Chapter 49 'Manipulate'

"Starfire!" Robin yelled seeing the redhead's unmoving form lying on the ground. He was torn between running to her and staying to block the empath in case she attempted to strike again.

As if to answer his mind's confusion Raven's mouth twisted upwards into a horrifying grin as she held her arms out ready to strike again, however this time her black energy gripped a hold of the cybertronic teen and hoisted him up to the ceiling before letting out a low chuckle and letting him crash to the floor.

"What did you do to her Slade?" Robin snapped.

"I found that it was much easier to tap into your friend's minds when they have so many personalities to be taken a hold of. I can direct her to attack anyone I want her to and believe me she will. How does it feel to know that Raven will attack any one of you without hesitation?" Slade chuckled.

Robin glanced around frantically, wishing he could figure out where the masked villain was hiding. "You're manipulating her, she doesn't want any of this," Robin snapped.

"Don't you recall having a difficult time causing harm to your friends when you were under my control Robin? Does it look like there is any kind of inner turmoil going through Raven's mind right now?" Slade asked.

"You're trying to trick us and it's not going to work," Robin growled. "Raven would never intentionally cause one of us-."

A loud shriek cut the masked boy off from his speech and turning he could see the Tameranian soar across the room and into a large pillar.

"Just because you're telling her to-."

The screaming resounded as bolts of black energy began to pummel themselves into Starfire while the rest of the titans balled their fists waiting for Robin's command and the villains looked on with absolute glee.

"STOP! Raven stop!" Robin yelled hoping he could somehow get through to her.

The blue cloaked girl turned slowly focusing on the boy wonder as her four eyes narrowed in on him.

"You don't want to hurt us Raven, I know you don't," Robin spoke calmly.

"We do not wish to cause harm to you either friend Raven," Starfire added weakly as she slowly pulled herself up so she was able to stand again.

"You know nothing," Raven growled, her tone was deeper than usual, almost demonic and caused most of the titans to take a step back from the dark girl.

Robin's mask narrowed as he stood his ground. "Come on Raven, we're a team…we're each other's family. You don't have to do this, we'll help you."

Raven scoffed at the titan leader. "You overestimate me Robin, this is what I was born to do. I was created to be evil," her dark voice hissed.

"It may have been what you were created for but you're a hero," Robin declared. "You've saved us all countless times, let us save you now."

Upon hearing Robin's words the titans took a step forward one by one, as if to show the demoness that they were indeed on her side and willing to help. The villains glared at the group, wishing they could jump in and finish off the titans in this very moment but they had instructions from Slade. They must wait for the titans to snap first, allow them to be the vulnerable ones.

Raven's four eyes narrowed once again at her teammates, and then before anyone could see it coming she sent a massive blow at the boy wonder himself sending him soaring into the air and landing with a thwack on the concrete floor below.

"Robin!" Starfire squealed quickly running to his aid.

"It's…alright Star…I'm okay," Robin rasped wincing a bit.

"There's not going to be much that can stop her Robin," Cyborg yelled back. "I've only ever seen this side of Raven once before in her magic mirror thing and if that's the side of her he managed to let out we're going to have to take her down somehow."

"I do not think I could harm friend Raven, I-." letting out a gasp the alien princess's eyes darted to the ceiling and when her two teammate's eyes followed her line of vision they were shocked to see a large green gorilla jump from its hanging platform and smack directly into the empathy, taking her down in a matter of seconds.

As soon as Raven hit the ground the large animal quickly morphed back into his human form leaving both the villains and heroes confused.

"Friend Beast Boy, you have returned!" Starfire yelled.

"He's going to get himself killed, we need to stop him," Robin snapped trying to push himself up.

"Chill man, I think BB's got this," Cyborg stated looking at the situation in slight shock.

Raven was lying there unmoving, her four red eyes glaring up at the changeling as he glared back down at her.

"I am not letting you go that easily," Beast Boy stated. "I know you're in there Raven, I know you can hear me. You need to fight this. You've fought this fight before and won, you've just got to work a little harder this time because well…the creepy red-eyed side of you is on the outside now. But I know you can do it Rae I…whoaaa!"

In a flash the shape shifter was tossed into the far wall by Raven's powers. When he managed to sit up and rub his head he noticed that the violet haired girl was looming over him with a smirk playing upon her lips.

"Then again, maybe you're right," Cyborg admitted watching the scene nervously.

"You don't want to hurt me Raven," Beast Boy said. "Earlier today you told me that the thought of not being able to see me again…it scared you. You won't hurt me because the real you is in there somewhere, and you're not going to let that happen Rae, I know you won't."

