After watching the last episode of Julian Fellowes' Titanic I was really inspired to write a ff about the characters Paolo and Annie - as I thought their story was too tragic to end as it did, so here we are, let me begin:

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15th April 1912 - 12.10am

''There are no boats over here! '' Cried Mario ''Let's try the other side''

Paolo caught up with his brother. They reached the other side and - as he had thought - no boats were in sight. He heard Mario sigh. ''I was hoping my instincts would not be correct'' Paolo nodded. ''There must be a way'' He muttered. A flare shot up into the bleak night sky, children screamed and women ran, it was chaos and Paolo - heck, everyone - knew that there was a good chance that this night sky was the last thing they were ever going to see.''Merda!'' he yelled, as another flare burst into the air.

''Mario..'' His brother nodded ''I think we'll have to jump.'' Paolo nodded to towards the edge of Titanic, what was there left to do? Sit here, drown? That wasn't a option. He was getting to New York. The brothers made their way to the edge of the grandest ship in the world, which was about to be amongest the fishes. ''Ready?'' Mario nodded hesitantly. ''Tre, due, uno, va!''


Annie sat shivering in lifeboast number 7, the Lords and Ladies chatted and gasped around her. She stared at the moonless sky, hoping, begging, that he was safe. She should have kissed him then and there, what if he didn't make it? What if he was already gone? Annie wiped a stray tear from her face and refused to believe it. Titanic gave a huge creek as it split into two. The screams vibrated around the vast and lonely sea.

''We have to go back'' She heard herself mumble, 20 heads snapped in her direction. ''Don't be absurb girl, they'll swarm us'' Belowed a pompous looking woman with a rather ludicrous hat.

''She's right'' It was the Officer, whom Annie knew to be Harold Lowe, he was in charge of the boat. ''But not yet,'' he carried on, ''We have to make room, some of you get into Boat 3, the remaining and I will make our way back.'' He shouted for the comander of boat 3, whom agreed with the plan and instantly started accepting woman and children into the boat.

''Madam?'' The officer held out his shaking hand towards Annie. ''I'm staying.'' She said bluntly, the man nodded. She had to go back, to see if Paolo was there, she would pull him out of the water, he would be fine. She knew it.

Minutes felt like hours, but finally there was enough room to turn back. Annie sat at the front of the boat, only herself, Lady Georgiana Grex and her desolate mother had decided to stay. They rowed together, each woman becoming increasingly aggitated as each second ticked by. ''Come about!'' Cried there officer as he shined a glaring torch into the haunting sea. ''Is anyone alive out there?'' He bellowed, no responce was heard. ''Can anybody here me?''

Moments later a whimpering was heard to the east, the officer quickly glared him torch in the survivors direction. The noise was heard again. ''Hello!'' Harold Lowe boomed as the 3 woman began to frantically row to the east. ''help'' Was all they could here, it was a man's voice surelly and he sound distressed. ''We are coming!'' Officer Lowe bellowed continuously shining the only source of light towards the man. Within seconds he was within there sight. ''PAPA!'' Lady Grex cried as Annie and the Officer dragged his lordship up into the boat. ''Oooh papa!'' She cried into his stone chest. Her mother, stricken with horrer at her husbands frozen features weeped into her laced gloves. Annie wanted to feel happy for them, but no emotion escaped her. She was numb. For she let a thought, of which she had been supressing all this time escape her mind, he's dead.


''Mario!'' Paolo barely whispered as he clung onto the remaining fragments of the dining table on which he had once served.

His breathe came out in rasps, all the could see was the dark sky, it felt penetrating and seemed to engulf the horrendous surroundings. Bodies of Britsh Aristocrats and Famous Americans littered the frozen sea, he felt horrible now for having judged them, even if they were pompous and snooty, they did not deserve to die in such a calous manner. ''Mario!'' He spoke a little louder his voice breaking slightly. He had lost his brother after plunging into the freezing water. ''Mario!'' He moved further onto the floating table.

Paolo shook violently as a fierce gust of wind soared into his body. His eye latched onto a distant light, it was flickering in and out of his vision, his ears caught onto a faint bellow, it was all distant but there.

He attempted at a cry for help but his voice decieved him, nothing came out, Paolo tried again, reminding himself it was now life or death. ''Hellppp'' He cried giving the scream all he had left. Paolo's breathe seemed to depleate and his body became numb and frozen. He could still make out the soft life ahead, would it arrive in time? He couldn't hold on, his eyes were closing, Paolo dragged himself further up into the middle of his life saving table and it all went black.


''Which direction miss?'' Howard Lowe asked his breathe seemingly obvious in the freezing night air. ''North I think Officer'' The 3 woman paddled hurryingly towards the noise of which Annie had just heard. It was faint and distant but she was sure she had heard something. Lord Manton now lay under an aray of blankets in the corner of the little boat, he had been close to death, they had arrived just in time. ''Come about!'' Cried Officer Lowe as he scanned the sea for any form of life.

''Up ahead!'' Screeched the Countess whom had been tending to her husband. The ladies began to row furiously towards a seemingly lifeless body upon some wood. The officer reached the man first, he - with the help of Lady Monten, - pulled the person into their boat. He was lay flat in the middle of the fivesome with the star line officer dacending over him. ''Ya'right lad?'' He said checking his pockets for any identification. The man did not stir. ''Hey. Lad.'' The officer tried again.

''Wrap him in some blankets,'' Annie suggested taking her own from around herself ready to place it around the motionless man. She had not yet seen his face as Mr Lowe had interrupted her vieiw. When she set eyes on his desolate face, Annie whimpered his shock.

She coughed it of so nobody would notice her discomfort. ''Paolo'' She whispered wrapping the blanket tightly around his soaked body. The man looked at her ''Do you know him?'' He asked quizzingly. Annie nodded, ''We are to be married.'' She said with a slight smile on her face. The officer looked at her blankly then back to the dull form of Paolo Sandrini.

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