Chapter 42 'Control'

It just couldn't be.

Jinx shook her head trying to stay focused. Now was not the time for losing her sanity. Later, once this was all over she would surely break down but not yet, she could hold on a little bit longer.

"Knock knock, anyone in there?" The same voice asked as she felt a light tapping on the side of her head.

Her cat-like eyes widened more at this point. That certainly was real, you couldn't feel things in dreams could you? She pondered this thought to herself for a brief moment before slowly turning her head to the right to see…


There was no one there.

Jinx let out a huff of frustration before turning back to face forward only to come into contact with a set of bright blue eyes. However, unlike Jericho's eyes these were outlined with a very familiar yellow mask. The sorceress let out a small squeal upon her realization as she pushed herself backwards only to end up smacking her head against the wall.

"Guess I shouldn't have snuck up on you like that, huh?"

"W-Wally?" Jinx whispered. "It can't be you, I'm hallucinating, I'm crazy, I mean…you're dead. I was there, I would know if you were still-."

"It's a really long story from the parts I've heard," Kid Flash exclaimed with a bright smile as he backed up a bit from the enchantress, he could still recall how Jinx liked her space.

"How?" Jinx asked raising an eyebrow at him. "How are you still alive?"

Kid Flash nervously rubbed the back of his head as he let out a weak laugh. "Slade's plan wasn't to kill us," he whispered.

"What are you talking about? Of course it was! That was the whole point of the stupid games!" Jinx yelled.

The speedster quickly slapped his hand over the pink haired girl's mouth. "No, he was out to control us. The titans and villains who died in the games…we were put into a coma state. Once we got back here Slade implanted something in us…something that's going to react whenever he triggers it."

"What-." Jinx began.

"Wait…don't say anything till I'm done. I don't know when he's going to do it or if he will at all but if it's as bad as it sounds I could switch like that," Kid Flash stated as he snapped his fingers. "Whatever he did, all of us that supposedly died in the games have this…thing inside them that is going to cause our personalities to go off on you guys, the uh…normal titans. You need to know that when he presses that button Jinx I won't be myself. I'll want to hurt you. I probably shouldn't have even come here but I heard you guys bust in and wanted to make sure you were still okay. I'm sorry, I should go."

"No," Jinx said calmly. "Please, stay. How did you find all this out?"

"Slade hadn't done too much research on my powers, so he didn't think to keep me detained. I was able to vibrate my body molecules to pass through the walls here and I may have accidentally walked in on a meeting he was having with the villains. Luckily I was directly behind mammoth so no one really saw me, but it sounded pretty bad. Whatever he did to us he did to Robin as well, I'd like to think that Robin figured this whole thing out but…I don't think even the villains knew he was up to this," Kid Flash said with a small shrug.

"He didn't," Jinx confirmed. "We didn't even think you guys being alive was a possibility." Slowly she reached out and took his gloved hand as if touching him would determine if he was real. "I thought you were dead," she whispered.

"I did too," Kid Flashed joked. "Until I woke up in Slade's lab a few days after the games were over. But here I am, flesh and blood," he joked holding his arms wide open.

A calming smile seemed to form on Jinx's lips for a brief moment before she did one of the most uncharacteristic Jinx-like things and leapt into the speeder's arms enveloping him in a tight hug.

"I'm so glad you're okay, I didn't think I'd ever see you again and…" Jinx paused as she pulled away from him noticing a shift in his body language. He seemed more ridged than normal, something wasn't right. "Are you alright?" She asked in confusion.

The speed demon was sitting there unmoving with his eyes tightly locked shut as if he was in pain. Now she knew something was definitely wrong.

"Jinx, get…out…of here," he spoke in a hissed tone.

And that's when Jinx saw him turn. His red gleaming eyes opening and narrowing in on her. This was not Kid Flash, rather it was some freakish mutation of him that was set to destroy her. Sadly, the first thing that ran though Jinx's mind was that these situations just happened to occur with her luck.

