X33 Cheese Pizza Combo

You, being a Nepeta Lejion at the beginning of a recently born universe, stare at the freshly prepared food before you. "What is it?"

"It's a pizza." Dave replies. "When everyone- and I mean everyone. Can you believe that Rose had never even HAD A pizza before? Not even delivery! Jegus that's just lame.- on the meteor said they'd never heard of Pizza before, I realized that everyone we know needed to be introduce to this wonderful concoction of fine greasy Italian perfection." He then pulls out one of his swords and neatly cuts it into eight pieces with a single slice. "So I'm starting off our recently-until-now-un-defined relationship by continuing that tradition." he traded the sword for a spatula and pried a piece of... Oh wow look at all that cheese just stringing along.

To borrow your Moirail's typing quirk, you are 100% sure that your eyes have just widened as large as your dinner plate.

"Madam." He says with a bizarre fake-y accent that you can't quite place. "Ai prezent to yu.." And he seamlessly flows back to normal as he places that piece of pizza on your plate. "The Triple Triple Cheese Pizza. Plain Mozzarella- none of that multiblend crap- since you've gotta start off with the simplest- and in my opinion best- before you work your way up to the crazy stuff like 'Ham, Pineapple, and Swiss'."

You simply stare at the triangle of golden brown ...and red? "Is it bleeding? I thought you cooked it?"

"What?" he blinks as he transfers a slice to his plate. "That's tomato sauce." he looks a bit uncomfortable at the pizza before him. "But now that you mention it... Yeah I can see where you're coming from there." he laughs a little. "It looks like that when you use too much sauce."

"So how do I eat it?" You ask.

"Well." He takes a fork and a knife for himself. "There're two ways, Neps. First is you pick it up and just stuff it in your mouth." He hands you another set of the utensils. "But with a pie this fresh off the grill, you've gotta let it cool off a bit- so we're cutting it up like a rug and chowing down..." he blinks. "Wow that was a lame metaphor."

"Okay..." You adjust your given cutting devices and cut off a small piece of the pizza slice. "It's so messy!" you can't help but laugh.

"Yeah, I'll have to cut back on the sauce next time." He mumbles. "I think I went a bit overboard on this one."

"It's fine..." You smile at him.

"Alright, that's plenty cool by now I think." he gives you one of his trademark cool-kid smiles. "Time to dig in!"

Hesitantly, you raise the piece of "pizza" to your mouth...

To borrow Aradia's old emote: 0_0

He smirks. "Is it good?"

You nod as you chew and swallow ("Manners, Nepeta." Kanaya told you). "YES! Very!" You finally say. Your eyes must be really wide or something cause he just smiles and laughs.

"Awesome." He finally says. "Next week we're ramping it up to Pepperoni."