Title: Still a Kid: Translation

Word Count: about 2,413 words

Summary: The little bird shows his skills by befriending a scared little kid while the rest of the team watches amazed.

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Text in italics are the translations.

"Guys," Artemis called over the mental link, "I think we have another problem." The archer loosened her grip on her bow and slipped deeper into the room, following the muffled sounds of sobbing.

"What is it?" Megan asked, sensing the waves of concern from her team mate.

"Found a kid." She answered, eyeing visible lower half of the child visible in the gap between the bottom of the desk and the floor.

"Again?" Wally asked, "Where do they keep coming from?"

"Well KF, when a mommy and daddy love each other very much – " Robin began, his smirk evident in his voice.

"Dude!" The speedster gasped in horror.

Robin's signature laugh echoed down the hall, and Artemis didn't fight the smirk on her face.

"Team, Focus." Aqualad demanded, "Artemis is the child safe?"

Artemis cast another glance at the desk, "Yeah, crying under a desk, but from what I can tell, the kid is unharmed."

"Have you made contact yet?" The team leader pressed.

"Haven't had the chance; contacted the team first" Artemis answered.

"Okay, Artemis, proceed with caution. Everyone else will meet at your location."

"Arty is where exactly?" Wally asked, "As fun as it is running around this place, I'd rather just know where I'm going."

Artemis glanced back out in the hall, looking for a sign.

"Second floor, east wing." Robin announced, "Somewhere in advertising. If you hit accounting you have gone too far."

Artemis knew better than to ask how the Boy Wonder knew her location.

"Everyone regroup on second Floor, east wing." Kaldur repeated. There was a murmur of conformations and the line went silent.

Artemis turned her attention back to the child before backing herself out the doorway again. Tentatively, the archer knocked against the door frame, calling a soft "Hello?" into the room.

The kid jumped and a small gasp echoed from under the desk.

"Is anyone in here?" Artemis said, trying to sound as friendly as possible.

The child's breathing picked up, but gave no other sign of coming out.

"My name is Artemis," she called, "I work with Green Arrow and the Justice League." The teen hopped the name-dropping would help the kid realize she was friendly. The archer moved further into the room with heavy footfalls, allowing the child to follow her movements.

The child began to shake, and Artemis suppressed a frustrated sigh. "I don't want to hurt you." She announced, making her way around the desk. "I just want to help."

Artemis stuck her head around the edge of the desk to be greeted with a high-pitched shriek and a tear streaked face of a little boy. The child scrambled back, wedging himself under the back of the desk and running to the door. The boy – more distracted by Artemis – collided with Superboy in the doorway. He bounced back, landing butt first on the tile floor.

A string of syllables fell out of the kid's mouth, as he crawled backwards. His back hit the side of a filling cabinet, and he screamed bloody murder.

Artemis turned to Connor, hoping he would know what to do. The cone scowled in confusion, and shrugged at the archers question gaze.

"We are here to help." Artemis tried again, speaking slower and over pronouncing her words.

"I got to tell you Arty, that doesn't help a bit."

Artemis jumped, on hand flying to her bow, the other notching an arrow. Robin smirked, ignoring the arrowhead a few inches from his face.

"Jumpy?" The Boy Wonder asked, raising an eyebrow in a playful taunt.

"Don't F-"

"Artemis, language," The archer's eyes darted to Aqualad and the rest of the team standing in the doorway, then turned back to the still smirking bird.

"-ricking do that." She finished, lowering her weapon slowly, putting the arrow back in its quiver.

Robin nodded once, before spewing a string of words Artemis didn't understand.

The blonde frowned deeper and opened her mouth to respond when a high pitched voice interrupted. The archer spun around to face the boy on the floor, whose speech grew faster and ducked back under his arms.

Robin let out a laugh, "Elle pourrait être un peu grognon, mais Artémis ne vais pas vous faire de mal. Nous sommes ici pour vous aider." She might be a little grumpy, but Artemis won't hurt you. We are here to help you.

The boy peeked out from under his elbow, "D'aide?" he whispered. Help?

Robin nodded, flashing a smile, "Oui, Oui, mon nom est Robin, je suis partenaire de Batman." Yes, my name is Robin , I am Batman's partner.

The boy perked up at the hero's name.

"Quel est votre nom?" Robin asked. What is your name?

The boy hesitated for a moment, "Louis," he announced, "Mon nom est Louis."

"C'est un plaisir de vous rencontrer, Louis." Robin answered giving a dramatic bow to the little boy. "C'est mon ami Artémis, elle travaille avec Green Arrow." It is a pleasure to meet you, Louis. This is my friend Artemis, she works with Green Arrow

"Green Arrow?" the boy gasped, in a thick French accent, his mouth falling open in surprise. "Je pensais que Speedy était un garcon?" He said his attention shifting to the archer. I thought Speedy was a boy?

Artemis turned to Robin for an answer. The Boy Wonder laughed again and answered for her. "Il l'est. Il s'agit d'Artemis son autre partenaire. Peux pas vous dire comment ils correspondent par?" This is Artemis his other partner. Can't you tell by how they match? Robin gestured to the archer's uniform and the boy let out a small laugh.

"Robin." Artemis grumbled.

The hacker waved her off and gestured to the door, "C'est le reste de mon équipe; Superboy, Aqualad, Kid Flash and Ms. Martain." The rest of the team waved at the sound of their names.

"Nous sommes là pour vous aider." He continued, "Nous sommes là pour vous remettre à vos parents." We are here to help. We are here to get you back to your parents.

Louis perked up, "Ma mère et mon père?" he asked, "Savoir où ils sont?" My mother and dad? You know where they are?

