When I first wrote Love Vanquished/Sunset Tears, A nice reviewer named shxlyna asked me to do a sequel of some kind. That's kind of why I'm making this fanfic. So thank you shxlyna for giving me this idea! :D I know that a lot of people have done fanfics on this part of the plot but I'm going to do my own version. The details are a little different and in the end of the second chap (there are a total of 2 chaps of this fanfic) there's added details on what happened after Roxas was defeated.

COMPLETELY RE EDITED! :D Why? I thought the original had horrible too short sentences, grammar, adjectives, cheesy details throughout the plot, and the repeated beginning of sentences using the word 'I'. Plus I wanted to make u all happy

Hope u all like!

Disclaimer: I do not own Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days or any of their characters. I do own the extra details I added though.

#-/Chapter 1: Oathkeeper\-#

Xion is gone.

Quietly shed tears still slid down my face as I stood on the top of the clock tower. I watched as the drops of salt water fell from the tall building and splatter onto the hard pavement far below the clock tower. My hands rose to my lips still remembering the warm feeling when I had felt her soft lips press on mine. My spine felt a tingling feeling and I shuddered shaking off the strange sensation.

My eyes narrowed in pain and sorrow as the whole scene replayed in my mind again.

She lay in my arms, crystallizing and the shards of her body were rising and disappearing in the sky. Her hand was caressing my cheek and me holding her hand with tears trickling down my cheeks and landing on hers.

I remembered that she tried to wipe my tears and how she whispered my name in farewell with a smile.

That was when...

That was when I had placed my lips on hers. It was a subconscious action…and for a moment, I didn't know what was going on or what I was doing. Nothing registered in my mind but that she was leaving me.

But that was the past. That was yesterday. Xion gave me this time and I needed to keep my promise to her.

I opened my fist and looked at the yellow and pink shell in my hand that Xion had left behind for. Then I brought it to my chest trying to feel the warmth that was always there when I was with her.

Her warmth was fading-I could no longer feel it.

Final thoughts of her death flashed through my mind like a nightmare coming to life. A last couple of tears slipped through my eyes. But I knew what I had to do: Free Kingdom Hearts in the World that Never Was was what she said to me. I took a final glance at the world where the two of us had made so many cherished memories then opened a dark corridor leading to the World That Never Was and walked though, never looking back.


I appeared in the World That Never Was in the dark city. Rain began to fall in a light drizzle and I put up my hood to shield myself from the rain, but…

Also, I wanted to hide my face from the outside and from my newfound emotions. No…no one could ever see that.

I willed myself to wield my keyblade. Light appeared and spun in my right hand then a kingdom key appeared but unexpectedly, another light appeared in my other hand and another kingdom key materialized. I wasn't exactly surprised, but felt as if this was natural for me. They were both kingdom keys. One was mine and the other was...Xion's? I had trouble remembering the name. What's going on?

Suddenly a horde of neoshadows appeared in the alley I was in. I clashed the two kingdom keys together and they became a whole new powerful and threatening duo. One was as black as the darkest shade of night with a glittering purple jewel in the handle. A very strong aura, the power of darkness, was being emitted from it.

The other keyblade shined with the power of light. The handle looked as if it had the wings of an angel and a star keychain hung from its side.

Oblivion and Oathkeeper.

The two keyblades represented the power of light and darkness as I was the power of nothingness in between them. The three powers united into one being. I had no idea what the extent of this power could destroy and create.

I immediately charged into the horde of shadow heartless with both keyblades in a devastating combo which destroyed every neoshadow. When I cut through the shadows, I was amazed by the power that the two keyblades gave me, but I continued to run through Fragment Crossing slashing every shadow heartless that there was at once performing amazing aerial and ground combos and kept running to my destination: Memory's Skyscraper.

I burst into the clearing before the huge monument and looked up the building. Drops of rain fell on my face and blurred my vision but I still was amazed by how high Memory's skyscraper was.

But I looked at the blank screen near the very top of the building and a flash of heated pain shot through my head. I grunted, trying to cope with the intense headache but when pictures appeared before my eyes, I saw all of my memories…of Xion in my mind and my eyes widened.

I felt the urge to look up higher. Looking up, I saw on the top of the skyscraper a person. A man with silver hair and a blindfold looked down at me. It took me a few moments to register in my mind that the man was the organization imposter! But how important was that to me? I was no member of the organization anymore.

I jumped up onto the top of the doors of the skyscraper and used a ledge to boost myself up the building. But even though I was running up the walls in pursuit of the stranger, he showed no signs of fear or movement. Instead, the lunatic jumped off face down! I gawked at the sight but immediately regained my composure and saw this as my chance to attack. I threw the keyblade Oblivion at the man but instead of it hitting him, he caught it.

I cursed under my breath and passed the stranger as he fell. Everything seemed to be going under slow motion. I once again saw my memories of Xion but some of them seemed to be fading...

But I shook my head in confusion and grasped the image of Xion tightly in my mind. My eyes closed tightly and tried as hard as I could to grasp the memory of her face. Her-perfect face…

The top of the sky scraper approached and I leaped to it and landed at the top. Looking down on the stranger, he landed on his feet but a swarm of neoshadows appeared and surrounded him. The man still showed no concern or fear but instead grasped Oblivion in his hand and slashed through a couple heartless.

My eyes carefully watched the skills of the blindfolded stranger. I was surprised by his skill and decided to approach him. I jumped off the tower, landing heavily on my feet beside the stranger and cut through a few heartless alongside him. All the other heartless seemed to fade away, perhaps sensing something.

Then I turned around to see the masked stranger and we both jumped away from each other.

When we were a good distance away from each other, I tightly grasped Oathkeeper in my hand. Now was a good time to converse.

"Who are you?" I cried out. "And why are you in my way?"

"I'm here to take back Sora's memories," he answered me with an ice cold voice.

"Sora, Sora, Sora!" I yelled in frustration. "It's all about him isn't it!"

Why is everything always about Sora? Just hearing the name now made me glower in anger and anguish. Didn't anyone care except me that Xion had died? Tears of frustration began to form in the corner of my eyes.

"So, what are you going to do? You've left the organization and are an outcast. What else is there for you to do?" Riku said.

"I'm going to set Kingdom Hearts free! Then everything will go back to the way it was," I cried out. "Axel, me, and...her will be together again."

My mouth let out a small gasp and I brought a hand up to my mouth. I couldn't even remember her name any more. Everything about her seemed to be fading from me. Her personality, her being, and...h-her smile.

"Her? You mean Xion? It's a struggle to just remember the name isn't it?" Riku muttered looking at Oblivion. "Either way, I can't let you go on with your plan. The organization will kill you."

My grip on Oathkeeper tightened even more. How come he remembered her name and I didn't? The tears in my eyes burst out. Everything that this man said was absurd. I was blinded by pure rage and anger and breathed deeply to channel my anger.

"Shut UP!" I screamed in fury.

"Well you asked for it…"Riku muttered.

Then the man charged toward me with all the power he had.