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I am here to present a story that equally follows both cannons while keeping to the Hetalia cannon. This does mean that the Disney side might be changed here and there, but all changes are for a better purpose. Keeping this in mind, Pocahontas itself is not historically accurate and neither will MFL. In fact, you can say that this story takes place in an alternate universe.

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Story Summary: Heinrich is a German sailing to the New World for the English king. Feli is the son of the leader of the Italian colonies. Can their love bring their worlds together or will their differences keep them apart?

Chapter Summary: As the English draw closer to the New World, Feli learns of his arranged marriage.

Warnings: Language, Yaoi, Lame Rescue Scene

Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia or Pocahontas.

~Chapter 1~

The winds battered the ship, forcing the rough waves onto the deck. All the sailors and explorers held the cannons, attempting to save themselves and their supplies. There was still another month to their trip- they could not afford to die now. Even in a storm fit to make even the strongest of men worried.

"Some luck this is," Heinrich thought sourly, trying to tie down a cannon of his own. The young adult, decked in black, glared down at the weapon through his blond bangs. The soaked metal slipped from his grasp, making his job ten times harder. The thunder boomed above him again. "His highness better appreciate me being here."

He thought back to his last visit with King Feliks. The man, lazing upon his throne had expressed his strong concern of the new governor's attentions. "We like, totally don't want him making his own country and junk with my lands," he said, waving a lazy hand in the air. There was always this flamboyant air to him. It must be his Polish lineage.

His mother, Queen Felicia, had married into the British royal family in order to form an alliance between the two nations. King Feliks than married the Duke of Lithuania, a timid man named Toris. He declared that it was "totally for political reasons", but even the poorest of civilians knew that it was for love. "Marrying a man." Heinrich could never help but to shutter at the very thought. It wasn't illegal or frowned upon, but the very idea always got him started. "How could two men love each other?"

So it came to his strong displeasure when Toris had to elaborate, "Everyone in court knows that Governor Kirkland disapproves of the alliance." The brunette's voice was gentle but firm. Rumor had it that by marrying the king, he was able to avoid an engagement with the Czar of Russia. "We are very concerned of what he might do if he is unsupervised."

Governor Kirkland: was there a possible way for Heinrich to describe such a man? His chest always seemed to be puffed out with a pompous air and his thick eyebrows were always drawn in a scowl. His emerald green eyes always matched the elaborate outfits he sported. Everyone at court knew how much he hated the idea of a non-English king reigning over his homeland.

Like any sane man, Heinrich didn't want to sail for months to the New World with him. No, he would rather just stay at home with his brother. But he owed so much to the King. When his brother Gilbert, a tall albino whose loud mouth always drew the wrong kind of attention, shot out his mouth to the Czar of Russia, it was Feliks who rescued him. Surely, this was the least he could do.

"Bruder!" Heinrich shot his gaze to Gilbert. His arms were wrapped around a cannon of his own as Roderich- a tall intelligent man who certainly did not belong on a ship -tried to tie it down. "Give the awesome me a hand!"

The younger brother tied off his cannon and rushed to his side. The ship rocked back and forth sending him on a zigzagged path. The rain blew into his face as the lightning made him experience a sensation of vertigo. How he just loathed sailing.

A large wave, bigger than any of the houses in London, rose above them before bearing down. The water engulfed them, sending Heinrich into the rail. The impact, though brief, shocked his back and knocked the breath out of him. The ship kicked up again and someone crashed into him.

"Sorry!" Heinrich groaned and pushed Elizaveta off of him. The brunette, older than him by a few years, was the prettiest and strongest woman he knew. Her eyes always shown with such joy- even in dangers like this. The German had to call on a few favors to give her permission to join their crew. At first, there were many doubters, claiming that she would not lift a finger to help them. But so far, she had done well- doing more work in an hour than the whole crew could in a week.

But Kirkland was not swayed. His old fashioned ways made him blind to how good of an asset she really was. He took whatever chance he could to berate her performance.

"Sorry Heinrich," she said, brushing away her embarrassment. "Just trying to save the cannons."

Thunder clapped in the sky above them. Another wave, the biggest yet, came down upon them. Heinrich held into the rail for dear life, feeling his chest ache with pressure. When the ship was clear again, he gasped for air. A few spurts of water came up as well, falling into the puddles at his feet. He stood alone.

