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The End?

Jedi Temple (James's pov)

I decided to go for a nice walk since I need it. I can't stand being in the infirmary on the ship without doing anything. It was soooo boring. I'm glad Marcus is busy with Ventress and Barriss is out on a date with Adam. I don't have to worry about them trying to get me to rest up in bed. As I walk around I pass by some Jedi who look exhausted from all they went through. I can't blame them.

Many have been in the Clone Wars, while others like the younglings they never have seen fighting before. Hell, I doubt many of them have been involve in the violence they went through yesterday. I just hope these kids get the help they'll need otherwise this might come back to haunt them in a bad way. No one, not even a child should see the kinds of horrors they saw last night. How the very clones the Jedi fought alongside with and how all their friends got shot down right before their eyes.

I walked pass the mess hall where I see Hondo drinking, while his men are all passed out. I guess they celebrated a bit too much after the fighting ended. I walk towards Hondo to have a word with him. "Having fun Hondo?"

Hondo begins to laugh while wiping away his drink from his face. "James my boy how are you? I didn't expect to see you up and about after the fighting you went through last night."

"And I didn't expect you to be not passed out from all that drinking," I said surprise to see Hondo is not passed out. "By the way Hondo, thanks for helping out. The others didn't think you would come to help us."

"Well I did it partly for the money you promised me," said Hondo remembering the deal James made him about paying him a lot of money to help. "But the other part of me wanted to help you since I knew your dad would want me to…but I think it was mostly about the money and getting pardon for my past crimes."

I smile at Hondo knowing he did this mostly for helping us not for the money. "Thanks Hondo, so what are you and your merry band of pirates? What is next for the great pirate Hondo?"

"Well, I decided with the money you are sending me I will probably retire," said Hondo who removes his hat and sounds sad that he will be retiring, but then begins to laugh. "Nah, I'm going to continue doing what I love doing and that's be a pirate, and more."

"What do you mean more?" I ask wondering what Hondo means by what he said.

"Well I heard Sarah killed off much of the Hutts and is planning on taking out Jabba the Hutt," said Hondo remembering what Sarah told him before the battle. "I am thinking there will be plenty of people trying to become the new crime lords with the Hutts gone. So I made a deal with Sarah that if she helps me take out the competition then I will rule the criminal underworld and keep criminals from coming after all of you guys."

"There's a problem Hondo, many won't consider you a serious threat," I said trying not to sound harsh, but I know many criminals don't take Hondo very seriously.

"Ah that is why I may have caused some rumors to spread that I took down the clone army and took down two Sith lords," said Hondo explaining what he did.

"Um do you honestly believe people will buy that?" I ask unsure if this idea will actually work.

"Oh they will, especially since Sarah will make sure people believe it," said Hondo knowing people will believe this whole thing thanks to Sarah who can convince a lot of people.

"Fine well just keep out of trouble," I said not wanting Hondo to get hurt or killed.

"I will, you be careful too James. I hope the decision you made is the one you want to make," said Hondo who knows what James is going to do.

I nod my head knowing it's the right call. "It is, for me, my family, and my friends."

Hondo sighs and then extends his hand. "Well, best of luck to you then my boy."

I smile and shake his hands. "I will, thanks Hondo and take care."

Hondo nods his head then walks back to the mess hall to get his men. I decided to continue walking and look for Ahsoka. I wonder what Ahsoka is doing right now.

Meanwhile (Ahsoka's pov)

Its official this is the worst day of my life. Worst than last night, this is the worst. I went from saving the galaxy from the clone army, Darth Sidious, and my master to now being in a room with my friend Padme who is going into labor. Why now of all days? The babies picked a very bad day to want to come out of their mother.

Rose is trying to call Barriss and Marcus to get them to help us with Padme. Many of the medical droids got destroyed during the fighting. Katooni went to get some water and a towel to help Padme, but I can tell she is scared. She has never seen a woman giving birth before and can sense Padme is in a lot of pain. Rose, Rex, and I got Padme in the infirmary which is empty, and then we set her down on one of the beds that wasn't destroyed.

"Damn it, why of all days did this have to happen?" said Rose who is trying to contact Marcus and Barriss to help them, but neither one is responding. "They're not answering their calls."

"So what do we do then?" I ask wondering what we can do to help Padme.

"I don't know, but whatever you guys do just please hurry!" shouted Padme who is in a lot of pain as the contractions have started.

"Should I call for some medics to come and help?" asked Rex who is a little uncomfortable with Padme going into labor since he never experience something like this before.

"Should I go ask one of the masters for help?" asked Katooni who thinks the Jedi Masters can help us.

"No time, it looks like we're going to have to deliver the babies," said Rose who suggests what we have to do, which I did not like.

"What? Rose we can't, I don't know how to deliver a baby," I said not wanting to help deliver the babies.

"I do, I've delivered plenty of babies before so I can do this, said Rose confident she can help deliver Padme's babies.

"That is different, Padme is not an animal and you've never learned how to properly deliver non-animal babies," I said knowing Rose has no experience is deliver babies that aren't animals.

"You got a better idea!" Rose shouted at me knowing we don't have any choice. She's right, Padme needs us and we have to help deliver the babies. "Now then, Ahsoka stay here with Padme she's going to need support, Rex go find Barriss and Marcus they should be around here somewhere, and when Katooni comes back tell her to leave the room so she doesn't have to see this. I'm going to sanitize my hands."

