to its reopening, and had slept in the nearby doors. One particular student drew the attention of every male eye she passed, her innocent aura and model-worthy face practically demanding for the attention that she did not want, the girl was a certain pink-haired vampire, Moka Akashiya.

"Wow, do you see that? That girl is super cute!" exclaimed one male student.

"Moka Akashiya, they say she's the most beautiful person in the campus..." whispered another.

Beside Moka was her friend and the extremely young Yukari Sendo, who, despite her mischievous tendencies, was a genius that managed to skip two grades ahead of time. The young girl was currently basking herself around the presence of her idol.

"Fufu . . . you really stand out Moka-san" she said to Moka.

"Your smooth skin, soft hair and flawless face, plus you smell so good! Your beauty really is too good to show these people!" she gushed before suddenly glomping her.

As she was hugging her, two students approached them, both with sleazy looks on their faces.

"Excuse me, but your beauty has enthralled us, would you mind if we became acquaintances with you . . .?" One of them said in an obvious attempt to flirt. They were about to move closer to Moka when they caught sight of Yukari.

The taller one rounded to her. "Is this kid your little sister? She so cute and tiny"

"Is she an elementary school student?" one of them said while patting her. Perhaps by getting acquainted with her friends they would have a better shot at flirting with Moka.

Tough luck

Suddenly the man's head was smashed by a large mallet. "Don't act all friendly with me!" exclaimed Yukari. "I am Yukari Sendo! I might only be thirteen, but I'm still the number one genius here!

"And also, stop your flirting! Moka-san has already declared Tsukune Aono as the man to be her future lover!"

An awkward silence followed with Moka's face getting redder by the second.

"Tsukune isn't my lover!" she shouted while shaking an unashamed Yukari.

"I said it so the flirting would stop," said Yukari with a comical smile between shakes.

"What would you do if he heard you say that!" said Moka, still blushing and shaking, if anything, her blush was deeper and she was definitely shaking Yukari harder.

"Huh? Moka-san?" called out a voice.

Moka stopped shaking Yukari, and turned to look at the newcomer in shock. It was Tsukune, walking towards them in the midst of the other students, smiling happily.


"That guy is Tsukune-san," Yukari said to one of the flirts.

"EEEEEEHHHH! A guy like THAT!?"

Moka paid no attention to them. "Tsukune did you hear that conversation just now!" she said panicking.

"Eh? What conversation?"

"Nothing! It's nothing, just forget about it Tsukune," she said while blushing intensely.

"Cu-cute," thought Tsukune, seriously, he had just come back and already he was star-struck by how cute she was. "I knew it; Moka-san is so CUUUTTEE! It's like she's glowing!"

"Just seeing her face makes me feel like everything's good again! I'm so glad I came back to this school!"

"Ahh, found you~!" Once again, a voice familiar to Moka called out to them.

Turning the group saw the blue haired bombshell of a succubus Kurumu Kurono, who proceeded to jump-hug a surprised Tsukune.


"Aaaah, to be with you again!" she said while smothering Tsukune with her large breasts, much to the annoyance of Moka (Shouldn't there be regulations against this?) "I love you!"

"Who's the chick with the big tits!" exclaimed the flirts.

"Kurumu Kurono, she's Tsukune-sans worshipper" said Yukari, looking a tad annoyed while staring at Kurumu hugging Tsukune.

Suddenly a sharp ice dagger imbedded itself in Kurumu's forehead, causing her to let go of Tsukune while creating a fountain of blood.

"Let go Kurumu . . . I won't let you get that close to Tsukune," said Mizore, a Yuki-onna with a penchant for hiding in weird places, while holding two more daggers.

"Mizore!" exclaimed Tsukune.

"It's been a long time Tsukune," responded Mizore, who was hiding in the bushes far from the group.

"So far . . . when did you get there Mizore?!"

"Who's that girl? She's cute too!" the flirts exclaimed once again, while getting feeling of vertigo at the sight of so many girls. Honestly, they had never been in such close proximity to girls of the same caliber as the ones before them.

"Shirayuki Mizore, she's Tsukune's stalker" said Yukari looking decidedly impassive now. 'Looks like the gangs all here then, time for the chaos to start,' she thought.

"How, how, did a CRETIN like Tsukune attract so many girls?!"

"You, how dare you interrupt me and Tsukune's reunion, I'll kill you!" threatened Kurumu while bringing out her trademark weapon, her long claw-like nails, each of them sharp enough to cut through wood.

