Cato's pov

I sit on the roof of the house, while its blanket of snow remains I sit on it. Clove sits on top me still scared of the words Snow as thrown at her, after the conversation she muttered only words about how he will hurt her family and friends and he knew about the fence being on her going in there. What else does he know? That I sit her and she sits with me, that we talk about every, how she misses her family and wants to see them soon.

"Cato" Haymitch says out of the window, he seems different since we talked to him last, Last time we talked he was restless and now he is panicked and dreading what is about to happen next

"Haymitch" I say back coolly, what else can I do? Ask him to join me on the roof? No, but Clove leaves the bubble she was once in drifting off to sleep to wonder what is going on,

"What's going on?" she says propping herself up on one arm and Haymitch goes pale, Clove stands up and I follow her, something is very wrong

"It's about your mothers, come inside" Clove leaps like a lemur into the window and I try and maintain my balance on the ice path, one wrong move and I could be sent off.

Once were inside, Haymitch ushers us to his study and things become serious, are our mothers fighting for us to come home? Are they coming here to see us or take us away, No… Things are much worse By Haymitch's facial expression

"Your mothers work in the same factory right?" he ask and we nod, it's true. I saw Clove's little sister with her for the first time in that factory, it was a day were they honoured the works and held a family day were food was served and entertainment was supplied.

"It was… bombed this morning and only people from the bottom floor lived" his voice is husky, my mother worked on the second last floor which was three and cloves was level two. I tighten my jaw to keep any tears slipping, I look at Clove who shakes her head, trying to get rid of this news tears are coming fast at her but she shakes them off her. Looking at her makes me sadder and I can't stick it, I push the chair backwards in anger, Snow has done this, he said so himself that everyone was in danger, the monstrous man has struck again, I slam the door behind me as I leave and make my way to my room, locking the door behind me.

Two weeks later

Clove's pov

"Haymitch help" I giggle loudly as I'm swung around in the air, Cato holds on to me and I try and escape his firm grasp, but fail. Haymitch doesn't come to my rescue and I start to feel the rich pastries that were served for dinner arise in me, we were cleaning up but that was interrupt by a food and water fight. I miss the meat we would have for dinner, the butcher still sells turkey but it is not as fresh as the wild ones in the meadow, the meadow I loathe for, my meadow, Katniss's meadow. I can hear my voice from the dining room as Haymitch, Mrs Everdeen and Prim gather to watch it, I talk about my favourite dress which is number five and how the beautiful lace design is amazing and I hope to design a dress as wonderful as that as I learn how to become a fashion designer, all that was Effie's idea of how I should have a hobbies like dancing, flower arranging, singing or drawing but I flunked each one of them, luckily Cinna offered to help and I couldn't turn down the only opportunity that could save me, but Cato on the other hand took up two, one is drawing, which he is amazing at, making each drawing seem like the leap off the page while the other is the sport of cow rustling, its rare in district twelve as many people don't how cows or any farm like creatures except for a cat or a dog, but Cato enjoys it, chasing after a cow or calf and hustling it to the ground, a sport once done while riding horses. Cato and I dry the last piece of cutlery and put it away before deciding to go for a walk, we don't want to stick around to watch the Quarter Quell announcement tonight, whatever happens, Cato and I will mentor for the first time ever. We have even placed bets of what could happen, Cato suspects a family member of a tribute from the past ten years, victors or not and they could be of any age, I think double the tributes, less weapons more mutations of the capitol and only one person sponsored a day, either way we will be mentoring. We walk into the dining room, hand in hand, to see the interviewer talk to Cato and he goes bright red as he talks about what he wants to happen later in his life, we say our goodbyes and give notice of our departure and head towards the hob. We know it will be vacant as everyone huddles up on this cold winter's type night to watch the broadcast. Neighbour will join neighbour if one does not have a TV, food will be shared and emotions may be high as the Quarter Quell is announced. When we get to the hob it's clear that two peacekeepers are waiting outside holding fire arms, standing still like a building. I stare for a few minutes trying to discover who hides behind the helmets, Cato has to drag me away from the spot I stood in as they started to notice. I lean back taking in view and see that their new peacekeepers, fresh out of district two.

"Cato, their new, so there from two" I say smiling as I realise it sounds poetic, I should have become a poet instead of fashion designer. I don't have to finish my statement when Cato shakes his head and tells me a big fat no, but he knows I'm ignoring that when I turn fast on my feet and take a deep breath and confront them,

"Sorry, but you're both from district two right?" I ask twiddling my thumbs shyly and I could tell Cato is walking by me, the peacekeeper on the left looks at the one on the right and he stiffens,

"Yea and so are ye" says the one on the right, the voice is familiar and rings bells in my head, I know him, but who? I smile weakly as the man tighten his hands to his gun, he's too familiar, I open my mouth to try and respond but I don't know how, how could I, I'm no district two girl, I'm twelve now.

"We believe two has kicked us out" Cato says strongly, he says it in a way that makes him sound stronger, now I can tell he knows the man behind the helmet as he acts dangerous

"Well they did, until the Marson fought with Brutus saying both of you should return to your original district, but he along with the mayor and fellow victors said that you were better of here" he says and looks at Cato while saying it, that voice is nagging at me, pushing at me to realise who it is but I cant. Than it hits me, my family wants me home, did this happen before my mother's death? Or after and my father can handle Alena and her specialty's, or is because he wants me to be his trophy daughter, what he always wanted and now he doesn't have her, or his beautiful wife that once was, I will always think of my mother as an avox with a tongue, as for Cato, he has grieved for his mother for a day or so while I didn't want to, she done nothing for me, he doesn't need to go back if he doesn't want to, he's the youngest in his family and his three older brothers have moved on.

"Well we don't want to go back Erickson, come on Clove" Cato grabs my hand and drags me with him as we make it back towards the house, and silence is killing us,

"Cato, that's Erickson! Go talk to him" I say as I realise Cato's oldest brother is here, but Cato ignores me this time. Unfortunately, Cato doesn't realise that Erickson hates peacekeepers and districts besides two, he would never leave his wife and two kids behind, but he has as he's here looking out for his younger brother, I tell Cato this but he is still angry and we rush in the door. I can hear Prim sobs and Haymitch cursing wildly and Cato and I march to the room where Mrs Everdeen has here hands in her face,

"What's going on" Cato says as I go to Prim and hug her as she cries harder, the room goes mute and Ceaser Flickerman starts to talk,

"And here is a recap of the victors that are now tributes starting from district one" he says in a hushed voice and holds the same face he held when he announced the scores. Faces comes on and I still don't get it but see familiar few of them, Brutus of course, Enobarbia, Sparks and Sage, and more pictures appear, faces seem like reminders and then it hits district twelve were Haymitch, Cato and I picture is show individually, I still at the screen as if it was blank but the words it shows next tell it all, in big bold writing 'The Tributes of the 75th Hunger games, The Quarter Quell' and once again our pictures are shown, know I get it, I'm going back into the arena.

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