"Elizaveta!" The man cried, feeling a surge of panic. A few other sailors glanced up from their work, wondering what was wrong.

"Man overboard!" Mathias, the crew's look out, rang a small bell and pointed to the black abyss surrounding them.

Without much thought, Heinrich pulled off his black coat and threw it onto the ground. He undid one of the ropes leading to the sails and tied it around his waist. Into the slowly calming waves he went, diving into its bitter cold grasp.

Gilbert released his cannon and lunged for the rope. "Damnit bruder!" He yelled, firmly grasping it. He could feel the hard surface burning and cutting at his skin. The storm may be starting to calm, but there were still waves bearing upon them. "Berwald! Vash!" He barked at the crew. "Give the awesome me a hand!"

Heinrich hit the water and lost all the air in his lungs. Through the watery haze, he made out Elizaveta's legs, kicking frantically in attempt to keep herself alive. He came to the surface and swam to her, cursing under his breath. Heinrich promised her father that he would take care of her. He went through too much to let him down now.

After what felt like years, he reached her. The brunette's hair stuck to her skin as she took large bites of air. The waves constantly bashed her, determined to keep her below surface. He wrapped his arm around her waist and tugged on the rope.

With the combined powers of Gilbert, Vash, Berwald, and many others, the two were lifted from the chilling water and up the ship's side. Gilbert pried them off the rope and laid them on the wet deck. They coughed up water, trying to get the blankets Tino gave them. The storm was finally cooling, leaving small patches of night sky above them.

The albino smiled down at them and gave a long laugh. "Keseses~! I am awesome," he declared. "I just save the lives of-" He knelt and slugged his arms around Heinrich and Elizaveta's shoulders. "-mein bruder and mein future wife." Immediatley, the girl slapped his arm away.

"You saved our lives?" Heinrich laughed before starting to cough. "I believe I did most of the work."

He pouted. "The awesome me helped. After all, this is my wife and bruder."

The girl scowled and smacked him again. "Not in your dreams," she snapped. As angry as she sounded, there was a laugh in her voice.

Gilbert pouted and pulled her closer. "Aw, why not?" he asked. "You're awesome. I'm awesome. We make the awesomest pair."

"I want a real man." Shaking, Elizaveta stood and wrapped an arm around Roderich. "Like Mister Edelstein." As the crew laughed, the man pushed his glasses further up his nose and blushed. But all too soon, the joy ended.

"Trouble on deck?" The crew immediately parted for their Governor. He wore a fancy red coat more suited for a pirate captain than himself. At least it complimented his acid eyes. From under a large brimmed, red hat, the blond looked down upon them, scrutinizing the scene.

To his right was his assistant- a bored Asian by the name of Tao. The sailors of the ship actually liked him. Tao did his best to help them out and contributed to their private jeers towards Kirkland. On the Governor's left was another blond. However, he was taller and much handsomer. His hair was wavy and his eyes were a stunning blue. This man, Francis Bonnefoy, was a friend of the governor's. Everyone had mixed feelings about him: he always aggravated the official, yet he also flirted with the crew.

Never a good combination.

Heinrich gathered his courage and stood. "Elizaveta fell overboard, sir," he said. He did his best to stand straight. Never give Kirkland a reason to believe you're weak because once he got a single whiff of it, he would hound you until you wanted to jump over board.

Kirkland's green eyes narrowed at the girl. She lifted her chin and frowned at him. Never show weakness. Never show fear. "Thank heavens she's been successfully retrieved," he growled, relentlessly glaring at her. "Well done, Beilschmidt."

"Thank you, sir."

Turning to the whole crew, Kirkland gave a pleased smile. "Don't lose heart men," he said. "It won't be long before we reach the New World, and remember what awaits us there: freedom—"

Francis smiled and agreed. "Oui."


"Oui, oui."

He shot his deadly glare at him. "Shut it Bonnefoy," he snapped. The crew giggled. The Frenchman merely smiled and cocked his eyebrows. Rebellious twat. Barely a second later, the governor remembered where he was and resumed a slimy-looking, pleased face. "As I was saying. . . the adventure of our lives await us. You are the finest crew England has to offer and nothing, not wind nor rain nor a thousand bloodthirsty savages shall stand in our way." He raised his hands up and rallied the men back to work. "Carry on men!"

