Hmm, so I suppose this is where I put a disclaimer ya? Seems unnecessary but here goes. Obviously I own nothing put the plot otherwise I'd be rich and not writing stories here, but since I don't…here goes nothing! Oh, and there will be liberties taken with small things such as age and the like but nothing too drastic. I'm also going to go ahead and assume ya'll know these two universes fairly well so I won't be going into great detail about how the things that would have been covered in their respective series are. Now really, it's show time!

It had been a few years since the defeat of the Kishin Asura and Death City had finally returned to normal. Or as normal as it could be considering it housed the illustrious Death Weapon Meister Academy, better known as the DWMA, and was watched over by Shinigami-sama, the lord of death himself. The heroes who finally put an end to Asura's madness were moving on with life also.

The ninja and self-proclaimed god Black Star and his weapon partner Tsubaki were still trying to collect the necessary souls needed for Tsubaki to become a death scythe. They had moved into her family's old estate and while Black Star seemed to have matured a small bit, he still always wanted to put on a "Big Show" and ruined most of their chances for getting the evil souls they were assigned.

Death the Kid, the only son of Shinigami-sama, was still obsessed with making everything symmetrical but didn't seem to break down as much when something wasn't. His weapons, twin demon pistols Liz and Patty Thompson, had stayed by his side since they had become like family in the years they had been together and had slowly been coaxing him out of his symmetry induced rants so that they didn't interfere with their daily lives as much anymore. He even had a full Sanzu line in his hair which gave him hope that one day, the other two disgustingly asymmetrical lines would connect making his image perfect.

Maka Albarn and her partner Soul "Eater" Evans had been busy even after things had settled down. Maka had finally realized her dream of turning Soul into a death scythe more powerful than her father and had even become a 3-star meister in the process. Shinigami-sama had congratulated them and wanted them to continue work as partners since they worked so well together. He would only call upon Soul as a weapon when it was needed. They stayed in Death City but were frequently sent out to deal with missions involving powerful pre-kishin souls causing problems. If there was one thing that Asura was right about, it was that even with him gone, madness would always be present. There could be no balance in the world if madness was not there to counter peace.

Maka sighed and flopped down on the couch next to her weapon partner. It had been a long and tiring mission in Russia trying to stop a witch from turning a small village into a giant sacrifice for more power. Even though they had come out victorious, it wasn't without its price. Her whole body hurt, right down to the tips of her toes. Even at her level, witches were still a pain to deal with though luckily she didn't have orders to exterminate them often. Maka kicked off her boots and sank further into the couch as her partner did the same. She felt like she could stay there for hours but an unfortunate ringing sound floated throughout the room and stopped that idea in its tracks.

"Ugh…Maka go answer the mirror. Cool guys like me don't do that sort of thing and the ringing is making my head hurt," the white haired male groaned at her from his spot on the couch.

Peeling herself from the cushy furniture, the blonde scythe meister trudge over to the mirror they had hung near the front door for the sole purpose of Shinigami-sama getting in touch with them and not using one that could be embarrassing like the bathroom mirror. She tapped on the mirror to "pick up the line" so to speak, and watched as the ripples became a clear image of the cloaked death god.

"Yo yo wuzzup Maka? How are things? I hope you didn't have too much trouble with that witch I sent you after."

Maka was always secretly amused watching Shinigami-sama's movements when he spoke. The mask he wore hid his face but his large hands and posture always seemed to convey the emotion that was otherwise hidden. Maka smiled, "No, not much trouble Shinigami-sama. Soul and I executed her and took her soul without much fuss."

Sure she was lying but he didn't need to know that. The mission was completed and without serious injury, that's all that mattered. Shinigami-sama was about to get to the point of his call when he was interrupted by a loud yell.

"MAAAAAAKAAAA! Are you hurt? Do you need papa to come over and bandage you up like when you were little!"


Now lying on the Death Room floor was a man in a black suit with red hair that Maka would swear up and down was not her father. His name was Spirit and he was one of Shinigami-sama's death scythes though how the death god put up with his antics was a mystery. The shinigami merely cleared his throat and continued, "Now then Maka, I know you and Soul just returned but I'm afraid I've got an important mission for you two that will need to be started as soon as possible. It seems there is something strange going on in a place called Limbo City. I need you and Soul to go investigate. Reports are that there is a strong amount of pre-kishin souls lurking around in high concentration but that's not all. There's something else going on that doesn't sit very well with me and I would like the two of you to go and report back with what you find. I've already taken the liberty of renting you two an apartment for the duration of your stay as I think you may be there awhile."

Maka nodded, "We'll leave now Shinigami-sama and thank you for the apartment." She tried not to let the tiredness or disappointment show in her voice. They had just walked through the door not even 15 minutes ago and they already had to rush back out again? Well, it would do no good complaining. After all, she should feel proud that he entrusted her with so many important tasks. It made her feel that much more like her mother who was an excellent meister herself.

