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Sam nodded in agreement as her hands went towards her soaking wet cardigan and removed it from her body. She folded it and hung it neatly over the railing while she busied herself with her sopping wet hair. Freddie watched her delicate movements in fascination with a smirk on his face as he leant against the side of the other railing and folded his arms. A sudden idea occurred to him, which broadened his smirk all the more.

After tending to her wet hair (which had become wavy in the process), Sam glanced at Freddie to see what he was doing. She frowned in confusion as he approached her slowly, his hands stretched towards her in a strange posture.

"What are you doing?" Sam asked in confusion as she studied his face.

Freddie said nothing, but twirled around on the spot instead and moved his hands in front of his body as if he were hugging someone.

"Dancing?" Sam asked after finally figuring out his movements.

He nodded, gestured to her and then cocked his head to the side to gauge her response.

"There's no music," Sam pointed out dryly.

"It's not a perfect world, Sam." Freddie responded before formally extending his hand to her.

With a roll of her eyes and a small smile, Sam agreed and placed her dainty hand in his. Then they began dancing around in a small circle in the gazebo.

They spun around, never once losing their rhythm. Every now and then, Sam released a soft chuckle which vibrated through the small space as she smiled broadly at Freddie, feeling strangely content after the longest time. Freddie in turn smiled at her as he steered her backwards. He kept staring at her-refusing to look away.

It might be impossible considering how already close he is to her, but he might have gone even got closer. He leaned closer and so did she.

He leaned closer, but dodged her lips and went for her white, smooth neck. He gently kissed it and nuzzled it. She sighed and he bet she felt butterflies inside her. It was really dark. They did not know what time, maybe midnight or one in the morning. It was raining heavily too, but yet, here they were, alone, romancing in this kind of atmosphere.

His lips never left her while they traveled all over her neck. He placed a last kiss on her throat and looked up to look at her eyes.

Her heart quickened its pace at the sound. Sam couldn't deny it anymore: Freddie had struck her right in the heart, leaving his mark on her after all this time. And there was no going back after this.

He was running through the crowded dorm and dodging past people like his life depended on it.

"Excuse me," Freddie Benson mumbled as he pushed through the crowds of people standing around in the public area checking the bulletin board in Ridgeway.

"Coming through!" he called out haphazardly as he nearly collided with a guy on a skateboard near the exit.

"Dude, what are you wearing?" the skater boy said as he was staring down at Freddie's light grey polo neck sweater and matching slacks.

"It's Wednesday morning," Freddie offered as an explanation, which Jake seemed to understand.

"Sorry," Freddie added as he nearly sped over some girl as he made it across the hallway.

Freddie almost stopped to flirt to the attractive young woman he'd nearly knocked over when he glanced at his watch. He was already 10 minutes late.

See, Freddie was the schools cool dude. Almost every girl was attracted to him that way, every girl but one.

"Shit!" he exclaimed briefly as he dashed along the hallways, leaving the young woman to stare after him in disappointment.

He took a short-cut across the cafeteria, slipping through the cheerleaders that were practicing their routine and side-stepped the cheerleaders standing near the tables that were put up to make room for the girls to practice since the gym was in use for other purposes and the fields were soggy with rain.

"Ladies," Freddie greeted politely as he swept past.

"Hey, Freddie." The cheerleaders greeted admiringly in harmony.

He was clear across the other side of the school now and heading in the direction of the classroom. He ran through the automatic glass doors. He ran through several more corridors until he finally entered through a studio with wooden flooring and a glass ceiling.

A young woman about Freddie's age was already standing inside the vast room, wearing similar clothing to Freddie. She whipped around at the sound of footsteps and turned to face him with a curious expression. Her eyes locked on him in recognition and she scowled.

"You're late." Sam Puckett announced irritably, fixing Freddie with a piercing eye, her teeth in a scowl.

"I know, I'm sorry. I totally forgot we were practicing fencing today." Freddie apologized humbly.

"How could you forget, doof? We practice every Wednesday morning at 9am sharp." Sam pointed out impatiently.

"Well, I was a little hung over this morning. See, Jonah and the guys hosted a keg competition at their crib last night and –"

"Unbelievable. Who the hell throws a party on a Tuesday night? You know, there are so many things I could've been doing with my time instead of waiting around for you." Sam scolded crossly with her hands on her hips.

