The Moment of Truth

E/O Drabble Challenge, word: Label.

Tag to 3.08 – A Very Supernatural Christmas.

Summary: There are moments you just want to reverse. But life isn't a movie – and Sammy can't wind back the moment of truth…

A/N: Don't ask – I have no clue why this image entered my mind when I read "Label" - hope you enjoy. Oh, and whoever took the springtime away - please give it back ;-) I need my sunshine!

He sat in the gloomy motel room, his back pressed against the cold wall.

The leather under his fingers felt worn and heavy from his own guilt.

He knew he shouldn't. Probably even didn't want to.

But he had to know.

Why they had to live that way.

Always on the run, nowhere at home.

Sick of the constant lies and hurt by the secrets he could see in Dean's and dad's eyes.

It was time to be part of whatever they shared.

With trembling fingers he opened the flap of the unlabeled journal and started to read.