Author's Notes: Aight, so....we left off with Peach dying, Luigi dying and Mario perhaps dead. The outcome? Read it and find out you lazy pigs. ^_^ No real warnings; theres no violence, its just DARK.

Mario had never felt so comfortable in all his life. Something warm, something soft, something…something just flat out wonderful. He thought he must be in heaven, lying on a big puffy cloud. He lifted his arms and stretched, feeling like he had slept for a long time. He stopped suddenly, mid-yawn, when he realized it didn't hurt to stretch his arms. He lowered them again, waiting for some moments before he dared to open his eyes. Long curtains, rich rugs, soft blankets...

My room….the palace…we're home. He sat up quickly, wondering if it was one of Bowser's tricks again. Looking down at himself in shock, he also realized his clothes weren't torn, his body wasn't bruised, and he felt entirely rested.

"I'm home," he mumbled. "I'm fine. I'm home." He relaxed and sighed deeply, partly from relief and partly to test his newly healed self. He got out of bed, just as easily as if nothing had happened.

…as if nothing had happened. He gasped. "Luigi!" He ran from the room, overjoyed to know that he could run again. He glanced out of the corner of his eyes at the hallway mirrors, then skidded to a stop on the soft, ornate carpet. He touched his face in awe. His skin was restored to its natural color; the scratches and blood were non existent. Everything gone…everything just like it was…as if nothing had happened.

He remembered his quest and kept running. He almost passed Luigi's room but stopped himself with his hand in the doorway. Catching his breath, he stumbled inside.

A pile of something…or someone…was hiding under the blankets that rose and fell periodically, gently snoring. Mario ran inside and shouted in relief, "Luigi!"

Said plumber jumped and fell out of his bed, landing on his feet almost gracefully, except for the blankets that twisted around his ankles. He kicked to free himself, mumbling. "Ugh….wha? Oh, it's you…"

"Luigi! You're all right!" Mario ran to give him the biggest hug he had given his brother in a long time. Luigi, still half asleep, blinked in confusion.

"Shure I am. Why wou'n't I be?"

Mario grabbed his chin and looked at him squarely. "You don't remember?"

Luigi's eyes sleepy eyes brightened for a moment. "Oh yeah…I get it. But maybe now, I just don't wanna remember."

Mario smiled sadly, embracing Luigi again. "I'm not sure I want to either, buddy." As if just recalling something, the plumber in red stopped, gasped, and let go of his brother, who fell to the floor with a thud. "Oh, no. Peach!"


"Come on, Luigi, we've got to make sure Peach is all right."

"I'm up, I'm up…" Luigi fumbled to join his brother, trying to catch up. Mario tried desperately to calm his wracked nerves, but all he cared of now was Peach's safety. So far so good, but Peach wasn't with us when we came back… He gulped nervously and opened the door…he looked to the bed…

No Princess. Yet upon further investigation he found her sitting by the window, gazing outside in a manner he couldn't figure. She turned to look at him, her beaming smile healthy and happy.

"Oh, Mario…" They ran into each other's arms and then--

Owe! Stop pinching!

+None of this romance stuff, got it?+

(You make me sick!)

Aight, aight…this kind of stuff you want to do by yourselves, eh?...Owe!

"Luigi, oh I'm so glad you're both all right! But how did we…" The Princess struggled for words, terrible puzzled. "Why are my stitches gone? A few minutes ago I could hardly move and there was an IV in me, and's like..."

"...As if nothing had happened," repeated Mario.

The younger hero sheepishly volunteered. "I…I burned up that little cloud. Bowser said to destroy it, but I guess tearing it up wasn't enough."

"He must have planted it at the bowling alley," Mario thought aloud.

Yeah, he always seems to get the better of you, doesn't he?

+Oh stuff it!+

[Where have YOU been the last two chapters?]


(Doing WHAT??)

I...I can't handle the angst, ok?? Its just….too much!…*breaks down, sobbing*

(*put a hand on her shoulder, distressed* Geez, Robin Lee. No one's yelling at you.)


What was that?


[Can we finish this?!]

"How do you feel?" Mario asked the Princess, still slightly worried.

"I'm fine," Peach laughed lightly. "Never been better. I promise I'll survive."

*starts dancing disco and singing* Oh, as long as I know how to love, I know I'll stay alive!...

All ::sweatdrops::

"I hate to bring up what went on…back there," Luigi began tentatively, gulping. "But I'm wondering what happened to Kamek. One second he's gonna…kill me, the next he's gone."

Mario and Peach exchanged glances, somewhat between sheer anxiety and nervous amusement.

Back at Bowser's keep….

A door titled 102 stood among the other cells, lost in the numbers. A soft thump echoed from inside, then a scratching, a desperate scraping at the inside of the door. Flapping of wings…a scream…more scraping and struggling…Kamek shrieked just one word.



+Whew, glad that's over.+ (Haleluia! Can I have an AMEN from mah brothas and sistas?) All::blank stares:: Hey, that's my line! My…thing that I say!

(Is not!)

Is too!

(Is not!)

Is too!


[I Snot?]


You've got quite the potty mouth, youngin!

[Says you. You called me a skinny green prick!]

Heh heh, yeah…..but that's not potty mouth.

[Is too!]

Is not!

[Is too!]

Is not!

(*imitating Yakko Warner, waves a hand* Gooood-night everybody!)

+*clasps hands together and poses* I'm cute!+

I know this ending isn't good enough to save my rear, but I stink at endings. Except for one story…that's not up yet. Hope you truly enjoyed this, sorry if it ended so quickly. I hope you all have watched "Animaniacs" someday in your past. Cause if you haven't, I will downsize your face with a shovel and you might not get the joke. ^_^ And who woulda thunk it? Kamek?...Afraid of…BIRDS??! What a loser…Many many thanks to Pisces; if it weren't for her, this story would have ended a long time ago, and so much more abruptly. *hands Pisces an award* THANKS EVERYONE WHO R&R'd! 8D