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Warm, soft rays of sunshine filtered in through partially opened blinds and filled the bedroom with its light. A mass of blankets on the bed in the corner shifted, its occupant letting out a displeased groan as the sun attempted to invade the hard earned sleep. Pulling the blankets up over her head, Maka tried to catch the elusive sleep that was being chased away by the persistent sun, but to no avail. Sighing in frustration, she pulled the blankets back down and shifted to lie on her back. Just because the sun wouldn't let her sleep, didn't mean she had to get out of bed, right? Right.

Maka stared at the ceiling and thought over what information they had gathered on this mission so far… it wasn't much. Limbo City was seemingly infested with pre-kishin souls and demons, said demons left behind weird red gems that she didn't know the purpose of, and to top off the list of enigmas; there was Dante. The scythe meister frowned, just thinking of the man in red irritated her and she hadn't even known him for 24 hours yet! How could anyone possibly be that conceited and cocky? It was like a cross of her father and Black Star all rolled into one, half devil hybrid in leather. 'Not that he looked bad in leather necessarily…' Wide eyed, Maka shook her head vigorously as if to rid her mind of the thought.

"This is ridiculous…I shouldn't be wasting so much time thinking about him," she muttered to herself before sitting up and stretching her arms over her head. Glancing at the small clock on her temporary home's dresser, she was surprised to see it was actually almost one in the afternoon. "I wonder if Soul's up yet…"

Reluctantly tossing the covers off, Maka got out of bed and started to get dressed. Still fighting off the feeling of just waking, she put on her skirt and white button up blouse, leaving the green and white striped tie hanging loosely from her neck and her hair down, and made her way out to the small kitchen nook. She had made the decision before falling asleep in the wee hours of the morning that after grabbing a bite to eat, they'd head out to search the city for any strange activity. She just couldn't bring herself to be fully dressed and ready before breakfast though, but this was close enough.

"Morning, Soul." Without so much as sparing a passing glance at the table, Maka headed straight for the coffee pot that held a tantalizing aroma which seemed to promise clarity to its consumer, something she desperately needed.

The red eyed weapon casually looked up from his food to his meister's back, "Hey Maka. I got tired of waiting for you to wake up, so I ran out and picked up breakfast from this diner down the block. There's nothing to eat in this joint other than coffee."

Grateful for her partner's impatience for once, Maka smiled and rummaged through the cabinets looking for a plate, her back still to where Soul sat. "So while I was out, I picked up a stray…" he trailed off. Maka swore she could practically hear the large grin stretching over her partners face as she finally found what she was looking for.

"Is that so? Blair's going to be jealous," she teased, thinking of their ridiculously magical purple cat that had taken up residence in their apartment in Death City ever since they had thought she was a witch and went after her soul years ago. Just as she was about to turn, she heard a familiar cocky voice that made her freeze in place. 'Oh you've got to be kidding me; it is way too early in my day for this…'

"Hey I know I'm sexy, but Soul's not really my type babe, so Blair doesn't have to worry about a thing."

After mentally debating with herself the pros and cons of just returning to her bed and ignoring the other resident in their home, she sighed and decided to accept the inevitable. The blonde turned fully to face the table where not only Soul sat, but Dante as well with his feet up on the table and the chair tilted back on two legs. She frowned, rolling her eyes and choosing to disregard him, opting instead to dish up the breakfast Soul had brought home onto her plate.

Dante took in her appearance with a grin and noticed that without the blonde's long black jacket in the way, her plaid skirt seemed even shorter and he got to fully appreciate the meister's tone, creamy legs which seemed to go on for miles. The sloppy tie and bed-mussed hair didn't help keep his lecherous grin down either. 'Damn, Soul is one lucky son of a bitch to wake up to a sight like that every morning. Wonder if she's as much of a hellcat in bed as she is when she's angry...' Shifting his thoughts away from that runaway train of thoughts and focusing his eyes back on her face, the Cheshire grin not fading, he explained, "I was out finishing an easy mission that one of my partners dropped on me this morning when I spotted Soul so I figured since we were going to meet up later anyway, what better time than now? You did want to work together after all."

