Chapter 20 Destiny

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Isabella and Buffy held onto one another crying quietly now. They would have to get up and find their friends and hoped everyone made it. The flood gates would re-open again soon that much was for sure. But they had each other at least. Buffy looked to Angel's body ready for it to turn into dust.

Meanwhile in another realm clad all in white was narrowing like a tunnel. Angel was still and then he saw a flash, 'Angel!' a voice called and he saw Buffy, 'Angel wake up,' the voice said again. He couldn't wake up it felt so hard too. 'Dad!' and his eyes flashed opened. He managed to look around and his vision was blurry and he blinked a few times to refocus. He turned his head to the side and that hurt it felt like the worse hang over ever. Angel slowly rolled over on the concrete with rubble everywhere. He had to take a minute to steady himself he still felt like he wasn't in his body yet. Then he noticed something he was breathing not the usually let me breathe to look normal no he was breathing. Then as his vision settled and his hearing went from everything being muffled to clear and he heard sobbing. Angel then was able to get to his knees and saw Buffy and Isabella holding one another crying.

"I'm not dead yet," Isabella pulled away from her mom and the two girls saw Angel there sitting up.


"Angel?" Buffy asked in disbelief and Isabella crawled to her father so quickly and then Isabella leaped into his arms and he held her as she sobbed holding him tightly.

"It's ok," He assured her as she sobbed not letting up the tight embrace. "It's ok," And then Angel looked up to Buffy as she sat there not moving. That should have killed him but here he was.

Angel reached out and Buffy took his hand and he pulled her in and now he was hugging both his girls. But then a sound Isabella's never heard of came from her father it was thumping sound. A full circle was made he was the first to hear Isabella's heart beat now she was first to hear his.

His chest was moving up and down she could even hear the air fill his lungs it was amazing.

"What how?" Isabella asked as they let up a little still in shock.

"A vampire with a soul will play a pivotal role in the end of days. You died and because you're dead you couldn't die again…" Buffy thought about it which was still confusing. "You're human you're rewarded." He sacrificed himself to save Isabella something he would have done regardless but in turn he saved the world doing it.

"I'm human," Angel stated but that was hard to wrap his head around it he was human a real live breathing human again.

"Don't ever do that again." His daughter warned him and held him again making sure he wouldn't go away. "You're human." She pulled away once more smiling.

"Yeah but I can't feel my legs." Angel added and panic took over both Isabella and Buffy.

"Why?" Isabella asked quickly.

"Because you're sitting on them." He answered and Isabella looked down and playfully shoved her dad.

"Come on," Buffy suggested and she and Isabella both helped Angel up off the ground and he had to steady himself he was still out of it. "Are you ok?" Buffy asked.

"Yeah head is still spinning but its ok it's kind of like a ride." Angel assured her and Buffy put Angel's arm around her shoulder for support. Isabella then quickly grabbed the scythe and took her father's other arm and placed it around her shoulder and the three started to walk. "We need a vacation." Angel stated and both girls nodded agreeing.

Meanwhile the big war zone was quiet now. The wounded were being rounded up as the survivors looked around the mess. The city commissioner wasn't going to be happy about this later.

"No Hell," Doyle said and sat down next to Cordelia and she nodded. Brian looked lost as he kept looking around hoping to see Isabella somewhere. Then Evan came over placing his hand on his friend's shoulder reassuring him it was going to be ok regardless what happened. He walked away to Levy as she sat on the ground and took a seat next to her and they huddled up.

AI looked around counting themselves making sure they were all still here and they were. Cordelia came limping over and Doyle picked her off the ground. Andrew walked around filming the scene talking about it. Giles looked to Brian as he scanned the area looking around and walked over to him.

"If they didn't make it," Giles started and placed a hand on the guardian's shoulder. "They did save this world like they always promised."

"Peaches and his clan are right there," Spike pointed out lighting up his last cigarette. AI looked over and saw the three walking together like nothing happened well there was some limping involved but other than that they looked pretty descent.

"I'll be damned." Giles said taking his glasses off smiling.

Angel, Buffy and Isabella walked side by side towards the slayers, Riley's team and the rest of AI.

"I'm going to take a really hot shower when we get back." Isabella stated and Angel nodded.

"And then sleep for a week."

"I like that idea." Buffy stated as they walked. "But I want some ice cream before that."

"Yes mint chip would be good." Isabella added.

"Yes now you're talking." Buffy smiled and then she looked to Angel. "How about you?"

