Chapter 45 'Leader'

"Robin! What has happened?" Starfire asked her eyes growing wider with each passing minute.

"We should get Raven medical attention," Robin stated refusing to look the alien princess in the eye.

Beast Boy's eyes had been glued to the Azarathian for what seemed like ten minutes, when he looked up at Robin his stare was cold. "Where's Slade?" He asked.

"He's gone," Robin responded. "I took care of him."

Starfire gasped noticing the stream of blood flowing down the masked boy's leg. "You are injured as well," she said.

"You killed him?" Beast Boy asked looking taken back for a moment.

"As far as I know," Robin answered monotonically.

"At least he paid for doing this to Raven," Beast Boy said solemnly as he picked up the dark girl's hand and squeezed it gently. "She has to be okay Robin, we can fix this right?" He asked.

Robin winced feeling lower than scum at this point. Beast Boy was actually blaming this on Slade, when clearly he had been the one to injure Raven in the first place. He had to tell him…

"Beast Boy," Robin began slowly. "I…I'm going to try my best, maybe Cyborg will know what to do. Tell him to get the T-ship ready. It's over." But perhaps now wasn't the best time.

The shapeshifter nodded at his leader as he pulled out his communicator trying to brush away the tears forming in his emerald eyes.

"Robin, you also need the medical attention!" Starfire exclaimed. "Has Slade done this to your leg?"

"No Starfire," Robin answered softly.

Tilting her head to the side she looked at her boyfriend in confusion. "I do not understand…" she replied in a hushed tone.

"I had to do it Star. The device was taking over my body and I…I needed to get it out," Robin admitted.

"Oh Robin," Starfire whispered obviously shocked by what he had just told her. "What matters is you were able to overcome the controlling of Slade to save us in time."

Robin scoffed at this comment looking at the empath once again. "That's just the thing Star, I didn't overcome it in enough time. I just…wasn't quick enough. If I was this would have never happened."

Starfire stared at the boy wonder confused for a brief moment before everything sunk in. "Please Robin, tell me that you did not do this!" Starfire pleaded.

Looking away from her Robin could feel so much shame consuming him. "Starfire, I…I tried to stop. Slade was in control and…I can't tell Beast Boy yet. His mind is going to jump to conclusions right now and-."

"It is okay Robin, I shall not tell him either," Starfire said. "I just wish for friend Raven to be alright…"

"BB still hauled up in his room?" Cyborg asked as the medical bay doors swished shut and he turned to the team leader who had been sitting outside for what seemed like days now. It had only been approximately three hours since the titans returned home but the guilt building up inside of him was enough to torture him for decades.

Robin nodded. "Should I call him down for the news?" He asked.

"Yeah, I think he needs to hear this," Cyborg stated. "But…what happened man? I mean why didn't she just heal herself to begin with?" He asked, his voice expressing a good amount of emotion. Robin didn't take that as a good sign.

"Slade had her trapped in some power extinguishing restraint," Robin stated flicking his communicator open.

"But how did she get in there?" Cyborg asked. "I mean, this is Raven she wouldn't be dumb enough to fall for that kind of trap."

Robin sighed. "I wasn't there Cyborg, I made Raven remove me from Slade's headquarters."

"With your wounded leg? Or did this happen after?" He asked. "Look Robin, I'm just trying to piece everything together here."

"Well don't," Robin snapped. "Piecing everything together will only confirm what a horrible leader I am."

"Whoa, no one is saying that Robin, I mean…you did get rid of Slade," Cyborg replied in defense. "I just want to know what happened…and we do have a whole bunch of titans in our living room so the sooner I can figure everything else out the sooner we can help Raven and get everyone else home safely. So do you know what happened to her or not?"

Robin ran a gloved hand through his hair. "I did it," he mumbled.

"What?" Cyborg asked leaning in closer. "I didn't hear-."

"I said I did it!" Robin snapped. "Slade had me under his control and I tried to fight it but before Raven removed me I hurt her okay! I had no control over what I was doing, if I could have stopped myself I would have…trust me I feel worse than anyone else about this whole thing."

Cyborg stared at the team leader in complete silence until…

"YOU DID THIS?" The changeling's voice rung out from behind the masked boy.

"BB, hey…um we were just about to call you did you want to come inside and I can tell you guys the…results?" Cyborg asked noticing the tension in the hallway and immediately wishing he was anywhere but his current location.

"I can't believe I was feeling sorry for you, that you tried your best to save her but couldn't because Slade did a number on you too! I'm such an idiot!" Beast Boy yelled.

"Beast Boy, now isn't the time to cause a scene," Robin said pulling himself up so he was face to face with the green teen.

"When were you going to tell me that you were the one who did this to her?" Beast Boy growled.

"I assumed it would be better to tell you when we figured out if things were going to be okay or not," Robin stated in a matter of fact tone.

"And what if everything wasn't okay, then what Robin? You were just going to hide it from me forever?" he asked with a low laugh. "I can't believe I trusted you to look after her. I knew you were going to betray us somehow."

Robin glared at the shape shifting teen. "You know I couldn't control it Beast Boy, and I tried with every bone in my body to fight Slade's control but it wasn't enough. Hell, I had to cut the transmitter out of my own leg in order to stop it! You can't tell me that's not trying!"

"Enough!" A loud feminine voice yelled cutting off the two boys' bickering.

Spinning around they saw the redheaded princess standing there with her hands on her hips looking very annoyed.

"Starfire…"Robin began.

"I do not care who is at fault for Raven's state, but I do wish to know how my friend is doing. I have been feeling like the insides of a floogawarf that had eaten a bad zorbnorff. I cannot do the resting, I cannot think of any joyful thoughts to keep my mind consumed. Please…friend Cyborg, how is Raven?" Starfire said with a hint of a smile. However, it was very easy to see she had been crying not too long ago.

Cyborg took a deep breath. "She's alive," he said watching each of his teammate's faces instantly light up. "She's barely hanging on though…"

And then their faces dropped again.

So...what's going to happen now? You'll all have to stay tuned to figure out. But just one question, who thinks Slade is actually gone? Let me see a show of hands!...or not? Haha

I did get a few comments on Robin being so ruthless in the last chapter and I really do see where you guys were coming from but I figured seeing most of his friends die in the arena, having Slade force him to hurt Raven, and then being threatened with Starfire's death he might just actually snap. I mean...Robin's not exactly the most happy go lucky member on the team, I could totally see him snapping with everything that happened...right? I dunno maybe I just wrote him wrong in the last chapter. I'll do better next time guys!