Chapter 47 'Missing'

The door to the med bay burst open as the changeling emerged with an ecstatic grin on his face. "Guys!" He yelled looking at each of his friend's confused expressions.

"Uh, B we heard a crash…is everything okay in there?" Cyborg asked slowly.

"More than okay! Dude, Robin I'm sorry about what I said earlier, it totally wasn't your fault Raven got hurt and Cy, I don't know what you did but…you did it!" He exclaimed.

"Did…what?" Cyborg asked. "Is she-."

"She's awake!" The green boy yelled. "She's gonna be fine and-."

On this note the Tameranian let out a loud squeal, which cut the shapeshifter's sentence off as she flew past her three male friends and into the room Raven was residing in.

Robin's face seemed to regain more of its color back upon hearing this as well. "Really? She's gonna be okay?" Their team leader asked allowing a smile to play on his lips.

"Dude, she totally woke up and asked me what happened after she blacked out, she didn't remember much but she seems Raven-like-enough," Beast Boy replied with a shrug.

"BOOYAH!" Cyborg yelled as he pumped his fist into the air. "Alright, now all we need to do is alert the giant group of titans piled up in our living room and we can start this party!"

Robin looked at the mechanical man narrowing his eyes. "No party."

"Oh, come on Robin you're no fun. We need to celebrate something like this!" Cyborg exclaimed looking down at his green friend who was still smiling from ear to ear.

"Um…friends…" Starfire began poking her head around the door. "I do not mean to do the upsetting but…where exactly has friend Raven gone?"

"Star, she's right there on the bed, behind the curtain," Beast Boy said with a small chuckle.

"I assure she is not," Starfire replied in a worried tone.

It didn't take more than one look at each other before the three other heroes burst into the room.

Nothing looked out of place from when Beast Boy had last scene it, the test tubes were still in shards on the floor but there was no sign of forced entry into the room at all. He looked up at his best friend with confusion crossing his features.

"Uh…what exactly happened in here?" Cyborg asked noticing the glass covering the floor. "Was that what were heard?"

The changeling laughed sheepishly at this comment. "Eh heh, yeah Raven's power's kind of did that."

"You didn't scare her did you?" Robin asked.

"No, I…it wasn't exactly like that…" Beast Boy began as a dark blush began to spread across his cheeks.

"Oh I get it!" Cyborg teased. "Maybe Rae got freaked out because you kissed her and retreated to her room?" Cyborg suggested.

"But it wasn't…I mean she…kissed…never mind, it doesn't matter, we need to find her!" Beast Boy exclaimed.

The boy wonder raised a masked brow at the shapeshifter, "You didn't happen to say anything that would have upset Raven before you left did you?" Robin asked slowly. "I mean…there's no forced entry and Raven could have easily teleported out of here."

Beast Boy let out a long sigh as he narrowed his eyes at his three friends. "Dudes, I swear I didn't…say…oh crap. Yeah, I might have said something," the changeling admitted nervously thinking back to the last question Raven had asked him before he left to retrieve their friends. But she had seemed perfectly okay with it then! Or maybe that was just a cover up so she didn't upset him at that exact moment. After all this was Raven, she had never been one to openly express and accept feelings, what would make her start now?

"Please, what is this 'oh crap' for?" Starfire asked looking down worriedly at her green friend.

"Agh, I'm so stupid!" Beast Boy exclaimed slapping his palm to his forehead repeatedly.

"What happened B?" Cyborg asked.

"I uh…may or may not have told Raven that I could possibly, think that I might be falling in love with her," he spoke quickly as his three friend's eyes went wide. "But she seemed totally cool with it then so I mean…I didn't…I didn't even think she was awake but she woke up the exact time I said it so she heard everything and…I'm an idiot."

"You are not the idiot," Starfire spoke softly.

"Star's right, you just…didn't realize that Raven's not exactly the type to…uh...admit those types of things," Robin stated rather formally.

"Yeah, but where would she go, I just-."

"She's probably in her room," Cyborg suggested. "If you freaked her out enough she probably had to meditate or consult those multicolored cloaked emotions in her head."

"Right, her room, she's always in her room, I should have known that!" Beast Boy exclaimed chuckling lightly.

"Friend Beast Boy," Starfire began noticing the shapeshifter begin to head towards the emapth's room. "I think it is wonderful how you have realized your true feelings for Raven and I am sure once she does the coming to terms with her emotions she will also feel the same."

"Thanks Star," Beast Boy said humbly before nodding at the Tameranian once and darting down the hallway.

"Do you think Raven actually transported to her room?" Robin asked looking up at his mechanical friend.

Cyborg didn't meet his eyes with the boy wonder's mask. "I don't know man. She was really weak from the fight…I know she had been healing herself but I don't see how her powers could have allowed her to."

"That's what I was afraid of," Robin stated looking around the room.

"But Robin, you have killed Slade and-."

"I never said I killed him, I assisted in his drop from a one thousand foot building. I never actually saw him die," Robin admitted. "Besides even if he is gone that doesn't mean the other villains wouldn't still finish his plan."

Starfire gasped at this comment. "They may have broken in and done the taking of our injured friend! Oh this is horrible!"

"Hey, guys chill out, we don't even know what happened," Cyborg said knowing how Starfire could get when she worked herself up. "Rae could be in her room we don't know-."

The loud chime of the titan communicator rang through the air interrupting the hybrid's sentence. Cyborg quickly pressed a button on his arm to see the changeling's face cover the screen.

"What's up B?" He asked cheerfully.

"Raven's not in her room? Any other guesses to where she would have ran to?" He asked looking worried.

Cyborg's smile dropped upon hearing this sentence. He was going to respond to his best friend but before he had the chance to do so red lights began flashing throughout the tower and the annoying buzzing sound that alerted them their city needed them rang through the giant T shaped building.

Raven or no Raven they were needed to be heroes once again. Cyborg only hoped that when they did appear at the scene of the crime Raven would be there as well.

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