"Let's get some cheeseburgers." Angel said. "I'm so hungry." Then the three saw the AI team run to them and they smiled as they were bombarded with hugs. There were stories to tell but later. Isabella hugged Brian and he felt better if she did die then he would have failed. They pulled apart and Isabella hugged her long time friends and family. Buffy hugged Giles her father and felt so good. This family came out of this alive and for the most part ok. Then Buffy looked up and saw Faith standing there with the slayers that made it and walked over to her sister slayer and they hugged. The slayers would have to ban together now. After the reunion everyone stood out in the streets looking at the mess they made but it was worth it.

"You think we could ever just have a quiet normal night off?" Wes asked as he looked around holding a wound.

"Where's the fun in that?" Xander asked with a hint of sarcasms.

"Well there is a Hell Mouth in Cleveland." Giles suggested but he a look from everyone. "Right better rest up first." As everyone gave him that look like one step at a time but then Spike went to

the shadows which meant sunrise. Angel faced east where the sun always rose. This would be the true test if he was human. Everyone gathered to see this hoping it was true. Then the sun peaked and you could see dawn's lights and Angel looked to it and felt Isabella grab his hand. This was something they always wanted to watch the sunrise together. The sun got higher now and Angel felt the rays and they were warm and inviting. Buffy then leaned in letting her head rest on his shoulder. This was the dream for all three all that has happened led to this, this one moment this perfect dream come true.

"He's pale," Xander commented and Buffy sighed as the beautiful moment ended. "Like paler than normal maybe we should head to the beach and let him get some color." Buffy smiled and wrapped her arms around his waist as the three continued to watch the sun rise.

Six Months Later

The sun was out, high and bright today. Buffy gave that sigh meaning it was time to take a break and walk. A huge caravan of cars made their way down the highway. LA was in the process of being rebuilt and Sunnydale no longer needed a protector, so it was time to move on. Riley's team went back to re-open the base and Giles along with Wes decided to open up the Watcher's Council again with some slight modifications. It would take years to rebuild, but they had to start somewhere. Not only that, they would have to track down every slayer now. Of course with an army of slayers evil should be smart enough and back down.

"Gas station!" Isabella yelled pointing and the car pulled over it would be a good rest stop plus food and fuel. Buffy waited for the car to stop and park and she opened the door and stepped out of the car fanning herself. The Jeep was nice because it was all open allowing air but they were driving through the desert so air conditioning would be nice. Isabella jumped out and Brian followed her. The caravan of cars that held AI pilled out to raid the gas station of its goods. Buffy opened the door and got out and Isabella came around to help. "You ok mom?" She asked

Buffy nodded smiling, "Yeah just need to walk." Buffy answered and Isabella smiled. "Here," Buffy gave Isabella some money. "Get some snacks." Her daughter nodded and headed off inside to see what she could get.

"You want anything?" Isabella asked.

"Something sweet." Buffy answered and leaned up against the car taking in deep cleansing breath and put her hands on her belly. She looked down at the six month pregnant belly of hers and then a shadow covered her.

"Sure you're ok?" Angel asked and Buffy nodded smiling and cupped his cheek.

"Yeah I did this once before but Izzy seemed to have slept more than this one. It's constantly awake. But that's not too bad Izzy was a kicker." Buffy ended with and smile and Angel leaned in for a quick kiss. Buffy walked around the other side following Angel to fill the car up.

"You know we've could have waited." Angel meant after the baby was born they could have headed off to Cleveland and Buffy shrugged.

"Eh I'm done with California been here all my life need something new." She stated and wrapped her arms around Angel's free arm and rested her head on his shoulder.

The AI team sat around the gas station talking and stretching their legs before heading east. The only one not here was Spike he was stuck in the Winnebago. Xander was having trouble traveling like this two hours is all he could handle as far as a road trip. Oz was with them helping them move and drove a huge moving truck with personal items such as photos and things that carried meaning. The rest of the cars were packed with clothes and other sorts of needs. This was a huge move and soon once they set up shop they would need to start looking for the new slayers.

Buffy was leaning against the Jeep and watched as her family talked to one another. Some were heading back to their cars indicating they were ready to go. Buffy had a hand on her belly waiting to feel each kick the baby would make. Then two people caught her eye. Angel and Isabella were walking together and talking. To see both in sunlight that was such a beautiful thing. Angel smiled more a great weight had been lifted from him and she could feel it. The pair these two have been through so much and their bond only became stronger in the last year or so. Isabella said something to him and held up her hand and he held up his and she jumped giving him a high five. Isabella gave him a soft push on his chest laughing. She had a similar smile to her father. Angel laughed a little and then Isabella held a thumbs up and Angel did the same. Angel then reached out and pulled her closer for a hug and kissed the top of her head.