The crew cheered him on as he and his subordinates slithered away. Heinrich was the only one frowning. His lips were pressed together in such displeasure that everyone had to notice. "What's wrong bruder?" Gilbert asked as the young man resumed his task of tying the cannons.

He sighed. He couldn't tell them about the king. He could however, tell them what they already know. "It's not blood thirsty savages we have to be worried about," he said, gathering the rope in his arms. "It's the Italian colonies."

When the New World was first discovered, England, France, and Spain were of the many countries to sponsor explorations. Italy allied with Spain through political marriage and was able to create a colony of their own a few miles off from where they were going to land. It had been blossoming there for the past twenty years or so.

Roderich sighed and took a seat on one of the crates. From his pocket, he drew a harmonica. He usually played the violin for them, but it was below deck in storage. "They're Italians," he said, giving the instrument a blow. A solid C note filled the air. "What harm can they do?"

"I've heard that they already wiped the savages of the area clean off the map," Vash said. He ran his fingers through the knots in his blond hair. "They can be blood thirsty when they want to."

Gilbert laughed and placed his hand on his shoulder. "Where did you hear that from? You're girlfriend?"

"Lili's my sister!" Vash snapped, looking horrified with the blush on his cheeks.

"Well I say we have no need to worry." The albino took Berwald's mop and raised it in the air like a musket. In a low, off key singing voice, he parodied the song of their company. "We'll kill ourselves an 'ingun or maybe two or three. . ."

As the men laughed and joined in, Heinrich sighed and continued with his work. "So immature," he muttered. He tied off the cannon and pulled the weapon back to its proper spot.

Like the woman she was known for, Elizaveta rushed behind him and spotted the cannon. "You have to admit, the New World sounds great," she said. A soft smile painted her face. "I'm going to dig myself a pile of gold, build myself a big house, and bring my family over here. What about you?"

"Same." Heinrich tied the rope around the railing. "Though if there is any gold, the Italians probably have it all."

"Then I'll blast them!" He cringed. Why was she as violent as she was beautiful? What ungodly thing happened to her that made her that way? She saw his face and sighed. "Cortez and Columbus did it," she said. "Why can't I?"

Heinrich cursed to himself. He couldn't let her believe that there was a different reason for him to be here. "Because then there'll be none left for me to blast," he laughed. He stepped away from the cannon and leaned against the rail.

The ocean was so much calmer. It swayed their ship gently, leading them to a new land to behold. He continued to ramble: "But I guess you're right. People just like us have been to hundreds of new worlds. What could possibly be so different about this one?"

"Ciao Heracles!" Romolus smiled broadly and hugged his brother-in-law, and assistant. He kissed both his cheeks- the proper greeting for Italians. A few miles inland from the shores of the New World laid the Italian colonies. There were three of them, around a hundred villagers for each. Since their formation, they had been lead by one man and that was Romolus Vargas.

He was a tall, brawny man who's carefree nature made him loved and hated by all. Curly brown hair laid in a mess on the top of his head, giving the perfect complement to his sparkling amber eyes.

Heracles, the brother of Romolus's deceased wife, was a few inches shorter than him. His hair was also brown and curly, though it brushed the sides of his chin. He swayed back and forth, snoring lightly under his breath as he held a fat cat in his arms. "Yah su Romolus," he yawned. "Did you enjoy your trip?"

"Si, I did." He looked proudly at his small little village. It was made of huts similar to those of the savages that once inhabited this land. There were maybe fifty of them- one for each family -, snug together in an earthly manner. At first, he wanted to build actual buildings, but Romulus soon discovered that the natives' way of living was much more convenient. Too bad the other colonies didn't realize that.

One village, a few miles north, had tried to declare independence from Italy. The leader had to take some of his men with him to quell the commotion. There was a small skirmish, but not many were hurt and no one died.

Heracles let himself be led away from his spot and too the village's center. The villagers, all dark-skinned, were gathered. Most of them were smiling, ecstatically hugging their warrior's return. "Your return . . . it brings . . . happiness," the brother-in-law yawned.

"Si, but there is some smiling faces I do not see." Romulus looked out to the river. Its surface was calm, steady, and undisturbed. "Where are my sons?"

". . . You know them . . ." He scratched the head of his cat. "Feli and Lovi . . . always out."

