Bad Plot Bunny!

The rabbit hopped behind another canvas and the five students had no choice but to follow it. They all yelped as they slid down a very long smooth stone slide. "WE'RE GOING INTO THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS!" Ron wailed in horror.

"No we're not, Ron! That opened in Moaning Myrtle's bathroom!" Harry replied. They all landed on top of each other with a whump and several cries of "Ow!"

"Where are we?" George asked.

"No idea, Forge." Fred replied before sighing dramatically "If only you had our map."

"Yes, but it's hidden under your socks, Gred." George retorted.

"Never mind where we are - WHERE'S THAT BLOODY RABBIT?" Ron yelled as he cast a lumos.

"POTTER! WHAT IN THE NAME OF MERLIN IS THIS RABBIT DOING IN HERE? I DEMAND YOU GET IN HERE NOW!" Harry blanched. The students knew exactly where the rabbit had gone. They followed the voice of the screaming professor to the dungeons.

"Afternoon, Sir Snivelly Snape of Slytherin." Fred (or George) said at the door. "You seem to have a rabbit problem." He dodged a hex sent his way. The others followed him into the dungeons. Snape was standing in the center of his lab coated with potion. A cauldron was overturned on the floor, and the Plot Bunny was hopping around still oblivious to the world.


"We were trying to catch the thing." Snape flicked his wand and a net flew out of it encasing the rabbit. But before he could turn to smirk at Harry, the bunny chewed through the cords. "Spells don't work on it, sir."

"We - we were thinking you could help, sir." Hermione said suddenly. "See, when charms fail on containing a bit of magic, potions can sometimes be used as a remedy."

"Indeed, Miss Granger." Snape said. He reached down and tried to catch the bunny who found his long nose looking rather like a pale fat carrot. Snape screamed as the rabbit teeth clamped down on his nose.

"BAD RABBIT! BAD!" Hermione cried. Harry, Ron, and the Weasly twins were too busy cracking up to help. She wrestled the rabbit off of Snape and began dunking it in the potion that still remained in the overturned cauldron. The waistcoat disappeared and the rabbit was an ordinary rabbit who walked on all fours versus sometimes on two legs. It blinked and hopped around the lab looking somewhat dazed. "There."

"Ten points to Gryffindor. Now OUT! ALL OF YOU!" Snape yelled. Hermione reached down to pick up the rabbit. "LEAVE IT, Miss Granger!" She put it down tentatively. "Er - in it's non-magical state - it is - shall I say - quite adorable." Harry, Ron, and the Weasly twins hoped more plot bunnies were lurking around Hogwarts to provide them with more adventures and possibly more house points!

The End!

Hope you all enjoyed :)

If you feel like writing a sequel, go ahead! Just cite this story somewhere :)