"Sam, your first class is at 11am on Wednesdays. Remember, Ridgeway is acting like a college now so we could get used to it when we actually enter college. That's why we CHOSE our timing and our classes. All you were going to do was sleep in anyway." Freddie returned knowingly.

"Yeah, well… I like the extra sleep. It reduces the appearance of puffiness around my eyes." Sam countered in a huff.

"Since when did you start caring about your looks?" Freddie said jokingly. Sam eyes him like a vampire.

"Okay, you're right, I was wrong. Let's not fight anymore. I'm here now, so let's just practice. I'll even go easy on you to make it up to you." Freddie responded soothingly.

A smile appeared on Sam's face while she scoffed openly at this suggestion.

"Go easy on me? Please, Freddie. I've beaten you the last hundred times." Sam replied smugly.

"Only because I went easy on you all of those times," Freddie pointed out defensively, which made Sam laugh even harder and nod her head to humor him.

"I wouldn't get too cocky if I were you, Ms. Puckett. After all, you wouldn't be able to fence at all if I hadn't taught you everything you know in the first place." Freddie added matter-of-factly.

"True. But the student has finally become the master." Sam answered with a mischievous grin that highlighted her rosy cheeks and dimples.

"We'll see about that. I'm going to beat you today." Freddie promised heatedly while putting his mask on.

"You say that every Wednesday." Sam responded contemptuously while putting her own mask on.

"This time I mean it." Freddie pressed impatiently.

"Whatever you say, Freddie." Sam answered calmly while picking up her sword and taking up an aggressive pose.

Freddie picked up his sword and kept it at his side as he stretched out in an 'en garde' posture similar to Sam's, holding their fencing swords perpendicular to their bodies.

Freddie lunged first, using his arm to push him forward. Sam side-stepped his assault neatly, twirled on the spot and circled Freddie. She bent her arm slightly at the elbow and struck at Freddie, who brought his sword across his chest to ward off her attack with a simple block move.

Freddie twisted his body out of harm's way before Sam could strike again and tried to perform a 'comeback move', guiding the blade of his sword forward in a circular motion. Again, Sam was too quick for him and performed a counter comeback movement, resulting in her glancing at Freddie's chest.

They continued in this fashion for a good 30 minutes, with Sam getting the upper hand more often that Freddie would've cared for. They circled the large room as if they were engaging in a continuous dance. At the end of 10 rounds, Freddie lay panting on the wooden floor, his sword having been knocked out of his hands by one of Sam's fencing strategies. She stood above him, her sword poking Freddie neatly in the chest with a large grin on her face.

"I win." Sam announced triumphantly.

She extended her hand towards Freddie to help him to his feet. But Freddie ignored her gesture and got up of his own accord, a sulky expression on his face after removing his mask.

"Oh come on, Freddie. Don't be such a big baby." Sam said pleasantly as she removed her mask as well.

"I am not a big baby. You cheated." Freddie accused defensively.

Sam laughed openly at Freddie's childish behavior.

"I didn't cheat, Freddie. I beat you fair and square. Deal with it." Sam answered simply.

"Yeah, you beat me fair and square at the fencing moves that I taught you in the first place. Oh, and is it also fair to beat someone at fencing when they're still a little hung-over? Real classy, Sam." Freddie ridiculed meanly.

Sam's head shot up as she gazed at Freddie, the hurt and confusion apparent in her eyes.

"Wow, way to be a jerk, Freddie. And a loser" Sam responded heatedly.

"I'd rather be a jerk than a cheater." Freddie pointed out flippantly.

"I am not a cheater! And by the way, no one told you to go drinking with your friends on a Tuesday night, smart-ass. Not only are you a jerk, but you're a sore loser too." Sam shot back angrily.

"I'd rather be a sore-loser than Little Miss Meanie. Ooh, look at me. I'm Sam Puckett: I'm just so awesome; I'm so sexy and can make people do whatever I want with my bullying. People always listen to me because I've got command. I use fencing as a tool to weaken my friends. Yippee!" Freddie mocked, dancing around in a circle and clapping his hands enthusiastically.

Sam stared stunned at Freddie, looking like he had just slapped her.

