Dora Crazy Adventures

Chapter 4: To Razor Village Part 4

(WARNING!: Mature Content! Headed your way! You've Been warned!)

Boots and Swiper were then walking back where Dora and were a little surprise. Dora was then peeing on the Razor Village Soldier. Boots and Swiper then look confuse and ran to Dora. Dora then turn around not noticing her pants are still down.

"OHHHHHHHHHHH DAMN!IT'S SO SMALL!"Swiper yell trying to not look at Dora's Vagina. "GOD DORA! PULL UP YOUR DAMN PANTS SHIT!"Boots commands Dora. Dora then did what Boots told and look at Swiper and Boots. "Dora you know I love you but What the fuck was that all about?!" Boots yell at Dora.

"I thought you said to treat everybody like a bunch shitheads and whoever messes with us can go die and burn in hell because everybody assholes." Dora said to Boots. Swiper then goes to Boots ear.

"You know I think Dora still a little bit high (Referring to Chapter 1) from the weed you gave her a few hours a go." Swiper says to Boots.

"Yea I think that weed made her retarded." Boots says. "Wait Did we just gave an eight year old a bunch of drugs even know her mind is still developing." Swiper says while noticing Dora throwing up in the background.

"BO-OTS! I forgot we got to save the babies!" Dora says as some vomit is still on her mouth. "FUCK THE BABIES I WANT TO GO HOME AND HAVE BEASTILALTY SEX WITH YOU BABY!" Boots yells at Dora while. Swiper walks over to Dora. "Dora I'm sorry for my retarded ass friend her he doesn't know what he is talking about." Swiper said kissing Dora hand.

"Now If you want a real man I will go find your babies and after all this I'm just going to say you and me can go back to your house turn off the lights and if somebody furry little dick comes out baby don't be scared….I'm here for you." Swiper says getting near Dora lips and Dora getting near Swiper.

As Boots watches this he starts to get very angry but decides to pull out his phone and starts recording. "You can Kiss Dora all you I will have all the proof to the cops that you're a pedophile, Swiper.

After that Swiper and Dora then started making out with each other. Dora and Swiper then fall to the ground and Swiper then starts to pull off Dora clothes and puts his furry penis into Dora vagina and started having sex.


Dora and Swiper then stand up and look at Boots who was playing with his phone. "Boots!Now that were done Let's go Save The Babies!" Dora says to Boots.

"I'm with you Dora I'm with you all the way!" Boots says with an evil smirk on his face as he looks at his phone. Dora and Swiper then run into the gate of Razor Village. "Alright then everybody let's go-" Dora said before Gunshots were heard and bullets were going through and people stabbing poor Dora.

Dora then falls down bleeding from all over her body and Boots and Swiper are shocked from the scene and scream "DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRAAAAAAAAA!" Swiper and Boots screamed.

To Be Continued