You guys are probably wondering: hey what's with the new chapter? Isn't this story already complete? Well a while ago I saw the manga scans for days and the last couple of pages really got to me. So I decided to put that on here in English…so yeah. It was quite heartbreaking…


"He's a nobody. Nobodies can't feel anything."

The moment the cold words were spoken from his mouth, DiZ had turned on the machine and Ansem had placed XIII inside it.

"So…what exactly does this machine do?" Ansem spoke to DiZ.

The scientist looked at the unconscious boy in the contraption. Then DiZ spoke.

"It'll digitize all of his memories and erase them forever. As well as the final memories this pitiful boy is probably still trying to hold on to. The ones of that girl. Or should I say replica. She was never a 'she' to begin with."


In the machine was a chamber that held Roxas inside it. The walls enclosing him were transparent. And all around his body were hovering numbers representing pieces of memory, or data.

"This shouldn't take long," The scientist declared. His eye focused on a monitor hooked into the machine. "But why is he struggling?"

DiZ looked at Roxas' face which was hung over as he sat there, unconscious. His expression was blank. But it wasn't relaxed. He seemed stiff and empty on the outside.

That was probably how XIII felt on the inside too.

Ansem laid a hand on the glass as he watched Roxas as well. "I wonder why he chose to fight me. Did he care that much for her?"

DiZ scowled and scoffed, "He can't feel. Nor can he care. He's just a blank vessel just waiting to come back into nothingness and darkness. Something that was just meant to disappear."

"And yet they still exist…What would allow that?"

The scientist didn't answer as he pressed a couple of buttons on the machine.

78% complete.

In DiZ mind, he could hear Roxas. He was speaking to him.

Well you couldn't exactly say he was talking to him. Because Roxas was just talking. Just pouring all of his thoughts out.

"Does anyone know how horrible it is to have a precious memory just ripped out of your hands?"

DiZ's lips thinned as he concentrated on the boy's image before him.

The blonde lay in a white abyss. Eyes barely open, only just a slit to see what was going on around him.

This wasn't where he was supposed to be.

He was supposed to be at the beach. With his friends.

With her.

Roxas found that he couldn't move. But the thing he hated most was that there was a blank, numb feeling slowly creeping over him. He couldn't stop it. He couldn't do anything.

He couldn't keep his memories.

The only thing he could do was speak.

Xiii could see small numbers rising from his body. It made him think of Xion, when she died. Only that time it was shards. They were like crystals. Perfect. Like her.

But that's when he noticed-

"My memories are disappearing."

Roxas was surprised that he could take this much. The guilt and the sadness and suffering he could take was tremendous. Was he some kind of emotionally invincible person?

He closed his eyes and relaxed his body as he felt everything slowly go blank.

"I don't want them to go. Even though they hold all the suffering. I want to keep on suffering; as long as I can still remember all the good things."

Then you don't understand a thing. You're just being a stubborn, naïve boy.

The boy barely noticed that someone had replied to his comment. He was too busy thinking about the memories he was losing.

"You know...Memories may disappear, but feelings don't."

You can't feel. You're a nobody.

Roxas let out a weak chuckle. "I don't care. I don't know if these feelings are real or not, but they're feelings. Either you're wrong or Xemnas was just trolling us all about us having no hearts."

. . .

Hearing no reply from the voice, Roxas kept talking. "Seems to me that I know more about feelings than you do."

Roxas opened his eyes once more. He could feel the end coming. All of his memories were almost gone now. He could even see his image of her face beginning to disappear. It broke his heart to see that he couldn't do anything about it…if he had a heart. But what he said before comforted him. Even if the memories went away, he would still feel the same about her deep down. Just like she said.

"The sadness of knowing you forgot someone who matters-that'll gnaw at you forever." The blonde exhaled sharply. He felt like he was breaking apart. His voice trembled with suffering. "Have you ever forgotten someone? Someone really important? Well I'm losing someone right now."

Why are you asking me this? You look as if you really were feeling something.

Roxas shook his head with tears slowly pouring down his cheeks. "Ignore that. But my dream."

He turned to look at the sky.

"Do you want to know my dream?"

DiZ had enough of this. He was completely baffled and fed up by Roxas's dreams and memories. It confused him to as to how a nobody could be like this. Like a real person.

Seems to me that I know more about feelings than you do.

"Nonsense!" DiZ suddenly cried out and hit the glass with his fist causing the monitor to make static.

Ansem just saw this as a sign to go away.

"Is he the one who broke it? Is this boy the one who defies everything? That's impossible! Nobodies are nobodies and humans are humans. One can't feel the other can! It's always been that way!"

you're wrong. I know these feelings are real.

"Then how can you feel? How do you defy the odds?!"

DiZ was so frustrated. He always relied on the facts. This piece of the equation stupefied him. There was always an explanation. What was it that made this one feel?

"…or Xemnas was just trolling us all about us having no hearts."

The scientist shook his head and exhaled in frustration. He was going to have to leave this question for thought later.

It was time to activate the final pulse.

This boy was too much for him. It would be easier to initiate the final clearing already. The meter was already in the 90s way he could deal with all the issues sooner. Time waited for no one. It was best to clear his memories permanently now.

DiZ typed a few commands into the keyboard and he looked at Roxas' face one more time. Tears.

"It's impossible…!" The robed scientist faltered as he looked closer.

Fresh salty tears were running down the boy's cheeks. It was almost as if he knew what the man was about to do.

The monitor began to flicker on showing something else besides static for a change. A blue sky appeared. Pure white sands were strewn about. And the clear, blue ocean broke its waves on the sandy shore.

A onyx haired girl stood at the beach and was just about to pick up a seashell.

Her eyes were of the deepest ocean blue and she smiled as the shell sparkled in the sunlight. Her petite gloved hand was just about to touch it...

Then her eyes widened and she turned around.

Her lips turned up in a bright smile.

What she saw were her two friends. A blonde haired teen with windswept hair and spiky locks was waving with a huge grin on his face with an older man beside him. The man had fire red spikes sticking in all directions with emerald eyes. He had a smile on his face too.

The blonde ran ahead to meet the girl and they were reaching out to each other.

"This is the end." DiZ muttered.

Their hands were about to make contact.

Then DiZ pressed the button.

And there was only static afterwards...