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Chapter 3: One Woman Man

Cause I'll be your man plus your friend - Playa

"Edward, where have you been," his cousin Tanya asked

"I ran into some friends and had lunch with them," he answered.

"Oh, I would have likes to meet them," Tanya said cheerfully.

"Oh don't worry T, I'm sure they'll be around before you leave," he said knowing she'd get along with the girls.

"OK so I picked out a couple things for you as a thank you," Tanya said handing her cousin a couple of bags.

"You didn't have too," Edward said with a small smile.

"Well you know you're my favorite cousin and I know you didn't want to be here so thanks," Tanya smiled back as the two walked in sync.

"Really T, it's no problem," he assured. Out of all this cousins she was the only one who felt that she was being a burden.

"Well I'm not taking the stuff back. Let's go find the others so we can get out of here," Tanya suggested. As the two began to walk Tanya babbled on but all Edward could think about was Bella.

Edward hadn't been in a serious relationship. He dated occasionally and he had girls he messed around with but they weren't serious. He never saw the need. All he could think about was Bella. She wasn't the type he typically went after but he wasn't going to let that be a factor. Her big brown eyes. Her chocolate brown skin and dark brown. She cute little ass and ample amount of cleavage, all wrapped into her tiny stature. She was truly gorgeous.

Added to that, conversation between the two followed easily. She had a laid back personality from what he could tell, which was a nice change from the normal girls that attempted to gain his interest. He knew without a shadow of a doubt he wanted to know her. Edward saw something special in her and knew they'd have some resemblance of a relationship in the near future, be it friendship or romance.

The first thing Edward did when he made it home was get on Facebook and scroll through Angela's friends until he found Bella's picture. He sent her a friend request and was surprised by how quickly it was accepted.

He began to browse through her posts and stumbled across picture from a trip to New York. Day one she wore a cream color slouchy shirt with shorts. His eyes traveled down her rich brown legs that seemed to glow in the sunlight of the picture. Her brown hair was down, big and curly framing her heart shaped face. A wide smiled with plastered on her face and making her appear care free.

"Who's that, she's hot," his brother Emmett bellowed, startling him.

"That's Bella; she's a friend of a friend. We met today," Edward explained to his brother.

The best apart of the summer was having Emmett around. The two were eighteen months apart and had been inseparable as kids. Emmett had decided to go to Duke and play basketball instead of attending Notre Dame to play football because he didn't want to be too far from his family.

"Does little Eddie have a crush," Emmett teased, ruffling his younger brother's unruly hair.

"Don't call me Eddie you ass," Edward retorted as he swatted his brother's hand away. "If you must know, I think I'm going to ask her out," he said as he went through more of her pictures.

"Well I'll let you get back to jacking off. Remember to use lotion," Emmett shouted when he noticed his brother was starting at a picture of Bella is a bikini. She wore a burnt orange two piece which complimented her skin tone. Despite her height, her legs seemed to go on for days as she posed for the camera. A smile plastered on her face, brown eyes shining, and her curls pulled up into a messy bun.

"Get out of my room you ass," Edward shouted. As much as he loved is brother, he sure could be a pain in the ass. Where Edward was subtle about his indiscretions, Emmett tended to be vocal. There had been a few girls here and there that were more than happy to help scratch an itch but he made it perfectly clear it was nothing more than that. Surprisingly, most of the girls didn't have an issue with the arrangement and were more than happy to agree to his terms. That's where the difference was with Bella. He already knew that he didn't want her around to just scratch an itch.

As the next few weeks went by Edward and Bella texted for most of the day. Chatting away about random topics and occasionally video chatting with one another. He learned that they both moved to the Raleigh area the same year and that she was originally from Orlando. She had no siblings but had a large extended family. She loved football, and much to his distaste she was a Redskins fan; his sworn enemy.

It seemed as if the two never ran out of topics to discuss. They would stay on the phone until hours, sometimes watching the sun rise together. She was the type of person he had been looking for. She was smart and humorous; had a killer body and was sweet and kind. For her, he'd quickly give up is no relationship, no dating policy. He had to have her; he had to make her his. Due to that, Edward decided to bite the bullet and ask her out on a date.

"Hey Teddy," Bella greeted in a warm and welcoming tone.

"Hey Bella, how are you," he responded.

"I'm good. Just in Smithfield doing a little back to school shopping. You," she replied.

"Just getting home from ChickfilA. Isn't it a little early for school shopping," he said as he spun around in his desk chair.

"I love that place. If I could eat it all day every day I would. If you must know, it's never too early to go shopping," she giggled.

"That's some deep love right that between you can your chicken," he teased.

"You're telling me," she said in a voice that left Edward imagining her smiling as she said those words.

"So I actually called you for a specific reason," he spoke not wanting to get deterred from the true meaning of his phone call.

"Which is," she inquired.

"I was wondering if you'd like to go out with me this Friday," Edward asked as he ran his fingers through his already messy hair

"As friends or on a date? I'm fine with either," she questioned nervously.

"A date Bella. I think there's something special about you, and I'd like to know you better," Edward answered honestly.

"Okay, I'm just making sure. I wouldn't want to make an ass of myself," she responded with a laugh.

"You make an ass out of yourself, never! That's all I wanted. I'll message you with the details later; you can get back to shopping," he spoke, his tone light as he wore a shit eating grin.

"I'm looking forward to Friday, Teddy," he confirmed happily.

"Me too Belle," ending the call before congratulating himself.

"Damn, now I have to plan a date," he said aloud to himself.

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