Catching the amused look in his ice blue eyes, Maka reaffirmed to herself that oh yes, it was definitely too early in her day for this. Giving him a skeptical look, she returned to her pancakes, having no choice but to accept his explanation as the truth. "So what do you suggest we do then? This city is your jurisdiction, have you found anything odd in it lately?"

Placing his hands behind his head, Dante looked up at the ceiling pretending to think it over. "Babe, everything in my business is odd. As for what we could do…I know this nice little Italian place that happens to have a hotel nearby…"Maka growled in frustration and threw her coffee cup at him before he finished his sentence.

"Can you not take anything seriously?!"

The hunter merely leaned his head slightly to the side and avoided it with a chuckle, listening as the cup went sailing past him and shattered against the wall behind him. "Okay okay, serious plan than. You two could always come with me on any missions around here and I could go with you to look for those things you hunt-"

"Pre-Kishin souls," Maka interjected.

"Yeah, those things, then we just wait for the big bad boss to show himself, if there even is one anyway. Plus you can use that Soul whatever-"


"-and see if you find anything strange with what we come across."

Soul shrugged his shoulders and looked to his partner, "It's as good a plan as any Maka. Shinigami-sama wasn't very specific with his orders. We don't even know what we're looking for and it wouldn't be cool to wander aimlessly for weeks."

The scythe meister thought it over, trying to come up with any other plan that didn't involve spending so much time with the demon hunter and was a bit frustrated when nothing came to mind. Sighing in defeat, Maka leaned her forehead into her hand so she wouldn't have to make eye contact while saying, "I can't believe I'm saying this but...for now, let's go with your idea Dante. I'm going to finish getting dressed. Not. A. Word." Maka glared at the hunter and stressed each word as she left the kitchen table and retreated back to her room.

Soul watched as his meister left, a small grin on his face and a chuckle escaped his lips as he caught on to something he was sure the other male didn't. Maka was an open book the majority of the time, the blonde wore her heart on her sleeve and had a terrible poker face, but there were instances where only Soul could see what she was feeling or thinking. "...I think she's warming up to you man."

Raising an eyebrow in question, Dante swung his feet off the table and onto the ground with a thud as he turned his attention to the human weapon, "Oh yeah? How do you figure?"

Red eyes gleamed with mirth and his grin widened, showing off his shark-like teeth as he glanced over at the other, "You didn't get Maka chopped for openly staring at her legs."

The half-breed felt his jaw drop ever so slightly; he hadn't pegged Soul for the observational type. Before he could come up with some sort of response, Maka returned to the kitchen fully dressed, buttoning her long coat and slipping on her white gloves as she stared at the two expectantly, "Ready you two? I'd like to cover the areas Soul and I didn't get to last night before we ran into you."

Without waiting for a response, Maka headed towards the door but paused with her hand hovering over the door knob before turning around and looking pointedly at Dante. "Two things before we go…42-42-564, whenever you want to knock on death's door. Commit it to memory because if you ever need to get a hold of Shinigami-sama, simply fog up a window or mirror and trace in those numbers. The other thing," She placed a hand in her pocket and pulled out the few red gems she had picked up yesterday and held them out to him. "These came from those demons we killed but what are they for?"

Dante took one from her, tossing it in his hand before placing it back in hers. "These are the crystalized form of demon blood. They're kinda like bartering chips when you need to get your hands on something useful from the demon realm, like vital stars."

Questions immediately sprang up in her mind as she put the stones back in her pocket, but Maka refrained from asking them. For now, she wanted to get a better look at the city and hopefully find a lead to explain the escalation in unusual activity.

