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"Hey Girlie" Alex said to Quinn while she walked into Quinn's gallery but didn't walk up close to Quinn.

"Hey Gorgeous" Quinn replied as she put Kayla down on the floor to crawl around. Kayla was now 1 years old and still hadn't said a word or walked a single step, she did, however enjoy crawling everywhere.

"I have some news for you" Alex said from the doorway with a huge smile on her face.

"Ooooooh what is it?" Quinn questioned.

"Chase asked me to marry him!" Alex squealed and held up her ring finger.

"What!" Quinn squealed back "Get your sexy butt over here!" Quinn said and Alex ran up to hug her best friend. "Congratulations!" and then they were both screaming.

"We want to get married as soon as possible... like in 2 weeks"

"What, thats crazy! Exciting, but crazy!" Quinn said as she put her hands on Alex's shoulders and took a step back, looking straight into her eyes to make sure this is what her friend really wanted.

"I know but we just want to be married, there's nothing i want more than to be his wife, so why wait? .. And anyway, you're the one who got married without a word of warning!" Alex said

"haha, okay but you have got to let me take your wedding photo's!" Quinn smiled.

"No way. Not gonna happen." Alex said bluntly.

"What! Why?" Quinn pleaded with a disheartened face.

"Because, im going to need my maid of honor to get really drunk with me without having to worry about capturing important moments, i want you to be in the photo's with me!" Alex said as she took hold of Quinn's hands and subconsciously began swaying them back and forth.

"...What?" Quinn said in shock.

"I want you to be my maid of honor, will you?" Alex said and reality kicked back in with Quinn.

"Of course i will" she said before pulling Alex into another tight hug.

"Us girls are having a spa day for my bachelorette party next weekend" Alex said pulling out of the hug.

"A spa day... Do i need to remind you of Brooke's spa day?" Quinn said raising an eye brow.

"Nooo" Alex smiled and shook her head thinking about Brooke's crazy party. "P-l-ease, i could only wish my party is as good as hers was"

"Good? Brooke lost her ring, Millie got a tattoo, we stole a dog, annnddd I GOT MY TONGUE PIERCED!" Quinn laughed at the memories knowing it was an amazing night with friends.

"And after this weekend, you wont be the only lady of Tree Hill without a tattoo" Alex said thinking of all the girls tattoo's. Haley had the number 23 on her back, Millie had boots on her back, Brooke had a tattoo near her lady business and Alex had a tattoo saying 'believe' on her left arm.

"Oh yes i will!" Quinn said in a serious tone with a smile.

"Whatever." Alex laughed. "Anyways, i need to go tell Julian and Brooke, and Nathan and Haley"

"Where is Chase by the way?" Quinn asked.

"He's meeting me at Brulian's, i wanted to tell my best friend first and he would not of enjoyed our screaming"

"Congratulations" Quinn said pulling Alex into another hug. "I love you, Mrs-soon-to-be-Adams"

"I love you too Evans" Alex said pulling away from Quinn then headed for the door.

As Alex was walking out of the gallery Clay was walking in with Logan. Logan smiled and high-fived Alex before running up to Quinn and jumping into her arms.

Clay stopped to talk to Alex, "Congratulations Shorty" he said straight away and took her in for a hug.

"How do you-"

"I just bumped into Chase, thats how i know" Clay cut her off knowing what she was going to say.

"Oh well, thank you, i'll see you later" Alex smiled at Clay and left the gallery. With Quinn and Alex becoming such good friends, Clay and Alex had became better friends too, just like Quinn and Chase had.

"Hey mom!" Logan said while Quinn held him in her arms.

"Hey Buddy, did you have fun with dad?" She asked and kissed him on the forehead.

"Yeah, we went to see Joe Turner and he signed a jersey for me!" Logan smiled telling Quinn about his day with his dad.

"Thats awesome" Quinn said before putting Logan down "Dude, your getting so tall now, soon i wont even be able to pick you up!" Quinn laughed then Logan went to play with Kayla who was still crawling around the floor.

"Hey Handsome" Quinn said walking towards Clay and giving him a quick kiss.

"Guess where I'm going next weekend for Chase's bachelor party" Clay teased.

"Oh God.. where?"

"Vegas!" he replied and Quinn's mouth dropped open.

"You mean the place with prostitutes, strippers and show girls?!" she said and looked behind her to make sure Logan hadn't heard.