"Fine with me boob woman. I'll show you, and everyone else, the bond between me and Tsukune." Mizore said threateningly while forming claws of ice around her hands.

"Ah . . . Sto -" began Moka helplessly.

"Stop it!" Tsukune said cutting off Moka while flailing his arms out in panic hoping to calm them down. "It's been so long since we've been together, so for now, will you please stop!"

"Uh..." Yukari started to warn Tsukune to back away, but it was much too late.

"I will prove my superiority!" shouted Kurumu and Mizore, completely ignoring Tsukune's pleas to stop.

"Sto – Gyyyaaaaaaaaaa!" screamed Tsukune who was caught in the subsequent crossfire.

Looks like everything was back to normal

After each student was welcomed back into their classes, they were brought to the gym to be briefed on the new semester.

The classes were ushered in, and the gym was filled with the buzzing sound of the students chatting with each other.

Tsukune was in the crowd with his classroom, next to Moka and the rest.

"Wait, Tsukune, look at that . . ." said Moka while pointing at the stage.

"What?" said Tsukune looking at the stage.

At first he found nothing strange, until he saw exactly what Moka was pointing at. Entering in a rank-and-file line was a group of people, ten in total. A few of them looked around their age, although two of them looked right around Yukari's age, but there was no mistaking it, they were wearing the black uniform of the Public Safety Commission.

"What . . .?" wondered Tsukune.

"They must be replacements; I heard that moron Kuyou and the rest were sacked after last time." said Yukari.

"But their all girls!" exclaimed Kurumu. "And look at that girl with blue hair and the one with yellow hair, they look barely older than Yukari-chan!"

An old looking teacher approached the front of the stage to a stand with a microphone in front.

"Welcome to the new semester dear students. Please allow me to officially welcome you back to Yokai Academy, and hope you will have a fine year here," said the old man. "Once again the headmaster was, sadly, unavailable so I have come to take his place."

The old man began orienting them on the new semester about certain events and such that would be taking place. The orientation lasted an hour when he turned and nodded to one of the girls in the PSC uniform, she had gray-green hair and wore a black circular hat with a yellow ribbon around it. She stepped on the stage, with a smile and at once everyone's eyes were on her, not only because she was cute, but because, like Moka, everyone had noticed what she was wearing.

"Now that we are done with the general news, I would also like to give out one last announcement," stated the old man.

"As you know, the Public Safety Commission last year had caused quite a ruckus, and sadly have been placed under probation, with the exception of its head, Kuyou, who was expelled."

At that last part, Tsukune sighed in relief. He had been worried about what had happened to Kuyou, the fox Youko and tyrannical leader of the Public Safety Commission, particularly if he'd have to see him again.

"So as of this year, all of its members have been replaced. So without further ado, Koishi Komeijii-san, the new head of the PSC" he said while giving the mike to the new girl, Koishi.

Tsukune looked at the crowd and saw they were looking at her with the same level of disbelief that he was. Even Mizore, the usually stoic girl, was staring at her with wide eyes. In the back of his mind somewhere, Tsukune was laughing a bit, because he was comparing the murderous and imposing Kuyou, to this smiling simple looking girl. Apparently from the look on some people's faces, Kurumu included, they had arrived at the same line of thought.

"Pleased to meet you, my name is Koishii, the new head of the Student Police or Public Safety Committee," she said, her voice, light and sweet, and reading from a slip of paper. "And I would like to introduce to you the next Vice-Commander of the Student Police . . ."

"Suika Ibuki at your service!" exclaimed the ginger haired girl while swinging a massive gourd over her head, strangely, she was red in the face and to the few with good noses could pick up, smelled of sake. The girl was tiny, however her face was mature enough that she couldn't be mistaken for a child.

At this point several people started snickering, and Kurumu was struggling to hold her breath to prevent herself form laughing out loud. However when Tsukune looked at Moka, she was silent and worried.

"What is it Moka-san?"

"A-ah, it's nothing, really . . ." from the look on her face Tsukune knew she was lying, but decided to drop it.

Koishi turned back once more and nodded to the green-haired girl. "And in charge of the night patrols and current Secretary, Daiyosei . . . Midori-san"

Daiyosei stood up and did a short bow to the crowd before speaking. "Pleased to meet you."

