"He did what?" Constance exclaimed.

"I swear," I mumbled while we were coming back from the doctor. She had confirmed that I was pregnant and she told me not to wait too long before having the abortion because soon I wouldn't be able to have one. I told her I would go this week. Constance said she'd go with me.

"I knew he was crazy about you!" she triumphed.

"There's nothing to be proud of. I can't date Josh," I reminded her.

"Who cares?" Constance sighed.

"Thomas," I answered.

She smiled. "You have to decide what you want. Either you work it out with Thomas or you give it a try with Josh and you forget about Thomas," she said. I knew she was right. I couldn't have both. But I didn't see Josh as a boyfriend. Especially not mine. We weren't on the same planet, that was how I felt. "You'll find in him someone you didn't find in Thomas," Constance argued.

I sighed, "Maybe I will give it a try." But it sounded like a very bad idea.

"You should," she suggested.

I smiled when I understood how stubborn she was about this. Didn't know why.

"Why you want me so hard to date Josh?" I asked.

"Look what you're going through since Thomas is in your life. Maybe Josh will give you a break," she answered.

She really was a true friend. She was being honest with me which I liked.

When I got back into my room, I took my phone. I had a two text messages. "Can't wait to see you, J." and "Call me, T."

I called Josh first, "Hey?"

"Hey, Josh, it's me," I said.

"Hey! I was wondering when you'd call," he exclaimed. I could tell he was happy to hear me. Maybe a bit too much. Thomas must have been around…

I didn't bother myself with this, "You know, I've been surprised when you kissed me earlier but I've thought about it and you're right. We should give it a try," I told him. I could almost hear his thought screaming his joy. It made me smile. Maybe Constance was right, I needed a guy like Josh in my life right now.

"You don't even know how much I wanted to hear this from you," he said. I could almost see him smiling.

I hung up after saying goodbye and I called Thomas, "Yeap?"

"Thomas, it's Reed."

"Yeah, I've recognized your voice. What's up?" he asked. Like he didn't know.

"The doctor said I need to have the abortion as soon as possible. I just wanted to tell you… And, even if Constance will go with me, I was wondering if maybe… If maybe you wanna come," I suggested.

"If you want me there, I'll be there," he finally said.

"Then meet me at my room this Saturday,"

"All right." I hung up after he wished me sweet dreams. I was confused. Anyway.

Next morning, when I came into the cafeteria, Josh was waiting for me, and he took my hand as we were walking through it. I felt uncomfortable, noticing everyone was watching us. Plus, I had put on a really large shirt so no one would notice my belly. I still fit on my jeans so I kinda was happy of it. I saw Thomas. He was sitting with Dash and the Billings girls. What a change! I suddenly felt sick. I couldn't face Thomas and held Josh's hand. I just couldn't. But you have to do it. Shut up! I can't.

He turned his head as I was about to run away, and his look went down straight where my hand and Josh's were entwined. He saw red. He was so pissed, I could tell. But behind the anger, I knew there was some pain. He didn't move and continued to smile but nothing was real about this expression. It looked fake to me.

Josh and I sat down with the Billings girls. I had to face them. Soon or later. And I picked soon. So we sat in front of Dash and Thomas.

"So, Reed you got a new prey?" Noelle voice said, sarcastic. I didn't answer. I knew she only wanted to provoke me or something. The best revenge was to stay calm.

"Hey, Reed," Taylor exclaimed. She was the only one I have missed.

"Hey, Taylor," I replied with a smile.

There was a huge awkwardness between everyone. I saw Ariana. She was still looking at Thomas. I looked up to see Thomas's look, and I knew what he was up to. I saw pain in his eyes and pain equals revenge. He looked at Ariana and nodded. They both got up and left without an explanation.

"So what, Osgood is with Pearson, now?" Josh asked.

"They shouldn't be!" Noelle yelled. She looked at me and said, "He should be with you so what the hell you doing?"

"She's with me," Josh said. I didn't really know why, but what he just said bothered the hell out of me. I wasn't with Josh. I didn't want to be with him. All I wanted was one thing, and it was Thomas.

I suddenly got up. Everyone was watching at me. They knew all the rumours and gossips, and they knew I wasn't so happy about Thomas being with Ariana. After he said he only loved you. Also.

"You don't understand a thing. None of you," I cried.

And I left in a hurry. I found Thomas and Ariana sitting on a bench. I came near to them, and I slapped Ariana so hard. She had a red mark on her cheek, and she looked at me like she wanted to kill me.

"Get off him!" I yelled. I was out of my mind.

She got up. Hot rage rose inside me. I was really about to lose control.

"He ain't yours anymore," she reminded me with an annoying voice. I so wanna punch her!

"I said, 'get off!' " I screamed.

And I hit her again. She did hit me too. I didn't really notice. I only remember seeing people coming out of the cafeteria to see a real cat fight. Thomas tried to separate us but he didn't success. We were both out of control.

Finally, Dash came and separated the two of us. He was looking at us like we were insane, which we probably were. "Stop making a show of yourselves. It is pathetic. Pearson, clean this up," he ordered. He let me go and Ariana too, "Don't you dare fight again right now," he warned us. And he left.

I saw Josh. He wasn't happy. He didn't look like he was. He wouldn't forgive me this. I couldn't blame him. He was hurt, I knew that, but he knew I might fall again for Thomas. Maybe I had never unfell for him either. Josh left, too, and so did everyone else.

Thomas eyed me. His look had changed. "Finally," he said.

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