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Chapter One

In Which Seth Clearwater is Slowly Driven Insane

What the fuck was that? Seth Clearwater asked his current patrol partner, Collin. Flickers of smooth pale skin and dainty hands wrapped around not one but two cocks was running through Collin's head.

That? Oh, sorry Seth. I was just thinking about Paul and Bella's wedding. Collin continued with the flashes and suddenly Seth realized what was going on. He groaned.

Angela Webber? He said with shock. You and Brady…and her? Isn't she like a minister's daughter or something? Don't those types of girls wait until their married or some shit like that? And what the fuck is with you two? Are you two together or something? Shit, I don't want to know so don't answer that.

Seth, you are such a prude. It has nothing to do with wanting to be with Brady, she's the one who suggested it. She was fuck-hot and had some skills I haven't ever seen, much less experienced.

Seth groaned as Collin flashed him more images of Angela. He knew that without a doubt this patrol was going to end up with him in the shower stroking his cock to his own fantasy of Angela using her moves on him.

Thanks a lot Collin. You're an ass he growled.

Sorry, man. It's just with your mom and Charlie's wedding next weekend, all I can think about is the willing women who will be lonely and looking for a little loving.

His next patrol was even worse, he was partnered with Paul. Paul was very good at keeping his thoughts about Bella private. Oh, they all knew that he loved and adored her but Paul was careful to make sure that none of the guys had gotten a peek of Bella and his time together. As the made their way through the route, Paul's mind wandered.

Seth watched in horror as Paul was reliving a memory of Bella dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood. "Oh, what big ears you have," Bella told him which Paul growled out "All the better to hear you scream my name little girl." "Oh, what a long tongue you have," she said with a moan as Paul was rubbing her breasts. "All the better to eat you with, baby," he told her as he captured her lips with his. He pulled her closer into in arms and rubbed his body against her. "Oh, my what a huge cock you have." "All the better to fuck you with," he told her as he pulled her skirt up and dipped his fingers into her core. She made some mewling noises and then Paul lifted her up and thrust inside.

He couldn't take it anymore. Jesus, Paul! he shouted. What the fuck! She's practically my sister. I don't want to see that shit!

Sorry man, it's just weddings make Bella horny. I was hoping we could play Goldilocks and the big bad wolf this weekend Paul told him apologetically.

Well, knock that shit off Seth said grumpily.

Oh, has it been awhile for little Clearwater? Don't worry, I'm sure there will be some single girls at the wedding. They're always up for a good time.

Shut it, Paul Seth growled and phased back. He didn't care that he still had his patrol to finish, he was done. He was hard as a rock and the only good thing about wolf form was that no one could tell unless they listened to your thoughts.

He jogged back to his mom's house and ran upstairs to the bathroom. Turning the shower on, he hopped in. Stepping underneath the spray, he grabbed his cock with his right hand and soon found a rhythm that felt good. Thinking about his fantasy girl, he could never see her face clearly but he knew she was native like him. Her soft caramel-colored skin, her perfect breasts, and her bare pussy, had him roaring as he came only moments later.

He finished washing up and cleaned his jizz off the shower walls, so his mom wouldn't kill him. He was eighteen years old and he was beginning to think it was time to move out. The only problem was as much as he wanted to be independent; he didn't want to be alone. And it wasn't like he could go and date someone, the elders' only rule was no one could date unless it was their imprint.

The rest of his week continued with his pack members accidentally giving him glimpses. He was beginning to think that it wasn't an accident. He spent every second of patrol, rock hard and trying to do anything but think of it. And when he was home, he was practically chapped from the amount of time, his cock and hand had been spending together.

The night before his mom's wedding, he decided that he was going to get drunk and laid. He didn't care who it was with at this point. She could be old enough to be his grandma. As long as she was eighteen or older and single, he didn't care.

Meanwhile, Rachel Black was making her way home to La Push. She been done with school for some time now and had been living with her college boyfriend. She couldn't even figure out why she had moved in with him. He had never been able to satisfy her needs and well, he was an ass. All he wanted was Rachel to be a good little housewife and take care of him.

He was perfectly capable of washing his own tighty-whities and for that matter, who the fuck still wore those past the age of six? It was just too weird for words, definitely not attractive. She groaned as she thought about his tears when she told him she was leaving. What kind of a man cries? She needed a real man, like one from those cheesy romance novels that she was addicted to.

Someone strong and virile, who would just walk up to her and take what he wanted. None of this bullshit about asking permission before he touched her and definitely not afraid to spend hours memorizing every inch of her body. Someone who wouldn't mind that she was a bit of a bitch and would get turned on when she told them what to do. Not look at her like she had sprouted two heads. She squirmed in her seat and felt a throbbing ache in her core. Fucking bastard she thought.

She wondered how La Push had changed since she had last been there. Neither she nor Rebecca had been back since they graduated. It was barely two weeks after graduation that the two of them had packed their bags and left their only home behind. Rebecca had moved to Hawaii and within three months was married to Ian, a surfer. She had moved to Spokane and attended Whitworth University and had completed her degree to become a teacher.

She had never looked back. La Push had too many memories for her. It was where their mom had died and where they watched their father struggle with his grief. For nearly a year, it had been Rebecca and Rachel's responsibility to take care of their younger brother and the house. Their father in his grief had tried to drown his sorrows in alcohol. When he finally snapped out of it, Rachel was done. She couldn't look at her father the same anymore. By that time the damage was done, their father was barely able to walk and was confined to a wheelchair because of his diabetes.

Rachel's calls home had been so infrequent, she didn't even bother to let them know that she was coming home. She felt the slightest twinge of guilt that she had abandoned her younger brother. It was something that she and Rebecca avoided discussing. They knew that much of the responsibility had fallen onto Jacob's young shoulders but neither of them had the strength to remain in La Push and its memories.