Some of the boys stared at her, stars in their eyes. Among the new girls, she seemed the most beautiful and mature. But that did not help the tide of silent laughter that was going through the crowd. No one could forget the terror that was the previous incarnation of the PSC, and now they were replaced by cute girls that looked like they could barely hurt a fly. The laughter gradually got louder till the whole of the school was laughing out loud. The newcomers simply stared in confusion at the crowd, till the teachers eventually quieted them down.

"Um . . . any ways, we three will be leading the PSC for this semester; also, some of our younger members may join you for your classes." continued Koishi after the laughter had died down.

At this last announcement the audience looked confused, thinking: since when did Committee members take classes?

The old man then took over from Koishi, once again speaking on the mike.

"Thank you Koishi-san, we look forward to your stay here. Now, moving on . . . ."

Soon the meeting was over and the students were leaving the auditorium. While Tsukune was discussing what had happened with Moka and the rest.

"Seriously, those guys are in big trouble though." said Yukari.

"Why's that?" asked Kurumu.

"Well, I'm sure I don't have to remind you what the PSC has done before."

"Yeah, so?"

"The new girls could become targets for people to take revenge," said Moka, disheartened.

"Exactly, I knew my Moka-san would guess it right!" said Yukari while glomping Moka.

"But isn't that unfair, I mean, all that was done last year, by completely different people," said Tsukune.

"I can see what she's trying to say though, some wounds just won't heal for other people," said Mizore.

"Well, maybe we can protect them, since some of them will be taking classes after all," Tsukune suggested.

Moka looked at Tsukune, appreciation in her eyes, "That's not a bad idea!"

"That's my Tsukune; always looking out for other people, he's so kind!" Kurumu exclaimed while one again jump-hugging Tsukune.

In response Mizore stuck a dagger in her forehead, which caused her to let go of Tsukune and retract her claws. Soon, Tsukune was once again caught in the crossfire while Yukari and Moka looked on helplessly.

They promptly forgot all about the newcomers and were soon making their way back to their classroom.

"Aaaahhh~ finally, awt of tha' stuffy room!"

Cirno the ice fairy stretched her limbs in the waiting room just outside the headmasters office, beside her was her friends, Daiyosei, Wriggle Nightbug, Rumia and Mystia Lorelei. Standing in the corner was Nue Houjuu, Nitori Kawashiro, Hong Meiling, who was hovering protectively over a lead encased coffin on the floor.

"Say, Dai-chan, about tha' name dey gave ya' . . . ?" said Cirno while looking at Daiyosei.

"Oh, that, well Yukari thought it would be weird since some of us don't have last names" explained Dayosei "In fact you and Rumia-chan were given last names as well, don't you remember?"

"Erm . . . ."

"You weren't paying attention to her, were you Cirno-chan" Daiyosei said looking at Cirno exasperatedly.

"Ehehehehe . . ." laughed Cirno while laughing embarrassedly.

"Don't worry I remember" said Rumia jumping out of her seat. "Mine was Kuro and Cirno-chans was . . . um . . . oh yeah, Toki!"

"Ah yea . . . Toki, that's what it was! But any way, wha are we doin' here?"

At this moment Koishi stepped into the room accompanied by Suika, who was busy drinking out of a beer bottle in her hand.

"Were here to meet the headmaster about our classes, Cirno-chan" said Koishi while taking a seat.

"Hah! Classes my foot, I'm only here for the alcohol!" shouted Suika. "Besides, China, Nitorin, Koishi-chan an' me don't need to take classes at all!"

"I don't need education, learning's for weaklings, an' I'm da strongest!" shouted Cirno boldly.

"Ha! I can't think of anyone who needs education more than you, baka fairy!"

"Shut up baka-oni or I'll freeze your sake!"

"Go ahead, then I'll be havin' sake flavored popscicles you ice-brained moron!"

Daiyosei looked tiredly as the two started wrestling each other to the floor; she sighed in expiration and stood up to pull Cirno off Suika, when the door opened and a girl with long twin-tails entered the room.

"Oh, hello there Ruby-san" greeted Daiyosei while giving the witch-turned-secretary a small bow.

"It's nice to see you again Daiyosei-san, if you don't mind, the headmaster will see you now."

Daiyosei turned to the others, who had broken up Cirno and Suika's brawl, and waved at them.

"Come on guys were being called."