A gust of wind kicked up a pile of dead leaves into the air. They brushed pass him and into the river. Ripples formed, dotting the blue with circle after circle. The man sighed. "And Antonio's with them?"

" . . . he always is . . ."

"Feli! Lovi!" A small boy with brown hair glanced up from his drawing. He looked very similar to his father except his skin was slightly fairer. He wore a flowing green dress and white bonnet. Everyone knew he was a boy, yet they insisted dressing him in clothing fit for a cute little girl. Not that he minded- in fact, Feliciano Vargas loved how free his skinny legs felt.

Feli looked down and saw his brother's fiancé sitting in a canoe. Antonio was dressed like he always was- red clothes especially from Spain. His brown hair was so uncared for that he had to pull it back into a ponytail to keep it out of his face. Even from the edge of the cliff, Feli could clearly see the bright smile on his face. "Get down here!" he yelled. "You're papa's back!"

The boy immediately squealed. "Papa's back!" he repeated. He quickly closed his sketch book and turned to his brother. "Did you hear that, fratello?"

Lovino Vargas, to put it simply, was his polar opposite. He sat under a nearby tree, scowling as his nearly black bangs covered his honey eyes. He was also dressed in green, except he wore a vest and tanned trousers. "I heard the bastard the first time," he growled. Stiffly, he rose to his feet and stretched his arms. "Andiamo, let's go. The old man will yell at us if we keep him waiting any longer."

Feli nodded and skipped up to him. "Can we take the back way down?" he asked, notebook tucked safely under his arm. "I bet we can find berries that way."

The elder sighed, "No you idiot. That'll take longer. The bastard wants us home as soon as possible."

He cocked his head to the side. "Soon as possible?" he repeated. There was a short silence as it processed in his head. Without a warning, Feli took his brother's hand and dragged him towards the cliff. Lovino was too startled to stop him from making them both jump off the cliff and into the water below.

Normally, both of them would be screaming. But amidst the thrill of the wind rushing all around them, Feli found himself laughing before straightening his legs and going stream-lined into the water. Lovino, on the other hand, screamed every swear he knew before belly flopping on the surface.

Antonio winced and moved to the edge of the canoe. "Mis amigos!" He yelled, feeling panic rise inside of himself. Romulus would skin him alive is he found out he let his only sons die. "Where are you? Are you alright?" Maybe he could go back to Spain before that happens . . .

Lovino and Feli surfaced at the same time. "Fucking asshole!" The darker one yelled, spitting out a small spurt of water. "Why the fuck did you do that?"

"I'm sorry fratello!" All mirth left Feli as he started crying thick tears. "You just said that we had to be quick and the cliff was quicker and please don't kill m-"

The Spaniard smiled before roaring with laughter. "You had me worried there, mis amigos," he said. He paddled the canoe closer to them and offered them help up. "What were you two doing up there?" he asked, pulling Lovino up.

The older one pushed him away and pulled himself aboard. He took a seat across from his and crossed his arms over his chest. "Feli wanted to draw," he spat. "So I had to come with him."

"Draw?" Antonio's face was brighter than the sun's as he lifted the other boy into the air. "What were you drawing?"

Feli's small little feet touched the floor. He thanked him and took a seat right next to Lovino. "The ocean," he chirped. "I was trying to imagine how Spain and Italy look like."

Antonio smirked and started to paddle back to the village. "Both are hundreds of miles away, mi amigo. But one day I'll take you and Lovi to see them."

"Who said I wanted to see Spain, you stupid bastard?" Lovino demanded.

His fiancé laughed and ruffled his hair. "You don't if you don't want too. I just thought that maybe we should get married at one of the cathedrals."

"Like I said before bastard, 'I do not want to fucking marry you!'"

Antonio jumped across to him and wrapped him in a strong hug. "You're so cute when you're angry!" he sang.

It ended up taking the trio twenty minutes to sail back to the village. All of the cooing and name calling had delayed them for a little. Add the fact that Feli started to cry when he realized that he left his sketch book in the water had a long episode of condolences and shallow promises of getting him a new one.

Romulus stood at the village's center, telling the tale of the small skirmish to the public. He moved his rough hands around in the air, describing the fighting and negotiations clearly. The three stragglers stood at the edge, tuning in on the tale.

