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Haruhi sat back in the bed as hikaru straddeld her ."uhh...ssoo what do you do ?".Haruhi hadn't got a clue what to do in this kinda situation .she sat them up toghther to look at him.

"Do you not thinks it's ...awkward ?". She shrunk her head to her neck , clearly blushing , he looked at her then smiled."Do you want me to turn on music , or something ?".He asked walking up to an ' up-to-date white stareo with gold outlines' and turned it on .

"Let's get it ooonnnn~".Hikaru quickly changed the station.

"Juusst the twwooo of uuuusssss ~". Hikaru pressed on with the snear comment like "to cheesy".

"But tonight i'm fucking yooouuuu ~"Hikaru smirked at her as she raised an eyebrow."Well the radio is in the mood ".She giggled, standing up and turned the radio off.

"So then it's not awkward for you , anymore?"Hikaru asked locking his arms around her waist and putting his nose to hers , looking her in the eyes s he walked her backwards and gently placed her down on the bed as he climbed above her , never breaking eye contact .

"Hikaru this time don't ask me . Just... DO ME !"She pulled his lips down to hers and sneekly slide her tongue through his lips to dance with his own .

After Haruhi's bold move Hikaru began grinding on her as she also moved her body in sync with his . The kiss got more passionate as hands wandered , clothes became undone and soon their were only two heated body's left together.

"Haruhi , you look so ..Beautiful..."Hikaru roamed his hands over her body as he spoke .


"Ssshhhhh...It's ok , i'll take care of you .."He whisperd .

"NO! , you idiot , i can't breath because your sitting on my stomach , now GET OFF ! "She rolled to her side and sent him flying to the floor.

"Ha..ha ... my bad~"He scratched the back of his head before climbing back on her .

"Hikaru?..."She asked as he played with her body.

"yeah?"He continued to kiss and play with her body .

"I love you and i trust you not to hurt me , althought it is my first time it may hurt but i know you will take that pain away ...Hikaru.."She shifted herself up abit to get his attention as it did , he poured love into her eyes with his own as he spoke.

"Haruhi , I love you too , and once i'm here you will never have to feel pain again ."He finished by claiming her lips with his onw and with even asking got permission and slide he's tongue in and tasted all of put his knee between her legs to find see was very wet .

She could feel the smirk onn his lips and got an idea to wipe it off . Hikaru could feel haruhi stroking him. He bent his head back as she stroked him.

"*hum hum* that wiped that smirk off your face , i wonder what would happen if i ..."She grips his manhood , hearing a low groan from him.

"Haruhi , do you even know what your doing ? "He asked between 'oh's ' and 'ah's' as he shifted so she could get better access.

"No , not really , but your not stopping me so that must mean i'm doing okay , right~".She slowly trails her finger over his lenght, He shudders.

"It would be alot better if you put it in your mouth"He finishs by rubbing her neck to encorage her." ugh ... okay.."

She wraps her lips around the top . hikaru , before fucking her head , slowly brings her down to his base , listening to soft choking sounds from her as she has all of him in her mouth.


She replies by light gliding her teeth above him .

"i'm - im gonna-"He didn't have time as he exploded in her mouth . Haruhi swallowed it and then removed herself from him . She looked at him ashamed .

"I- I swallowed it, crap i'm sorry i didn't mean to.."She looked down licking her finger .

"Haruhi , it's okay if you do and it realy turns me on the way your licking you finger... ha do i tast nice ?"He smirked at her and laid her back down on the bed .

"oh , really then can i try it again !"she sounded excited trying to sit up but then being stopped by hikaru.

"I want to try something else , brace yourself ".Hikaru opened her legs with his knee once again amd positioned himself at her enterance .

"Hikaru , why do you look like you don't want this ?"She moved he's head to make him look at her .

" I do , belive me i do , but it's you im afriad i'll lose myself and hurt you ."You could hear the worry in his voice .

"Hikaru , i'm a strong girl not pysically but mentally , i'd say i would be able to handle whatever you throw at me .."she leans in closer to whisper ." and i've always wanted it hard ..".

With that Hikaru drove into her with akk his force , to hear her whimper and cry-out his name . He stops and looks to see if shes okay and found tears flying from her eyes.

"You asshole , you take it easy first then you can fucking rip me in two ! ".She shouts at him .

"Sorry must have mis-understood."He shakily says before hearing her whimper and move her hips up , which felt great to him .

"so slow or fast ?"

"Fast , hard and would you move already !"He began , pushing hard with each trust. He kisses her to shush her abit , makeing sure not to wake anyone who's not already listening. She brakes the kiss.

"HI-HIKA-RU!".She moans as she can feel the bed move with each trust he makes into her . Hikaru , wery turned on by her calling his name asks her.

"Say my name again haruhi , no scream it ".He says quickening his pace , with a sound of skin smaking together , haruhi felt a knot in her stomach that needed to be broke .

"Hikaru m-move faster!".She moans.

He grunts more as he can feel something build up inside him. Haruhi digs her nails into his back , she can fell that shes close.

"Haruhi , i'm going to - ugh- release inside o-okay?"He finshed with a groan.

She nodded , not trusting her mouth at the moment. He's last push , he gave in and release inside her reaching he's end and moaning her name . Haruhi flung her head back as she felt him filling her bringing her to her climax ."HIKARU!".She moaned he's name as he dropped to the side of her and pulled the covers up.

"Ha...Haru...hi...I..never...knew you ...liked ...anything..like that...".He tried to speak out of breath , making it come out ragged. Wrapping his arms around her. She giggled weakly , then felt a pain in her head and cringed .

"My head is fucking killing me , you kept hitting me off the head - borad , asshole". She suddenly re-gained breath giving out to him as the door flung open , showing honey and mori , hikaru made sure haruhi was fully covered . ( but she ended up smudderd under the blankets).

"Kaoru said your going to hard , considering he's room is shaking and well he's three fucking doors down !".Honey pissed off it's not him in that bed with haruhi .

"So what , she wanted it like that , so i obliged."He smirked as he answered.

Honey glared at him , then looking at mori and motioning to leave , he did as told. As the door closed Honey walked to the side of the bed and pointed at a crack in the wall .

"Hikaru , are you sure you didn't break her ?"Worry writtin in he's voice .

Haruhi recovered herself from the blankets and turned to look at the crack , then stopping and cringing at the pain between her legs , she lifted the blankets so only she could see , blood was covering in between her thighs, she widened her eyes at the sight then narrowed them on hikaru.

"Honey - senpai , could you leave me to talk to hikaru for just a little bit , please ..."She smiled at him then narrowing her eyes on her target again. Honey left the room , closing the door before hearing hikaru squeak abit .

"Your holding those a little thight !"He squeaked as haruhi stranggled his manhood with the hand .

"I want you to feel how i feel now !".She clutched thighter 'if possible'.Hikaru pushed her down and pinned her hands above her .

"Haruh, I love you , marry me !.".He exhauled as he felt his balls circulate again .

"I will if you get off me ..."She giggled as he did ad told then grinned.

"So, you will marry me , haruhi ?".He's eyes shinning as she nodded.

"Yes , hikaru , i will marry you !" . He jumped on her and began kissing her face everywhere. She giggled and hugged him back . The door burst down , revelling Tamaki and the host club behind him , covering there eyes .

"DADDY DOES NOT APPROVE !".Kyouya kicked him down , then the rest just peeked in and cheered .


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