The group was ushered into the office were a robbed man, looking like a monk, sat behind a desk, sporting the creepiest smile they've ever seen, barring some of Yukari's of course.

"Hello there, I'm sure Yukari has already informed you about me, but for the sake of manners, let me introduce myself," said the robbed man. "I am Tenmei Mikogami, headmaster of Yokai Academy, pleasure to meet you."

"The pleasures ours Mikogami-san," said Koishi.

"Now, I'll cut to the chase, the yokai world has recently plunged into a state of instability. In lieu of this, I have commissioned your help to guard this school and its inhabitants."

"Meh, I could do dat widout these jokers help," proclaimed Cirno.

"Say's the girl who got her ass kicked by a certain witch in three seconds flat," muttered Suika under her breath.

"I – I was, just going easy on Black-white, after all the strongest needs to show mercy once in awhile," stammered Cirno.

The headmaster looked at the two in amusement before Dayosei cleared her throat, getting everyone's attention.

"Ah, yes, as I was saying, consider this as an extra task, but I would like you to keep an eye out on this boy" said Mikogami while holding up a picture of a brown haired boy. "His name is Tsukune Aono, and you'll find he has a talent for finding trouble, take note however, he is surrounded by powerful yokai, so be discreet"

"That rules ice-brain out of the list, Cirno-chan here is about as discreet as exploding fireworks." muttered Suika. In retaliation Cirno jumped on her and started freezing her hair, to which Suika responded by spitting flames at Cirno.

"Cirno-chan, stop it!" whined Dayosei while pulling Cirno off Suika once again.

"Kekeke, rowdy bunch aren't they," chuckled Mikogami. "At any rate, I have assigned you to your classrooms and have order new uniforms for you, here."

Handing out the boxes to the girls, each of them opened the boxes to find perfectly fitting uniforms for each.

"You know, I didn't really need this, I mean I can shift my form to look like anything, inanimate or living" said Nue while placing the clothes back in the box.

"Can you now? How convenient. Well keep it anyway; consider it a gift from me."

"So, about our classrooms?" said Koishi.

"Ah, yes, here," said the headmaster while giving out envelopes to everyone except Suika, Koishi, Nitori, and Meiling. "Those envelopes also hold the results of the aptitude test Yukari-dono had requested me to give you"

"Also Ibuki-san and Komeiji-san will not be attending classes, as they have requested, and I've heard from Yukari that Hong Meiling has been forbidden to separate from her mistress, who is, due to her nature, unable to attend the morning classes."

"And me?" inquired Nitori.

"I've heard that you spend a great deal of time working on machines, so I have assigned you to work with some of the staff to upgrade our facilities"

"Does that mean I can work on that bus-thingy too?"

"Yes, of course if you feel you're up to it"

"Of course!" shouted Nitori happily.

In the mean time the others were looking at their respective papers, when Rumia burst in laughter.

"What is it?" asked Koishi

"I don't believe it," said Wriggle in disbelief.

"What? Don't believe what?"

Wriggle and Rumia were looking at Cirno's paper. Rumia was laughing, while Wriggle in shock.

"Cirno-chan's math score. . . ." muttered Wriggle.

"What about it?" questioned Daiyosei.

"It a perfect score, much higher than Wriggle-chans zero~" said Cirno proudly.

"What! No way!" exclaimed Suika as she grabbed the paper from her hand.

Her eyes scanning the paper, Suika at first thought it was a joke, seeing as most of Cirno's results were downright horrible, until she found her math results.

The aptitude test was given to them by Yukari, for unknown reasons, perhaps to humiliate them with their own lack of knowledge. In any case, they had only a week to prepare for them, seeing as the day after they left for Yokai Academy, but the test themselves were high school level, and for yokai who had done nothing but mess around all the years of their life, it was almost impossible to get a passing grade, not to mention a perfect.

But here it was, staring back at Suika was Cirno's math grade, a one-hundred item test, with a perfect one hundred score.


"Hah! See I'm the best there is!" gloated Cirno, forgetting about the abysmal results of her other exams

"Is that so~?" said Rumia "It doesn't seem like it, seeing as Dai-chan here has perfected nearly all of the tests."

A moment of awkward silence while everyone digested what they just heard; slowly they turned to look at Daiyosei, who was busy humming to herself happily while looking at her results.

Noticing the room had gone silent, a happy Daiyosei looked up from her paper and stared at the others, who were staring at her.


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