"Good to hear Maka! Don't overdo it, and call if you find anything! Safe journey!" With that, he cut connection to the meister's mirror and the image cleared to show her own reflection. Maka had changed over the years, as had everyone with the passage of time. Her dirty blonde hair was at the middle of her back now when it was down and instead if pulling it into pigtails; she simply threw it all back into a high ponytail with her bangs framing her face and green eyes. Much to her annoyance, especially since Soul loved to tease her about it whenever he could, her chest was still fairly flat despite being almost 20 now; she was only a B-cup. She had kept her usual meister attire though. A red plaid skirt, white button up long sleeved shirt under a yellow sweater vest, and a green and white striped tie. Sighing, she walked over to the couch and began putting her black and white buckled boots back on, nudging Soul a bit as she did.

"Come on Soul, we've got another mission to take care of."

Soul groaned and moved his head to face her, looking at her with tired red eyes. "Maka, are you kidding me? We just got back! What are we going to run off and do this time?"

Despite her weapon's and even her own body's protest, Maka got off the couch and slipped her long black coat and white gloves back on. "Shinigami-sama says it's important. There's a large amount of pre-kishin souls in some place called Limbo City and he thinks there's something else going on too. He wants us to go and check it out. He even rented us an apartment."

Soul slapped his hand over his face and slowly slid it down, giving a dejected sigh, "I guess it's a good thing we haven't unpacked yet then huh? All our stuff is still tied down to my, this situation is so uncool."

The white haired weapon got off the couch and put his own black jacket back on, he hadn't even taken his shoes off yet. He leaned back, cracking his back to try and relieve some of the stiffness and looked over at his partner, "Well, I guess we should get going. The sooner we head out, the sooner we can find the apartment and crash for a while."

Maka made a noise of agreement and walked out the front door with him to the red and orange motorcycle parked out front. She got on the back of it after him, securely holding onto his torso as the engine came to life and they headed out once more.

Night had fallen by the time the pair made it into Limbo City and already, Maka's soul perception was picking up strong signs of what felt like pre-kishin souls, but something was off. Over the years, her ability had grown and she could now scan a larger area, even sometimes sense a witch's soul despite any soul protect in place, but what she sensed now didn't seem to feel as straight forward as it ought to have. They parked Soul's bike and brought their bags inside the small apartment before heading back out into the city, much to Soul's protest.

"But Soul, it'll be easier to do some investigating at night. We'll just do a little bit ok? I'll even let you sleep in tomorrow."

The red eyed weapon grunted in annoyance but complied and shoved his hands in his pocket as he walked next to her. It's not like Maka would have really given him a choice anyway.

The pair walked along the streets, noting how eerie and empty the city seemed at night. With her soul perception, Maka tried to lead them to where the pre-kishin souls were but it seemed like they keep moving around rapidly, almost like teleporting. She had never seen it done but then again, the monsters that strayed from the human path took on all sorts of attributes when they consumed a human soul, who's to say teleporting would be so out of the question? Just when she thought this night would prove to be a useless venture, she sensed something behind them. It wasn't what a pre-kishin soul felt like though and as she turned to face it, it didn't look like any pre-kishin she had ever seen either.

What appeared behind the meister and weapon looked like some deranged Halloween costume of a grim reaper. Black billowy cloaks and scythes, but the faces were far too real with red glowing eyes to simply be children running amuck at night. There was a group of about 6 and Maka was silently unnerved at how they got the drop on the pair but she quickly shook it out of her mind and focused on her next action. Glancing at her partner, she saw the same set look on his face that mirrored her own as he nodded at her unspoken request and transformed into a black and red scythe that easily fell into the girl's hands.

"I'm not sure what you are, but I do know that this evil must be purged. In the name of Shinigami-sama, your souls are mine!"

Whatever the creatures were waiting for vanished as they let out a shriek and advanced on the blonde. She easily parried the first blows that these wraiths threw at her with her own scythe and took her chance to attack. The first one she sliced through fell to the ground in a heap of sand but instead of a floating red soul, it left behind what looked like red gems. Maka stared at it questioningly, "Gems? Where is its soul?"

She didn't have long to think about it before more attacks came at her. Apparently seeing that she was no push over caused the creatures to attack more vigorously. The scythe meister turned her weapon upside down to block a horizontal swing with her staff and kicked up at the back of the blade, swinging it up in an arc to slice up the middle of another wraith and pull her weapon upright once again. Two down, four to go. Maka held her own, dodging and blocking the weapons that came her way and would have gotten a painful blade to the back if a bullet had not gone whizzing by her head and into the forehead of the creature behind her. Startled, she looked behind her to see a pile of sand and more of those red gems. Facing back towards the direction of where the bullet came from, she found her answer to the unasked question of 'what the hell?'

