This was the third pair of pants this case were the seam of his pants rip! David Rossi wasn't nobody's fool but he was going to play along to find out who and been messing with his pants.

Grabbing his phone he text every one say he was heading to the bar, knowing everyone would claim to be tired from the case Rossi quickly headed off to hide in the closet knowing once they were in the room he could get the fool in the act! Half an hour later he was getting ready to leave when he heard it, the lock on his door click open moving closer to the door to look out the slats he saw JJ quietly walk in to the room, with a quick glance around she reached in to her pocket and pulled out a seam ripper and headed straight to the dresser and pulled out his new pants he had only just bought to replace the pair that had ripped that day!

"What in the name of hell are you doing JJ?"

"Nothing" she stammered backing up looking for a place to run

"Looks to me that you are taking the seat of my new pants out" he growled deeply, grabbing her arm and pulling her to the bed he sat her down, pacing in front of her for a few minutes to calm down he turned to her


"well Emily, Garcia and me all had a bet going as to what kind of underwear you war when out in the field and even when sneaking into your room we couldn't find anything in the dresser so we figured if we split the seam of your pants we could get a better idea" she whispered knowing this was problem the last day on earth for her

Letting out a bark of a laugh and shaking his head, he had been through this before, back in the early days of the unit, if you were sent out in pairs something always went missing as a joke, and it always seemed that his underwear was the helpless victim in the prank so he always carried it in his bag he brought back and forth from the hotel

Reaching down to his belt buckle looking up to JJ
"Do you really want to find out?" he said with a gleam in his eye

Thinking about it for a second a quick yes was blurted out and before she could react, he dropped his pants and all she could do was stare, there on David Rossi was a pair of black silk boxers with little white sheep and yellow ducks

Suddenly standing up JJ started doing a dance

"What the hell"

"I won the bet! I said boxers and Em is all like no he's a boxer-briefs kind of guy but best of all Garcia said yellow banana hamic" stopping as quickly as she started she walk over to Rossi gave him a quick hug

"Thanks you just me $100 richer" and with that she walked out the door and he with his pants still draped around his knees