"He's dead."

These words were stuck in my mind like they would never go away. They probably never will. Dead? After everything we had been through and everything that had almost separated us for good, I couldn't believe this time we were really apart. And nothing would never be the same. I couldn't imagine … He would never be there again to hold me tight, never be there again to kiss me. He would never be there anymore.

Tears started to come out of my eyes. I couldn't breathe anymore. I felt like something was stopping me from doing so.

I hung up on Dash without saying goodbye. I looked at Constance. I felt so broken. My heart was falling to pieces. I couldn't control myself. I just wanted to scream. But even I knew that it would not make the pain go away. I so wished it did. I wished that it could right now.

"What's wrong?" Constance asked with her sweet voice. I wasn't even able to talk. This was a nightmare it couldn't be real. I didn't believe this. "Tell me, Reed…" she insisted.

I just took her hand, and I got up. I had to go back to Easton. I couldn't… I couldn't have the abortion knowing he wouldn't be there anymore. I lost my courage. I had lost everything…

I got out of the clinic even if Constance kept telling me I couldn't and that I would miss the appointment, I didn't care. All that mattered was Thomas. It couldn't be true. It just couldn't. We took the bus back to Easton. I couldn't stop crying, and I didn't talk to Constance.

She had no idea what was going on until she got a text from Witt. Then, she almost cried. She hugged me, "Reed, I don't even know what to say I am so sorry…" she said. She was being too emotive for me. I didn't want to hear any apologize. Deep inside of me, I still hoped that he wasn't dead. I didn't know how I would live without him.

I didn't answer and when we got back to Easton, cops were still here. When I came near to them, they looked at me. I saw Noelle near them. Her eyes were dry. She was heartless or what? I felt like she was. She talked to the cops and they came by me, "We heard you were Thomas' girlfriend," they said. I nodded. "We want to ask you some questions," they continued.

I forced myself to open the mouth and talked, "Sure," I whispered.

They took me to a lonely place where no one was around. They sat and so did I. I felt weird. I wasn't sure I wanted to hear what they wanted to tell me.

"So, Reed Brennan, right?"

I nodded, "Are you sure it's him?" I asked.

They sighed and one of them answered, "We have enough elements to say it's him. His jacket was found near the body. And his card. And people saw a guy like him walking around the place. And Thomas Pearson is still missing here. No one had heard of him since the morning. So I am sorry, but I think it's him. We'll have the confirmation later."

"Can't they analyze the DNA?" I asked.

"He burned. There's no DNA to analyze," he said.

Burned? I shook my head. "Then you can't say it's him!"

They looked at me, "There's not only DNA to identify someone. Look, I know this is hard but just face it. Now we have some questions."

"Go on," I grumbled.

"When did you speak to him the last time?"

"Yesterday at 10 pm. We were about to get to bed,"

I answered. I remembered our discussion. He told me he'd be there for me, no matter what and that he loved me. Damn, I so wished he could be here now. I didn't know how I manage this, but I didn't cry.

"How serious was your relationship?" they asked.

I stayed silent for a moment before answering, "Serious," I just said. I couldn't say I was pregnant with his baby? Could I?

The cops looked at each other in a weird way, and I knew it wasn't a good sign, "People said you were always fighting, but you were always getting back together."

"It's true. Thomas and me we had problems, I won't lie on this. I was being a bit jealous, and he had done weird things to get me back, but we worked it out and everything was just fine," I swore. I couldn't say the entire truth but I had to say something so they could fine the low-life who had done this…

"What about Ariana Osgood?"

Hot rage rose inside of me when I heard this name. "This girl is a slut. I hate her. She tried to make out with Thomas while he was with me. She had always tried to separate me from Thomas. She loves him," I told them.

They noted what I said. "You had a fight with her."

Wasn't a question. They knew. Someone must have told them. "Yes."

"What was it about?"

"Thomas," I said.

The cops frowned, "Why?"

"Why do you even bother to ask? You already know the answer," I mumbled.

"Wanna hear it from you."

I lost my fake smile. I looked away for awhile. "Thomas and I were broken up when it happened. And then they ended up being together. I was mad, yeah. But I just couldn't deal with her fake smile so I just slapped her and we had an argument. But it's over. Thomas got back with me."

"So Ariana could be a suspect?"

Ariana? I knew she was a freak, but killing someone? If she would've kill someone it would've been me. "I think she's a freak, but I don't think she would kill someone and especially not Thomas," I said.

"She told us you were the freak here and that you were messing around with Thomas. She said you got so mad when you saw Thomas with her that you almost wanted to kill her. Some people said it's true and some others said it wasn't. According to her, you could've killed Thomas just because you wanted to take your revenge on her. She doesn't think you love him."

I took a deep breathe. Ariana was wrong. I never would've hurt Thomas. Or her. Not this much. "She is wrong. I love him," I just said. There was nothing more to say.

"But her version is more believable," they said. They took out a piece of paper in a bag written "proofs" on it. I recognized my writing on the paper. Surprised, I was. "We found this near to the body. It's a threaten letter. And you wrote it."

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