". . . The battle, though short, was a fierce one. Our warriors fought with courage, but none as bravely as -" He motioned to a man besides him. He was the tallest yet with the equal dark skin and hair of everyone else. However, covering most of his face was a vivid white mask. "- Sadiq Adnan. He attacked with the fierce strength of a thousand men. He has proven himself to be the greatest -"

Antonio nudged his Italian counterparts. "He's handsome," he whispered. He gave a small wink to Lovino. "Maybe you should marry him -" He was punched right in the face.

"Shut it, asshole," Lovino ordered, scowling deeply. He was silent for a long moment before he started blushing. "And besides, I'm marrying the tomato bastard."

As Antonio sighed and gave him an unwanted hug, Feli looked thoughtfully at Sadiq. There was a small stubble on his chin and a puff to his toned chest. His loose white shirt was tucked into his poofy trousers. He was many years older than Feli and hailed from the Arabian nation of Turkey. "He is handsome," Feli said to no one. "But he's kind of scary. . ."

"- tranquilizing every man in his path. Tonight, we feast in his honor." The villagers cheered, applauding the men. Feli cheered with them and pushed his way through the crowd. He was so small, most did not even notice him weaving through the jungle of their legs.

The moment he popped out, he ran to his father and hugged his waist. "Ciao papa!" He greeted, kissing Romulus's cheeks.

The man smiled down at him and did the same. "My son!" He patted Feli's back and bent to his height. "My you've gotten bigger!" he exclaimed. "Have you and your brother taken good care of the village while I was gone?"

Feli grinned and vigorously nodded. "Si! Signor Antonio helped too!"

He smiled. When his wife, Helen, had first died, both of his sons were tearful and incredibly difficult to be around. Feli would do nothing but cry as Lovino scared away anyone who tried to get close to him. But then, Antonio was sent from Spain to help monitor the colonies. It was part of the agreement Italy and Spain had with each other. Since his arrival, both of his sons had become so much happier. It was even to the point where Antonio asked permission to marry his eldest when he was of age. He only wished the same for the youngest. And now, that day had finally arrived.

"Where is your brother?" The brunette asked. Feli pointed to the couple. Lovino was swearing at Antonio as he tried to hug and cherish him. Romulus smiled and ushered his son to his hut, informing him that there was much to discuss.

His hut was the biggest one there. It was cool and sturdy- made of mud and sticks. There was a fire pit right under the hole in the roof and shelves lining the walls. Decorative bowls and other knickknacks filled the spots on it.

Feli trotted inside, saying, "Papa, for awhile now I've been having a very strange dream." He flipped onto the floor and childishly criss-crossed his legs. "I think it's telling me something's about to happen, something exciting."

Romulus smiled and pulled his deer skin cloak off. "Si, something exciting is about to happen."

His son squealed and jumped back to his feet. "Really?" He started jumping up and down in anticipation. "What is it?"

He turned proudly to his son and clapped his hands on his shoulders. "Sadiq has asked for your hand in marriage." Feli fell dead.

The smile never left his face, but an insecure look gleamed in his eyes. "Marry Sadiq?" he repeated. He slowly moved to the hut's flap and peeked outside. The very man they were discussing stood stock still as he talked with Gupta, another equally stoic man. "But he's so scary."

"My son, Sadiq will make a fine husband. He is loyal and strong and will keep you safe from harm."

"But Papa . . ." Feli couldn't find the words to describe the war in his head. He wanted to please his father, he really did, but he also wanted something more than just a good husband.

Romulus sighed. "It's because he's a man, isn't it?"

"What?" He shook his head fiercely. "No, no! I like men -"

"Just don't worry my son. It's alright to love other men!" Romulus looked to the ceiling and smirked. "Why, I remember this one man -"


He laughed and patted Feli's back. "I want to show you something Feli." He led his son outside to the river. The surface was once again calm and cool. The sun made it glitter beautifully, reminding the son why he loved it so much. "I know that you are hesitant," Romulus said. "And so was your mother when she married me. But you will find love." The man reached down and picked up and small stone. "Just remember: The river is proud and strong. It cuts its way through mountains and valleys but one day it will join the ocean."

He threw the stone into the water, creating a soft splash. "Nothing, not the smallest of stones to the biggest of men -"

Feli looked up brightly at him and smiled. "Like you, Papa?"

"Si," He laughed scuffing the child's hair. "Like me. Nothing can change the steady flow of the river." Growing serious again, he bent to his height and embraced him. "This is the right path for you, Feli," he said. "Think about it."