Rose and Rex left the room leaving me alone with Padme who is breathing heavily. I held Padme's hand and I can sense she is in a lot of pain. I know the feeling. The pain I felt giving birth is worse than getting shot by a blaster, getting hit by Force lightning, or listen to Binks talk nonstop. All painful, but giving birth to Anne is worse than any of those things.

"Ah-Ahsoka, I don't think I can d-do this," said Padme who is having a hard time talking with the pain she is going through.

"Padme, it's going to be okay. We're going to help you," I said trying to keep Padme calm and reassure her all will be okay. "Here let's talk about something else like um…did you come up with any names for the babies?"

Padme tried to laugh, but couldn't due to the pain. "Le-Leia if one is a girl, Lu-Luke if th-the other is a b-boy."

"What if it's either girls or both boys?" I ask trying to help Padme focus on something else besides the pain.

"If it's b-both girls Leia and Shmi a-after An-Anakin's mom, as for boys I-I'm not sure o-on the se-second name." Padme begins to breathe in and out fast, while trying to answer. "Wh-what are you go-going to do no-now that the war is over?"

I hesitated for a second, but I knew I would have to tell someone about this. James and I talked about this, but we never told the others the truth, except Sarah. I figure it would be okay to tell Padme. "Well, James and I have been thinking of settling down. Retire and live somewhere nice to raise our children."

I can see Padme smiling and I can tell she likes what we're planning on doing. "Th-that's nice, ha-have you to-told the others?"

"Not yet," I said knowing we needed to wait to tell the others the truth.

Rose came back wearing rubber gloves and an apron. "All right, Padme you ready to get the babies out of you?" Padme nods her head, while breathing heavily. Rose removes Padme's pants and places a blanket over her lower waist. "Padme, when I say push you push as hard as you can okay?"

Padme nods her head, but looks scared. I held her hand tightly and I smile at her trying to reassure her she'll be okay. "I'm here Padme I'll help you get through this."

Padme returns the smile and nods her head. "Thank you Ahsoka."

"Push girl push!" shouted Rose as Padme begins to push.

"I got the wet towels now wha…" Katooni sees what is going on and passes out.

"Son of a…" I use the Force to close the door so that no one comes in and passes out like Katooni did. I just hope she doesn't get traumatized by what she saw.

Outside the temple (Normal pov)

Korra and Karra are outside the entrance of the Jedi temple sitting on what is left of the stairs that Eric blew up. Eric is nearby checking to see if he left any bombs left around the temple. The twins are busy throwing rocks sad when Zatt told them he wasn't interested in either girl, but does want to continue being friends with them. The girls although disappointed Zatt didn't like them, they had a feeling though he liked someone else. They don't know who it is, but as long as Zatt is happy they'll be okay with it.

"I thought Zatt would say yes to me," said Korra disappointed that Zatt said no to her.

"Me too, at least now though we don't have to fight over him," said Karra who is happy that she doesn't have to fight with her sister for Zatt.

Korra smiles and hugs her sister. "That's true, I didn't like fighting with you sis."

Karra returns the hug. "Me too, I like spending time with you sis."

Eric smiles seeing how well the twins are getting along and sighs in sadness when he remembers what Rose told him. "How are they?"

Eric turns around and sees Jedi Master Shaak Ti coming out of the temple. "They're fine, just a little sad. But they're still young they'll find love again."

Shaak Ti nods her head and smiles seeing how well the girls get along. "Thank you for keeping them safe. I'm thankful for all you and your friends did."

Eric smiles and shakes his head. "No need to thank us. We help a lot of people because it's the right thing to do. We're glad we met the girls and are going to miss them."

Shaak Ti can sense Eric knows what the girls told her after the battle. "I know they'll miss you guys. I talked to the council about the changes we need to make. They agreed and also agreed to let me train the girls as my padawans."

"Good, thank you Master Shaak Ti," said Eric glad that the Jedi master managed to convince the council to change the rules so the twins can stay with their aunt. "Good luck with them though. They can be a handful."

Shaak Ti laughs and nods her head. "I know, they told me a lot of the stuff they did with you guys. I'll be fine though."

"Keep telling yourself that," said Eric as he walks over to the twins. "Hey, I'm going to talk to James. You two want to tell him now or later?"

"We'll tell him later," said the twins at the same time.

"All right then, I'll see you two munchkins later," said Eric as he takes off to go look for James.

Infirmary (Ahsoka's pov)

"It's okay Padme, its over," I handed Padme her two babies after Padme gave birth to the last baby.

I'm so glad we got through the pregnancy without any incident. Rose helped deliver the babies while I kept Padme calm while she worked on giving birth to her two children. The first one is a girl, Leia, and the other is a boy, Luke. I was a little scared that Padme wasn't going to make it, but I'm happy to know her and the babies made it. If only Anakin had just listened to us then he would have been here to see his children come into this world.

"They're beautiful," said Padme as she holds her babies who are covered in blankets.

"They are," said Rose as she washes her hand, while Katooni looks at the two babies.

Katooni looks on curious after waking up from fainting. She woke up just as Rose finished cleaning the babies and handing them over to Padme. Katooni looks at the babies with much curiosity. She has never seen babies before and how they are born. She may have may fainted during the first part of the birth, but she figures how the rest went, and hopes not to experience it anytime soon.

