Okay, first off, I'm really sorry. I was hoping I could get this finished but right now that doesn't seem particularly feasible. It will happen. I promise. But right now, it's not possible.

I'm going on exchange to France for ten months starting tomorrow. I'm absolutely thrilled and excited (not to mention terrified), but I'm also determined to learn as much French as possible in the time I have. So I've sworn off the English language. For anything other than contacting family and friends, I'm living life in French. And that includes writing. That's going to be a massive challenge in itself for me - for as long as I can remember writing has been my life. It's my passion. It's just what I do. You guys are writers too, right? You understand how I really don't want to have to abandon it, even if only for a few months. But I don't have a choice, and I'm sorry.

So basically, this story will get finished. I swear. When I get back I'll be so fizzing with unwritten words I'll probably bash it all out in about five minutes. But please don't hold your breath. I'd hate to come back to a pile of asphyxiated subscribers.

I don't really know what else to say. Wish me luck! Considering my level of French right now, I'll need it.