The Assassin and The Musician CH.3

Gilbert's POV

"Why did I let him go?" I said staring at the grimy ceiling of my apartment. It's the next day, but I can't get over that one encounter. I haven't received any jobs since then, so I'm pretty much broke. I really need food.

I walk into the kitchen in hope to have some ramen and beer. Sadly the universe won't provide me said needs. I open my pantry to absolutely nothing but cobwebs. I need a new job and soon. I can't get that boy out of my head. If I could only forget it I could focus a little better.

Maybe I need a walk to clear my mind…

Mathew's POV

"Why did he let me go?" I said as I look out my window. "One minute I had a gun in my face the next he puts it down and lets me go!" to say I was confused was an understatement. Sadly, it's giving me the worst of headaches.

"Urg" I walk into the bathroom to pull a bottle of aspirin from the medicine cabinet. I fill my hand with water and drain the liquid in my mouth swiftly followed by two pills. "Why did he want to kill me in the first place? What have I done wrong?" I questioned myself out loud.

"Mathew get your act together, the concert is tonight." I proceeded to grab my instrument and practice, my focus not on the music, but on the mysterious white haired assassin.

Gilbert's POV

I was walking down the sidewalk in the center of town, my hand in my pockets. My mind hasn't cleared at all since I left; actually I think it got worse.

I was walking past a small billboard when I notice a single flyer. It was for the Hetalia City Orchestra's spring concert. It seems like a big deal. Maybe that's why I let him live, so he can perform for one last time.

… Since when have I been so sensitive? Maybe there is a reason I let him go, why I actually felt a conscience towards trying to kill him. Dear god, am I going soft. Maybe I should go to the concert to figure this all out. Maybe I will get at least some answers in the music hall. Then it's decided, I'm going to the Hetalia city orchestra tonight.

…. Later

Mathews POV

The musicians flow onto the stage from the double doors section by section. The Violins came in first, quickly followed by violas, flutes, clarinets, and many others. I lead the cello section onto the stage and took our seats. Instruments were all tuned by key to perfect pitch in order match one another. We are ready.

The conductor stepped onto the stage, stick in hand. All eyes were on him as he lifted up the conductor stick. His hands began to move as the orchestra began to play the beautiful piece of music to the tempo of the moving rod with perfect balance and unison. I was chilled to the bone and nervous, but my bow continued to move with my fingers with perfect control.

My fear was all but nothing as I was hypnotized by the movement of the rod keeping me in beat. It was just me and my music... or so I thought…

Gilbert's POV

I decided to wear my beast clothing for the event. It was a classical orchestral performance, and from what I know, pretty formal. What I have chosen to wear was an old suit I wore to my cousin Roderich's wedding. I personally didn't want to go to that stuck up asshole's shindig, but my brother, Ludwig, insisted that I not only come, but wear a suit. One does not argue with my younger brother.

I got onto the last vehicle that was in my name, my motorcycle. The only reason it is because my brother owns a German car dealership back home in Germany. That's how I got a nice BMW motorcycle for free; it's nice to know he still cares.

As I was gliding down the road I begun think about that boy again, Mathew his name was. Why would someone want to murder something so innocent? What reason would someone have to kill? It seems incredibly pointless. He was so adorable, with that wavy blond hair, the purplish-blue eyes, that odd wayward curlicue of hair.

I shook my head as to remove him from my mind; sadly I couldn't. I continued to the music hall, I can't be late now can I?

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