The boy in green watched his father go, clutching his heart. Marry Sadiq. Could he really marry such a man? He didn't want to, but . . .

"Feli!" He shot his gaze to Antonio. He had a grumbling Lovino strung over his shoulder as he smiled happily. It looked as though he won the lover's squabble- again. "Where did you go?" he asked. "We thought Maximo was picking on you again."

Feli happily shook his head. "No, I was just talking to Papa."

Lovino lifted his head and barked, "Papa? What the hell does the old bastard want?"

"He wants me to be steady," Feli said, looking at the water behind him. "Like the river. . ."

The Spaniard released his captive and followed his gaze. "But mi amigo, rivers aren't steady," he said. Both of the Italians gave him a confused look.

"What the hell are you talking about, bastard?"

Antonio shrugged. "Well, it's like this: a river is always flowing, si? So you can never step in the same once twice. Plus animals splash around in it in order to survive and children- especially Michelle -love to play in it." He rested his hand on his chin and sighed. "There is nothing really steady about a river at all."

The Italians continued to stare at him. After a long moment, Lovino brushed his words away. "Whatever," he said. "Like anyone gives a damn."

"Signor Jones might!" Feli exclaimed. He took both of the men's hands and dragged them to their canoe. "Let's go ask him what he thinks!"

Lovino: "But that's thirty minutes of paddling!"

Antonio: "But mi amor, you'll be spending it with me."

"Fuck this shit!"

Kirkland looked out at the land before him. Finally, after months of sailing with the dumbest men Britain had to offer, he was finally here. He smirked to himself and backed away from the window. "Look at it Francis, isn't it a sight for sore eyes?"

The Frenchman was sprawled out across two plush chairs that matched the rest of the captain's quarters. On the walls were maps and images of the New World. "You obviously haven't been to Canada, mon ami," he said, taking a small sip of wine. "There'll be nothing but trees and rocks there."

"That's because the French are awful at choosing their lands," the other resorted. That twat of a king Feliks had ordered him to bring the French envoy with him on the trip. It had something to do with repairing the relations between the two nations, but he really hadn't been paying attention. All the blond could think about was how he'll like to wring his king's neck and claim the throne for true Brits. Not Poles.

Arthur sighed and took a seat at his desk. "And besides, the Italians are still here," he said. "If there wasn't gold here, then why else would they stay?"

Francis took another sip of his wine. "Laziness." Both of them could not help but to snicker. The cabin door flew open and Tao, trailed by Heinrich, came in. Tao was highly recommended by the king to assist the governor in his quest for gold. He actually had turned out to be a very helpful aid for him. Cooking food, cleaning his quarters, and- like now -escorting his pathetic crew to him.

Unlike Tao, the German was assigned to be here for reasons unbeknownst to him. Over all, he was a good choice- that is, except for dragging that woman on board with him. Any man of the sea knew how stupid it was to bring spare baggage on a year long voyage.

Heinrich lifted his blond head high and met his superior's eyes. "You called for me, sir?"

Kirkland smirked and cocked an eyebrow. What a straight forward guy. He liked people who were like that. "Yes, I did Beilschmidt." He motioned to the chair next to Francis. "Take a seat."

He gave a side glance to the Frenchman, shuddered, and said "I would prefer standing, sir."

Another thick eyebrow was raised. This man certainly did not fear him. In fact, he held an air of superiority towards him. The governor waved him off and continued with his work. "As we both know, you were assigned to be here," he said, rolling up a map of Virginia in his hands. "Do you agree with this statement?"

A drop of sweat creased the German's brow. "Does he know I'm here to spy?" he wondered, looking straight into the man's emerald eyes. They were deep orbs, swirling as he manipulated the world to his image. Heinrich coughed and regained his lost composure. "Yes I do, sir."

"Then I can I count on you to make sure those filthy heathens don't disrupt our mission?" Kirkland smirked. "That is why his highness assigned you here, am I correct?"

On the outside, the blonde's stoic face did not change. "Yes you are sir," he agreed. "I believe that there will be no problem I can't handle." On the inside, however, he was breathing a sigh of relief. "He doesn't know!" He glorified the very thought. The savages wouldn't be a problem either. "They're all gone from the area." He mentally grumbled. "But the Italians aren't."