"They are so little, what are their names?" asked Katooni as she gets a better look at the babies.

"They're names are Luke and Leia," said Padme softly as holds her babies close.

"Are you going to give them Anakin's last name?" I asked wondering if they're last names will be Skywalker or Amidala.

Padme smiles towards me and nods her head softly. "I know he did many bad things, but it wouldn't feel right not to give them his last name."

I remembered what James told me a few days ago and after what happened to Padme I knew what we will do. "Hey Rose, do you mind if I talk to Padme alone?"

Rose nods her head knowing what we're going to talk about. "Sure, I need to go find Steela anyways and thank her for her help. Come on Katooni."

Katooni nods her head and leaves with Rose. I lock the door and sit next to Padme. "Padme, what are you going to do now that you're a mother? Are you going to continue being a senator?"

Padme sighs and knew someone would ask her that question eventually. She knew many wanted to ask her that question, but no one asked. "Anakin and I planned to leave once the war is over so we can raise our children together. Now that he's in jail I guess I'll head back home and try to raise the children."

"Alone? What about your family? What about your job?" I ask not wanting Padme to give up being a senator since many people look up to her.

Padme smiles and places her hand on my hand. "I know my family will try to help me raise the babies and my new job is to raise my children. I will miss being a senator, but I have to do what is right to keep my children safe. What about you and James? What are you two going to do?"

I knew Padme would eventually ask me that. Rose knows and I'm pretty sure the whole crew knows. So I guess I better tell her what James and I are planning. "James decided once Sidious is defeated that he will retire. He loves his job, but like you he wants to work on raising our daughter, and being a father. After Dragon died he is planning on asking Bo Katan if she wants to live with us so we can help her raise her child."

"Did she agree?" asked Padme wondering what Bo's decision is.

"She agreed, but after what happened on Mandalore we realize it's not safe to live there," I said concern that whoever broke Maul out will come back and could try to harm our children.

"I see, does the crew know?" asked Padme curious to know if James has told the crew and how they will react to this decision.

I shake my head knowing the crew don't know, at least not all of them. "Rose knows, but she promised me she won't tell anyone."

Padme looks surprise that they haven't told the crew yet. "Do you think they'll take it well? If so what are they going to do?"

I remember what the crew wanted to do when they did retire from a life of crime. "Barriss wants to live with Adam on Onderon along with Eve and Lux. Marcus wants to live on Tatooine to become a doctor for the people there, while Ventress is going to live with him, and be a bounty hunter."

Padme laughs softly guessing that Ventress was going to continue being a bounty hunter. "I'm happy for Lux having someone. I'm still surprise it's with someone like Eve."

I nod my head in agreement and laugh a little. "Yeah, but I'm happy for Eve she deserved to find love."

"So what about the others?" asked Padme wanting to know more of the plans the rest of the crew have in store.

"Kane wants to live here on Coruscant. Dex owns a diner and is going to give it to Kane when he retires," I said a little disappointed Kane is staying on Coruscant. I'll miss his delicious food. "Rose wants to Mandalore where she'll help Sarah run the Knights of Mandalore and Death Watch. Eric agreed to help out by making the weapons. My concern is he'll blow up the planet on his first day on the job."

Padme smiles and is glad on what Rose is going to do. "And the twins?"

I sigh in sadness knowing what the twins want to do. "They're staying in the Jedi temple. With the rules being changed they want to stay here with their aunt and their friends. We can't force them to leave and we know they'll be safe here now that the war is over."

"You're not staying in the temple are you?" asked Padme figuring what James and I have plan.

I shake my head softly and I explain what we got plan. "Padme, I know you can handle taking care of your children alone, but I don't want you to. I want to help and I want to make sure you along with the children are kept safe from people who will want to harm you three. So we decided if your okay with this, but we would like to live on Naboo with you to help you raise the children."

Padme smiles and doesn't look surprise with what I said. "I assume James want Bo to live on Naboo too?"

I nod my head knowing James will want Bo-Katan and her son to live on Naboo with us. "Is it okay?"

Padme nods her head and hugs me with one arm. "I would like that, a lot." I return the hug and I'm glad Padme is okay with us living with her. "By the way, would you and James like to be the godparents of the twins?"

I break the hug and look surprise with what Padme offered. I look down at the kids and smile gently. "Yes, it will be our honor to be the godparents."

Padme smiles and we hug again. I wish Anakin didn't turn to the dark side. He would have loved to share this moment with us. I hear the door opening and I see it's James who looks surprise when he sees the twins. "Um did I miss something?"

(Normal pov)

Obi Wan Kenobi and Master Yoda walk down the hallway of the Jedi temple seeing much of the temple was damaged during the fighting last night. Both Jedi see many of their fallen comrades being taken outside so they can be given a proper ceremony. They see the Knights of Mandalore rounding up the last dead bodies of the clone troopers who were involved in Order 66.

Obi Wan is disappointed in many of these soldiers, especially those who he fought alongside with for years. He knows the senate is going to talk about what they are going to do with the rest of the Clone Army, but he assumes the senate will keep the clones arrive, and will get rid of Order 66 along with any other order that involves killing the Jedi or go rogue. The Jedi also arrested the clones who went through with Order 66 and kept them somewhere secure until the senate comes to a decision.

