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Lean On Me

Ava Gracie and Isaiah William Clearwater were born on May 10th. That there were two of them was a quite a surprise. Isaiah had shielded his sister during every ultrasound, so when Ava was born first, they were understandably confused. While the nurse cleaned Ava up and the doctor was waiting to deliver the placenta, his words, "I think there's another one," caused Seth to faint. Sue was in the delivery room as Rachel's backup and helped to coach Rachel through the birth of the second baby.

It became a joke within the pack until Jake found out a month later that Leah's pregnancy was also twins. Leah had kicked him out and made him sleep outside for two weeks. He didn't find it amusing anymore as Leah threw it in his face daily that she had become some breeding machine for wolf babies.

At the beginning of November, they had an unexpected guest, Rebecca. She finally confessed everything to her siblings, who welcomed her with open arms. Ian was only stupid enough to show his face once and both Jake and Seth were more than happy to show him the error he'd made.

Together, Jake, Rebecca, and Rachel celebrated the milestones of each other's lives. They celebrated the day that Rebecca signed her divorce papers. They celebrated Thanksgiving for Leah because frankly, they were all afraid of a heavily pregnant Leah. Then was the day that Leah and Jake's twin boys were born, Harry and John. Next came the day that Rachel and Seth celebrated their first anniversary of marriage. Christmas was the best one any of them had in years. Following that was Leah and Jake's anniversary on New Year's Day.

They had finally all come home. The only person that was missing was their mom, but they realized that she had always been there with them. She was in their hearts, forevermore. And as long as they were together, that's all that mattered.