The governor nodded. "Right. That is all." Before Heinrich even had his hand on the doorknob, he quickly added, "One more thing: keep an eye on that woman- Héderváry -for me. We wouldn't want her causing any trouble. Understand?"

His back still to his superior, Heinrich grimaced. Unconsciously, he started to play with the iron cross around his head. All the males of his family wore one—it was a sign of ma hood. Just touching the cold surface reminded him not to lash out. He muttered, "Understood." He quickly left before any more orders could be given.

Kirkland sighed. "We'll be docking soon," he said. He buried his face in his hands and groaned. "Tao, give me a glass of scotch, would ya?" The quiet Asian nodded and did just that.

Francis gave his friend a concerned look. "Mon ami, you should not be drinking so early in the day," he said. "At this rate, you'll be raping Héderváry by sundown."

The green eyed man snatched the glass from Tao and downed the whole thing. "Shut it, you git," he snapped. "As a gentleman, I would never intentionally hurt a woman- Give me another Tao."

Francis stood and snatched the whole bottle from the assistant. "When you're sober!" he exclaimed. "When you're drunk, you don't give a damn about being a gentleman." Without so much as a second glance, he snapped his fingers at Tao. "Go help the crew dock," he ordered.

Tao shrugged. "Like, whatever." He left quickly.

The remaining blonds were silent for a long moment. Kirkland dared Francis to keep the bottle away from him whereas Francis dared Kirkland to try and take it from him. After a few minutes, Francis placed the bottle on the floor and clapped his friend's shoulders. "You have to stop doing this to yourself Arthur," he said. "I know you're better than this."

"Says who, git?" His voice was already slurring and his face turning a beat red. He banged his fist on this desk and snapped, "'Cause no one else thinks so."

"You can't possibly-"

"I know what those backstabbers at court say about me!"

Francis groaned, his own irritation rising. "You deserve it!"

"How, you bloody git?"

Francis banged his hands on the desk. "You openly harangue the king!" Kirkland jumped away, his face loosening. The Frenchman panted, feeling his own anger leave him. "You give everyone the right to hate you."

Kirkland pressed his lips. "No I-"

"You're own son thinks that you're a jerk." Francis turned on his heels and marched to the cabin door. With one foot out the door, he paused and spat, "I have not known you very long and yet I even I know that." He slammed the door shut behind him, leaving Kirkland alone.

The blond groaned and banged his head on the desk. This was why he needed to find the gold. He was going to show everyone that he was not pathetic. Arthur Kirkland, the world's finest gentleman was a force to be reckoned with.

He reached over and took the bottle of scotch off the floor. One day, even Peter would see that.

He poured himself another glass.

Signor Jones was not a person. No, he was a willow tree, smack in the middle of the widest part of the river. His drooping leaves curtain his little glen from the rest of the world. Feli, Antonio, and Lovino have been here many times before. When Helen was still alive, she'd make sure that her two sons knew about the wisdom they could harbor just by discussing the mere obscurities of life. Even after she died, Feli and Lovino continued to come, dragging their Spanish friend with them.

They paddled their canoe through the curtain of hanging leaves and to the willow's cracked bark. Feli excitedly jumped out of the boat and crawled on the roots to his usual spot in front of a circular smooth area on the bark. "Signor Jones! We're here!"

The wind picked up and blew dead leaves into it. The smooth spot crinkled together and started to stick out until a face of a young man was distinct. "Yo! Feli!" he called. "What's up? Are Lovi and Antonio married yet?"

"Don't fucking call me that!" Lovino yelled, taking his normal spot next to his fiancé on the roots.

"No, but that's what I wanted to talk to you about." Feli tugged at the ends of his dress and smooth out the wrinkles. "Papa wants me to marry Sadiq."

As Lovino started to scream and curse ("When the fuck did that old bastard want you to marry that asshole?"), Signor Jones's face turned sour. "But dude, he's so freaky," he said.

The little boy nodded. "I know."

Antonio wrapped a calm arm around the older brother and added, "But lately Feli's been having this dream and we think it's—"

"A dream!" The willow's branches swayed quickly in excitement. "Dude! Dreams are always so cool! Tell it! Tell it!"

Feli grinned broadly and told him. "Well, I'm running through the woods and then right there in front of me is an arrow. As I look at it, it starts to spin."

"A spinning arrow?" He roared with laughter that shook his roots. "Dude, that's so cool!"