"You guys started the party without me! I'm hurt."

Behind the group of creatures stood a man with silver hair and a long red leather coat, his arm outstretched with a gun in his hand and a cocky smirk on his face. Maka had an incredulous look on her face as she stared at the man. Was he for real? He was almost as bad as Black Star! She didn't like that first these things had gotten the drop on her, but now this guy too! And his soul was…strange. It was human, but yet not. It's like it had been split unevenly in two with one side clearly human and the other she just couldn't put her finger on. She knew it wasn't kishin or witch so what could that other part be? She didn't have time to wonder any longer though; there were still enemies to dispatch of.

Maka gave one last look to the new comer and decided to focus on the previous fight, swinging her weapon around and taking the head clean off one of the distracted wraiths. The man in red wasn't attacking her so for now, he didn't matter. Unfortunately for Maka, just because she chose to ignore him, didn't mean he'd do the same.

Dante chuckled at the look the blonde gave him and examined her from head to toe as he watched her turn to decapitate another demon. Did she have a kinky school girl fetish or what? And she was wielding a scythe? Oh yeah, he could get used to that. "Now, what's a cute looking gal like you doing hanging out with these Hell Prides? I could show you a way better time babe."

Maka faltered in her next swing and had to bring her blade up in the last minute in a sloppy block to stop the hell pride's attack. What the hell was with this guy? Who the hell flirts with a stranger in the middle of a fight? Two more gunshots rang out as Dante dispatched the remaining demons with ease. These small fry never lasted long with him.

Even though the, what did that guy call them? Hell Prides? Even with them gone, Maka kept her guard up and held onto Soul in his weapon form. Just because this guy talked sweet words didn't mean he wasn't up to something. She still didn't know what was up with his peculiar soul wavelength so she kept her distance. Without the immediate threat of being impaled on some creature's weapon, Maka got a better look at the man. He was tall, maybe about 6'4" with silver hair hanging just above his blue eyes. That cocky smirk was still in place and the meister wished he would just drop it already.

"Thanks for earlier; you didn't need to step in like that. Um…who are you anyway?" 'What are you?'

Dante holstered his guns and stepped towards the blonde. He noticed she was still tense and tried keep her distance from him, but of course Dante wasn't having any of that. He got close enough to throw his arm around her waist if he had wanted to and his smirk widened when she frowned and seemed to bring her weapon up a bit as if to say 'Back the fuck off!'

"Well you know, I saw a damsel in distress and I just had to rush to her aid. I'm not gonna hurt you babe, you can lower your weapon. The name's Dante. And what's yours sweetheart?"

That stupid smirk of his just wouldn't leave his face! And what was with all the damn nicknames? She was weighing her options, was telling him her name all that bad? He didn't seem like he wanted to harm her and she couldn't sense any malicious intent from his soul wave length. With a sigh, she relinquished her hold on Soul and in a flash of light, he was standing next to her in his human form with his hands shoved in his pockets and a bored look on his face. Maka gestured to the two of them, "My name is Maka and this is my weapon partner Soul. We're here to investigate some strange activity that's been happening in this city." 'Strange things like your soul...just how can it be split like that?'

Dante looked mildly amused that her weapon had transformed like that. It was almost like a devil arm in the respect that it had a living soul but he had never known one to shift back into their body so easily. The scythe weapon Soul had on an orange shirt, brown pants, and a black jacket. His attire certainly was not as odd as the girls but then again, he made up for that with his white hair, red eyes, and sharp teeth. The demon hunter smirked and thought to himself, 'Definitely an interesting pair. I'd say my night just got a lot less boring!'

The half-breed turned and gestured with his hand to them, walking back the way he had come from, "Follow me, I think I can explain this strange shit you've been sent to check out."

Soul and Maka shared a look with one another before Soul shrugged his shoulders, "It couldn't hurt and it's not like we know what the hell's going on here. Besides, this could turn out to be pretty cool." The red eyed male grinned at his partner. Maybe this trip wouldn't be so bad after all.

Sighing, she agreed with him and went to follow Dante. She shouldn't worry so much, she knew that but…the man's soul wasn't like anything she had seen before and these creatures weren't behaving like pre-kishin souls. As she passed by, Maka grabbed one of the red gem stones that was still harmlessly floating over a pile of sand and placed it in her pocket. Maybe Dante could tell her what it was and what it did. At least now she and Soul had somewhere to start with their mission, that is if Dante could actually be of any use and not just smooth talk her the whole time. The blonde meister would be sure to Maka Chop him into the ground if he was anything like her dad...