Today would be busy, that much she was certain. Ino paced the room, making sure everything was in place before sitting down. Curled shoulder length violet hair, pale yellow eyes, and tanned skin reflected back at her at first when she looked into the bowl of clear water on the table in front of her. The dog witch muttered an incantation softly, watching as the surface shifted from her reflection and changed to show a low view point of the apartment Maka and Soul inhabited. Her dog familiar was sniffing around an empty garbage can across the street and gave her a limited, but useful view of the three as they walked out the door. In a place like Limbo, strays were everywhere so the witch could use them to gather intel without rousing too much suspicion.

Smirking, Ino cleared the image away with a wave of her hand. "Things are moving smoothly on that end it seems, but now for the other..." Ino turned to the items on the table next to her bowl, grabbing the dagger that gleamed up at her and delicately cutting a lock of her purple hair off. Dropping the severed strands into the bowl, she then made a small cut along the tip of her index finger and let the small amount of blood drip into the water alongside her hair. "Physical conditions met…now," Ino brought her hands up and concentrated, feeling her power flow through her veins as she moved her hands in intricate fashion with her spell. "Inu Inu, Canine Cine…"

The water shifted and changed, glowing a faint blue before rising up and taking a form similar to a screen. After a few moments, the blank image changed to show the figure of a man with dark hair pulled back and sitting on a high throne looking less then pleased at being bothered by her. Though he had the appearance of a human, closer inspection would reveal pure black eyes, skin so thin and white that anyone looking could see the blue veins spider underneath, and sharp black nails which were tapping the arm of the throne impatiently.

"Don't you know it's not polite to keep a lady waiting Mammy?*" Ino grinned and leaned her head in her hand as she stared at the image.

The man sighed irritably, "What are you bothering me for now Ino? Unlike you, I have important things to do."

"Oh come now, don't be like that! I gave you my prized baby didn't I, you greedy little bastard? Cerberus was not easy to train you know, three heads with three different personalities means three times the amount of training just to be your faithful watch dog. Then you go and lose him to a half breed! If anything, I should be upset with you, but because I am just sooo forgiving when it comes to you, I'll just take a favor instead of an apology. Honestly it even helps you out. I know, I can't believe how generous I'm being either!"

The man she was so blatantly disrespecting didn't seem any more annoyed then an older brother might be of his sister, which wasn't far off the mark. Mammon placed a hand over his eyes, knowing it was best to let Ino get everything out at once so she didn't constantly interrupt him; hundreds of years dealing with his younger half-sister had taught him as much. Oh yes, the demon prince had a witch for a sibling but that fact was not shared with anyone other than direct family. It might have been no secret that his mother Persephone held no love for his father, but indiscretions like her pregnancy by another man, a witch no less, was information that was kept under lock and key.

Scoffing, he chose to side step the jab at losing his pet to the younger son of Sparda and kept the conversation moving, "I'll think about it. What is it you want?"

Nonchalantly examining a lock of purple hair wound around her finger, she answered as if what she wanted was something as simple as borrowing a book. Mammon knew though, that things concerning the dog witch were never simple. "I just want to borrow someone for something…"

Her vague answer made him narrow his eyes, already prepared to deny anyone she named. "Ino, I don't know what half brained plan you've come up with this time, but I'm not about to put my neck on the line for it!"

Ino pouted, "Aw but you don't even know who I was gonna say! Besides, it's not like you necessarily have to tell Hades about it…he's always so busy that I doubt he would even notice and by the time he did, I can guarantee he wouldn't care. If…when all goes the way I want it to, I'll even let you take some credit." Her pale eyes sparkled with sadistic mischief and delight, her affinity towards chaos showing as she thought of all the havoc her plan would create. Now she just needed her brother to give her what she wanted and she'd be on her way.

Mammon knew he was going to regret it, he just knew it, but of course it didn't stop him from asking, "And who is this person that you need so badly?"

Smirking, she let one name pass her lips, "Nelo Angelo."

