The Gift Re-write

By Jen

I wrote this story before but going back and reading it well it needs work and writing a back story to it, it really needs some work done. So it'll be same concept and premise with some changes because of the back story that has been written. You don't need to read the back story to understand this one and vise versa but if you want to read the back story it's called About Her.

Buffy and Angel shared a moment together but something came from that moment a child. Buffy had to give herself up for this gift, a half vampire and half human a gift that the world does not know about. This child with her father the champion of man must fight as the end of days is here. AU starting from Buffy the Vampire Slayer season five and Angel season two.

I own nothing of Joss Whedon all this belongs to him I am just typing this for entertainment purposes.

It doesn't hurt me.
You wanna feel how it feels?
You wanna know, know that it doesn't hurt me?
You wanna hear about the deal I'm making?
You be running up that hill
You and me be running up that hill

And if I only could,
Make a deal with God,
And get him to swap our places,
Be running up that road,
Be running up that hill,
Be running up that building.
If I only could, oh...

You don't wanna hurt me,
But see how deep the bullet lies.
Unaware that I'm tearing you asunder.
There's a thunder in our hearts, baby.
So much hate for the ones we love?
Tell me, we both matter, don't we?

You, be running up that hill
You and me, be running up that hill
You and me won't be unhappy.

And if I only could,
Make a deal with God,
And get him to swap our places,
Be running up that road,
Be running up that hill,
Be running up that building,
If I only could, oh...

C'mon, baby, c'mon, c'mon, darling,
Let me steal this moment from you now.
C'mon, angel, c'mon, c'mon, darling,
Let's exchange the experience, oh...'

And if I only could,
Make a deal with God,
And get him to swap our places,
Be running up that road,
Be running up that hill,
With no problems

'If I only could, be running up that hill.'

Chapter 1 Birthday

This was her Sweet Sixteen, sixteen where did time go? It went by fast that's what happened. Angel hung up streamers around the hotel lobby making sure everything was ready for the party. She had asked for this a few months ago back when they were taking on Wolfram and Hart and he promised if they won she'd get the party she wanted.

"Looks good," Cordelia said as Angel looked at the last bit of decorations he hung up. In another hour the guests would arrive and it would be full of teens partying. Isabella wasn't popular but she had many friends and some of those friends would bring other friends. Isabella was now the slayer so along with her vampire traits from her father and he slayer powers she was strong. She was strong enough to help end Wolfram and Hart. But tonight there would be no patrolling not vampires except the two that lived here, tonight was just a party to celebrate her birthday.

Angel headed upstairs and knocked on his daughter's door and poked his head in as she was combing her hair.

"Hi dad," She said with a smile and he walked in. She wore a cute red dress and let her long brown hair fall around her shoulders. She was a spitting image of Buffy except she had brown hair like her father but some said she looked like Angel. Angel could only see Buffy in her and that made him happy. She deserved this night after all she's been through. He looked at his sixteen year old, sixteen he repeated to himself. He could remember when she was six. "So how do I look?" She asked turning to him and he smiled.

"Perfect." And he meant it. Isabella smiled and they shared a hug and he kissed the top of her head. As Angel held her there were some negative thoughts running through his head. Yes this was a happy day but also the saddest day. Isabella was born but it was also Buffy's death. He'll be happy for the next few hours but when he would be alone he would morn Buffy's loss. She was still around though she appeared to him dreams and when his back was against the wall and the roof caving in she was there. But she wasn't here physically. He missed her everyday but Isabella was something to show for.

The party was on and the lobby was full teens talking and dancing. Angel was up on the second floor watching how these young people interacted with one another. Teens were in the awkward stage of their lives. They were still children but also an adult. The boys reminded him of puppies with huge paws that they haven't grown into yet. Angel sipped his drink monitoring the party as Spike came over. The adults of the hotel promised to stay out of site unless they needed more drinks or food.

"Sixteen," Spike said and Angel still couldn't wrap his head around it.

"Yeah feels like yesterday I had her on my shoulders as she pointed to the ducks out by the pond." Angel explained.

"Then you blinked." Spike added.