"Si! It is!" Feli nodded happily. "The arrow spins faster and faster and faster until suddenly it stops."

Signor Jones thought about for a second. "Well it seems to be that this 'spinning arrow' is pointing you down you're path."

The Italian stood and pressed his hands to his chest. "But Signor Jones, what is my path?" he asked. "How do I know if it's what Papa tells me?"

The tree chuckled. "You're mother asked me the very same question."

Now, even Lovino was listening. Helen was considered to be very wise. If she benefitted from his advice, then they could as well. "Really?" Feli cutely tilted his head. "What did you tell her?"

"I told her to listen." Lovino smacked his head and groaned. "Just here me out," he hastily added. The tree always had to strive for Lovi's interest. "All around you are spirits. They live in the earth, the water, the sky. If you listen, they will guide you down your path." Vines decked in green leaves motioned the trio closer. "Give it a try. Tell me what you hear."

As Lovino rolled his, Feli and Antonio closed their eyes. They heard the forest and river around them, blending together into a beautiful melody. "I hear the wind," Feli whispered, afraid to break the peace.

Signore Jones smiled. "And what does it tell you?"

He listened for another minute. Out of the blue, Feli's wide eyes flew open. "S-something's coming!" he yelled. "Strange clouds!" He carefully placed his feet on the trunk and climbed his way to the top.

Antonio sighed as a disbelieving Lovino huffed, "Yeah right. What do you really see."

There was a pause as Feli finished climbing his way to the top. When his head popped through the leaves, he gasped and stared. "Uh, fratello. I see strange clouds."

"No fucking way!" Lovino yelled. He dashed up the tree, climbing after his brother. "How in the -" there was a short pause. "What the crapola is that?"

The Spaniard sighed and climbed up himself. Strange clouds? What in the world were they looking at? He climbed further through the branches until he reached the very top. He stuck himself his right in between the Italian's and looked out. There were large white squares in the sky. He laughed "Mis amigos, those are not clouds," he said. "Those are sails."

"Sails?" Feli look at him. "Like the ones on the ship you came on?"

"Si." He squinted his eyes, taking a peek at the crow's nest. "But I was not aware that there was a ship coming in soon."

Lovino looked at the flag. "Since when was the damn Spanish flag blue?"

Antonio's eyes went wide. If the flag was blue, that meant. . . "That is not a Spanish ship mi amor," he whispered. There was a small look of terror on his face. "That is a British one."

MW: It took John Smith and Pocahontas 30 minutes into the movie to meet for the first time. So obviously, they aren't going to meet each other in the 1st chapter.

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Feliciano Vargas [N. Italy]… Pocahontas

Heinrich Beilschmidt [Holy Roman Empire] ... John Smith

Arthur Kirkland [The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland] ... Governor Ratcliffe

Tao Wang [Hong Kong] . .. Wiggins

Antonio Fernandez Carriedo [Spain] ... Meeko

Romulus Vargas [The Great Roman Empire] ... Powhatan

Elizaveta Héderváry [Hungary] ... Thomas

Alfred F. Jones (referred to as 'Signor Jones') [The United States of America] ... Grandmother Willow

Francis Bonnefoy [France] ... Percy

Gilbert Beilschmidt [The Great Kingdom of Prussia] ... Ben

Roderich Edelstein [Austria] ... Lon

Lovino Vargas [S. Italy] ... Flit / Nakoma

Sadiq Adnan [Turkey] ... Kocoum

Heracles Karpusi [Greece] ... Kekata

Feliks Łukasiewicz [Poland] … King James the First

Toris Laurinaitis [Lithuania] … His Wife

Helen Karpusi Vargas [Ancient Greece] … Pocahontas's mother (arguably, the fluorescent Leaves)

Peter Kirkland [Sealand] … Kirkland's Son

The Nordics, Germanics, and Eastern Europeans … The English Sailors

The Mediterranean and Latinos … Other Italian Villagers

Matthew Williams [Who?] … The Wind

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Funfacts and Translations

"Yah su" Hello. Greek.

"Andiamo" Let's go. Italian.

"Mis amigos!" My friends! Spanish

"Mi amor" My love. Spanish

"Kirkland" In the movie, they referred to Governor Radcliff as "Radcliff", so I'm just following their lead. And besides, calling Arthur just by his last name is hot :3

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