Maka's chest heaved up and down, her muscles screaming at her for being pushed for so long but she couldn't stop. The meister had never before faced this many pre-kishins in such numbers, not to mention the demons that seemed to swarm towards her and Dante as well. Red souls and gems harmless floated, scattered about the open street. Every time she went to collect a soul, another foe stood in her way forcing her to leave the souls in favor of defeating her opponent.

Again, the meister parried a blow from a nasty looking pre-kishin, letting out an angry cry as she pushed the former human away from herself before jumping up and slashing her scythe clear down the middle of its torso and into the ground. Another red tinged soul floated in front of the blonde, but Maka had to once again leave it.

"Oi Maka, just how many of these guys are there?" Soul looked at his partner with a slight show of concern, face reflected in the blade of his scythe form. Through there resonance link he could feel her soul wavering from exhaustion, but knew the stubborn girl wouldn't stop fighting until she fell over dead so long as there were enemies around.

She grit her teeth, sliding one foot back and crouching down before shooting forward and hooking two ugly looking demons with her blade and tearing them apart. "Way too many Soul…I think they're starting to thin out though." she said as she glanced over at their temporary partner, Dante to see how he was fairing.

While Maka was starting to tire, Dante looked like he couldn't be happier. Slashing his way through waves of demons with his ever faithful Rebellion, laughing at how easily they fell. This was what he lived for, the decimation of demons who foolishly tried to come after him. He was so intent on plowing through a group of lesser demons, he failed to notice a Hell Vanguard teleport behind him and rip its scythe though his back, the blade protruding out his torso.

The meister heard the sickening sound of metal tearing through flesh and bone and turned to see Dante on his knees with the blade of a scythe embedded in his body, blood pooling on the ground beneath him. Wide green and red eyes both stared at their fallen comrade before Maka took off running towards the demon screaming in rage and sadness, her resonance with Soul flaring out dangerously to match her emotions. She slid next to the Hell Vanguard and swung her weapon horizontally, using the momentum to catch it in the stomach with her blade and push the demon away from the seemingly injured hunter.

"Maka…" Soul spoke softly, feeling his meister's strong emotions and trying to help her keep them under control. The last time she felt this strongly was when Chrona was almost killed by Medusa and the blonde had not handled it well. Her rage and sorrow had almost caused them both to slip into madness if Marie-Sensei hadn't been there to stop her. Maka cared about people so easily and it wasn't always for the better.

"...That's cute babe, I didn't know you cared so much…" a familiar voice chuckled. Dante slowly stood; the gaping hole that was once on his torso had healed thanks to his blood though he was still in pain. It seemed his ribs hadn't quite reset themselves yet but he was patched up enough to fight.

The blonde scythe meister stood still, shocked that he not only got up from an attack like that so easily, but there wasn't even any wound! She snapped out of her dumbfounded state and helped him make quick work of the demon and the few stragglers surrounding it.

Once all that surrounded them were harmless floating souls and gems, did Maka turn to face the half-devil.

"Y-You….Idiot!" Maka was a flurry of emotions so she expressed it the only way she could. She Maka chopped the red clad man with all her strength before wrapping her arms around him in a fierce hug. "Next time warn me that you aren't dead you asshole!"

Soul had reverted back to his human form and watched with amusement. He was glad Dante was ok, but his over reacting meister was always good for some entertainment.

It seemed both males shared a similar thought as they watched her release her hold on him and storm off, 'Women, always so damn emotional.'

*Now, I know I'm crossing Greek mythology with Christianity here but bear with me. I like the Christians idea for the Seven Demon Princes of hell, each representing one of the seven deadly sins (which is why Ino calls Mammon a greedy little bastard, as that is his assigned sin) but since Lucifer is at the top for Pride, I needed a name to use for their daddy dearest and Hades just came to mind. So sorry for the shameless mixing, but that's just how it goes :P If you're interested….here's the list of all seven princes who may or may not, come into this story later on:

Lucifer is Pride

Mammon is Greed

Asmodeus is Lust

Satan is Wrath

Beelzebub is Gluttony

Leviathan is Envy and lastly,

Belphegor is Sloth