Dora The Explorer: Crazy Adventures

(I DON'T OWN Dora alright! So just sit back and relaxed and enjoy this piece of crap!)

Chapter 1: To Razor Village Part 1

One day Dora and Boots were playing with her little brother and sisters outside when Dora parents came out.

"Dora! Boots! Me and your father are going out for a few days. Can you please take of the babies?" Dora Mom says carrying her luggage.

"Sure Mami just don't bring any more babies." Dora say to her mother. "Oh Dora!" Dora Mother Giggled. "Yea No more Babies? Heh." Dora Father say sarcastically while throwing some condoms on the ground.

Then Dora parent put there luggage in the car. Then Papi tried to start the car but he kept trying to start but it wouldn't. "DAMN IT! WHY WONN'T THIS FUCKING CAR START?" Papi said in rage. He then tried to start it again then it finally started and then they drove off saying goodbye to her 6 year old daughter and her gray monkey friend.

They then kept playing with the babies until Boots saw something on the ground. It was the condoms that Papi threw away on the ground.

"Hey Dora what this?" Boots said pointing at the condoms.

"I don't know Boots let me see." Dora said picking up the condoms. While they were doing that Dora twin brother and sister tried into and did but they crib then started to roll down the hill and started going the road.

When they were done looking they saw Dora twin brother and sister rolling down the yellow paced road. "OH NO BOOTS THE BABIES ARE GOING DOWN THE ROAD HEADING RAZOR VILLAGE!" Dora screamed.

"Does this mean we have to go save them?" Boots questions Dora. "Yea let's go save the-" Dora says before Boots cut her off. "HELL NO! WE ARE NOT GOING TO RAZOR VILLAGE ON FOOT! C'mon You Bitch get on motorcycle." Boots said.

They then get on Boots motorcycle and go after the babies.

"C'mon va-" Dora sings before she got cut off by Rack City by Tyga. "Were listening to my music this time." Boots said starting to smoke a cigarette and giving Dora a pack she takes on and gets a lighter and start to smoke.

3 hours later

Dora and Boots were high as crap. Then they heard Swiper who was in the bushes he was about to steal Dora backpack then he smell the smoke "OHH! SOMEBOBY GIMME THAT SHIT!" Swiper says.

They then given Swiper and then stop for a smoke session.

Well that it's for Part 1 see y'all for Part 2