What disappointed Kenobi the most is what his former apprentice and friend Anakin did. When he heard the news Anakin turned to the dark side and tried to massacre the Jedi Obi Wan didn't think it was true. He couldn't, but when he talked to Ahsoka before returning to Coruscant he knew it had to be true. He could see the look of disappointment and sadness in Ahsoka's eyes. He knew she must have confronted Anakin or rather as he calls himself now Vader during the fight in the temple.

Obi Wan wish he was there to keep Anakin from turning then maybe he wouldn't have become a Sith. It didn't matter now, what did matter is his future. The council agreed to lock Vader up so he couldn't do anymore harm. Kenobi asked the council to speak with Vader to see if he can turn him back to Anakin, but after hearing what he tried to do to Padme the council decided there is no point. The Anakin Skywalker they once knew is gone and now there is only the Sith Lord, Darth Vader.

"Troubled I sense from you Master Kenobi," said Master Yoda snapping Obi Wan out of his thoughts. "Disappointed I sense in you about young Skywalker I assume."

Obi Wan nods his head knowing he couldn't hide anything from Master Yoda. "I just wish I could have done more to help him. I knew he was troubled, but I didn't think he would turn like this. I also wish I could have been here so Ahsoka wouldn't have had to fight her former master."

"Understand I do Master Kenobi, but not much difference it would have been I believe if you tried to stop young Skywalker," said Master Yoda knowing even if Obi Wan was here it wouldn't have stop Anakin from turning to the dark side.

Obi Wan sighs in disappointment and knows his former master is probably even more disappointed than he is. "Do you believe if Master Qui Gon was alive he could have kept Anakin from turning to the dark side?"

Master Yoda closes his eyes and thinks about the question. He knows Anakin was close to Qui Gon despite how short their time was together. He looked up to him and wanted him as his master. If Qui Gon was alive who knows what would have happened. "Perhaps, a small chance there is. Something else I wish to speak with you about Master Kenobi."

"What is it Master Yoda?" asked Obi Wan wondering what the elder Jedi Master wants to tell him.

"Teach you something I wish to do. I learned this long ago and now pass this on to you I will," said Master Yoda knowing Obi Wan is ready for this training. "Allow you this will to speak to someone you once knew who has master the ways of the Force from beyond, your old master."

Obi Wan realizes who Master Yoda is talking about. "Qui Gon?"

Master Yoda nods his head. "Help you communicate with him I will."

Outside the temple (James's pov)

I gather the crew outside so Ahsoka and I can tell them the news. I knew this wasn't going to be easy, but I knew they have a right to know. Eric is sitting next to Rose who is holding the twins in her arms. Marcus is sitting on the floor with Ventress standing next to him. Kane is near the kitchen with the twins eating some pizza. Adam, Barriss, and Eve are near the door. Ahsoka is standing next to me with Anne sleeping in her arms.

I begin to motion to the crew to be quiet so I can begin. "All right guys listen up I need to tell you guys something. It's something very important and not easy to say."

"You're going to have another kid?" asked the twins at the same time.

"No!" shouted Ahsoka almost waking up her daughter. She speaks again in a softer tone. "I mean no I'm not pregnant thank the Force. I'm not ready to have another kid after what I went through with Anne."

"The twins for me were a breeze," said Rose who has a smug smile while Ahsoka flips her off.

"Anyways," I said trying to get back on topic. "Ahsoka and I have been talking. We've actually been talking about this for a long time now and have been waiting to tell you guys after Sidious dies."

"Which we did," said Eric as he high-fives his wife who high-fives him back. "So what's up?"

I turn to Ahsoka knowing it was her turn to say it. "Guys, James and I decided we're going to retire. We're going to move to Naboo with Padme and Bo-Katan to help them raise their children."

We waited to hear the crew's reaction, which I hope isn't anything negative. "Okay."

Ahsoka and I look confuse with what Marcus said then we turn to Barriss who was next to talk. "That's fine."

"Yeah, that's your choice and if that's what you chose then that's fine," said Eve who was next to speak.

"…um okay how come you guys are taking this well?" I ask wondering why the crew isn't overreacting like I thought they would be.

"Eric told us," said the whole crew minus Rose and Eric.

Ahsoka and I turn to Eric who looks nervous. Then he points his finger at Rose. "She told me! She said not to tell anyone, but I couldn't keep this a secret."

Rose gives her husband her death glare. "I will kill you."

Ahsoka stares at Rose and gives her a disappointing head shake. "Rose, you have some explaining to do."

Rose sighs knowing she is caught. "All right, so I told Eric. Anyways it's not that big a deal if he told the crew. In a way you should be thanking us since the crew had time to get ready for when you tell them the truth."

I sigh in annoyance that my sister told Eric, but after looking at the crew I realize they don't look mad or are upset. "You guys are really okay with this?"

Marcus gets up and speaks for the crew. "Listen James when we first came to work with you we knew from day one we wouldn't be together forever. We knew we would all go our separate ways. We've all prepared for that and we waited to know when we leave."

"Why didn't you before?" I ask wondering if the crew waited so long to leave, why didn't they?

Marcus continues speaking for the crew. "You saved us James. You gave us a new life and we wanted to stay by your side until you finished. We knew the moment you and Ahsoka got together you guys would want to have your own family. So we waited until Sidious was defeated and for you guys to talk to us about wanting to have a new life."