"Robin, you need to snap out of it," Raven spoke calmly in her monotone voice all the while she could feel her nerves being set on edge.

They hadn't planned for this to happen. No one expected those who had perished in the games to still be alive, much less for their deceased friends to be the ones trying to destroy their plans of taking Slade down.

Raven put up another force field as the boy wonder charged at her again with his bow staff ready to hit whatever he came into contact with. So far she had been doing well in battle but she knew there was only so much amusement Slade could have watching them until he cut in and attempted to help his 'apprentice'. Raven made sure to keep a close eye on his stalking form as well.

"Come on, don't make me hurt you," Raven pleaded with her leader.

Robin seemed to understand her words. He flinched for a moment before backing up and pulling two bird-a-rangs from his utility belt.

"I don't think you'll be the one doing the hurting," Robin growled in an eerie tone before he nodded at Slade.

Raven's eyes widened, this was the moment she had been waiting for. If she could just get that control from Slade maybe she could reverse the effect it was having on Robin. But it was too late. In an instant Raven found herself being blown back by the impact of the explosion and from her position on the ground she could feel herself being hoisted up into the air by Slade and tossed like a rag doll back down at Robin's feet.

The empath knew she needed to snap out of her groggy state and wake back up before something terrible happened to herself and the rest of her friends. Letting out a low moan she pulled herself back up to a standing position and glared at the boy wonder.

"This ends now," she whispered as black energy crackled around her hands.

In one swift motion she flung her power at the masked man in who up until now was watching the show with pleasure. However, when the dark magic hit him at full speed he wasn't expecting it and the force propelled him against the wall with such power that there seemed to be a decent sized crack left behind.

Raven smirked to herself upon seeing Slade's eye widen in shock. That was until she felt a painful stab in the side of her left abdomen. Letting out a loud yelp she turned quickly to see Robin standing there with his bow staff. That wasn't unusual, what was unusual was the fact that this weapon had produced a small blade at the tip.

Putting two and two together the dark girl looked down at her side to see that he had indeed wounded her. Slowly, she reached down and touched the wound trying to apply pressure to slow the blood from rushing out. When she looked back up she could see the shock displayed on the masked boy's face.

"Raven," He whispered softly.

"Apprentice, finish her off!" Slade snapped.

Robin's body reacted as he hauled up his weapon again and began to charge at his teammate. Raven reacted quickly, putting up a force field and blocking his incoming attack just in time.

"Raven," Robin spoke in clenched teeth. "Get…me…out of…here."

Raven's eyes darted around trying to figure out if this was some kind of trap.

"Agh, promised…Beast Boy…to keep you…safe. Get…rid of…me," Robin snapped.

Raven's eyes widened at this comment as her eyes narrowed in one the side wall of Slade's lair and in one swift motion she used one hand to break the wall open and the other to propel the boy wonder out of the opening. Of course she made sure he was set safely on a rooftop first, there was still hope that she could restore him to normal, but the chances of him getting back anytime soon were not likely.

The half-demon glanced down at her wound that was growing considerably worse. She had to get out of here and find somewhere she could heal herself.

"Not so fast Raven," Slade hissed from the side of the room noticing her frantic expression. The psychopath took a few steps towards her.

"Stay away from me," she snapped.

Slade laughed. "But you can't leave now…if you do who will help him?"

Raven glared at him. "What are you talking about Slade, Robin's fine."

"Oh, but I'm not speaking of Robin," Slade said in a gravely tone as he proceeded to press a button on the side wall panel.

The TV panels slid back revealing a lone figure trapped in a steel cage. Upon seeing the face of the victim Raven's expression changed from anger to shock.

"Raven!" The figure yelled as what looked to be some type of shock therapy was enforced and sent him to his knees writhing in pain.

The dark girl's mouth dropped open upon seeing the sight and a bolt of black energy slipped out dancing around the room as her emotions slipped out of control for a brief moment.

"Beast Boy..."

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