"Yeah I blinked and now she's sixteen."

"You aren't going to cry mate are you?" Spike asked and Angel shook his head no but a flash back appeared in his head to Isabella's first birthday.

'It was just the AI team celebrating it but Isabella sat in her high chair with a cake in front of her with one candle. There was another cake for everyone else as Isabella dug into hers. She would take a chunk and eat it and made the biggest mess. Frosting and cake were all in her hair and on her face. Angel smiled as she made the mess knowing bath time was going to be so much fun later. She was one still a baby but a year older.'

It felt like a lifetime ago that happened. She was no longer a baby she could speak for herself, she was smart, strong and beautiful. But at the end of the day she would always be Angel's baby no matter how old she got. So many things have happened over the years with him and Isabella and he tried to give her as much as a normal life but nothing was normal with a vampire for a father. The adults were now lined up watching the teens.

"Good turn out." Xander said as he looked out to the crowd and spotted his son Evan dancing with Levy Willow and Tara's adopted daughter. Isabella, Evan and Levy were the future of AI and it looked to be a promising one.

"The cleanup is going to be awesome." Gunn deadpanned and Fred smiled as Wes put an arm around her. These two after years of working side by side finally were together. Angel down his drink it was blood of course with a shot of Jameson nothing to get him drunk well not yet. When the party was over and in the dead of night he'll get drunk and morn Buffy once more. But for now he was happy with his daughter.

"Well I'm going to have a dance with my daughter," Angel said as a slower song came on. "And then give her, her gift."

"What did you give her?" Willow asked and Angel smiled.

"No you didn't." Cordelia said.

"What?" Giles asked as Angel walked away. "What?" Angel said nothing as he walked away.

"Going to dance with my daughter." Angel said as he left. The song that was playing was an old one and held meaning to Angel and it seemed so perfect for Angel and Isabella to dance to. Angel walked up to his daughter and she smiled as he took her hand and brought her close. It was the classic father daughter dance and the song was Wild Horses. The song was true for him wild horses could never drag him away from his daughter nor Buffy. Isabella smiled as she danced with her dad and then hugged him.

"Thank you." She said for the party and they stayed close as the swayed slowly. She rested her cheek on his strong shoulder and was in the safest place in the world her father's arms. She loved her father her daddy so much. They've had their ups and downs but she wouldn't have it any other way. They were very close both just with the father daughter bond but also by blood. He was vampire and she was half vampire. She was an extension of his soul of his good nature and the only part he ever understood in life. They were two peas in a pod and they both felt it they couldn't live without the other. They both knew one day one of them would die and if it was natural death it would be ok. But if death took her from him he would fall into darkness. She was all he had left and if she was taken before his time then hell with the world. Parents should never outlive their children and Isabella was no exception. He made a promise so long ago to Buffy and if he lost Isabella then he would have done dishonor to Buffy. She gave him this gift and he would do everything in his power to protect her he would kill anyone or anything that tried to hurt her human and none human alike.

The song ended and Isabella pulled away and Angel was smiling.

"What?" She asked and he reached for his pocket and pulled out a car key. "Oh no way. No way!" She giggled and everyone looked up to see what was going on. The adults of AI came down too seeing Isabella holding a set of car keys.

"He really did it." Xander said. "Great now Evan's gonna want one." Isabella jumped up and down and threw her arms around her father and kissed his cheek a few times and he smiled.

"Oh my god I love you I love you I love you!" She repeated over and over again and kissed his cheek again. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" She hugged her father and he was smiling. "You're the best!" She pulled away and everyone was smiling as she held up her keys. "I have to go see it."

"It's right outside." Angel said and she smiled.

"New car?" She asked and he smiled nodding. "La, la, la, la," She was dancing a little and Angel couldn't but smile bigger seeing his daughter happy was all that mattered. "I have a new car oh my god a new car," She then left to go outside as everyone followed and when she stepped outside her jaw dropped and she screamed as she ran to her new black Mustang. The adults looked as everyone circled around the car and Isabella got in.