I see Ahsoka smiling and approach Marcus. "So you're okay with this, all of you?"

Eve speaks next and looks a little sad. "I wasn't okay with it at first. I love you guys and I want to stay together. But I know it wouldn't be fair and I know you guys deserve to have your own lives. So I'm okay with it."

I turn to the others wondering if they feel the same. "You guys too?"

Everyone nods their heads as the twins walk up to me and then the girls hug me. I smile and return the hug. "We'll miss you guys and we wish you can stay."

I see Ahsoka kneeling down and hugging Korra while I hug Karra. "I'll miss you two a lot and I know Anne will too. We promise we'll be back to see you girls."

I nod in agreement with Ahsoka. "We promise."

The twins smile, but are still sad. Rose approach us and looks sad too. "Bro, what are you going to do with the ship?"

"I have an idea for that," I turn to Adam and I walk towards him. "Adam, by all right the ship is yours and Eve. You guys should keep it and besides we all know there is no one in this room who can fly the ship as well as you."

Adam smiles and extends his hand to me. I smile in return and shake his hand. "Thanks James, I will keep the ship safe and if you need it just give us a call captain."

"If you ever need us again captain we're here," said Eric letting me know if Ahsoka or I need anything the crew will help us.

"Thanks guys," I turn to Kane and knew what we needed to do. "Kane, one last time let's eat together before we take off."

"You got it captain," said Kane as he goes into the kitchen to cook us up our last food together as a crew.

Mandalore (Sarah's pov)

I help load up the crates into my ship and our weapons so we can use them to take down the rest of the Hutt clan, along with the other criminal empires. My crew is inside the ship checking everything so they can be ready for our travel. I knew I should go see James before I go, but I figure we'll see each other again. We always do, especially when he asks me for favors.

Once I finish taking out the criminal empire I'll go pay him and his kid a visit. I haven't had much chance to bond with James's daughter. After I finish with that I'll come back here on Mandalore to keep it safe and figure out who freed Maul. I can't let whoever broke him out get away with what they did killing the guards. When I do find the motherfuckers behind this I will teach them a very painful lesson.

"Sarah," I turn around and see Bo-Katan walking towards me carrying her son Xahnort. "You got a minute?"

"Sure, what's up?" I ask wondering what Bo needed from me.

"When James comes back to Mandalore with Dragon's body can you drop us off on Naboo?" I got confuse by Bo's request wondering why she wants to go to Naboo.

"Why?" I ask wondering what she wants to do on Naboo.

"James told me he'll be living there with his family to help Padme raise her kids," said Bo-Katan explaining why she is going to Naboo and she seems happy about it. "James wants us to live with him on Naboo and I thought it's a good idea. That way we're all together and Xahnort will have some friends."

I smile and know Dragon wanted their son to live on a peaceful planet. He knows their son should be trained in the Mandalorian ways, but he wants their son to have a normal childhood. The Mandalorian childhood way is not something normal kids should go through. I smile happy that Bo is honoring her husband's wishes, but I know she'll still train their son.

"All right, we'll drop you two off and after the funeral," I said wanting to also spend little time with Anne before I left. "By the way when are you going to tell Xahnort what happened to his dad?"

"When he's older and ready," said Bo with a sad expression. "I just hope he understands why his dad did what he did."

I place my hand on her shoulder and nod in agreement. "He will, you understood and so will he. It will hurt but he'll understand."

Bo nods her head and pulls me in for a hug. "I miss him."

I pat her on the back and return the hug. "Me too."

Later that night (Ahsoka's pov)

I'm outside of the Jedi temple with Barriss, Ventress, the twins, Kane, Marcus, and what remains of the Jedi Order as we begin burning the bodies of the Jedi who died. Some senators also came by to pay their respects, including the new chancellor Bail Organa, and Padme. Rex joined us as well though he kept his distance knowing many of the Jedi Order are not fans of the clones.

. James took off with the rest of the crew to take the soldiers of Death Watch, Knights of Mandalore, and Dragon's body back to Mandalore. James and the others said their goodbyes before taking off. I know James wanted to go give our fallen friends a proper funeral, but know it has to be on Mandalore. I agree, since the Knights of Mandalore and Death Watch were born on Mandalore so it's fair for them to have their funeral on their home planet.

I see Rex looks sad and disappointed that his men betrayed the trust of the Jedi with what they did. He regrets what they did and knows the Jedi will never trust the clones again. I talked to him and told him it will take time, but the Jedi will forgive them. I told Rex I was leaving and I asked him what he is going to do.

Rex explained that he might be given a new rank and will be in charge of a new squadron of clones. I'm happy for him, but I hope he'll be okay since I know many clones will think of him as a traitor. He doesn't care since those who went through with Order 66 are the true traitors and will make sure that never happens again.

From what I heard Bail Organa is planning to stop making more clones and use the remaining clone army as the grand army of the Republic. He also decided to make some other changes, but I didn't pay attention to what they are since as long as he doesn't become a tyrant that's fine with me. At least I hope he doesn't become a traitor or we'll have to stop him too.

I look over and see the sad expression on Padme's face. I can tell she feels responsible for what happened since Anakin killed many of the Jedi. I told her it wasn't her fault, but she still blames herself. Shaak Ti is with the twins who are hugging her. I turn my head to Master Kenobi who is standing next to me looking sad as well.