"Oh yeah? Well, I'd rather be 'Little Miss Meanie' than a 'Mama's Boy' or the "Nerd". Ooh, look at me: I'm Fredward Benson: I'm into computers and all kinds of technology on the planet. I know a bunch of facts about barnacle reproduction that no one cares about. I let my mom give me tick baths while I'm away at college." Sam retorted unkindly.

"Hey, that was only one time during our first year here!" Freddie shot back defensively.

"Well, it was one time too many for as long as I've known you and everyone in your residence hall found out about it, including the cleaning lady who walked in on you!" Sam shrieked bitterly.




"Mama's Boy!"





With that they attacked each other. Sam grabbed Freddie's hair the same time he grabbed hers. They were pulling each other's hair while screeching at each other. (just like the way in iPie when they were fighting over the computer).

"Ughh Let go of me!"

"You let go of me!"

"Aargh, I hate you!" they yelled in unison.

In response to this fight, they groaned loudly, let go of each other, and turned on their heels, heading in the opposite direction and left through separate exits. They folded their arms across their chests tightly as they marched out of classroom.

Sam travelled towards her bedroom while Freddie to his classroom.

"Whoa, what happened to you?" Sam's friend, Wendy, asked in alarm as Sam entered their room 10 minutes later and slammed the door violently. Wendy was also Sam's roommate. Ridgeway had conducted a boarding school style program and Sam and Wendy decided to join and they roomed together.

"Dude, what's wrong?" Gibby asked curiously as Freddie came and collapsed into the vacant seat next to him in their first class of the morning, looking extremely sulky.

"Freddie's being such a…jerk face!" Sam fumed angrily to Wendy.

"Sam beat me at fencing…again!" Freddie answered furiously to Gibby while slamming his textbook onto the desk in front of him.

"Aargh! He's such a sore loser!" Sam yelled into her pillow as she collapsed onto her bed.

"Aargh! She's such a sore winner!" Freddie fumed in anger as he stabbed his pencil into the desk.

"What a diva," Freddie and Sam murmured in unison coincidentally from their own places.

By the middle of the afternoon, all of Freddie and Sam's friends, and everyone who knew about them- the teachers, the jocks, the nerds, the cheerleaders, the principle, Sam and Freddie's neighbors- EVERYONE heard about them and the fight.

"What happened to Sam today? We were supposed to study for our pop quiz in Biology in the library today after class." A friend of Sam's named Valerie asked Wendy.

"She and Freddie got into a fight while fencing." Wendy explained wearily.

"Again?" another girl named Missy who lived in the same halls with Wendy and Sam asked tiredly.

Wendy was surrounded by a crowd of chattering girls inside Hillside Café, Ridgeway Hall's dining hall while they discussed Freddie and Sam's major blow-out during the morning enthusiastically.

"Man, what is with those two? They really shouldn't be fighting while they're poking each other with sharp objects. Someone could get hurt." Valerie remarked anxiously.

"I heard Freddie cried because Sam beat him yet again." A girl named Malika put in conspiratorially, which earned a few giggles from the surrounding young women.

"I don't know why Freddie bothered teaching Sam how to fence if he was just going to be a big baby about it," Missy added haughtily.

"Honestly, it's such a stupid fight. I wonder how it even started." Wendy pondered in a neutral tone.

"Well, we all know how fiery Sam gets when she thinks people are on her case." Malika offered in a dramatic whisper.

"No way did Sam start this fight. I know she's really tough and bully-bully and all that, but she is not the arrogant type. Freddie probably lashed out at her because of his bruised ego. You know how touchy guys get about any threat to their masculinity." Missy countered vehemently.

Valerie began coughing loudly to get their attention as she saw Sam enter the cafeteria out of the corner of her eye. Sam caught Wendy's eye as she waved her over to come sit with them. Sam came and sat down at the long table, looking extremely dejected.

(Although these girls sound mean, they aren't really bitches, just regular school going nice natured girls- yes Missy and Valerie are cruel in the actual show, but my/my friend's fanfiction is OOC- Out of Character)

"Dude, I heard he got his ass kicked by Sam at fencing," a guy named Shane (who took Computer Science with Freddie) murmured conspiratorially.