"Great a Mustang you had to get her a Mustang now Evan will want something better." Xander whined as they heard her start the car up. Angel didn't care she deserved something nice.

The party was over and the clean up would happen tomorrow. Isabella was in her night clothes reading a book and Angel came in.

"It's two in the morning it's time for some sleep." Angel said and she nodded setting her book aside. "What?" He asked her as she sat there and he knew what she wanted and sat on the edge of the bed. "You know the story better than I do." And she smiled. "Well," He began. "After nine months and thirty some hours of labor you final were here. You're mother waited a long time to see you. But she looked at me in fear because you weren't crying. I walked to check on you but you were just fine. The nurse placed you in my arms and then you opened your eyes and smiled at me. The nurse was shocked she said she had never seen a new born smile. I placed you in your mother's arms and she took one look and I knew she was the happiest she had ever been." He paused remembering that look. Buffy was dying but when she saw what she was dying for it all made sense. She smiled as she held her cross necklace with her mother's claddagh ring on it. Angel gave that to her so many years ago.

Isabella was asleep as Angel made his way to a certain headstone. He stopped in front of it and it read Buffy Ann Summers O'Brien beloved friend, daughter, wife and mother. Sixteen years ago he gained a daughter but lost his soul mate. He hated not having what he fully wanted he wanted both his girls not one or the other. That day sixteen years ago was both the best and worst day of his life.

'Buffy huffed as she was in labor. Angel could do nothing but hold her hand. Giles, Xander, Willow, Tara, Wes, Cordelia, Gunn, Spike and Fred were all in the hospital. The doctors and nurses worked hard, Buffy's vital signs only declined as the birthing went on. Her body had given so much energy into protecting this child that she was dying. Angel couldn't lose Buffy not now. Buffy let out a cry and took in another breath. She could feel it the baby was almost here. She could feel all her energy leaving, her life leaving. Then Buffy felt the pain disappear. She knew the baby was out but it wasn't crying and she begun to panic. She looked into Angel's eyes with fear but Angel smiled. He let go of her hand and saw the nurse put the baby in blanket.

"She is just perfect." The nurse said as Angel looked down at the baby. The nurse then handed the baby to Angel. He looked down at his daughter. The little girl opened her eyes and let out a small yawn. He walked over to Buffy and placed the baby in her arms. Buffy was slipping away. She held her daughter and smiled. Angel had tears somehow he could feel Buffy's soul leaving this world all to protect and give birth to this child, his child. The little girl looked up at her and Buffy's smiled grew even bigger.

"Hi Isabella," Buffy sobbed. "I'm your mommy…you looked just how I imagined, perfect." Buffy had tears falling. Angel placed his forehead to hers and cried.

"Buffy stay we both need you." Angel pleaded. Buffy smiled just a little.

"Take care of our baby Angel. I know you can and I'll always be here." She placed a small kiss on his lips. "I love you."

"I love you too." Angel said and then Buffy took in a breath. The nurse snatched the child from Buffy's arms as Buffy's vital signs dropped. "No Buffy no," Angel then was pulled aside. The doctors and nurse begun to work but Buffy was gone.

Out in the lobby everyone knew what was going on. Giles couldn't help but let a tear fall. Willow curled up in Tara's arms and sobbed. Cordelia leaned into Xander with a sob as well. They looked up and saw Angel walk out of the room but he wasn't alone he held something. Everyone got up and crowded around him. His cheeks were wet with tears. They all looked at the little baby.

"Everyone," Angel began. "I want you to meet Isabella Buffy O'Brien." Everyone smiled looking at the little baby. They all knew Buffy would pass on to protect the child. Any slayer who had given birth died because of the energy they gave up to protect the child. They just weren't prepared for it. But seeing the child was a new door opening to closed one. "Isabella these are your friends." Angel said to the sleeping baby.

Angel appeared at the grave site right at sunset. The service was over but the group they had another to perform. They all held their flowers waiting for Angel to appear. He had a dozen white roses. Willow was holding little Isabella as Angel walked to the tombstone. It read Buffy Ann Summers O'Brien beloved daughter, wife, mother and friend. Angel and Buffy had a small wedding ceremony when they had found out about the baby. Angel hovered over the stone.