"Yeah. I don't know. I hope so!" Clay laughed causing Quinn to give him a little shove with a sad and shocked face. "Baby, im joking, don't worry, its just us guys having a few drinks in an extremely nice and expensive hotel."


It was early this Saturday morning, Quinn had pulled into the drive way of the beach house and parked her car. She had just returned home from taking Logan and Kayla to their Grandparents house, where they will be staying for the night. When she stepped into her house, she could hear the shower running, so she quickly headed for the bathroom, undressed, and joined her husband.

"What are you doing in my shower, baby?" Clay asked with his eyes closed facing away from Quinn, he felt the draft of cold air flow into the shower as she stepped in and felt her cold arms wrap around his chest from behind.

"Letting you know what you'll be missing if you screw up tonight in Vegas" she teased as she kissed the back of his neck and formed a trail of kisses around his neck and she slowly moved her self in front of him.

"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" Clay teased as he wrapped his arms around her body and placed his hands on the bottom of her back.

"That stupid rule doesn't apply to us!"

"And why not?" he asked.

"Because you're mine and no-one else can ever have you." Quinn squinted her eyes and tiptoed to kiss Clay.

"I wouldn't have it any other way" Clay said as Quinn pulled out of this kiss. "I saw a red dress laid out on the bed, is that what your wearing tonight?"

"Yeah, maybe. Why? Is it okay?" Quinn asked.

"Well, now that you mention it, the neck line should be at least 2 inches higher, its far too short and definitely too tight"

"HEY!" Quinn gasped and hit Clay in the stomach. "I probably won't be wearing it for very long anyway."

"Oh is that right? What do you girls have planned?" Clay asked.

"Let's just say, i might have random guys hands all over me..." Quinn teased.

"Massage?" he asked with a smile.

"Massage. We're having a spa day. But seriously baby, i want you to have fun tonight." Quinn replied as she stroked Clay's chest with a fingertip. "But not too much fun" she said before kissing him passionately.

"Wait.. you're having a spa day.. like Brooke's? I remember the stories from that night and i remember not being able to kiss you like this for a whole week because someone decided to let her best friend pierce her tongue." Clay joked raising an eyebrow.

"Okay, you need to go, you're going to miss your flight!"

"But its more fun in here with you" Clay pleaded.

"Go on you dork" she said pointing to the shower door.

"Are you kicking me out of my shower?"

"Mhmm" she nodded

"You come in here, interrupting my shower, and now you're kicking me out, right." Clay said pretending to be upset.

"But you love me for it." Quinn smiled, that smiled that Clay loved more than anything.

"Yeah i do. I will see you tomorrow, and baby, try not to get a new piercing, tattoo, black eye or steal anyone's pets.. I love you Quinn James."

"I love you too, now go, you goof" Quinn said before kissing Clay one last time and giving him a final hug.


"So ladies, are you ready?" Alex said to Haley, Brooke, Millie and Quinn as they all stood outside a suite that Alex arranged for their night. She opened the door's to reveal a classy, beautiful room filled that had 7 good looking, strong men in, ready to pamper the ladies. There was a constant flow of wine for everyone and soothing, relaxing music in the back ground. They were all so into their massages that they barely said a word to each other, they were enjoying the peace and quite, something they rarely had. Jamie and Lydia were spending the night with Nannie Deb, Logan and Kayla were at their grandparents and Victoria and Ted were looking after Jude and Davis, so it gave all the young parents a chase to escape from their children for a night.

"What's up Quinn, you seem.. different?" Alex asked noticing her best friend wasn't her usual happy and loud self.

"Nothing" she said quietly but Alex just stared at her with a raised eye brow waiting for Quinn to tell her the truth. "Fine, i just miss Clay and the kids. And Clay is in Vegas with prostitutes and strippers and show girls!" she said sarcastically but Alex knew she meant it.

"Listen Quinn, I've seen the way that boy looks at you, and i promise you it will be okay, you have nothing to worry about."

"I know"

"Come on, let's get ready to go out! Drink up!" Alex said handing Quinn another glass of white wine.