The dark girl's multiple eyes drooped at this comment staring at the shape shifter in slight confusion before the loudspeaker blared Slade's voice overhead.

"Now Raven, finish him off," Slade hissed.

Robin bolted upwards standing on his own two feet, getting ready to ply the cloaked girl off of his green friend if need be. Raven's hand raised upward, its normal black aura forming around it. No one moved.

"Raven, you don't need to do this…and if you can't fight it then…then I will," Beast Boy stated.

The others looked on expectantly waiting for Beast Boy to begin attacking her, but what he did next completely baffled the group.

"Go ahead Slade let her go and take me instead. You think she's easy to control because of the rage inside of her?" The changeling yelled. "Well then I've got something you can really use."

Without any warning Beast Boy slumped over, his muscles tightening and expanding and before his teammates had time to realize what he was doing the beast was standing before them.

"What is that thing?" Gizmo asked.

The villains all looked awestruck at the changeling as his friends looked at his display in complete shock.

"BB, you don't need to do this, we'll get her back another way!" Cyborg yelled in fear for his friend.

Slowly he shrunk back into his small green form before looking at the half human hybrid with sadness in his eyes. "Someone who really knew what love meant taught me that if you care more about the other person's wellbeing than your own you'll do anything to take away their pain."

Starfire's eyes began to well up with water at this comment, which did not go unnoticed by the boy wonder.

"I know Raven can hear us and I know she's trying to fight," Beast Boy continued. "But if she can't get through on her own then I'm going to make sure she can, so go ahead Slade, turn me into one of your mindless villains that just stand around waiting for your commands! Just leave Raven alone."

"Who are you calling mindless?" Blackfire snapped from the crowd of villains.

At this comment a low murmur broke out among the evil doers which over the span of a minute grew increasingly louder. Evidently the villains didn't like the idea of being looked at as mindless minions that did whatever Slade asked of them.

"We've got to take them down while we can!" Billy numerous yelled.

A chorus of 'yeahs' followed the yell. Robin grabbed hold of his bow staff and gave a swift nod to his teammates. This was it, the fight among all fights.

Slade's chuckle rang throughout the room. "You're telling me that you would rather switch sides with her only to have me turn you against her so you can destroy your dear Raven as well as your other friends? How selfish of you."

This time it was Beast Boy's turn to chuckle. "No, I know the titans will win. And when they do, if you want to take one of us down with you I would much rather watch my friends turn on me than have to deal with the pain of losing Raven."

"What a foolish boy you have always been," Slade said. "Raven is perfectly content in this stage, after all demons are built to kill. Why you are willing to surrender yourself is beyond me."

"Because," Beast Boy stated as if it was the simplest answer, "I love her."

Slade's laugh rung out at his reply as the shape shifter looked to his friends with a hopeful glance. Most of the titans were awestruck by the small green changeling who was typically known as the jokester showing such ferocity, others were confused as to if he had a plan behind everything, his three friends however looked at him with such sadness that it nearly broke his heart to see the tears streaming down the Tameranian's cheeks, the sorrow that filled Cyborg's human eye, and Robin's downcast mask.

"Beast Boy don't…don't do this," a familiar voice spoke in an almost inaudible tone.

The changeling's eyes widened instantly as his head swerved in the direction of the voice.

"Raven," he breathed watching her blink a few times before her four red eyes materialized into two giant amethyst orbs. "You're…you!" He exclaimed.

"She's fighting Slade's control!" Adonis yelled t the band of villains.

"We've got to move now!" Johnny Rancid exclaimed as the rest of the villains nodded in agreement.

"I can't…can't let you be put under Slade's control. You don't understand what he's…what he's done, he…agh!" The empath let out a yelp of pain as she gripped her head and squatted down to the floor.

Beast Boy quickly made his way over, stooping down beside her. "Raven are you-."

"Promise me that…you won't let him take control of you," Raven said looking up at him to meet his emerald eyes.


"Beast Boy!" Robin yelled. "Get Raven out of here!"

Glancing around the room the changeling could see the villains menacing faces. They'd waited far too long, and it was time they act on their impulses. An all out war was about to break out and unless he moved quickly he and Raven were going to be smack in the middle of it. Relying on his instincts Beast Boy grabbed hold of the violet haired beauty and hoisted her up into his arms before taking off at warp speed through the doors of the pizza parlor.

Had Robin known it was still potentally dangerous for the shape shifter to have run off with Raven he probably would not have suggested the idea. However, the only thing he knew for sure was that the villains weren't going to surrender any time soon. The only way to put a stop to this was for them to take each and every one of them down. That was exactly what he planned to do.

"Titans GO!"

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