"She was amazing," Giles began. "A true champion to the end. And…" He started to tear up. "I couldn't be more proud as a Watcher, more honored to be her Watcher." Giles then sobbed. Everyone let tears fall. Angel's knees buckled and he fell to the ground sobbing. He looked at the stone and placed his hand on it. No one knew what to say.

"I miss you already," Angel began. "I…I'm sorry I wasn't everything you wanted, everything you needed. I'm sorry for everything I've done to hurt you." Willow held Isabella closer. "But I will promise you this," Angel sobbed. "I will protect our baby, our daughter." Angel then set down the roses knowing he had to say good bye. "Buffy," Angel started. "My love, my wife, I love you." He slowly got up and it took Xander to help him steady himself. Angel looked at the stone once more and then to his baby daughter, the only thing he had left of Buffy.

Angel hung over the crib in her room back at the hotel watching Isabella sleep. He watched her little stomach go up and down, sleeping peacefully. She was still holding onto his finger as she slept. Angel held a small smile with his fixed gaze. Little Isabella took in a deep breath and shifted a little. Angel then placed his hand over her tummy, she was so small.

The next day was here and still the after math of Buffy's death and funeral hung around. Cordelia walked to Isabella's room to check on her when the little baby wasn't in her crib. For a fleeting moment she panicked but then walked a little further down the hall to Angel's room. Cordelia peered in and saw Angel asleep on his back and a little baby asleep so peacefully on his chest. Isabella was on her stomach curled in a little ball asleep on her father. She was tiny compared to Angel. Angel a vampire a demon who can snap someone's neck like a twig was so gently with this little baby his baby. He probably fell asleep feeling her tiny heart beating close to his unbeating heart. Angel's heart may not beat physically but it was alive and beating for this little girl. He's known this baby for just a few days and yet he loved her so much that he was ready to lay down his life for her. A father's love for his child. Isabella would wake up wanting to be fed and she knew Angel would take care of it so Cordelia closed the door not wanting to disturb father and baby.'

"Our baby is sixteen, time flies Buffy." He smiled. He would be at the grave most of the night talking to her. The one thing he remembered is what Cordelia said. 'If you were a loser a sick obsessed vampire then you'd go to some demon or make a deal with the devil and get your heart cut out. But you're not. You're a good guy no matter what you did in the past. You're still fighting and trying to help others, that's honoring her. Raising her daughter a daughter you both created. That's perfect.' Angel didn't want to raise Isabella alone not without Buffy but it happened. He wasn't alone everyone at the hotel helped raise Isabella even Spike. Angel once caught Spike holding Isabella and playing peek-a-boo with her and he was even laughing and having fun. Of course when Spike saw Angel looking at him Spike stopped laughing and put Isabella back in the rocker and pretended that never happened. He was alone but not alone it was strange and weird and Angel has learned to cope with it. He knew Buffy could never return but he hoped one day he would be with her again.

Angel could feel that dawn would be here soon. Another hour and half or so the sun would rise. Angel stood up from Buffy's grave site looking down to the headstone and the flowers he gave her. This headstone always was decorated the AI team came out here often keeping it clean and neat. Plus it was under a beautiful tree with Jasmine flowers that always stayed blooming year around. Angel took it at as sign. He knew Isabella came out here often to talk to her mother as well. But across away in the distance there was a fire burning on top of a small building. A demon had put a bounty on Isabella's life. Just before Angel arrived at the cemetery he found the demon. So to show everyone that threatening his daughter's life made him beyond angry he put the demon's head on a pole and hung it's body upside down and set both on fire as a warning to stay away from Isabella, to stay away from everyone in the hotel, to stay away from his family. Angel has been doing this for years it was more for Wolfram and Hart but they were gone so now it was for the demon underworld. It would be wise for them to heed that warning but some never listened.