I decided to talk to him since I know what he is going through. "I'm sorry Master Kenobi. I tried my best to keep him from turning, but I failed him."

Obi Wan didn't turn to face me, but still spoke. "Anakin made his choice. Nothing was going to change his mind. I assume you took Padme to go see him right?"

I nod my head remembering what happened when Padme tried to help Anakin. "Do you think there is any hope for him?"

Obi Wan sighs and is unsure. "I don't know. All we can do is hope one day he will come back to the light. Though I'm not sure many will accept him back for what he did."

I knew Obi Wan is right. Barriss is good again, but many still don't trust her even after what she did. "Yeah, listen can you do me a favor and not tell the council where I'll be living or about Padme's kids?"

"I know," said Obi Wan knowing what I wanted him to do. "I promise not to tell the council, but they will figure it out on their own. I'll still keep them from trying to get your kids along with Anakin's kids to join the Order."

I smile and hug Obi Wan. "Thank you."

Obi Wan returns the hug. "You're welcome and I'm glad you came back."

"Me too," I said whispering as Master Yoda begins with the ceremony.

Mandalore (Normal pov)

The ceremony for the fallen has begun on Mandalore as James, Rose, Eric, Eve, Adam, Bo-Katan, Sarah and her crew, the Knights of Mandalore, Death Watch, Satine, and Gennei's uncle Braig. Many citizens of Mandalore also joined in to pay their respects for their fallen. James looks on sadden at how many men and women died trying to help keep the galaxy from falling into darkness.

He knows the galaxy never liked the Mandalorians and thought of them as violent warriors. James knows though that the Jedi and their allies will remember them now as brave warriors who fought to save the galaxy from the Sith. James smiles at the irony because the Mandalorians were once allies of the Sith, now they were the cause of their defeat. That is something Gennei would have laughed to if he was alive.

Braig approaches James and asked him to speak for the fallen. "I can't, I don't know what to say."

Braig understands why James doesn't want to speak, but he knows he has to. "Your father felt the same way, but he knew as a leader he needed to do this not for himself. He did it for the soldiers who laid their lives on the line for him and for their people."

James sighs and knows he needs to do this. He turns to his sister who tries to reassure him all will be okay. "We're here for you bro. You can do this."

James smiles and nods his head. He walks over where Gennei's body is and turns to the people. "Long ago, the galaxy saw our people as monsters. That we were considered dishonorable warriors who joined the Sith to destroy the galaxy. My father wanted to change that and so he created the Knights to protect our people, but to also show the galaxy we aren't the evil warriors they saw us as."

James turns to his aunt and then he nods head. "My aunt wanted our planet to be at peace when conflict came back in the galaxy. She feared our people would once again be involved in war and we would be sought out as the enemy again. Many disagreed with her seeing her ways as a sign of weakness to the galaxy that Mandalore is weak. That we threw out our old ways and have become soft. That's not true, especially when Darth Maul came to our planet to take over."

Many remembered that and couldn't believe how much control Maul took of the planet in such a short time. "The Knights came to Mandalore's aid and together we defeated the Sith Lord, Darth Maul to free our people from his control. One year later a new threat came to our world and we had a chance to make. Let the Sith Lord, Darth Sidious take control over the Republic and allow the Jedi to be wiped out or prove to the galaxy how wrong they were about us."

James noticed how many people didn't like the choice that was made about helping the Jedi after all we've been through. "Many think we should have allowed Sidious to take over and let the Jedi be wiped out. What does it matter?"

James shakes his head agreeing with these statements, but knew they weren't the right decision to do. "Our ancestors would agree, but my father would have come to their aid. Why? Because a true warrior wouldn't stand by and let the innocent be killed off while we do nothing. We did what we did and every one of these fallen warriors chose to go out there to fight. Not for glory, not for power, but because it was the right thing to do. They may be gone, but they will be remembered as the men and women who died saving the galaxy from a tyrant."

James places his hand on Gennei's body and sigh in sadness. "They will be remembered as warriors and heroes of Mandalore."

Braig motions for the guards to approach the dead bodies and begin burning them. James walks back towards his sister who hugs him. "It's okay bro, I'm sure Dragon is happy with what you said and is glad you did it."

James wipes his tears away and nods his head. "Thank you sis. You sure you're going to be okay here without me?"

Rose nods her head and kisses her brother on the cheek. "We'll be fine, just remember to come back to visit soon."

James nods his head and gives his sister a big hug. Rose returns the hug and sighs in sadness. "I'll be back sis, I promise."

Coruscant (Shaak Ti's pov)

I finished placing the twins in their beds after they said their goodbyes to Ahsoka. I'm going to miss her a lot, but I know this is her choice, and it will make her happy. I left the room hoping tomorrow the twins will be here since last time I put them to bed they were kidnapped years ago. That is something else I should address to the council and that's updating our security.

I was about to leave the room when I look back at the twins. Korra is holding her sister's arm, while Karra is holding her stuff animal. I can sense both sisters are having a good dream. This reminds me of me and my sister when we were little before I was taken to the Jedi Order. I just hope I can keep the twins together and they'll look out for one another as they grow older.

As I left the room I sensed something. I turn around and see Aayla Secura nearby looking out into the night. I can sense she looks sad and I know why. I walk up to her and place my hand on her shoulder. "You miss him don't you?"