Isabella's powers were still yet to be discovered and understood and she was still a gift in many ways especially to Angel. Angel was human but he was granted guardianship over the family but in the end he didn't need powers to fight for his family. The bond that was forged from her conception until now kept them together and it always will. Buffy smiled seeing them happy and that's all that mattered. She was right Angel was the only father for Isabella a vampire, a monster now human was the perfect father. This world was insane but what she was watching before her Buffy stood by her belief Angel was always the sanest choice she could have ever made in her life.

Buffy looked out and felt someone grab her hand and she looked over and smiled at Angel as he brought her hand to his lips and kissed it. As soon as she felt his lips touch her skin the baby kicked like it was happy. Angel set Buffy's hand down and they got back into the Jeep as Isabella got back in the car with her drink and Brian got in the other seat. Isabella handed Buffy a pack of Reese Cups and Buffy smiled that was the perfect yum. Angel looked back at his daughter and smiled and as she said something to Brian and they laughed. Angel then looked to the front windshield as did Buffy.

It wasn't over it would never be over as long as the world spun, as long as there were people it was never over. Isabella leaned over to her father looking out to the endless horizon and the wind blew a little. Out in the distance far away you could the first hints of storm forming. Angel felt Isabella's chin on his shoulder as he looked out to the distance thinking. It would be a never ending cycle but that's what he signed up for to help a pretty blonde out so long ago.

"Look storm's coming in. Are we going to be able to beat that?" Isabella asked and Angel looked to the dark clouds.

"As long as we stay ahead of it nothing should happen." Angel answered and Isabella nodded and sat back down next to Brian.

"When will we reach Cleveland?" Brian asked.

"Probably when dawn arrives around three days or so." Angel answered and Isabella nodded.

"Ready?" Isabella asked as she buckled up and Angel nodded yes for once he felt more than ready he had what wanted and need right here and nothing was going to take that from him. Angel looked ahead and looked to Buffy she had that look that meant something. Angel thought about it and as always when one fight is won another begins. Angel looked back in the rear view mirror and sighed thinking about it before leaving whatever realm he was in he warned evil will never truly let up. He then thought about how it wasn't over. Before leaving the realm a voice told him something warned him and thought about it. 'There's another storm on the horizon, a time of hardship and pain was coming again. This was a battle won, but the war against evil and its minions still goes on. The First is still out there, evil is strong, but we will not quit ever and we would always fight until the bitter end.'

Angel put on his sunglasses along with Buffy and turned the Jeep on shifting it and then reached for Buffy's hand and held it. Angel left the gas station with the caravan behind him as they drove off heading east and hoping they never had to come back to California something new awaits them somewhere. A child was coming forth and like Isabella it would be something else other than just human. Another mission to save the world would be on its way but for them it was just another day of work.

And that's it for The Gift. Our gang is off to some new adventures and we'll what awaits them.

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A small cloud formed in the night and it appeared to be a funnel cloud and then comet ripped the sky and something landed hard in the ground. No one was around it was in the woods, away from people, isolated and secluded so you wouldn't hear anything. The smoke started to settle a little and deep in the ground a hand rose reaching and feeling around. Another hand rose and something was pulling itself out of the ground. It was a woman young, blonde curly hair and rather stunning. She grunted as she pulled herself out of the ground and laid there for a moment. She looked up to the night sky seeing the tree tops and pieces of the sky above the tree tops.

"Earth," She spat out and gave a disgusting giggle and coughed. "I hate this place," She rolled over and looked at herself as she was naked and then looked up. Two creatures then came over to her. They were dressed in brown hooded cloaks, small in size no more than four feet all in all they looked like hobbits with leprosy. They stood before the woman and bowed smiling but the woman didn't look pleased. "You brought me clothes right?" One of the mini creatures nodded and pulled out a robe and handed it to the woman and she put in on. "It's not silk but it'll work for now."

"We've been waiting for you my love," Another minion said and the woman stood up getting use to her surroundings. "This Day Walker is who you seek?"

"Yeah I think she and I could be buddies." The woman made the sarcastic remark.

"But she is protected by the god and the Day guardian." The other minion said but the woman didn't look all that concerned.

"It takes a god to kill a god." The woman smiled thinking what was next. "And the Day guardian please he's human now." She smiled and the two minions smiled nodding.

"All hail the mighty Glorificus." The woman looked to her minions as they said this.

"No please call me Glory."