Robin nodded with a wide smile. "Ils attendent dehors pour vous. Et sont inquiets malade.." They're waiting outside for you. And are worried sick.

"How does he know that?" Wally mumbled from the back of the room.

Robin tapped his left ear, indicating the small communicator in his ear. Wally let out a small oh of understanding.

"Allons trouver" Robin continued, offering out his hand. Let's go find them

Louis hesitated, "Je veux qu'elle vienne aussi." he said, pointing towards Artemis. I want her to come too.

Artemis glanced at Robin in a slight panic, but the bird kept smiling at Louis. "Artemis aimerait venir." Artemis would love to come.

Artemis rose a questioning eyebrow, "Artemis what?" she demanded, "Robin what did you just say?"

"He wants you to come with." Robin explained, as Louis uncurled and got up off the floor. He took Robin's waiting hand and turned to Artemis expectantly hand outstretched.

Artemis glanced between the hand and Robin visibly panicked.

"Just take it Arty," Robin laughed, "You won't get cooties."

Artemis scowled, snatching Louis's hand out of the air.

"Smile, you're scaring him." Robin added nodding to Louis. "Turn that frown upside down."

Artemis looked down, meeting the watery eyes of the little boy. She immediately dropped the scowl and smiled broadly. Louis pulled back with a small whimper a glint of fear in his eyes.

"Now tone it back Artemis," Robin muttered, "You're happy, not insane."

Artemis relaxed, "better?" she asked through gritted teeth.


Louis calmed down and settled between the two heroes. The trio turned towards the rest of the team still gathered in the doorway.

"Keep your body language relaxed," Robin said, addressing the team with a smile in place and his voice light. "He might not be able to understand you but he can read your body language and tone of voice." he explained.

The team relaxed on command, the tension fading from the room.

"Miss Martian and Aqualad can you guys finish the search of the building. Superboy, you're our muscle, I need you go ahead of us -" he nodded to Artemis and Louis."-and make sure there isn't anything that could harm the kid. KF I need you to inform the police we're coming and have Louis. They're talking about storming the castle to find the ambassador's son."

The team followed orders with a smile and a nod, not bothering to question Robin's orders.

"Où vont-ils?" Louis asked, as the team parted ways. Where are they going?

"Ils font que nous obtenons en toute sécurité. " They are making sure we get out safely. Robin explained, watching Superboy for the all clear before starting after him.

The trio weaved through the halls, following Superboy from a distance. Robin chatted with Louis while Artemis remained on watch. It took a few minutes and a couple flights of stairs before they made it to the embassy lobby. Superboy was tucked out of view, hiding in the shadows. Robin gave a discreet nod to his teammate, before he disappeared back into the building to help finish securing the area.

Robin tapped the com in his ear, "Kid Flash, are we safe to come out?"

"All clear Boy Wonder."

Robin turned back to the boy at his side, "Êtes-vous prêt Louis?" he asked. Are you ready Louis?

Louis nodded, letting out a long yawn, using the hand still clutching Robins to cover his mouth. "oui s'il vous plaît," he muttered, sagging with visible exhaustion.

"His adrenaline must be wearing off." Robin observed.

"I knew that." Artemis whispered.

Robin rolled his eyes playfully, tugging the group towards the door. They were surrounded the moment they were out the door. A medical team surrounded Louis only to be shoved away by a crying woman. She babbled in French, scooping Louis up in a hug. A man followed close behind, pulling mother and son into his arms, sheltering the boy from the rest of the world.

It took a few moments for the family to break apart. The man, shooing away the paramedics while the woman plastering Louis with kisses.

The man turned to Artemis, shaking her hand vigorously. "Merci, thank you for saving our son. he spoke with a thick French accent. "We are in your debt mademoiselle."

"It wasn't just-" Artemis began turning to point at the empty space that used to be Robin. "You're welcome sir," she said, changing tactics while mentally cursing out Robin and his ninja skills. "We were glad to help Ambassador."

"We are forever in your debt." Louis's mother agreed.

Artemis blushed awkwardly, "Thank you," she muttered, backing away from the family slowly.

The adults turned back to Louis who had fallen asleep in his mother's arms.

Artemis joined Kid Flash near the front of the French Embassy, just out of earshot of Robin and the Chief of New York Police. "What are we waiting for?" Wally asked.

Artemis was ready to respond when Megan's voice echoed through their heads indicating an all clear. "That." she said, smirking at Wally's scowl.

Robin interrupted any comeback Wally had, his voice drifting through the mental link. "I'll meet you guys at the ship." All the while nodding along with whatever the chief was saying.

"You have three minutes." Wally answered, ducking back into the building.

Artemis waited long enough to see a nod from the bird before following after the speedster.

Robin arrived with a few second to spare, taking his seat with a flourish of his cape. "I gave the chief a quick rundown of what happened and where we found Louis, that way he won't be required to give a report." he said, giving an unasked request for an explanation.

"And the child?" Megan pressed.

"The French ambassador's son, Louis Delattre. He made it safely back to his parents, with no injuries and a story to tell his friends when he gets home."

Megan smiled, "Good."

"You did a good job Arty." Robin added.

"I made him cry," She argued, "Twice."

"Only once," Robin disagreed, "The second time was an almost. Plus he was crying before you got there."

"Still." Artemis muttered.

"You're getting better." Robin said with a supportive smile.

The archer nodded, ducking away to hide the blush creeping up her neck.

There was a beat of silence before Wally spoke, "So French?"

Robin smirked, "Fluent."

I know that the real ambassador from France to the United States is Ambassador François Delattre and I borrowed his last name for the story.