Effie sat in a chair that was laced in Primroses and katniss flowers as she fixed her pink lip stick. A matter of fact, everyone's chair was laced in flowers of the kind. My boutonniere was both a primrose and katniss flower as well.

Gale's mother and a few of his siblings had just walked in as I rubbed and folded together my sweaty palms and hands. I was so nervous. I would be more nervous is Gale was there with his family, but he wasn't invited to his occasion. There weren't many guest invited for that matter, most of the people that mattered to Katniss and I were…well…dead. Katniss and I had been through a lot over the past 3 years. From not knowing anything of each other, well her not of me; to being thrown into the hunger games and both concurring the impossible by both surviving. Then on top of that being the ones to provoke a war between the district and what used to be Capital. Our lives were normal until we were the faces of district 12 and the rebels of Panem.

Mrs. Everdeen was just entering along with other guests and she came up with a warm smile on her face but her eyes were worn which brought me out of my reminiscing state. "Thank you for coming all the way from district 4." I said to her as she gave me a hug hello. "I hope the train wasn't too bad."

"It was okay Peeta; I'm not one to be comfortable using what used to be the Capital's train or belongings for that matter." She said.

I nodded, "Katniss tried to have the team done working on our own train system before today so you wouldn't have to." I reassured. Katniss and I were very active in this new government we were working for them when we wanted to. There was no contract of work, but we went to 13 when we felt the need to help out. We mostly worked from home. Katniss was with the transportation department because needed to rebuild the system back to the area of where the capitol was, and reroute it in the woods. Who knew the woods better than Katniss after all of her hunting expeditions, which she still went of occasionally.

"I'm sure she did." She said with a genuine smile, "Oh Peeta." She said fixing my tie. "Your mother would be so proud of you. Your father as well. All of them would be proud." She said and I smiled at her.

"Thank you. And thank you for Katniss, she's perfect."

"Peeta, no one knows that better than I do." She said. When Katniss' father died, Mrs. Everdeen was very depressed and sort of left that motherly role to Katniss when it came to her sister Primrose. No body refers to Primrose as Prim anymore, only Katniss. When we do, Katniss becomes beside herself and isn't herself, pretty much you've ruined the day if you had. And no one, and I mean no one is to dare speak of who killed her sister, no one is to speak of the G word, -Gale- Sure, Primrose was a war casualty but Katniss and I both don't see it that way, Primrose was a part of Katniss' deal with the rebels, she would be their mockingjay if they protected her family. Katniss feels that Gale of all people should have taken Prim out of the district way before the bombing started. I frankly am caught between two rocks. I agree with Katniss but I get why Gale couldn't do it. She may even say Gale did it on purpose to get back at her for choosing me. But that's another story that has to do with Coin and it's complicated. Not something to think of on your wedding day.

Mrs. Everdeen sat down and I saw Katniss' prep team walk down the aisle to their seats signaling that Katniss was ready. I see Haymitch wave to the pianist and the music started. My heart started racing and I saw Haymitch walk out and put his arm out for Katniss who was behind a door. Haymitch had a wide smile on his face but his didn't even compare to mine. Katniss looked amazing, and that didn't even cover it. Her dress was designed by Cina of course, because any special occasion Katniss could have had done was already designed. The top of er dress Her mother stared at her in awe and cried as she walked down. The gown was white but it wasn't extremely poufy like Effie's was. Did I mention it isn't Effie Trinket anymore? It's Effie Abernathy. Haymitch and Effie who would have thought? Once Effie changed her capital look since the bold look now was frowned upon and Haymitch was declared sober of a year, they started to see a different person in each other.

When Katniss and Haymitch got down to me at the end of the aisle a tear had already sprung from her eyes and I smiled wiping it away. Haymitch handed her off to me and after words were exchanged, I kissed my girl who was now officially mine. There was no more sharing with Gale, no more sharing with anybody who had a fan crush on the symbol of the games or the rebellion. She wasn't just any girl on fire; she was my girl on fire.