Oh, don't mind me, just playing around with an idea that has been fishing around my head while I keep working on War of the Legends.

And to wallow in my fail at writing survival stuff. And crack pairings. C:

The first thing that came to mind when Lance awoke was the blinding light filtering into his eyes.

Lightning flashing, flickering lights- reflections everywhere.

The second that came to mind, when his hand lifted to block out the source, or at least to get a reprieve from its blinding rays, was that his body felt incredibly heavy and sore, and that there was a splitting headache assaulting him.

Pain, glittering steel swipes at him. Shadows all around, he's fighting shadows! Shadows with fists and kicks all flying at him.

The third was that something gritty and like sandpaper was on his face, his hands, his clothes- daring to peek under the shade of his hand, he saw white grains of sand crusted to his clothes.

Melted sapphire, cold as ice, flooding from blasted silver walls, so salty and repulsive to the tongue. Shadows all around, at his heels. Suddenly he's not so alone- someone dressed in fires fights away the shadows. Fire rips them apart- he's flung out of the walls.



Darkness soaks him to the bone, crushing down on him. He breaks the surface, fighting for his life, and finds steel waiting for him.

He doesn't bother stopping the groan from loosening in his throat as he heaves to. Lance gets to his feet, noticing the weak, wobbling that follows his rise. His limbs ached, he could feel sand in one too many places, and his body felt like it had been used as a personal punching bag for a Machamp. His mouth was dry as the desert, and skin hot from the sun.

Lance ignored his body's complaints and took a long look at his surroundings. He appeared to have been stranded on a beach, white sand only tainted to a yellow by the harsh blue ocean water crashing onto shore. With one look to his left or right he could see nothing by rocky shallows and beach sand as far as his eye could see. An endless ocean bowed before him, surf waves gathering far out and crashing fierce againts the beach and rocks.

Behind him grass and a few healthy, strong palm trees poked out in tufts and thin groups from the sand before becoming a lush, forested curtain of jungle that he couldn't see any farther into past a few dozen trees. The only implication he could see of any other topographic features of where he was at were a few thin, difficult to see points of snow-less mountain peaks peeking over the thick jungle.

Large scraps of sheet metal occasionally struck the air from beneath the sand. That's right, he remembered through his headache, he had been on a ship.

A ship...

"Going from Vermillion to the League Champion Gathering... a storm hit and something went wrong with the ship and it started tearing apart." he reminded himself. The metal must have belonged to it, and it had to have sunk in the ocean. How else could he be stranded here?


That word left an awful taste on his tongue.

"Alright, I can handle this. " he told himself, hand reaching for his pokeballs, "I can use Dragonite to fly me upwards, see this land from above. Find some civiliza-"

His words died in his throat once his hand stopped on the space where Dragonite's pokeball was supposed to rest, alongside Gyarados and the Dragonair twins.

Key word: supposed to rest.

It wasn't there.

They weren't there.

His pokemon were gone.

Short, sweet, and to the point, aren't I? BTWs, this Lance is anime Lance, with elements of the PA/games Lance (mostly looks, slightly team) cuz last time we saw him in the anime, it was AdvGen, and that was a LONG time ago, doncha think?

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