Chapter 1 – A New Student?

Mikan's POV

"Hotaru!" It's been a long time since I've seen my best friend over the summer.

I went to Hokkaido while Hotaru stayed in Tokyo.

Baka Baka Baka! Hotaru shot me with her latest invention Baka

Gun. I also forgot to mention this ,but I went to Hokkaido because

of my Aniki. My older brothers are Rei Serio ( Persona ) and

Tsubasa. BTW Hotaru and I are vampires, but not just any kind I'm an

Alice/Vampire and Hotaru is the same kind as me. An Alice is a supernatural

power. My Alice is the S.E.C. (Steal, Erase, Copy) and Nullification. Since

Hotaru loves to build and invent things such as the Baka Gun, she has the

Invention Alice. Since we have those kind of powers, we have to transfer to

Gakuen Alice, a school where Super Naturals, Wizards, etc go.

Cliff Hanger! (Sorry I might continue if I get enough support. Hopefully You guys will like this story). It kinda sucks right? Let me know plz ~Iarepiggie AKA Emily