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December 30, 2011

"Look at you man, new DA in town." Britt said as he stood in the doorway of his friend's office. Erik Georgian, or Geo as Britt called him since they were kids, was the newly elected District Attorney. His term officially begins in January but he called Britt over to talk for a little bit and catch up on life.

"Not like High School." Erik said as he meet Britt by the door then exchanged a handshake they created in 8th grade.

"Not at all man." Britt said as he walked past him and into the office. Erik closed the door and walked past his desk.

"Drink?" He asked as he stopped at a little bar in the corner. Britt observed the office. It was big, but not as big as Britt's. There was more judicial looking furnishings here compared to the modern style at the Sentinel. Figures, since it was the office of the District Attorney.

"'Course." Britt said then half laughed.

"Of course Britt Reid will have a drink." Erik said as he poured something into a glass then glanced at a clock on the wall. "It's only 10 AM." He said jokingly and handed a glass to Britt then took one himself. "Have a seat." Britt looked between the two identical looking chairs in front of Erik's desk then settled into one of them. "There any crazies out there I should know about before they kill me too?" He asked as he sat down behind his desk.

"No one important. Anyone can be crazy." Britt said then took a swig from his glass.

"You see this?" Erik asked and moved the newspaper on his desk towards Britt.

"Of course I saw it man, it's my paper." Britt said, although half of it was a lie. He did own the paper still but he wasn't in the office last night to see what the headline would be. Apparently there was a rash of fires last night in LA. Must have happened after we called it a night, Britt concluded in his head.

"I'm not talking about the fires. I'm talking about this character here." Erik said as he pointed to a picture on the bottom corner of the front page. It was a fuzzy still from a security camera but you could still see, plain as day, the Green Hornet and his partner standing inside a Starbucks.

"Bad guys need caffeine too Geo." Britt said with a shrug then took another drink.

"I'm safe, right? From him?" Erik asked.

"From the Green Hornet?" Britt asked calmly while he tried to keep from giggling like a little girl. One of his best friends, one of the smartest people he's ever known, was seriously scared shitless over the Green Hornet. "He's harmless. To you. He has it out for me if anything."

"It really does make sense now." Erik said and Britt looked at him.

"What makes sense?" Britt asked slowly.

"Britt, you've had some dumb ideas in the time I've known you but this one really tickles the turkey."

"I'm not following you." Erik groaned and slouched in his chair. Britt sat up in his and looked at him.

"Britt, you're the Green Hornet and your mechanic bodyguard, Kato right? Yeah him. He's the sidekick." Erik said and Britt just stared at him.

"The man in black is the Green Hornet's partner, not his sidekick."

"Oh, so you admit this?"

"I'm not admitting to anything. I have a confirmed source from a Green Hornet vs. gang incident back when Scanlon was still alive in which someone called the man in black the sidekick and he corrected him by saying partner then proceeded to break the man's nose."

"Britt, how long have you been practicing that answer?"

"I just know that Geo. I'm a journalist. You're a lawyer. Our minds work in different ways." Britt said and Erik didn't look convinced. He knew Britt had only been a 'journalist' for about a year or so and he never went to college. "Look, that's the truth and if you want our source I'll gladly give it to you."

"Britt, you sure can act like an idiot real well."

"I don't understand the relevance of that point." Britt said and immediately realized that that would be something Kato would say to him, except you can barely understand the man. Crap, I need to get out more; Britt let his brain wander on the fact that he spent too much of his time with Kato then came back to reality.

"Britt, I know that you are the biggest criminal in the recent history of Los Angeles."

"Where's your proof?" Britt asked and he stood up. He placed the glass on the table in between the two chairs then looked at Erik.

"The night the Green Hornet got shot he couldn't go to the hospital because he would be arrested immediately. The very next morning the Green Hornet's 'partner' conveniently shoots Britt Reid during a televised press conference in which you relinquish your duties at editor-in-chief to Mike Axford, who is still your editor and you're just the owner/publisher. Britt, I saw this with my own eyes." Erik looked directly at Britt and Britt stared back at him. "Britt, there are only so many white guys in LA who get shot in the shoulder within 12 hours of each other." Britt looked down then started to walk to the door.

"You'll be out of this office before your term even begins." Britt turned slightly. "I can see the headline now, '2nd DA to fall at the hands of the Green Hornet.'" Britt gestured in the air with his hands then turned to walk again.

"You wouldn't kill me." Erik said, almost taunting Britt.

"I wouldn't. The Green Hornet might." Britt reached for the door handle.

"I think they're trying to do good." Erik said and Britt froze. "It doesn't matter who it is really under the masks, but I think what they're doing is genius. Getting to be one with the bad guys but doing good guy things." Britt looked at Erik finally. "If I'm wrong send word to your contact to have the Green Hornet to kill me and no one will ever know this happened. But if I'm right, the Green Hornet has just made a friend with the law."

"What's your catch Geo? There's always a catch." Britt said as he walked back to Erik's desk.

"No catch, just each other's word." Erik said. "Britt, we've been friends since we were 9 years old. And I know that you guys are just trying to do what's right. I want to help you."

"For real man?" Britt asked and Erik nodded. "You got a deal then." Britt and Erik shook on it.

"Show me the car." He said and Britt was thrown.

"You can't just see the car man. It takes time. Besides, Kato doesn't even know you. It took enough for him to let me walk through the workshop to get a pair of handcuffs out of the arsenal."

"Wait, go back a few steps, the car is at your house?" Erik asked and Britt nodded.

"Call her the Black Beauty. She's hidden of course." Britt said and nodded picking up his glass off the table again.

"And you have an arsenal?"

"Have you seen the car Geo? There's two freakin' machine guns on the hood." Britt sat down in the chair and took a drink. "Of course we have an arsenal." Erik sat down in his chair again.

"Why were you getting handcuffs?" Erik asked and Britt shrugged then smiled slightly.

"I'm still Britt Reid." Britt shrugged the grinned as Erik laughed at him, glad to see his same old friend again.

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