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"no…" she says, taking a gulp of the juice.

"maybe it would be good for you if we took a little walk, you need some fresh air" she really needs to get up and stretch, she's been curled up for so long.

"okay" she says, still drinking her juice.

"let's just go down the street, enough to stretch your muscles a little" I suggest, and she'll get a little sun and some fresh air. It could really help her.

"kay" she replies, handing me the barely eaten bowl of pasta. I smile and get up, making sure she does too, and wait on her to find a pair of tennis shoes.


Ripp's POV

Dolly took Carlene to take a walk and get some fresh air which is definitely good for her. She needed to get out of bed and stretch her muscles. I hear the door turn and they come back, Carlene still looks upset, but she already looks better with her hair freshly done and the tear tracks gone from her face.

I smile at her, "hey sweetie"

Dolly gives her hand a gentle squeeze and goes into the kitchen.

"hey" she quietly says.

"feelin better?" I ask her.

"yeah" she says, still pretty quiet.

"wanna sit here with me for a while? Aunt Dolly can stay…" I told Dolly she could stay for a few days and work with Carlene. I think it would be good for her to have someone here who she's really close to.

"mmk" she mumbles. I guide her to the couch and sit with her, she sinks into the couch and rests her head on my chest.

"I know you're sad, and you miss her, but it'll be okay, I promise" I say to her when she looks up at me.

She's quiet and just blinks a few times. She's laying on me now and I can still tell she's tense.

I brush the stray hair away from her face, "I want my happy little kitten back, can I get a smile hon?"

She weakly smiles and keep playing with her hair. "that's a start, I just want you to take your time"

"mmk" she's still just mumblin things.

"did you eat sweetie?" I ask her.

"a little." She quietly says.

I start rubbing her back, "that's good, maybe you can try again a little later"

She's quiet at my suggestion. She still doesn't like the idea of eating much. I don't want to have to take her to the doctor.

do you feel better havin something in your system?" I ask her, still rubbing her back.

"I guess…" she quietly mumbles.

"I just want you to relax, you've been a little tense lately..." I tell her, it can't be good for her body to be like this. Maybe Cricket should get her to work out again or something.

"I know…" she says.

I'm still rubbing her back, trying to get her to relax, "it's gonna get better..."

She's quiet and lets me continue rubbing her back and work my way up to her shoulders.

I start kneading my thumbs into her tense shoulders, "just relax honey"

She starts to lean forward so I can reach all of her back. I'm still kneading my thumbs into her shoulders and can see them drop, "that's better hon... just let us take care of you for a few days okay..."

"Mmk" She mumbles, and keep rubbing her back until she falls asleep.

I decide to go talk to Dolly more to decide what we should do to help Carlene, "Hey..." I say to her when she looks up.

"Hey" she smiles.

"she's sleeping again..." I tell her, glancing around at all the food people have brought over for her.

That's good, she probably really needs it" Dolly says, putting some plates in the cabinet.

"yeah, what did you do to get her out of bed? she hasn't budged..." I ask, I tried everything, even told her I'd pay for anything she wanted at Neiman's.

"I told her she'd feel better if she got a warm shower" Dolly simply says. I just sigh, makes me look like a bad husband because I couldn't get her out of bed for a few weeks.

"I can tell she's feelin a little better. did she say anything to you?' I ask.

"Not really" she says, gathering a handful of forks.

"poor thing, she's just been miserable. I think it'll help if you stay a while..." I say, she's just having a really hard time coping with this.

"I will be staying for her, I can tell she needs me" Dolly says. That would probably be best, she needs someone she trusts to help her through this.

"yeah, I thought about taking her to see the grave again, but I don't think that would do much of anything for her..." I tell her, I thought it would bring her some more closure but now I'm not so sure if that's what's best.

"I think it would just make her more upset" Dolly tells me, finishing up the dishwasher.

"probably, but it might help her to know she has that option if she ever does want to go..."

"Yeah I'll just keep talking to her… I think right now we just need to make sure she eats" she says, which is what I'm really concerned about. Even if I make her favorites she won't as much as look at it.

Dolly sighs, "yeah. she's always been small, but I don't think I've seen her this tiny..."

"I can tell she's definitely gotten even smaller, which I didn't even think was possible" I say, this isn't healthy for her. I don't want to have to drag her to the doctor, which is what we're looking at possibly doing right now.

Dolly just nods, I hope we can make things better and easier for Carlene so she can get back to normal. Grievin's hard but she needs to let us in to help her get through this.

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