He stood amongst a group of guys standing near the bulletin board, talking about Freddie and Sam's fight over fencing.

"Whoa, poor guy. Getting beat by a girl is rough." Another guy named Pete laughed loudly.

"I don't get it. Freddie's the one who taught Sam her moves in fencing. How did she beat him anyway?" Jake asked curiously.

"Come on, Jake. We all saw Freddie at Jonah's party last night. He was probably still beat this morning when he practiced fencing with Sam. She must've had an easy time wiping the floor with his sorry ass." Pete offered sharply.

"I guess Freddie's losing his touch," Shane added cruelly while cackling loudly and slapping high fives with Pete.

(All though these boys sound mean, they are actually jokingly mean- they are not really bullies but good natured boys.)

"Ssh, here he comes with Gibby," Jake interrupted smoothly.

The guys quieted down and tried to look modest as they glanced at the exit of the building. Freddie could be seen (and heard) a few meters away while walking alongside Gibby after class as they made their way back towards their room. Judging by the look of thunder on his face and the wild waving of his hands, Freddie was having an animated conversation with Gibby about a certain blonde-haired girl.

"How are you, honey?" Wendy asked sympathetically.

"Lousy. My entire day's been spoiled, all thanks to Freddie. He is such a jerk." Sam huffed angrily.

"Don't let him get to you, Sam. That's exactly what Freddie wants." Valerie responded resolutely.

"Get to me? Hah! Freddie wishes, he wishes a lot. He'll be lucky if I ever speak to him again after this." Sam replied coldly with a haughty brush of her gold hair.

"You're absolutely right, Sam. You shouldn't feel guilty about beating Freddie at fencing. Girls can do anything that guys do, but better." Malika offered vehemently.

"If Freddie didn't want you to beat him, he shouldn't have taught you to fence in the first place. Typical male behavior," Missy scoffed bitterly.

"Guys, that's enough! Sam, this is ridiculous. Are you really going to let a stupid fight like this ruin your friendship with Freddie?" Wendy interfered reasonably.

"You're right, Wendy. It was a stupid fight, a stupid fight that Freddie started in the first place!" Sam fumed.

"Dude, what's the latest with Sam?" Jake asked casually of Freddie while knocking fists with him and Gibby as they stopped to talk.

"Lousy. My entire day has been shit thanks to Sam. I don't know where she gets off being so arrogant about something that I taught her in the first place." Freddie vented.

"I still think you're overreacting, Freddie." Gibby put in sternly.

"Overreacting? Gibby, the man's pride has been hurt badly by Sam Puckett. Man's got a right to be pissed off." Shane responded loyally.

"Yo, Gibby. My home-boy's right. You've gotta give Freddie this one. It's bad enough with his mom showing up on surprise visits to give him tick baths." Pete added wearily.

"That was one time, Pete! Put a lid on it, will ya?" Freddie churned.

"I am never speaking to Sam ever again," he added heatedly.

"Freddie, this is crazy. We're talking about Sam Puckett here. It was just a stupid fight," Gibby persisted reasonably.

"You're right, Gibby. It was just a stupid fight, which would never have happened if Sam hadn't been so annoying about beating me at fencing!" Freddie fumed while folding his arms tightly across his chest and scowled.

"Sam, we're talking about Freddie Benson here: you grew up together. He's the same guy you used to do 'iSam' with all those years ago." Wendy continued passionately.

"Well now, he's the same guy who called me the 'Sass Master'! I mean, after everything we went through with Ms. Ackermann that was just low!" Sam spat furiously.

"He called you the 'Sass Master'?" Missy asked with a snort, trying very hard not to laugh.

"Who's Ms. Ackermann?" Malika asked quizzically.

"Please don't do something you're gonna regret, Freddie. Sam's been your best friend since middle school. She's the same girl who always used to defend you against bullies." Gibby persisted vehemently.

"Yeah? Well now she's the same girl who called me a 'Tech Nerd'. She knows how much Nevil used to torment with me that stupid nickname. Sam Puckett is not a nice person!" Freddie countered defensively, pointing at Gibby.

"She called you 'Tech Nerd'? And you like computers, that's so weird." Pete responded in bemusement.

"Thank you, Captain Obvious." Freddie retorted sarcastically.

