Chapter 1 'Declaration'

"This shouldn't have happened! How could we have let this happen!" The titan's team leader paced in front of his teammates looking frantically around the room as if he were looking for an escape.

"Robin," Starfire began softly, "You could not have known that Slade would…"

"That he would what?" Robin snapped, stopping his pacing and glaring at his team. "That he would finally find a way to outnumber the titans? That after all these attempts of trying and us never believing it would happen he finally took over the city? We got too cocky, too fearless, and look what happened!" Robin screamed as he pounded his fist down on the coffee table that was blocking him from direct contact with his friends.

Starfire let out a pained yelp as she dove behind Cyborg to shield her. "Yo, man it's gonna be okay," Cyborg attempted to cut in. "We're the teen titans! We saved the whole freaking' universe from Trigon…you think Slade's going to be so hard to take down after that?"

Robin's mask tilted upward towards the half machine half man as he made eye contact with his friend. "He has us surrounded Cyborg. One wrong move and titan's tower could be sent sky high."

"Then what we need is a plan," Raven responded in her usual monotone.

"Dude, yeah!" Beast Boy added in his normal cheerful tone. "Robin, you're like the king of plans when it comes to Slade, you've gotta have something right?"

"Don't you think if I had a plan I would have set it into motion by now?" Robin asked as the anger seemed to drift from his voice. "I've got no idea how to stop him from destroying Jump City and being barricaded in this tower for five days has done nothing to help!"

Starfire gingerly poked her head out from behind Cyborg's large frame. "Perhaps if you went to your living quarters and looked at the leads of Slade you had followed before, the inspiration will appear!" The alien princess offered.

"Don't you think I've tried that?" Robin asked. "Thinking is getting me nowhere and for all of the time I waste the more powerful Slade is getting. For all we know he could have out tower bugged by now!" The boy wonder exclaimed.

"Oh, what a clever boy you are Robin." A voice chuckled from above the rafters.

"Dude!" Beast Boy exclaimed as his face seemed to drain of color turning him a very pale sickly shade of green.

Robin's face quickly darkened as he spun around trying to figure out where the voice was coming from. "You coward!" Robin snapped. "Show yourself Slade! Where are you hiding?"

The chuckle seemed to grow louder with all the more yelling Robin did. "I would watch yourself Robin, you forget that with one push of a button I could have you and your friends blown to ashes. If you want to see me, all you titans need to do is turn on your television."

"Is he serious?" Cyborg asked quirking his eyebrow at the rest of the team.

"One way to find out," Beast Boy responded grabbing the remote and flicking on the TV which earned a hard glare from their leader.

"Beast Boy, that could have been a trap how would you know-."

"Robin," Starfire quickly cut in with a gasp. "Look."

The four other titans directed their attention to the TV only to see Slade's masked face hovering over five very specific symbols, a simple yet very familiar mask, a shimmering star, a purple raven in flight, one lone cybertronic eye, and a morphing green creature that changed from an ape to a t-rex and a tiger.

"Uh…what does-."

"Shh!" The other titans snapped at the changeling as a voice began to speak over the picture.

"Jump City was once a law abiding town, controlled and directed daily by those called the teen titans. However, there is a new leader that has overturned the titan's power and he will not tolerate the type of insubordination the titans are exhibiting."

The scene instantly shifted to Starfire shooting her Starbolts at what had been a recent battle with Johnny Rancid. But Slade had turned the table and toyed with the video to make it seem like she had been attacking innocent citizens. The next clip of Cyborg swinging his sonic cannon proved to insinuate that he had started the humongous fire that had nearly killed twenty of Jump Cities citizens, all saved by the titans of course. Raven was on screen next her demonic side flashing through, then Beast Boy being falsely accused of using his T-rex form to knock down the main bridge in Jump City. Finally there was Robin, swinging in to stop Mad Mod, yet Slade played it off as if he were helping the villain to escape.

"Citizens of Jump City, you see now what your heroes really think of their city. Some of their crimes should be considered punishable by death…which is why we have come up with a deal for the titans."

The voice paused as all five teens stared at the television intently as if it controlled their lives.

"It has been decreed by our new leader, Slade, it will come to be that twelve heroes and twelve villains from Jump City will be forced into combat to ultimately battle it out to the death. There may only be one winner, one lone victor may survive, the rest will not leave this game alive."

The television went blank for a moment before flashing back to the beginning screen and Robin quickly grabbed the remote from Beast Boy's hand and flicked the TV screen off before the commercial could repeat itself.

"You mean to tell me…this is broadcasting all over Jump City right now?" Robin asked quietly.

"Oh yes Robin, and every citizen is glued to their TV as we speak," Slade's voice rang out.

Robin silently cursed under his breath as he sunk into the sofa and buried his face in his hands. "So this is your idea huh? Get rid of the titans for good so you can claim the city without any problems."

"That, and having the citizens you all try so hard to protect cheering on your deaths on national television is just a perk!"

"One of us could still win though," Raven piped in.

"Unlikely but yes," Slade responded.

Robin seemed to perk up at this comment. "If we win, you should know that we'll come after you, we will hunt you down, and we will-."

"All by yourself Robin?" Slade asked sounding amused. "Not likely. Remember there can only be one winner." And with that the intercom went dead.

I know, I know I shouldn't be starting another story with CUT and You were Always on my Mind on hiatus for so long but this popped into my mind after reading all of the hunger games books and I figured there had to be someone just as in love with the hunger games books and teen titans, such as myself.

I was pretty shocked to see there wasn't more hunger games related fan fictions out for the titans but I also didn't want to make my fanfic just like the books. Sides, if I did that I doubt there'd be a place to put everyone where they fit perfectly…and I just don't like the idea of them being normal humans either. So I hope you guys like what I decided to do with it.

Depending on the feedback I get from this I might continue, so lemmie know what you guys think and I'm going to try extra hard to work on CUT when I get free time next. I've been swamped with papers and power points for college but luckily I'll be done the semester around May 7th so I'll have extra time for you all then!