Aayla nods her head and continues looking outside. "We agreed not to be together because of the rules, but now. I don't know what I'm going to do."

"He was a good man, but you know he's not gone. He is still alive through the Force," I said trying to help Aayla and reassure her.

"I know, it doesn't feel the same as him being here," said Aayla who still feels sad.

I decided to try what the twins would do when one of them is sad. I wrap my arm around Aayla and bring her in for a hug. I can feel her hesitate at first, but then I feel her return the hug. "If you need to talk I'm here for you. You know that right?"

Aayla nods her head and smiles. "Thank you Shaak Ti."

"You're welcome," I said glad I was able to make my friend smile. Aayla goes for another hug and I return it. I look up in the ceiling and sigh a little. I'll help her be happy again Kit. I know that's what you would want me to do.

Outside the temple (Normal pov)

Obi Wan, Cin Drallig, Master Yoda, and several Jedi temple guards escort Anakin Skywalker now known as Darth Vader to be transported to a secure maximum prison facility that the Jedi had planned to use for Count Dooku, but now will use it for Vader. As they bring him outside they see a transport ship with many gunships nearby preparing to escort the prisoner to the prison.

Obi Wan, Cin Drallig, and Master Yoda are approached by Captain Rex who is assisting the Jedi to transport Vader. Rex was cleared of the charges when Ahsoka vouched for him so the clone captain wasn't arrested along with the rest of his men of the 501st for their involvement in Order 66. For now the clone captain is the only clone the Jedi trust.

"Captain, is the prison facility ready?" asked Cin Drallig wondering if all preparations at the prison ready for Vader's arrival.

Captain Rex nods his head and hands the Jedi master a holopad. "As you can see the prison is how the Jedi wanted it to keep Count Dooku from escaping. It will now be used to hold Darth Vader instead and keep him from escaping."

Cin Drallig shows the holopad to Obi Wan and Master Yoda both nodding their heads before handing the holopad to Drallig. "Very well, take him inside and make sure he is secured for transport."

Captain Rex nods his head and walks back into the ship. Cin Drallig can sense Obi Wan not liking this and he understands. "Not easy doing this when it's someone you once knew and trained for years huh?"

Obi Wan nods his head. "I hope one day he can redeem himself."

"Maybe one day," said Cin Drallig knowing that might never happen since with what Vader did he doubts anyone from the Jedi Order will ever trust him again.

As Master Yoda is about to enter the transport ship he senses something. He looks up into the sky and can sense something that is making him uneasy. He can sense some sort of dark, cold, and evil presence. "Master Yoda, is something wrong?"

Master Yoda turns to Obi Wan and shakes his head. "Unsure I m. Sense something I do. Sense I do the dark side of the Force becoming stronger it is."

Cin Drallig and Obi Wan look at each other surprise. They thought with Sidious dead that the dark side of the Force would have become weaker. Cin Drallig didn't want to believe this. "How is this possible? Is it Maul?"

Master Yoda shakes his head knowing it couldn't be Maul. "Not sure I am where this is coming from. Know one thing I do. The Sith gone they are not and I sense more trouble is coming I do."

Obi Wan looks up in the sky fearing what is coming and what they will do to stop this. "What can we do?"

Master Yoda sighs in sadness. "Nothing, until reveal this evil to us all we can do is wait."

Obi Wan is now worry because if the Sith are not gone then the galaxy is still in danger. He also knows this means Ahsoka, her friends, children, and Anakin's children are in danger. "Master, with permission do you mind if I?"

Master Yoda knows what Obi Wan is about to say. "Transport Vader first then discuss this we will."

Obi Wan nods his head as the Jedi get on the transport ship and take off. As they head to the prison Kenobi knows what he will have to do if the council approves. I hope they won't mind me keeping an eye on things for them.

Naboo (Ahsoka's pov)

I arrived to Naboo with Padme who went to go see her family. We arrived in an open field where we see a bunch of droids working on building houses. I already said my goodbyes to the twins and Kane on Coruscant, which wasn't very easy. I gave my goodbye to Marcus who later went to his room since he got very emotional. Now it was time for me to say goodbye to Ventress and Barriss. I knew James wasn't going to take long to come here, so I let the girls say goodbye to Anne first before getting to me.

"I'm going to miss you Anne," said Barriss as she holds Anne in her arms. "Be a good girl and listen to them."

Anne giggles and smiles at Barriss. She hands the baby to Ventress who hesitated at first, but took her anyways. "Um yeah listen to your mom and uh behave."

I take Anne from Ventress who is still uncomfortable around Anne. "One day you're going to have kids Ventress and you'll have to learn how to handle being around them."

"The day that happens is the day Eric stops making bombs," said Ventress who knows Eric will never stop making bombs.

I laugh softly as I turn towards Barriss and approach her. "Barriss, if you ever need to talk you know where to find me."

Barriss nods her head. "I know and if you need anything Ahsoka you know where to find me."

I wrap my arm around Barriss hugging her. I can feel her return the hug and looks sad. "Don't worry Barriss, this isn't goodbye forever you know."

"I know, just be careful okay?" I nod my head reassuring Barriss I'll be okay. "May the Force be with you Ahsoka."