"Who's Nevil?" Jake asked curiously.

"You don't wanna know," both Freddie and Gibby chorused in unison.

"Come on, Sam. Can't you give Freddie a break? I'm sure he didn't mean what he said." Valerie offered slowly.

"I don't care, he really hurt me." Sam answered morosely, her chin resting on her arms atop the cafeteria.

"But he's your best friend, Sam." Wendy concluded firmly, putting her hand on Sam's forearm and rubbing it soothingly while looking Sam in the eye.

"So what if Sam beat you at fencing, Freddie? You've never gotten this mad at her before over it." Jake stated knowingly.

"True, but sometimes I get tired of her rubbing it in my face." Freddie admitted slowly, not meeting any of his peers' eyes.

"Why don't you just tell her that instead of getting all sensitive about it? She's your best friend, Freddie." Gibby concluded seriously, looking Freddie in the eye.

Suddenly, Jake had an idea. While Freddie was letting out his anger, Jake eyed Pete intensely- and like they could read minds, he got the idea. They then stared at Gibby until he met his eyes and like twin telepathy, he also understood their plan. They all grinned as they momentarily looked at Freddie who still had his head down.

"Hey," started Jake, "Why don't we get our minds off and just roam around outside."

"What do you mean?" Freddie said, "The teacher is lecturing, we can't just go outside."

"Here, I'll take care of that," Jake said. With that, he raised his hand and punched Pete square in the face.

"OUCH!" What the hell was that for!" he screamed whispered. Freddie and Gibby snickered from behind.

"Mr. Howard! Pete's nose is bleeding; can we take him to the nurse?" Jake said, pointing at himself, Freddie and Gibby.

"All of you?" he said, eying them suspiciously.

"Yes." Jake said smoothly as if it was normal.

"Fine." He said bitterly and bored. He probably wanted less students since he was miserable.

And with that, the boys exited the room.

While Sam was blabbering on like a child about Freddie, Missy got an idea. She looked towards Valerie and Malika and was communicating with them secretly by eyes. They received the message. Then they all started to stare at Wendy, who looked weirded out until she got their message too. They all smiled as they eyed Sam who was still staring at the floor.

"Hey girls," began Missy, "why don't we get some fresh air and get our minds off this shit?"

"Great idea!" the rest of the girls except Sam exclaimed.

"You guys go, I don't feel like wal-" Sam began, but was interrupted by the girls pulling her outside to the fresh air.

The boys were laughing and high fiving each other due to Pete's bloody nose and Pete was just plain annoyed- Freddie was leading them. They were shushed by cranky teachers trying to find peace and quiet. Then they proceeded outside.

The girls were giggling and talking about other boys and how hot they looked and Sam was leading them.

As they were laughing and travelling down the field, the two groups came face to face. Freddie and Sam made eye contact while the people behind them made neutral faces- probably amused how similar they thought- the boys and the girls.

"What are you doing here?" Freddie said spitefully.

"It's my school too! I can go anywhere I want, whenever I want!" she replied coarsely.

"Guys! STOP!" interrupted Wendy. "You guys are best friends. You are being WAY immature about this!"

"Yeah," Gibby began, "Make up already!"

"Ok," Sam said, "But when he says sorry first," she smiled, mischief in her eyes.

"Ha! Sorry my ass!" Freddie began. "You're the one who need to apologize. I'm waiting Sam."

Freddie and Sam were moving closer to each other and as soon as we knew it, they were red in the face, anger in their eyes and staring at each other intensely. Then suddenly, they starting to tear each other's hair out.

"Stupid! Nerd! Jerk! Bully! Nub!" they yelled while the girls and boys were trying to pull them apart. The boys pulled Freddie aside and so did the girls to Sam.

"Look Freddie," Gibby began, "You've known Sam since forever. Are you really going to let a simple thing like this ruin your friendship? Look at her, the girl you've known for YEARS. Think over it."

With that Freddie glumly looked over to Sam as Wendy was talking to her. Gibby is right he thought. I have to let go of my arrogance.

"Look Sam," Wendy began, "You've known Freddie since forever. Are you really going to let a simple thing like this ruin your friendship? Look at him, the boy you've known for YEARS. Think over it."