Angel left the cemetery and went home. Home was always where Isabella was it could even be Mongolia. They had a separate home out in Galway Ireland. Christmas was spent there and same with if they needed time off. Also there was the mansion back in Sunnydale for them as well for a quick getaway but yet they were still close to LA if they were needed. Angel walked alone thinking and brooding. The last few months had been different. He and the AI team took down the Circle of the Black Thorn and Wolfram and Hart. Not only that Isabella was called as a slayer. He knew that would happen at some point. But after the fall of the Hart Angel could sense it, it wasn't over yet. He could feel something in the earth something was changing. Isabella could feel it too. He didn't know what it was but the battle of Wolfram and Hart, the Major, the Judge, the Master all those he knew were tests and mock wars to prepare him, Isabella and his team for what was really coming.

He had hoped destroying Wolfram and Hart would give him his humanity but when he remained a vampire he knew it was far from over. He wanted to be human he was ready to put all this behind but if he was still a vampire then another war was on the way. The battles only got harder so if the next one was the battle he wasn't sure what to expect and he was hoping Buffy where ever and whatever she was would be around to help. It was scary to know something else bigger than the Hell Mouth and Wolfram and Hart was coming and he'd hope not only would they win but they would all come out alive.

Angel walked through the hotel doors and for a moment he felt that warm feeling a sensation work its way down his body. He turned around looking to the front doors and peered out seeing nothing. The feeling happened before but only when she was around. Angel knew Buffy followed him around mostly in dreams but that was the first time it was that strong. Angel brushed it off and headed upstairs to go to bed. Before going to his room he looked into Isabella's room and she was sound asleep. He picked up on her heart beat and it was slow and steady just the way it should be.

Angel sat on the side of his bed and reached for the inside of his jacket to a pocket and pulled out a picture. It was of Buffy it was worn, torn and faded. She had a slight smile and those eyes looked to him. She had given it to him before he left for LA right before graduation day after she saved his life.

'Angel looked around the mansion one last time as the fight was in a few hours. He then heard footsteps knowing it was Buffy.

"Memory lane?" She asked and he turned around facing her. "I know you were just going to bug out and not say good bye and that's fine but I have to say good bye." She explained.

"Buffy," Angel started and she held up her hand meaning just shut up and listen.

"I'll never have a normal life whether you leave or not but promise me this you keep fighting for whatever it is you believe in." She said and he nodded as she walked closer taking something out of her pocket from her jacket. "Here," She looked at it and handed it to him. Angel took it and it was a picture of her. She looked so beautiful in it. "So you won't forget what I look like." She then turned around to walk away and prepare for graduation day.

"Buffy," Angel said and just as she stopped he reached for her pulling her close and they kissed. It wasn't a sweet kiss it was a passionate kiss and he pulled her closer. Buffy wrapped her arms around him knowing this was the good bye just in case one of them didn't make it. They both went weak at the knees and fell to the stone ground and he towered over her. This was just a moment the only moment they had. Buffy felt tears escaping her eyes. She loved him and she knew she always would even if she found someone else. She would compare all the other men in this world to him and they would never match him. The kiss died down and they pulled away. "I'll never forget." He whispered to her.'

Angel looked at the picture and no he has never forgotten anything about Buffy. He set the picture on the nightstand it was his good luck charm or one of his good luck charms Isabella was the other. Buffy was no longer a part of this world but Isabella was and now he fought for her. Everything he did was for her and in the end as long as she lived that's all that matter. He then looked to a picture on the nightstand it was Isabella a recent school picture. Those same green eyes Buffy had Isabella has now. It was like Buffy was still watching him. Angel stood up and changed to sweats and a tank top and then crawled into bed. On another nightstand was a picture of Buffy her senior picture. When Buffy moved here she had taken all the pictures from her old place to here. Next to her senior picture was another of Isabella and it was so neat to see them side by side and the resemblance it so perfect. Angel reached and turned the light out for some sleep.

And there's chapter one. If you've read the first version of the story you kind of know what's to come or do you? I've got some new tricks up my sleeves but it's going to be a good story. Also if you've read About Her then you kind of got an idea as well. So based on what you know what do you think is next? Remember this is a rewrite so not everything will be to the T like the first draft of The Gift. More on the way. Comments and reviews are welcome thanks for reading.