"May the Force be with you too," I turn towards Ventress who extended her hand. I smile and shook her hand. "Thank you for all your help Ventress. Hard to imagine years ago you and I were once enemies. Now we're friends."

Ventress smiles and nods in agreement. "Yeah, just make sure you stay out of being wanted or I might come back to get my bounty."

I smile confident that won't ever happen. "If it does I'll be ready for you."

Ventress walks back into the ship, while Barriss waves goodbye. I return the wave and see her walk into the ship. The ship begins to take off and heads out into space. I sigh in sadness already missing my friends. I feel two arms wrapping around my waist and someone kissing me on the cheek.

"You okay?" I turn around and see its James.

I nod my head and hug James. "We'll see them soon right?"

James nods his head. "Of course we will. We'll see them again just you wait and see."

"Okay," I said knowing James is right and I hope we do see our friends, soon.

"Anyways, until the droids finish building our house I guess we'll be staying somewhere else?" asked James looking at where the droids are who are taking a while to finish up making our house.

"Padme told me we can stay at this house in the middle of the lake. Hope Bo doesn't mind," I said hoping Bo doesn't indeed mind living in the middle of the lake with James and me.

"She won't," said James as he kisses me on the lips and takes Anne in his arms. "Here's to our new life. Let's hope we can get through this without any problems."

I laugh knowing that is unlikely and then I kiss James on the lips for a few seconds. "With our track record I doubt it. Still, we'll get through anything the galaxy throws at us. Nothing is going to stand in our way."

Unknown planet (Normal pov)

Maul begins to wake up after being knocked out by the little girl who attacked him. Maul gets up a little dazed and looks around. He remembers being taken towards a ship before the girl stunned him. Maul growls in anger for allowing himself to get knocked out by a child. Maul sees a hallway nearby where there is some light. Maul follows it hoping it would lead him to where the girl is so he can kill her.

As Maul follows the lights he begins to sense the dark side of the Force getting stronger the more he walks down the hall. He wonders where this is coming from, but ignores it wanting revenge on the little girl. He then hears the girl giggling nearby. He looks at the end of the hallway to see her standing there with her hood covering her face, but revealing her mouth.

"It's about time you woke up, what took you so long?" asked the little girl who acts innocently, but Maul can sense she is mocking him.

"You attacked me you little brat. I'm going to make you pay for that," said Maul as he smashes his fist into the side of the wall denting it.

The girl smiles showing her sharp canine teeth while opening the door behind her. "If you want to kill me then come and get me, unless the big bad Darth Maul is too scared?"

Maul charges after the girl who takes off running, while laughing. The girl runs outside where there its night time and it looks like they're in the middle of nowhere. Maul didn't care though as he uses the Force to throw some rocks from nearby at the girl who dodges them with ease. Maul tries to punch the girl, but she once again dodges his attacks easily. Maul goes for a kick, but the girl ducks and uses the Force to send the Zabrak Sith flying. However, he lands on his feet, and shows he grabbed the girl's lightsaber.

"You're going to pay for mocking me child and I'm going to enjoy killing you," said Maul as he activates the lightsaber and gets ready to fight.

The girl giggles again and tilts her head. "You sure about that, Maul?"

Before Maul realizes it he is lifted in the air by his throat by an unseen force. Maul tries to break free, but couldn't. He knew what this was and it was someone using the Force, but how? He looks around and couldn't see anyone but the girl. The girl skips over while giggling and grabs her lightsaber. He looks down and can see the girl's eyes. They are red and orange, like a Sith. He soon realizes that this girl is a Sith, but how is she using the Force without using her hands? That is what Maul is thinking knowing there is no way this kid can use the Force without lifting her hands.

Maul then hears clapping nearby and sees another hooded figure appearing nearby. "Well done, my apprentice you have done well."

Maul is shock to realize this girl is this figure's apprentice. The girl turns away from Maul and as soon as she did Maul falls to the ground. He begins to cough loudly after being choked with the Force. He couldn't believe that this girl actually choked him without lifting her hand like one would normally do to use the Force. He wonders who this girl is and how she was able to do this.

"Like what my apprentice did?" asked the male figure as he explains what his apprentice did. "It's a special trick I learned long ago from my master who taught me how to use the Force without actually using your hands to choke your enemy or lift something. Something I doubt your former master could ever learn."

Maul looks on shock as he slowly gets up. "H-how is this possible? Who are you? Where am I?"

The figure smiles as he removes his hood revealing who he is. He appears to be around 15 years of age, long black hair, tan skin, and his eyes are the same as the girl. "My name is Darth Khan and I asked my apprentice to bring you here, to join us."

"Us?" asked Maul confuse wondering what this Khan meant. He doubts this Sith is talking about him and his apprentice, is he?

"Yes, I mean us," Maul sees behind Khan and his apprentice are 5 other hooded figures. "As for where we are we're home."

Maul looks around and realizes they are on the planet of Korriban, the home of the Sith. He looks back at Khan and his followers realizing they are all Sith. Maul smiles and can sense they are all strong with the dark side.

"We brought you here to join us Maul. Join us, together we will not only take this galaxy, but we will finally destroy the Jedi, for good," said Khan offering the Zabrak Sith to join him and his group.

Maul looks around knowing this is an offer he cannot pass up on. He gets on one knee and bows his head towards Khan, "What is thy bidding, my master?" Khan smiles and hands Maul his new lightsaber.

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