Paradox Kitten

"Can we keep it?"

You, Being a Dave Strider of no particular time line, sigh as you look at the freaky two mouthed kitten that your companion had just ectobiologized out of some weird green slime. "What?"

"She looks just like Pounce!" Nepeta Lejion, a Troll girl from some other universe that doesn't matter at the moment, said as she gave the kitten a hug, a wide smile on her face.

"probably is." you mutter, if what John and Karkat told you about paradox cloning actually made any sense in your head.

"Huh?" She looks up.

"I said..." You sigh. Jegus. How in the world did you get stuck with her again? You- The Mix-master of time travel- with her- the Huntress Roll Player of Heart-? "We can keep it."


Yeah, that's how. That million watt smile that just looks absolutely so cute and... adorabloodthirsty? Did Terezi call it? Meh. You'd rather just stick with "Adorable", no Troll puns what-so-ever.

You never really chatted much during the game, but after it was all said and done and you all got dumped onto some new planet similar to an Earth and Alter-whatsitsname Double punch alchemization, you two just sort of...Gravitated towards each other while everyone else was rushing about trying to make sure everything was absolutely perfect.

Well, you say "gravitated" as if there was mutual attraction at first, but come on- the girl jumps on your back and swipes your iShades before you have a moment to blink. You swear if she hadn't looked so cute and silly with that blue cat hat and green over sized coat and those stolen shades framing that brilliant smile you wouldn't have let her keep them (You still have your old ones from John after all).

Yeah. That smile. One in a million that. Rose called it "matespritship at first swipe" or some sort of alien-punny-nonsense. (You're less inclined to even try to understand the things she's said after those three years on the meteor.)

"So what's its name?" you ask after way too much internal monologing. (Just Who the hell do you think you are? Karkat? Rose? Shit. Who did all the monologing during the second session again? You can't remember. Was it Bro? Shit, you spent too much time time traveling again, didn't you?)

"Hm..." She frowns for a few moments as she tries to reason up a decent name for her new kitten. "Well, I can't name her Pounce."

"Why not?" you start to ask, but you catch yourself from making that mistake before the "W" even gets through your teeth. Instead, you suggest "How about Karren?"

"Karren for a Kitten?" she asks...And her eyes light up with the light of a thousand green suns when she gets the joke. Gog is she cute. "Dave, I love it!" and hen she stands up on her tippy toes and plants a kiss right on your lips.

"You sure that's not all you love?" You ask with a slight smile.

"Yes!" she replies, bringing the Kitten up to face her. "And I love her too!" she puts her nose right up to the kitten's and giggles. "Hello, Karren the Kitten!"

You laugh.