Meanwhile, the guys were all in Vegas. Chase had got a big suite in a fancy hotel for him, Clay, Nathan, Julian, Mouth, Skills and his best friend and best man Chris. They dropped off there bags and went straight out to the clubs. Within the hour they were all very drunk on the streets of Las Vegas. They wasn't out for very long because they had wife's and girlfriends waiting for them at home, and they realized they couldn't enjoy Vegas as much as they could of if they were single men. They returned to the suite and continued drinking in there. However Skills and Chris were single men, so they stayed out for longer, before realizing it wasn't as fun without the rest of the guys.


"I don't feel so good" Quinn said waking up on the floor with mascara down her cheeks and red lipstick all over her face, she ran to the bathroom wearing last nights red dress, ready to be sick and to wipe all the messy make-up off her face.

"What happened last night?" Brooke asked as she woke up lying on the table surrounded by food on pink paper plates and empty bottles of wine, as she noticed the room was a complete mess with wet floors and silly string hanging everywhere.

"Why am covered in.. what is this.. fur?" Millie asked as she looked at the white and grey fur on her shirt.

"Brooke, your knee's are black!" Alex said and got up off the floor.

"What! Ouch!" Brooke gasped as she poked at her knee's.

"OH NO!" Quinn screamed from the bathroom which made all of the girls run in.

"What" All the girls said as the entered the bathroom as saw Quinn with her left arm stretched out and she was looking into the mirror.

"Uh Oh, i told you this would happen!" Alex laughed to her best friend.

"Clay is going to kill me!"

"Why would you get 'Fortitude' tattooed on your arm?" Brooke asked trying to remember the night.

"And why is it in the exact same place and the exact same font as your tattoo?" Quinn said looking towards Alex, who shrugged.

"At least you don't have a pair of boots above your ass!" Millie said, causing Alex to quickly unzip the back of Quinn's dress, just to check.

"It's okay, you're good." Alex said and Quinn signed with relief.

"Why am i the only one who did something stupid?" Quinn asked.

"You're not. Brooke's knee's are black and Millie had sex with an animal." Alex laughed.

"I did not!" Millie cut in.

"Where's Haley?!" Quinn asked and no one replied, "HALEY" she shouted and the all began running around the suite to look for Haley. "I will call her" Quinn said looking for her purse, "wait, has anyone seen my purse and my phone?" Quinn asked.

"No" they all said, "I will call Haley, Millie call Quinn's phone" and so they both did, but Quinn's phone didn't ring.

"Tutor Mom, where the hell are you?" Brooke asked when she heard Haley answer the phone.

"I'm at home with my children" Haley replied bluntly as if Brooke should of known that.

"What, why?!" Brooke angrily asked.

"Why don't you ALL come over here and i will explain." Haley laughed.

"Fine" Brooke replied and hung up.

"This is like our own version on The Hangover and we're not even the ones who went to Vegas!" Millie said walking around the room looking for anything that would remind her of the night.

"Clay is going to love this! He always says i lose things, and right now i have no idea where my phone or purse are. And a tattoo with his business's name on! Who does that?!" Quinn said with mixed emotions, she half found it funny but half knew that this would provide Clay with jokes for years. "Alex, why has nothing happened to you?"

"Because i'm getting married next week and didn't want a black eye like at the last bachelorette party, i was very sensible last night"

"So you remember what happened?" Millie asked

"I wish" she shook her head no.

"Right, we need to go to Haley's, she knows something that we don't know." Brooke said to the girls. Just then they heard a shuffling noise coming from the closet.

"What.. was that?" Alex asked and Millie walked up to the closet, ready to open it to see what was inside. As she pulled open to door she didn't directly see anything until she looked down.

"Bunny Rabbit" she laughed and picked it up realizing thats why she was covered in fur.

"Chester?!" Quinn asked and walked over to Millie to see "Yeah this is Chester! Why do we have Jamie's rabbit?"

"Let's go find out!" Alex said and they all headed to Haley's house.


"Wow, you all look horrible" Haley said when she opened to door to Brooke, Alex, Quinn and Millie who were all in last nights clothes.

"Worst hangover of my life Haley-Bob" Quinn said and hugged Haley.

"And you smell like, well lets just say, shower before Clay gets home in 2 hours" Haley replied.

"I think this belongs to you" Millie said handing Chester to Haley, who quickly went up to Jamie's room to put Chester back in his cage.

"Why does every party i go to end up like this?" Alex asked as Haley returned.

"So Haley, why are you here, and not hungover at all?" Brooke asked.

