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Honey was eating cake , then jumped abit when he heard a fangirl screaming and his cake was falling off the table , Mori went to catch it but then hit the chair honey was sitting on , Honey then fell on top of Mori across his stomach .Hikaru and Kaoru came over laughing.

" That looks so wrong ". Kaoru said with his hand on his brothers sholder , doubled over with laughter.

" yeah isn't inbreding are job since we actually are brothers ". Hikaru said with his hands around his stomach, Honey just looked at them with a cold stare. " well we are cousins arent we " .

Mori looked up and saw Haruhi coming over .He then picked Honey off him and sat him down on the chair he knocked over ,which was now infront of a table with a new slice of strawberry cake. Honey just sat back down and eat like nothing happend .

Haruhi came over and looked at Hikaru and Kaoru confused .

" Whats wrong Haruhi your looking at us as if we just said how to bulid a fucking rocket ". They said in unision.

" whats inbred mean ? ". she said in a innocent way . The twins smirked as they saw Tamaki run over trying to stop them.

"Well haruhi you know the way boss says were like a family well if so that means your our sister so if you want us to show you what inbred means come to our house after sc-" .Tamaki star kicked them both but Hikaru was quick enough to catch one of Tamakis legs , but the other leg caught kaorus sholder and he fell . Hikaru flipped Tamaki by his leg that sent him flying to land beside haruhi , who is still shocked at how Hikaru caught Tamaki so quick . Hikaru ran to his brothers side putting one hand under his head and the other on his sholder .

"Are you ok kaoru ?". Hikaru said rubing Kaorus cheek .

" y-ya jus a l-little hurt i-ll be fine -ugh-".kaoru fell back a little bit haruhi ran over to help Hikaru pick up Kaoru.

" so ill meet up with you after school ?..." . They both straighting out.

"you seriously dont know what it means do you?".They said in unision.

"well i wouldn't ask if i knew ...well would I ". The twins smirked at each other .

" okay sis we will show what inbred means at our house Kay ! " they said while staring at Tamaki who is know crawling to his emo coner.

" why my inocent little girl why ? "


The twins put their arms around Haruhi's waist " But if you want us to show you what inbred means..." hikaru said cupping Haruhi's chin " you wIll need to be tamaki's daughter " kaoru finished puting his head on Haruhi's sholder ."fine i'm only doing it for today , and can you two please get off me ?".

Tamaki ran over picking up haruhi and spining her around and around.

" MY DAUGHT-".haruhi head butt him and he fell backwards still holding her. Hiakru grabbed haruhi from behind so then only Tamaki was sent flying backwards .Haruhi looked down to see her hands lay on top of Hikarus and jumped out of his hold ,Hiakru looked at haruhi eyes wide.

"whats wrong did i hurt you ?" .he said walking towards her.

" NO! i just uh i just ...need to pee yaa pee thats it ."

'way to go haruhi , you couldn't just say no and walk away NNOOO ~ you need to tell the world and it had to be hikaru who you was infront of you , IDOIT ! '

" o-kay ...,well see you soon sis. " he finished with a wink , haruhi turning a bright red , ran and slammed threw the bathroom doors.

"whats her problem?" kaoru said puttin an elbow on hikarus shoulder.

"dosn't matter shes going to be ours after school , eh bro ?" hikaru said with a fake smile , kaoru noticed his ' fake smile ' and frowned.

" whats wrong hikaru ? haruhi is coming to our house later on to find out what inbred means and shes finally going to be ours , but your upset ...why ?". hikaru turned away from his brother .

' i want her to be mine not ours thats whats worng.'

Like his brother read his mind he took his brothers shoulder so he faced him.

" hey , you greedy fucker, i dont ' feel well ' so i need you to show haruhi what inbred means , can you do that ?" kaoru said with a chuckle .

" seriously your okay with it right , im sorry im being a prick but you know how i feel about haruhi i just i-". kaoru cut him off put putting a finger on his lips and nodding.

"im fine , your lucky you have such a nice brother ."

Hikaru smiled and hugged him."i know i am, thank you kaoru ..."

~Haruhi in the bathroom~

' They seriously think i dont know what inbred means , well if it means i have to sleep with kaoru too then i'll do it , i just need a way to get close to hikaru '

she thought to herself trying to cool her face from its unatural pink colour , then looking at her hands and smiling thinking about how they were on hikarus .

' but what if hikaru thinks im trying to get close to kaoru ...awh shit , what will i do , i cant go threw with it , i have to just find another way but i said i'd go to theirs after school ... ahhh-hah! i'll bring my new laptop and use it to find out what inbred means ...yaa thats it-' .

" haruhi are you okay ? i need to talk to you ". hikaru said knocking on the bathroom door and looking at the sleeping or dead tamaki out cold on the ground , honey beside him splashing water on his face while mori was try to sit him up agaisnt the wall, kaoru doubled over laughing at him while kyouya was just typing away .

" Ya im okay , come in im decent ".

Hikaru opened the door slowly and looked in " you sure ?".

" well im not afraid of you , and its not like i bite, promise i won't ". she said with a cute giggle .

' god shes so damn cute ' hikaru then stepped in and the door closed .

"so what did you want to talk about.?" haruhi said leaning against the sink .

" oh just that kaoru isn't feeling well so you only have me if you still want to come over ,oh and if you want to know so badly what inbred means its -" .hikaru was cut off by haruhi giggling.

" whats so funny haruhi ?" hikaru said confused then his eyes widened.

" you knew all along didn't you , you just wanted to get close to us didnt you ?" he slowed down and frowned. " did you want to get close to kaoru?...".

Haruhi looked up with a horrified look on her face " NO! NO! I wanted to get close to you hikaru i-i-". haruhi threw herself at hikaru and wrapped her arms around him " I love you and i always have..hikaru ".

Hikaru looked down his hair covering his eyes " and i 've always loved you haruhi ...and i always will..." she looked at him her eyes glazed . He cupped her chin and brought her lips to his the soft sweet feeling of haruhis lips on his sent shivers all over his body .After a little while they parted and looked at each other with love .

" do you still want to come back to mine after school , my dear sister ?" he said with a smirk .

She hit him playfully on the shoulder and hugged him " of course my brother ?." They stayed like that for a few more minutes then left the school together , leaving the others confused but kaoru with a smile on his face .

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