1- This story has nothing to do with Alex Reid.. (Sorry about that..) I needed to get this idea out into the world before my mind was consumed with Braincrack. Alex will return in late May, mid June probably.

AND 2- this story is based on a real event that happened in L.A. I honestly came up with this idea as Brian Williams talked about it on the news back in January



December 29, 2011

"Have a nice night." The man behind the newspaper stand said as he handed his customer today's Daily Sentinel. The front page was divided between a Green Hornet article and an article about a woman getting extradited back to Germany on account of not paying for breast enhancement surgery.

"Thanks. You too." The man muttered as he took it and walked away down the sidewalk. It was dark outside, as it should be at 11 pm, and rather chilly for Los Angeles. He glanced at the front page of the paper then peeled the first page off and wedged the end of the paper into his pocket, so it was half hanging out. He crumpled the paper in a complex manner.

"This is for you mom." He said as he stopped near a quiet carport. Each car under the structure was dark and there was no one around. He dug into one of the pockets of his jeans and pulled out a lighter. With one last look around he knelt down by the closest car and lit the piece of crumpled paper on fire then threw it under the car. The man stood back up and walked away. Seconds later, the car was engulfed in flames but the man was nowhere to be found.