"You girls really don't remember anything, do you?" Haley asked and they all shook their heads, no. "Well after we left the suite to go out, Deb called me and said that Jamie wasn't feeling well but not to worry, so obviously i worried and didn't drink for the rest of the night, just incase. When you were all extremely drunk, i decided to go home to check on Jamie, but you all insisted on coming with me. Quinn you said that you just had to check on Jamie because you're his favourite Aunt Quinny, and when you went into his room, you stole Chester and said you'd take good care of him and even promised Jamie you would look after Chester, so i knew he'd be fine. Then when you all left you said you were going back to the suite" Haley tried her best to explain the night "Oh and Brooke you fell down the stairs at Tric and then the stairs outside my house" Haley said causing all the girls to laugh.

"Well that explains the bruised knee's and the stolen rabbit" Brooke said.

"Yeah but it doesn't explain THIS!" Quinn said pointing to her tattoo.

"QUINN! You didn't?!" Haley gasped.

"Oh apparently i did" Quinn signed.

"Well, now we all have one!" Brooke laughed trying to lighten Quinn's mood.

"Have you seen my phone?" Quinn asked Haley "I need to call Clay"

"Quinn, he will be home soon and he will be on the flight on now, go home and shower and he'll be back before you know it" Haley said trying to reassure her big sister.

"Alex, this was your night, why are you not suffering like us!" Millie asked but Alex just laughed. She didn't know why she wasn't as affected as the others, not that she was complaining.

Brooke, Quinn, Millie and Alex all went back to the spa suite to clean up the mess they had created. Quinn had found her purse under a couch and found her phone smashed up in the freezer. They did one final check that they had got all of their belongings and that everything was as good as new, before returning to their lovely husbands and boyfriends. When Quinn got back to the beach house, she walked in, still in last nights dress and still very hungover. She saw Clay sat in his chair with a bottle of water in one hand and a box of pain killers on his lap.

"Well you look like you had a good night" He said as Quinn leaned against the wall.

"My head hurts and my insides hurt" she pouted waiting for the sympathy she knew he would give her.

Clay got up and walked over to her and gave her a hug and handed her the pain killers and water, "i thought you would need these" she instantly swallowed the pills and leaned her head against Clay's chest as he wrapped his arms around her. "Go shower you goofball, you smell like the floor of a brewery!" he said as he slowly guided her towards the bathroom before returning to his chair where he could recover from his night in Vegas. When Quinn got out of the shower, she got dressed into some pajama shorts and a strappy white top and sat with Clay on his chair. She wrapped her arms around his waist and nuzzled her face in his neck.

"I need to tell you something" she said in a whispered, scared of how he might react.

"Okay.." he said looking straight at her, not knowing what to think.

"Actually i will just show you" she said and lifted up her left arm and pointed to her tattoo, "I'm sorry, i didn't mean to get a tattoo, i have permanently marked my skin with the name of your business!" Clay just burst out laughing. He reached into his jeans pockets and pulled out his phone.

"Look at these" he said handing her his Blackberry. He showed her pictures that she had sent him last night of her and the girls. When he got to the last couple pictures from her, he pointed one specific photo out to her. It was of Alex putting a temporary stick on tattoo on to Quinn's arm.

"Wait.. what?" she looked shocked and confused.

"You called me last night saying that Alex really wanted you two to have matching tattoo's so i suggested a temporary one, if you scrub hard enough it will come right off" Clay laughed at the fact that Quinn had got a fake tattoo and thought it was real.

"I called you last night?!" her voice was high pitched.

"Yeah, about 8 times, the last time you called you cut me off because you dropped your phone, then you rang me back off Brooke's phone and told me that you put your phone in the freezer." he laughed.

"That explains so much!" Quinn smiled as she got comfy again and cuddled Clay.

"Oh and did you find your purse? Brooke hid it under the couch." Clay asked.

"Yeah i did, how did you know that?"

"She called Julian.. 9 times." he replied causing Quinn to laugh again, "You girls really missed us guys didn't you?"

"It's only because we love you!" Quinn defended her behaviour.

"I know baby, you texted me that 14 times last night." he said and Quinn gasped, trying to remember anything about the girls night out. "I love you Quinn James, even when you're a drunken mess"

"And i love you" Quinn replied before kissing her husband. They laid on the couch for the entire day, recovering from partying and enjoying each others company, because they had missed each other so much, even though they were only apart for one night.

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