Saturday. It was the day I was having my abortion. I couldn't tell how I felt. I was excited and also I wasn't. There would be one more problem out of my mind. The Josh thing was already over. We had talked, and he had understood that I wasn't ready for somebody else. He had said he'd be there waiting for me whenever I would be ready. He hadn't been pissed off like I thought he'd be. He just got it.

I was walking in circles in my room, under Constance's worried look. We were waiting for Thomas to show up. Did I really need to say I was back on the track with him? Guess not. When I had this fight with Ariana, after it, we had explained and we had finally gotten back together and for good this time. I had never been this happy. Everything felt so right. Unbreakable, like nothing could go wrong.

"Where is he?" Constance asked, annoyed.

"We're gonna be late," I noticed. I tried to call him, but he didn't answer. Where the hell was he?

"Appointment is at 4 and it is 1, so he better shows up soon because we'll miss the bus," Constance continued.

I tried to call Josh who picked his phone after the third ring tone, "Reed?" he said.

"Yeah, it's me. I was wondering if you've seen Thomas. Constance and I are waiting for him," I said.

"Didn't see him," he apologized, but he didn't seem to be sorry at all.

"I don't get it. He said he'll be there," I grumbled.

"If I ever see him, I'll tell him you're looking for him," he promised.

"Yeah, thanks, Josh," I thanked him.

"No problem," he assured before hanging up.

Constance looked at me, "And where is he?" she asked.

She was being impatient. Sure, we were supposed to have lunch out there, and he just wasn't there.

"Josh has no idea but he'll look for him," I told her.

"Okay, Reed we really should be going," Constance said. She was right, but I didn't want to do it without Thomas. In fact, maybe I just couldn't do it. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to make it. We waited until 2, and we left. Thomas hadn't given news, and it was weird. I had talked to him yesterday, and he was still down. Now he wasn't there. Find the mistake! I felt a bit guilty for leaving, but I mean, he wasn't here, and I couldn't miss the appointment. I

In the bus, I tried to call him again, but still he didn't answer.

I even called Dash, "Hello?"

"Dash, it's Reed Brennan," I introduced myself.

"Oh, hey Reed, what's up?" he said.

"Wondering if you saw Thomas today," I asked.

"Hmmmm…" he thought, "this morning I saw him he said he had something to do." Something to do. Must be me.

"Didn't he tell you where he went?" I asked again.

"Nope; I ain't his baby-sitter," Dash replied.

"Didn't mean this," I added on the same tone.

I heard him sighing, "Sorry I'm being rude. I'm just having a bad day," he apologized.

"Yeah, I understand. It's okay, call me if you see him, please? Or better; tell him to call me as soon as he can, it's an emergency!" I almost screamed.

He laughed for a second, thinking I was like missing him or so. But when he heard I wasn't joining my laugh to his, he stopped, "Is everything all right?" he asked.

I wasn't about to talk about my problems to Dash McCafferty. So wasn't. "No, I just really need to talk to him. And now I gotta go. See ya," I told him before hanging up.

I looked at Constance. She was texting. Probably Witt. Never mind. I just didn't say a word until we arrived to the clinic. Well, we had to walk so we stopped by a restaurant to eat. I wasn't so much hungry, so I didn't eat much. I was stressed and worried.

My phone rang. I almost jumped on it. I took the call in a hurry, "Hello?"

"Reed?" It wasn't Thomas. At all.

"What do you want, Noelle?" I mumbled. Now I was in a really bad mood.

"Dash told me you called," she started. Of course, he wasn't able to shut up in front of his boss.

"It's true," I said.

"He said you were looking for Thomas, and it was an emergency. What could be so urgent?" she asked.

Did she really think I was about to tell her? So not. I wouldn't.

"None of your business," I replied.

"Either you tell me now, or I'll find out. Soon or later," she threaded me.

I wasn't afraid of her anymore. Anyway I would get rid of the problem today, so it wasn't a problem anymore, and she had nothing against me, like proofs. Except Thomas but I doubted he'd talked. "Good luck," I wished her before hanging up.

Now Constance was looking at me, "Noelle Lange called?" she asked, surprised.

Sure, I wasn't Noelle's biggest fan since the thing with Ariana, and I didn't feel sorry about it.

"Yeah, Dash told her that I called and that I was looking for Thomas," I explained.

"Such a bitch," she grumbled.

I laughed, "Damn, I know."

My phone rang again. We were waiting in the waiting room at the clinic. People were staring at me, and it made me feel so uncomfortable. I took the call, trying to escape to these people's looks.

"Yeah?" I said.

"Reed, it's Dash." His voice was calm and judging by the way he was talking, I knew something terrible had happened.

"Dash? What's going on?" I asked with a little voice.

"Cops are here. They found a body in a car close to here," he told me.

A body? Yeah, what was the link between the body and Easton? Or even me. Why was he calling? And why Thomas wasn't calling?

"Don't tell me it's …" I whispered. A very clear image was in my mind. With the complete scene. I was praying for it not to be true.

"They think it is Thomas Pearson's body."

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