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Being the center of someone's world is a heady experience.

Knowing with absolute certainty that that someone is going to come to you after a long workday and you're the only thing that can help soothe them and get them to relax. It all makes one feel so special, appreciated.

That is until that someone finds another to do that for them. Finds someone who can give them even more than you ever could.

Like her Jethro had found someone else to give him what she always thought he could get only from her.

Looking at the two men it was obvious that they were happy and comfortable together.

Gibbs was leaning against the workbench looking at the plans laid on it while his partner was standing next to him, smiling at the way the other man was explaining patiently the finer points of boat building to him.

The relationship between them was new, though Tony had been a frequent visitor to the basement for a while. They just had never taken the step to take their relationship to the next level.

Well that had been until a few weeks earlier when something just shifted between them and Gibbs had pressed the other man against the ribs of the boat and after getting permission to do so, had kissed Tony senseless. Both men had thought they could feel the boat thrum in protest under their body weight, but neither had had the inclination to spare more than a fleeting thought to the weird sensation as they were rapidly losing themselves in the sensation of their wishes finally coming true.

They'd taken it slow as far as she could tell. And Tony became a permanent fixture around the house and in the basement, thought Jethro didn't spend nearly as much time in the basement as he used to.

Tony was poisoning him.

More and more often Jethro would come down to the basement and work on his boat, and the place that had once been his sanctuary of silent solitude, was fast becoming a place of companionship, the silence still there, but occasionally broken by a peaceful chatter and the sound of not one but two people moving around the small space.

One thing though that hadn't changed was the fact that, though Tony occasionally touched the boat, Jethro was the only one to do any actual work on her. And for that she was eternally grateful.

Having to share Jethro was becoming more and more difficult and every time Tony managed to lure the other man out of the basement and into the actual house, she became more certain that there was not room for both of them in Jethro's life, she resented the Italian for trying to steal her Jethro away from her.

Leaning against the workbench and looking over the plans for Jethro's project, Tony smiled at the other man and with kiss to the other man's cheek asked him if he was ready to retire to bed already. The younger man yawned widely at the end of his query, which made Jethro smile that special affectionate smile of his and he took of his glasses and nodded his head.

"Let's go then." He held out a hand to the other man and Tony took it with a smile and together they made their way across the basement and towards the stairs.

She was expecting the darkness that would come as they turned off the basement light, but it never came. Instead she heard her Jethro's voice.

"Damn I left my glasses on the workbench, if I don't put them in the case now I'll forget them tomorrow."

She was almost giddy with the idea of Jethro coming back, alone this time, even if it would be for only a minute, but she was disappointed when Tony's voice drifted down.

"Don't worry about them, I'll get them for you while you go warm up the shower so we can get some sleep after cleaning up all this sawdust."

There was a small pause where she imagined the kiss they must have shared and then pounding steps were making their way down the stairs.

If she could she would have screamed in frustration, it was so unfair! But then a thought came to her, maybe she didn't need to get Jethro alone after all, if she just caught Tony unaware, then she might be able to rid herself of the competition.

Oh yeah, and then she'd have Jethro all to herself like in the good old days. As she saw Tony step towards the workbench and the glasses he was there to fetch, she saw his eyes stray and look straight at her.

Maybe this was her chance to teach the guy that no one stole her Jethro away from her.


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