"Oh my God." She said with a hint of hysteria in her voice, she searched around, looking as fast as she could to find something, anything to help stop the bleeding. Dean, barely conscious, lifted his eyes just enough to see who was kneeling next to him.

"Jessica?" he asked weakly.

"Don't talk. Save your strength." She said quickly and pulled her baby blue sweater off and pressed it against the gaping wound.

"You need to get out of here." He said trying to push her hands out of the way. Long bloody feminine fingers stopped his efforts, she took one of his hands in hers and made sure to get close enough for him to see her. "No. Don't move." The baby blue sweater was rapidly turning red. She quickly pulled her cell phone out of her pocket and searched around for signal, there was none, the panic inched up her throat and she took a calming breath and looked around.

"What?" Dean asked weakly.

"I'm looking for Sam." She said and tried to give him a reassuring smile, but she was fairly certain it came out closer to a grimace. At the mention of Sam's name Dean immediately began to struggle again. He tried to sit up, this time with more force, and his heart pumped more, which made the deep wound on the other side of his body begin to bleed more. She pushed his uninjured shoulder down as gently as she could.

"No. Stay down. Don't try to move."

"Protect Sammy, that's my job."

"No. Your job is to stay right here and let Sam finish what ever he's doing, so he can come back here and we can get you to a hospital. Your job is to stay alive Dean."

"Be fine." His words were thick as if his tongue was getting in the way of his mouth making the words.

"Don't argue." She said and took off her t-shirt and pushed it against his bleeding chest. He stopped struggling, and he turned to look off in the distance where Sam had gone. His face was going more and more pale, and she was sure that he was going to die with her hands on his chest, trying uselessly to stop him from bleeding his life away. Sam's dream was going to come true, Dean was going to die out here in the woods at the hands of something that shouldn't exist. But at least, he wouldn't die alone.


Sam raised the blade above his head and thrust it into the creature's chest. He turned it, and yanked it back out. Blood and ooze dripped from his hair, his face, his clothes, and finally the knife. The creature was dead. The only thing left was to cut off its head and then burn the son of a bitch. He pulled the machete that he had hanging from his belt and made quick work of the last steps to rid the world of this murderous creature.

Just as he was salting the creature and pouring lighter fluid on it, he heard her. He heard Jessica.

"Sam! We need you! Sam?! Sam!?" His heart started to pound and he made quick work of the fire and ran in the direction of Jessica's frantic voice. She kept screaming and he followed the sound, remembered all of those years of Bobby and Dean showing him and telling him how to follow all of his senses—not just his eyes. And he hurried, spurred on by the frantic note in Jessica's voice. He pushed his body to move faster, faster than he ever had before and then he found them, found them in a small clearing that Dean must have stumbled into after Sam had taken over for him, and he was on the ground, blood was everywhere and Jessica's shirt and sweater were being pressed hard into Dean's chest.

"He needs to get to a hospital." Jessica said hoarsely. "He's breathing. But he lost consciousness. I can't get the bleeding to stop." Tears cleared a path down her face. "What do we do?"

Sam wasted no time. He picked his brother up, one arm under his brother's knees and one under his upper body, careful not to jostle him anymore than needed. "Come on." Sam said tersely and took off as fast as he could.

Jessica, naked from the waist up except for a bra, ran as fast as she could through the brush and followed Sam to the car, helped him get his brother inside, she got in the driver's seat, allowing Sam to stay with his brother, to try to stop the bleeding.

"Drive! Jessica! Drive!" Sam shouted as he cradled his brother's head and spoke softly and rapidly words that Jessica couldn't hear or understand through her heart pounding in her own ears.

They made it to the hospital in record time, and Sam had his brother out of the backseat before she even had the car in park. He was running with a grown man in his arms. Sam wasn't a weakling, but wasn't Superman either. However, watching him run with his brother in his arms would make one question if he didn't have a little supernatural something that helped propel him forward.

"…me! Help me!" Sam was yelling as she entered the emergency room pulling the coat that she had found in the trunk around her torso. A nurse with a gurney came from virtually nowhere, and Dean was placed on the stretcher. It took three nurses and a male orderly to keep Sam from following.

"Sam." She whispered. He turned to her and his eyes were wild, they were the eyes of a man she didn't know, those eyes were not the eyes of the law student, with the gentle nature and the lopsided smile, and the soft soul that she had grown to love and respect, and secretly hope that would become her husband one of these days.

"I can't leave him." He said desperately.

Jessica put her hands on his chest, tried to look him in the eye, but they were looking all over the place, looking for a way to get to his brother. "They are going to fix him."

"But he will be alone."

"We're both out here."

"But he'll think we left him to die." That thought seemed to send him over the edge. Jessica smacked her hands hard against Sam's chest this time and was finally successful in getting his attention.

"But he isn't dead Sam. They'll make sure that he is okay."

"He's got a rare blood type. I'm the only one that can give him blood."

"Maybe you should tell them that." She said gently and grabbed his arm to keep him from running back there and setting up the infusion himself, and guided him to the nurse's station so he could deliver that bit of important information.

It took several hours and a blood donation from Sam, but the doctor finally came out and asked for the Winchester family. Sam practically ran to the man, and almost crumpled into a pile of goo when he found out that his brother was going to be alright, that he had lost a lot of blood, and the blood that Sam had donated was going to be one step on the road to recovery for him.

"You were just lucky you found him when you did." The doctor said. "This was a hunting accident?"

"Yeah." Sam lied effortlessly.

"What got him, do you know?"

"No. I didn't see it. I was several feet away from him facing the other direction. When I heard him scream, it was already gone." Jessica listened to Sam, but couldn't believe the way he was just able to come up with a cover story, and give it with the same ease most would deliver the truth. It scared her a little.

The doctor nodded accepting the lie. "When can I see my brother?"

"Once we get him into a room, we will let you see him." Sam nodded.

"Thank you." The doctor nodded and turned away and back into the double doors to go and help someone else's loved one.