With that Sam glumly looked over to Freddie as Gibby was talking to him. Wendy is right she thought. I have to let go of my arrogance.

After they were finished talking, they were left staring at each other. They took a few hesitating steps towards each other. And then out of nowhere, they were both pushed by their friends and landed in each other's arms.

"Just hug her already!" the boys yelled.

"Just hug him already!" the girls screeched.

Sam stared up at Freddie while Freddie stared down at Sam. They looked into each other's eyes briefly and then smiled.

"I'm sorry," Freddie whispered, "for being a sore loser."

"I'm sorry," Sam whispered, "for being a sore winner."

With that, they finally hugged each other and there was clapping around them.

"Finally!" everyone exclaimed. And with that, they continued their hanging out.

Sam was back in her dorm room later in the evening after having supper with her friends. Wendy and a few other girls had gone to see a movie. They had invited Sam along, but she declined, saying that she wanted to stay indoors. She was currently lying on her bed listening to some songs on her iPod, staring intently at the ceiling and completely lost in thought.

You spend half of your life trying to fall behind

You're using your head phones to drown out your mind

It was so easy and the words were so sweet

You can't remember

You try to feel the beat

She frowned when she heard a strange tapping noise amidst the mournful piano playing through her ear phones. She pressed 'pause' on her iPod and sat up slightly, trying to distinguish what had made the sound. She soon had her answer when a series of knocks on her room door followed. Frowning, she got off her bed and moved towards the door. She opened it and scowled. Freddie stood out in the hallway, smirking, holding a fluffy teddy bear that ironically resembled Mr. Fluffy Snuffington.

"Can I please come in?" Freddie asked softly.

Sam glanced around Freddie to see if anyone was lingering in the hallway. Thinking that it might be better to talk to (or yell at) Freddie behind closed doors, she stepped aside and let him come into her room. She glanced out in the corridor one last time before shutting the door with a soft click.

"What are you doing here! I was relaxing and you made me have to move my lazy butt. It's even worse since it is hurting ever since I fell in the bathtub after encountering that evil cockroach." Sam scowled while Freddie giggled.

"That is so not funny, Benson." Sam remarked also laughing.

"It's a little funny, Puckett." Freddie persisted jokingly, which made Sam laugh even harder.

When her laughter had diminished, Sam regarded Freddie once more with a serious expression.

"So what's up?" Sam asked.

"Nothing, just my mom keep bugging me to fill out applications for college and all that crap. It gets annoying."

"When you do start filling out applications, just let me know. I can always help you lick a couple of stamps." Sam offered.

"You'd do that for me?" Freddie asked slowly of Sam.

"What are best friends for?" Sam asked with a casual shrug.

"I'm really sorry that I called you a 'Skunk Bag' this morning." She apologized meekly.

"I'm sorry that I was such a sore loser."

"I'm sorry that I was such a sore winner. Tell you what: next time I beat you at fencing, I promise to be more gracious about it." Sam promised earnestly.

"Next time? Who says I won't beat you next time?" Freddie demanded with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

"Freddie, don't make promises you can't keep." Sam teased with a sly grin, causing him to roll his eyes.

"Come here," Freddie commanded seriously, opening his arms up to her.

Sam smiled broadly and wrapped herself around Freddie as she hugged him tightly. They stayed like that for close to a minute, just savoring the feel of their close friendship. Freddie continued rubbing Sam's back while her head rested on his shoulder.

"I'm kinda hungry right now," Sam admitted pensively.

"You wanna grab some fruit kebabs?" Freddie suggested with a sly smile.

"How did you know?" Sam demanded in amazement, turning to face him.

"Sam Puckett, I know things." Freddie answered mysteriously while wiggling his eyebrows in a comical way.

"Alright, you goofball. You talked me into it. Let's go to the market." Sam answered with a shake of her head while bumping shoulders with him.

They both got to their feet and exited Sam's dorm room, continuing their usual comical banter.

"Thank you for my purple bear." Sam thanked with a grin that showed off her dimples.

"You're welcome. Anything for my best friend." Freddie responded with a similar grin, his eyes locked on her as they left to eat. "You know, the fight was kinda entertaining. We should do it again," he laughed.

"Don't let Gibby hear you say that." Sam joked as they continued laughing together.

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